- New Year Makeup Ideas: Liner -

Monday, December 30, 2013
I have been playing around with smokey eyes and liner for my new year makeup over the past couple of weeks and I have come up with some potential candidates for my makeup on new years eve. I will have a smoky eyeshadow post coming tomorrow with more ideas but today it is all about liner!

For all of these looks I used the Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner in black which I have had for ages! I think I bought it from Asos. I love liner, especially winged liner but as I have fairly deep set eyes it can be difficult because my socket/crease is quite strong and the liner would get bent or lost! 

Here is my step by step guide to liquid liner for fairly deep set eyes. Firstly, I always use a primer and base shadow - I use the Nars Pro Prime and the soap and glory quad in 'whats nude' as a base(both of which I adore). I then start by shaking the liner  to get the liquid moving and I draw on my hand to make sure the liquid is coming out evenly. Then I personally start in the middle on my eye really close to the lashes then I extent out. At this stage I am only lining the upper lash line really close to the lashes as a starting point. I like to take the liner right out the the outer corner and close to the inner corner as a point. 

Then thicken the line, make it as thick or as thin as you like - start thin and small as you can always add more but it is a bit harder to get rid of the liner. Although if I do need to remove some liner I use Bioderma and a cotton bud. For the first basic flick (top left photograph above) I just looked straight ahead and made a dot where I would like the point of the flick to be - you can make it as high or as low as you like (I usually have it fairly low for day to day). As my eyes are fairly deep set you can see the problem I have, the crease is where the liner should be so the wing can look disjointed or bent when you open your eyes. 

 I find that I need to extent the liner further than usual to compensate for the liner that is lost when I open my eyes. I join the dot I made with the outer corner of my eye - lightly at first to avoid mistakes. Then with some trial and error just fill in the triangle between the dot you made, the line with the outer corner and the rest of the liner on the upper lash line. It definitely does take practise especially if you have deep set eyes. As well as deep set eyes, my eye are quite close together in my opinion so extending the liner makes the eyes appear further apart. 

For the extra little flicks or curves in the liner, I just used the Stila liquid liner to extend the liner, curve the liner, add small dots, or add a second wing extending from the outer corner and lower lash line. I finished with Avon supershock liner in the shade 'golden fawn' on the lower lashline and waterline. 


Let me know if you have tried any of these eyeliner looks and what are your eyeliner tips? 

- OOTD: Sale Shopping -

Sunday, December 29, 2013
I went to Manchester shopping today, I usually don't brave the sales this close to new year as it is usually incredibly busy with sale shoppers - especially as Manchester town centre has soooo many shops! Today was rather quiet at first though and I bought a few things from Primark (gotta love Primark, so many items were on sale too!). I received a couple of comments for more outfit of the day posts so here is my sale shopping OOTD. 
Photos taken using my iPad mini
My jacket is from Forever21 and it is a couple of years old, I rarely wear it but I have been loving it recently. It has military style buttons and an incredibly soft faux fur collar. I think I got it in the sale for around £17 at the time. My deep burgundy thin jumper is from H&M, I love it - I have it in a few other colours, they may still be online. Jeans are plain black petite skinnys from Asos a while ago. Finally my boots, they are a recently Asos sale buy (I posted a pic on Instagram of them) and they were reduced from £50 to £25 - I freakin' love them! I'm calling them my 'Noel Fielding boots' as they look like ones he wears (If you don't know who noel fielding is, shame on you - you need to check out The Mighty Boosh tv show). I might have to get another pair as a back up as I have tiny UK size 1/2 feet so it is difficult for me to find shoes/boots.

As for my hair and makeup - I just used the Bumble and Bumble thickening creme contour in my hair (no styling tools needed, it is my bed hair). Nails = Loreal Riche 402. And for perfume I have been loving Burberry Body. 

OH check out my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (150ml) & more Giveaway, click here

There is my OOTD, what do you think? Also would you like to see more outfit posts? x

Halifax Giving Extra Campaign

Friday, December 27, 2013
I was contacted just before Christmas to see if I wanted to take part in an amazing campaign by Halifax, whereby I was kindly given a *£50 Amazon gift card and I had to buy presents for someone important in my life as a extra gift at Christmas. I think the campaign idea is very generous and I am grateful for being contacted. I picked my younger sister as the recipient of my extra gifts as she is living away at university and as I have just graduated I know how stressful it can be. 

Here are the gifts I picked as a giving extra hamper at Christmas. I made this small hamper up with items that I knew she would love and also that we could share together and she can take the items back to university with her too. My theme for the hamper is: movie/tv night in. Myself and my sister love movie nights with family and friends so I put together a selection of tv/film, food and home ware picks. 

The tv pick is Sherlock, we both love the BBC tv show Sherlock (so excited for season 3). For the film pick, I knew she wanted this film for a while so I chose The Impossible dvd. Both picks are not very christmasy I know! As for food I chose popcorn, well you can't have a movie/tv night in without popcorn. I also saw these cute popcorn boxes (eight in pack) on Amazon and I just thought they were so cute! I added a novelty mug to the hamper as  we both have a small large mug obsession and this one with the little pocket at the front for biscuits is adorable! Staying with the cute, food theme I added some Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie tea lights which smell amazing, Aimee loves anything that smells like cookies and baking (as do all of us I think!). Movie/TV nights in are all about cosiness, I added a couple of pairs of Sleeperzz soft bed socks which are incredibly soft! The last couple of items are more home ware, generic additions - the wicker basket that I used to store all of the goodies in is obviously really practical and also well made and cute. Finally, a patriotic cushion - Aimee loves my union flag cushion so I bought her a 'british & quite relaxed' cushion cover for her room at university. 

Here are the links to all of the items I bought from Amazon UK (the prices have changed since I bought these items, I have put the prices I paid): Sherlock seasons 1 and 2 (£9), The Impossible dvd (£5), Orville Redenbacher popcorn (£3.79), Popcorn boxes x8 (£3.50), Biscuit pocket mug (£5.59), Yankee Candle Christmas cookie tea lights (£6.05), Sleeperzz socks (£3.98 for both), Wicker basket small (£5.59) and the British cushion cover (£7.99)

There is my cute (although not very festive) giving extra gift hamper - thanks so much to Halifax! Such a great campaign and my sister was over the moon with her extra gifts on Christmas day! x

Simple DIY Christmas Nail Designs

Monday, December 23, 2013
I have quite a few christmas, festive nail art designs - I am not very good at nail art so if I can do these designs, anyone can! I am calling this post Simple DIY Designs as I do not have any actual nail tools - I use things that everyone would have such as cellotape, coloured paper, bobby pins, cocktail sticks and a thin brush.
1. Penguin: To make these cute, simple but effective festive penguins. All I used was the Rimmel Black Cab polish all over - I had to use two thick coats (I would recommend this polish) then white dots for eyes with a black dot in the middle of the white. I didn't have an orange nail polish or an orange eyeshadow to make into an orange polish so I had to use tiny triangles that I cut out of a orange piece of paper. 

2. ELF Hats: I just applied a blob of red and green at the tips of my nails and moved it with the brush into a pointed shape. The I used a bobby pin to dot white polish at he tip of the hat. I used two polish from ciate - Red hot chili and stiletto. 

3. Presents: I used an OPI shade 'A-rose at dawn...broke by noon' all over the nails then when it was completely dry I used a black CD marker to draw on lines and a bow. When using nail art pens or markers on the nails make sure the polish underneath is completely dry. 

4. Christmas trees: This is my favourite design, I applied cellotape in a triangle on the nail then used the Ciate shade 'stiletto' in the triangle. When dry I drew on black diagonal lines for the lights and then dotted red and gold polish for the baubles and star. 

5. Red/Gold Glitter: So simple but so festive. I applied Ciate 'red hot chili' then when dry I applied two coats of the Topshop shade 'stardust'. 

6. Snow Queen: I used the Color Club polish in the shade 'mod in manhattan' in two coats and then the Topshop polish in the shades 'stardust' at the tips.

7. Pink Fairy: Another simple glitter combo! I used loreal color riche int he shade 402 as a base then applied loreal color riche in the shade 836 over the top which is a gorgeous metallic pink glitter topcoat. 

8. Snowy Forest: Another Topshop polish in the shade Fallen Leaf as a base. I then mixed the Topshop Stardust shade with the white half from the Revlon nail art Miss perfect duo to create a creamy white with gold glitter for the snow on the tips of the nails. 

9. Silver Trees: I applied the new Essie winter trio shade 'Parka perfect' as a background and when it was completely dry I stuck two pieces of tape in a triangle shape on the nails. I painted the ciate shade 'Fit For a Queen' in the triangle. For the baubles and star I used Nails Inc Baker Street and Revlons Fall Mood. 

10. Snowflake: You will need the ciate caviar set or beads for this design. I applied Nails Inc Chesham Place over the nail and while the polish was wet I used my Tweezerman tweezers to place individual ciate caviar beads onto my nail in a snowflake(ish) design. 

11. Snowman: For the snowman I used the white shade from the Revlon Miss perfect duo and used a cocktail stick to move the polish into a snowman shape. I the used a bobby pin to dot the white as a background for the snowman. While the snowman was drying I painted the other nails with Ciates Pepperminty and dotted the white on them too along with Nails Inc Baker Street. When the snowman was dry I used a bobby pin to draw a scarf in Baker Street and I used a black CD marker to dot on eyes. 

12. Candy Store: This is the easiest design. I painted my nails with Color Club Mod in Manhattan. The when the polish was completely dry I used a red CD/DVD marker to draw on designs, such as a snowflake, heart, stripes etc. I really need to buy actual nail art pens! x

My Dream Christmas Wish List!

Sunday, December 22, 2013
If you had been given a lot of money to spend at christmas time and you could only spend it on yourself, what would you spend the money on? Here is my ultimate dream christmas wish list...it is a very long list!
All images from Google and the stores websites
1. Marc Jacobs oh Lola perfume /  2. Jouer set /  3. Aromatherapy associates set /  4. Kevin aucoin sculpting powder /  5. Caudalie beauty elixir /  6. Dixi necklace /  7. YSL youth liberator foundation /  8. Hourglass rouge liquid lipstick /  9. H&M book storage /  10.  After Noah Alice in wonderland sticky notes /  11.  Lush bombardino bath bomb /  12. Zara bag /  13. Laura mercier mini cavair stick set /  14. &otherstories body scrub /  15. Beanpod soy tea lights /  16. H&M grey blanket /  17. Assassins creed black flag xbox game /  18. Asos lace up boots /  19. Seattle pull & bear jumper /  20. Splinter cell blacklist xbox game /  21. Asos Chelsea boots /  22. Inglot eyeshadow palette /  23. Lush Eau Roma water /  24. Pull and beat parka /  25. Himalayan detox bath salts /  26. iwhite teeth whitening set /  27. Elementary tv show /  28. Topshop lipstick /  29. Essie penny talk /  30. Nars radiant creamy compact foundation /  31. Michael Kors rose gold watch /  32. Forever21 boho dress  

Phew, that is my ultimate, dream wish list! I have already purchased the Zara bag as it is reduced from £30 to £17.99 (I posted a pic on my Instagram). Obviously I will not get all of these, this is my ultimate fantasy wish list - hey, a girl can dream! What would be on your ultimate dream wish list? x

Review: Priddy Valencian Orange Hand Cream

Saturday, December 21, 2013
I was sent this hand cream from the shop The Mercantile London through the Blogger Programme website (If you are a blogger I would recommend joining). Even though this product was sent for review it does not change my views on the product/brand, I will always be honest in my opinions - for more information about PR and my disclaimer, click here. To see more products from The Mercantile London including clothing, beauty products, gifts and more, click here
I received the *Valencian Orange hand cream scent, there are three other scents (Bergamot and lime, Rowan berry, Hyeres lavender). I have the 30ml size which is £12 but there is a smaller 15ml size for only £5 which would be great as a little present or as a tester to see if you like the cream/scent. Firstly, the packaging from The Mercantile London and the brand Priddy is just gorgeous - it looks so unique, quirky and modern, love the packaging/presentation. 

The cream comes in a metal (but flexible) tube, the ingredients are clearly listed and it has a similar feel to the L'Occitane hand creams in terms of packaging and quality. The cream itself is a off white colour and the scent is divine! It smells like sour oranges and gorgeous musk - it smells really similar to the Molton Brown Valbonne unisex fragrance. This hand cream would be great for men and women as the scent, in my opinion, is definitely unisex. The scent is quite unique, it makes me think of harry potter and other magical mysterious type films (think Tim Burton films) as it is a unique, musky gorgeous scent. 

Even after washing my hands the scent remains, it stays on my hands for a good couple of hours at least. The cream has a smooth texture, it applies quickly and easily - you only need a really small amount of cream, a little goes a long way so I think this 30ml will last me quite a while. It leaves my hands smelling amazing and feeling silky smooth, soft and moisturised. It is very moisturising and the moisturising effect lasts for hours, for my skin which is very impressive. It is also great as a cuticle/nail cream.

Overall, I love the packaging and scent! The hand cream is up there with L'Occitane in my opinion, it is fantastic and it will last a while too. It is super moisturising (if you use too much it can be a little greasy though) and it keeps my hands moisturised for a while - very happy with this product. I will be looking out for more products from the brand Priddy! The Priddy EDP and festive spice room spray sound gorgeous. To see more products from Priddy, click here

Have you tried anything The Mercantile London website or the brand Priddy? x

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas with After Noah

Friday, December 20, 2013
I recently started working with brands on a new blog platform called 'the blogger programme' where you can contact brands and ask to work with them in exchange for products to review etc. I found this online shop through this website, this is not a sponsored post but I saw a lot of items that I liked and would make great, unique gifts! I have already published a post on some gifts I was very kindly sent by After Noah which you can see here. Last orders today and they have a store in London, open late.
1. The Writer Toolbox (£16.99): As a blogger and previously as a university student, I find that I can become subject to writers block which can be incredibly frustrating especially if you have a deadline you need to meet. So when I saw this creative ideas and exercises kit on After Noah I was instantly intrigued. It contains exercises and instructions which help keep those writing juices flowing. I think this would be a great gift for a student or blogger. 

2. Pocket IQ Test (£6): I received this myself from After Noah and it is great fun, it would be great for students or brainiacs! I scored 116 as my IQ score which I am not massively impressed with but it is a great little stocking filler - or birthday gift, in my opinion. 

3. Kirigami Origami (£6.99): I started creating small basic origami items as a child when a friend of mine started doing it with items from china town in Manchester. I love origami, I think it is a great gift and you can make such cute items. This set is for ages 7+ so I think would would be great for children or teen who like DIY/creating things. 

4. Alice in wonderland sticky notes (£6.50): Alice in wonderland is one of my favourite cartoon films - the 1951 version, not the more recent variations! I can't get over how cute these sticky notes are, I need! 

5. Freudian Slip Sticky Notes (£6.50): I was kindly sent these sticky notes by After Noah and I do love them. They are so kitsch and perfect for psychology students and enthusiasts!

6. Shakespeare Insults Mug (£10.99): I studied romeo and juliet at school as most children in England do but I personally loved it but others didn't. I think this mug would make a great, cute, funny gift for those who love shakespeare or are studying english. 

7. Marian Antique World Globe (£53): All of my gift ideas so far are mostly unisex as I wanted to cover all bases. I have personally always wanted a globe but I have no idea where I would put it. I think this would be a great christmas gift for a traveller or antique collector. 

There are my picks of christmas or birthday gifts from After Noah, click here to find more gift ideas from After Noah. What gift above do you like the most? x

Review: Coloured Contacts Hut Prescription Lenses

Thursday, December 19, 2013
I have been wearing normal, monthly contact lenses since I was 17 as my Specsavers glasses sometimes gave me a headache and sadly there is a certain amount of discrimination surrounding glasses occasionally I find. Anyway, I have wanted to try coloured contact lenses for a while, who doesn't want to know what they would look like with a different eye colour...just me, ok. I picked the *Ocean Blue prescription coloured contact lenses from Coloured Contacts Hut - I had no idea that there were prescription coloured contacts!

The ones I have are the *Prescription Ocean Blue Contacts (£8.99 each). You buy the left and right contact lenses individually. The lenses last for a maximum 8 hours and once opened last for 30 days. For those who do not wear contacts normally, the lenses come with a saline solution, case and plastic tweezers (I don't know why tweezers are included). For the prescription lenses you need your eye prescription from your optician - as I wear contacts I have my prescription at hand. For the prescription lenses you need your SPH and BC number I believe. 

As I said I have been wearing contacts since I was 17 so I am more than used to putting them in, wearing them and then taking them out/caring for them. In short, you wash and dry your hands then place the contact lens on the tip of your finger so it is concave and place on the eyeball - this may sound gross to some I know but it is very easy, quick and it doesn't take long to get used to. I was so surprised at how bright and vivid the contacts are, they changed my naturally hazel eye colour to an almost cartoon/anime like blue colour! They fit well, the are soft contacts so they are flexible and comfortable to wear and they are definitely not subtle. 

I love the effect, although I did creep myself out looking in the mirror for the first time when I put them in! I am definitely going to be wearing them for my new year great gatsby flapper look as it makes your costume/outfit look far more impressive! They are prescription lenses so I can see clearly with them in and they are easy to take out - just like my normal Specsavers lenses. 

In terms of cleaning and looking after the lenses, once you take them out you need to put them back in the case that is filled with the saline solution otherwise they will dry up and become unusable. And wash hands before touching the lenses. Also in terms of makeup I do not wear eyeliner on the waterlines when I have contacts in as the liner can transfer to the contact lenses. 

Overall, the lenses are easy to use and take out. They are prescription which I think is fantastic and the colour of the lenses is so vivid and bright. Coloured lenses would be fantastic for a new year, christmas party or fancy dress which is what I am going to be using them for. The Coloured Contacts Hut website has so many designs and effects for prescription and non prescription lenses. I love the Twilight, Mad hatter and green lenses. For more information on the Coloured Contacts Hut range, click here. I would highly recommend the website and prescription coloured contact lenses.

Very Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
This is a collaboration with Very, I have created three Christmas party outfits from the Very website. This is not a sponsored post, I am not being paid. As Christmas is nearly here, parties are starting and there is a festive thrill in the air - what you need is a fail safe party outfit. So even if you are late or pushed for time, these outfits are simple but festive ideas for the ultimate party season! 
All images from the Very website

Outfit one: I love any dress that has a classic style but with modern, glitzy details. I'm all about the simplistic Scandinavian style. This dress is the Little Mistress 2 in 1 Embellished dress (£60). I love the cream, black and antique gold shades. I also love the floaty skater style skirt that skims over those problem areas. I think the dress would look great with Shoe Box Imi Suede Platform Wedges (£25), they add height as heels do but with none of the discomfort. Finally some earrings, I love this set from Oasis (£10) which contains five pairs of earrings all of which would work with this outfit, in my opinion. You could wear a leather jacket over the top of this outfit and add some black tights for those colder wintry days. 

Outfit two: I love this style of dress, it is the Fearne Cotton Velvet Swing Dress (£39). Swing dresses are fantastic, especially during the Christmas period where you may have indulged in five too many mince pies, chocolates or cocktails. It covers lumps and bumps and still looks flattering, cute and party ready - although you could pair it with a black skinny belt if you wanted to. As the dress is fairly plain, I added the Ivy Glittery Clutch (£9, sale) which comes in numerous colours. I also added the gorgeous South Glitter Platform Shoes (£20, sale) for even more festive glitter!

Outfit three: My final festive party outfit, the dress is from the brand Little Mistress again and it the Lace Crossover Prom Dress (£52).I think the dress is just gorgeous, very feminine and chic. Again the skater style skirt is great for hiding problem areas. I have paired the dress with spiky black heels from Kurt Geiger, they are the Ezra Studded Leather Platform heels (£150). I am always lusting over Kurt Geiger heels/boots and these are just divine. You could pair the dress with patent black heels instead though. Following the black/antique gold theme of the dress with Cheska Chandelier Earrings (£10) for added glamour - an updo would be great with this dress to show off the earrings and the plunging neckline of the dress. 

Glossy black nails, nude lips and lots of lash action would be great with these outfits. There are my festive/new year party picks, to see more party wear check out the Very website, click here. x

Google friend connect (GFC) is working now! Happy again! x

Review: Ozeri Moderna Thermo Glasses

Sunday, December 15, 2013
I picked this set of *four drinking glasses from the brand Ozeri last week to review and as with other products that I have received without charge to review, all photographs and opinions are my own - for more information on my disclaimer/PR, click here. This set is the first product I have used from the brand Ozeri and so far I am impressed. 
This set is the *Moderna set of four drinking glasses which are 2 fl oz or 0.06L in capacity (£18.95, Ozeri - Amazon). They are quite unusual in their design, they are double walled - I love this effect, it looks so unique and contemporary. It looks like a glass inside a glass, love the design. There are four small indentations around the glasses for fingers/thumbs to hold the glass which again I think it quite unique and ergonomic. 

Since having these glasses I have used them for my latte and espressos. They are quite small in capacity which is my only criticism of them really but there is a larger 8 fl oz size on Amazon currently for £24.95. However, the 2 fl oz glasses are the perfect size of an espresso. I think they will be a fantastic size for my cheeky baileys tipple at Christmas and new year! They are described as 'heat resistant' and the double walled design allows your hands to stay cool while there is a hot drink in the glass - and stops condensation with cold drinks. The cool effect does work, I can have my hot espresso in the glass and when I pick up the glass it is only just warm to the touch. They can be used for hot drinks such as coffee as I have used them, cold drinks or cocktails for example. In terms of cleaning, they are very easy to clean and they do not show streaks or water marks.

Overall, I love the design and I will be using them for my baileys, cocktails and espresso drinks especially over the festive period. I think they would make a great gift for students (they would be great for cocktails or as a large shot glass) and for friends/family who are moving house or buying their first house as a few of my friends are currently. Ozeri isn't a brand I have bought from before but I will be checking out more of their home ware items, click here to find more Ozeri products - you can also buy Ozeri products on amazon.

Firmoo glasses updated

Friday, December 13, 2013
I have already posted a review of the first pair of Firmoo glasses that I was sent back in March but since then I have bought a pair with my own money as I just love them, they are great quality and really reasonably priced. Firmoo ship worldwide and they have a first pair of glasses free for new customers. I was contacted again by Firmoo glasses last week to review another pair. I have been sent two of these pairs of glasses for free (I bought the tortoise pair with my own money) but that does not change my opinions of the product(s). If you would like to potentially join this campaign, click here.
1. *Black clear glasses (frame number: CP6061): I have already posted a review of these glasses, click here to see my review

2. Unisex Acetate Full Frame Eyeglasses, Tortoise (frame number: SD2249): I bought this pair a few months ago with my own money. It is the same design as the first pair, the fit really well, they are high quality and I love the tortoise shell effect. The tortoise effect makes a nice change to the plain black glasses. 

3. *Unisex Acetate Full Frame Eyeglasses, clear grey (frame number: DBSN62108): This is the newest addition to my Firmoo glasses collection, it is a ombre grey pair! They are a bit different to the previous two pairs, they are slightly wider/bigger. I love the dark grey at the top fading to a lighter clear grey at the bottom of the lenses. 

All three pairs fit well, they do not give me headaches, they are great unisex simple styles that go with everything practically. Before Firmoo contacted me I was using my Specsavers glasses which I have been wearing since I was about 15, and I definitely prefer Firmoo glasses to any of the Specsavers ones I have had! If you are not from the UK, Specsavers is a well known opticians in the UK. 

Overall, I love Firmoo glasses and I have bought one pair myself. I would highly recommend Firmoo glasses - the glasses are fantastic, the price is reasonable and the delivery is quick too (to the UK anyway). The glasses come with a wipe, pouch and sturdy glasses case. x

International Rosegal Giveaway

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
I have finished my giveaways for the month of december but I was contacted last week by Rosegal to see if I wanted to host a giveaway. This is a sponsored giveaway in that the winner will receive a free item (of their choice, up to the value of $20) but I am not being compensated.  Rosegal is an online shop, they ship internationally and they have a great range of clothing, accessories and jewellery, as well as vintage items. This giveaway is open for 10 days and it is open internationally! 
All images from rosegal.com
Here are some ideas of items that are all under $20, I love the sweaters and tops especially. The dresses and shorts are really nice as well. They have accessories, watches, bags and jewellery too, click here to visit Rosegal. Here are some of my recommendations: Retro Style Christmas Sweater ($18.85), Deer and Snowflake Sweater ($16.80), Le Freak Round Neck T-Shirt ($12.06) and Lace Embellished Shorts ($13.30).  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to everyone. If you win I will need your details and a link to the item you want ($20 or less) so I can send the information to Rosegal. You must leave a comment with the url/link of the item you want to win! Good luck x

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas from After Noah

Thursday, December 05, 2013
I am currently working with a wonderful shop called After Noah, through The Blogger programme (if you are a blogger I would suggest signing up). All of the items in this post were sent to me by After Noah but this does not change my opinions of the shop/products, for more information see the PR tab. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous gifts, home ware and stationary on After Noah's website. Here are some of my favourite picks from their website as instant gifts for men and women. 
1. *Wooden Moustache Glasses Holder (£14): I saw this on the main website page and I instantly loved it. I think this unique, quirky glasses holder would be great for men or women as moustache themed items are really popular right now. I love this glasses holder , it is so practical and a great home ware item too. Great for numerous ages. I know a lot of my male as well as female friends/family who would love to receive this as a Christmas gift!

2. *Freudian Slip Sticky Notes (£6.50): Some of you may know that I graduated this year with a BSc psychology degree so I couldn't resist these cute Freudian sticky notes. I think this would make a fantastic gift for those interested in or studying psychology. 

3. *Pocket IQ Test (£6): A great gift or stocking filler for the brainics you know! It is a small set which would be great for those who travel or for students. Not only do they get a great gift but if they have a high IQ score, they get the bragging rights too! 

4. *Jane Austen Posh Pocket Book (£5.99): Do you know a Jane Austen fan? Then this is a perfect gift, it contains 100 puzzles and quizzes all about the one and only Jane Austen. The packaging/design of the puzzle book is just gorgeous, I love it, it looks a lot more expensive that it actually is. 

5. *Word Lovers Puzzle and Quiz Book (Posh Pocket Books) (£5.99): Another posh pocket puzzle book and another gorgeous cover design, in terms of looks, these posh puzzle books are fantastic. This one contains crosswords, quizzes and lots of other puzzles. I think it would be great for those who travel a lot or maybe aunties or grandmas etc - my mum would love these puzzle/quiz books. 

There are my picks of the amazing, unique gifts for men and women at After Noah. I would definitely recommend these gifts - click here to view more items from After Noah

My Muji storage

Tuesday, December 03, 2013
I have spent quite a lot of money, over a few months, on Muji acrylic drawers - I buy the wide two draw clear acrylic drawers (£10.95 each), I also have one or two of the flip top versions as they didn't have the normal ones in stock at the time. I have one of the desk organisers too and I love the Muji storage for my makeup, I wouldn't want to use anything else, even though it is expensive!
Firstly, the drawers - the name of these drawers on the Muji website is 'Acrylic Box 2 Drawers Wide'. I have 7 sets of these drawers - that's a lot of money spent on makeup storage! But I have bought these over the past 8 months or so. I love these 2 drawer sets from Muji, they are clear so you can see what is inside of them and they are a great size. I can fit palettes, lipsticks, eyeliners, foundations and concealer etc in these drawers. I organise them into sections for example, I have one draw for concealer, then another for lip balms (I am a lip balm addict!). I have two drawers for lipstick, palettes and two drawers also for foundations. A few items do not fit in the drawers so I keep them in a clear plastic box that I stole from our kitchen cupboard! Also extra makeup items that do not fit as my drawer are all pretty much full, go in a gorgeous vintage rose patterned box I received for my birthday. 

I also have a desk organiser from Muji that I use to store my makeup brushes, eyelash curler, scissors, hair grips etc but sadly I can't find the one I have on the Muji website anymore but there are similar items - mine was priced at around £8. It is a great size for storing makeup brushes and I love to two smaller/shorter sections at the front to store smaller items. I find all of the muji drawers/items to be very high quality, they stack together nicely and they are really sturdy, durable and easy to wipe clean. 

Finally, I have a jewellery storage box from Muji that I thought I would mention. It is the 'Acrylic Jewellery Case 2 Drawers' which is £13.95. I don't have too much jewellery but I store all of my rings and earrings in this two draw set and the dividers in the drawers can be moved around. I keep my other larger items that will not fit in this small box in a loccitane box I received as a gift with purchase. Anyway, I love my Muji storage for most of my makeup, small items and jewellery. I think they are available in the US and other parts of europe, postage in the UK is around £2.95 and I find their delivery to be quick and fuss free. I would definitely recommend Muji storage! 

What do you think of my makeup/jewellery storage and what do you store your makeup in? x

Christmas Gift Guide: Under £5

Sunday, December 01, 2013
I have started a mini Christmas gift guide series for numerous price ranges - from this first post with gifts priced at £5 or under. There will be posts with gifts at £10 and £20. I am also going to create a gift guide post with some lavish, expensive gift selection and one on unique, quirky gifts too. In this post I have tried to include gifts for women, men, teens and older children.
1. Accessorize Concealer Kit (£5): The Pixiwoo sisters have mentioned their love for some of the Accessorize makeup products so they must be fairly good, especially for the price. This concealer kit looks quite benefit like in my opinion. It is a very comprehensive kit, it contains a yellow corrector, three shades of concealer and a finishing powder. The only negative point about this product is that it comes in a one shade fits all, there is only a light version as far as I can see. 

2. Topshop Movie Trivia Cards (£5): Who doesn't love a bit of trivia! I do! I think this would make a great little gift/stocking filler for men and movie buffs. There are other trivia sets from Topshop including: 90's tv, 90's music and a horror trivia set. 

3. Topshop Origami Napkins Set (£5): The one thing I miss about Christmas when I was a child is that you had toys and things to play with and now I get makeup, money and bath/body products which I love and I am very grateful for but there is nothing to do. I think this little origami set would be great for those dull moments around christmas were there is the same dull tv! 

4. Accessorize Knitted Reindeer Christmas Decoration (£4): Myself and my sister bought my mum a cute knitted penguin Christmas tree decoration last year and she loved it and it looks so cute - it makes a nice change to the boring baubles! There are lots of other to chose from. I think this would be a great gift to those who have just bought a new home or have moved to university as sister and some of my friends have done this year. 

5. Topshop Sock Zombie Kit (£5): Who doesn't want their own sock zombie....ok, I agree it is a strange concept! But is looks like a great gift and it is very unique. Also again as I said on the origami gift, it give you something to do on Christmas day. I think it would be a nice set for those who like DIY and also for younger teens (adult supervision is probably needed though). My sister bought one of her friends a knit your own ninja set last year and I wanted it for myself!

6. Paperchase Photo Cube (£4): A more sentimental gift now, a cute photo cube - you could add in photographs of yourself/friends/family. I think it would make a nice, nostalgic gift. There is a small one for £3 and a larger one for £12. 

7. Paperchase Gold Bear Money Box (£5): I have received numerous money boxes for Christmas over the years and this one has to be the cutest. This would be great for friends and children, in my opinion. There are so many cheap money boxes at Paper chase including a: skull, owl, moustasche, robot and lego block. 

There are my cheap and cheerful bargain picks for christmas gifts - they would be great for numerous ages and also for secret santa gifts and stocking fillers x

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