September Degusta Box

Thursday, October 30, 2014
I have tried a few beauty subscription boxes and one snack subscription box but nothing like Degusta Box! Degusta Box is a monthly food subscription box in which you will receive between 9 to 14 items, many of which are new. Unlike other subscription boxes the Degusta website makes the subscription process and days when the money will be taken from your account very simple and easy - before you subscribe. The best is only £12.99 per month which is incredible value for money in my opinion considering the size and amount of items in the box! 

Here is what I received in my *September Degusta Box (£12.99, including postage): Pick Up Biscuits (x2), Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks (x2), Carnation Cook With It Cream (x2), Burts Lentil Waves (x3),  Crabbies Zesty Lemon (alcoholic), Zeo Citrus Drink, Jordans Crunchy Baked Oats Granola and the La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade. 

I have already finished the Burts salted and sour cream and chive lentil waves - they are so delicious and moreish! The Little Miracles green tea drink is also gorgeous, I can't wait to try the lemongrass tea version. Breakfast for me is usually noodles or pasta (unusual I know) but I have been loving the Jordans granola instead, it is filling and far healthier than creamy pasta! I personally don't like marmalade or jam so my mum has the La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade and she said it was delicious. 

Overall, I am so impressed with Degusta Box, I didn't expect to receive so many items in my box and such as great range. Also a lot of the items were quite healthy such as the tea drinks, granola and lentil waves all of which I LOVE! I would definitely recommend Degusta Box based on my experience and I think it would make a great gift for students or foodies! 

Have you tried Degusta Box? 

Halloween Tutorial: Poison Ivy

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Poison Ivy is a famous comic book/film character and last year it was really popular! There are quite a few interpretations of the look but I based mine on the poison ivy look created by the amazing makeup artist and youtuber Julia Graf who has some amazing halloween video tutorials! My look is quite basic and simple as I don't think most people will spend a long time creating a halloween look, it is not a massive holiday/occasion in the UK as it is in America, for example, so my look is a quicker/easier poison ivy look.

Products used: 

Barry M White Creme Foundation 
*Colorsport Black Rapid Lash-Gro Liner 
Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection 
Real Techniques Core Collection/Starter Set
*Clinique Eyeshadow Quad (On Safari) 
*Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil (01 Highlight It Nude)
Yves Rocher Sexy Plump Mascara
Mac Foundation Sponge

To start the look I used the Barry M white foundation all over with a damp foundation sponge, I find a damp sponge applies the foundation better as it can be very caky and drying. I then started using the massive and amazing Makeup Revolution palette as it has quite a lot of green shades in it. Using the dark greens first I contoured heavily and brought the same darker shades onto the temples and jawline. I then blended with a medium green shade from the same palette around the edges of the darker green on the face so the look wasn't flat or monotone. 

To add a glow and highlight to the face and eyes, I used the lightest green and cream shades from the Clinique Quad to the high points of the cheeks, inner corner and brow bone. I then used a matte dark green shadow and an angled brush to create a couple of 'vines' on the face and then drew small ivy leaves along the vine and filled them in with a medium shimmery green shade. To make the vine look more tonal, I added a deeper green to one side of the vines and a lighter shimmery green to the opposite side. 

Now onto the eyes, I used all of the same shades that I used on the face, with a darker green in the outer corner (outer V of the eyes) in a slight winged out shape and a medium green in the centre of the eye and a light shimmery cream/light green in the inner corner to highlight. Finish with a matte black liquid liner and create a wing to follow the shape of the eyeshadow. Fill in the brows with a dark matte green. For the last step on the eyes, I used the pretty Essence eye brightened in my lower waterline. 

Finally the lips, I didn't have the gorgeous green lipstick from the new Makeup Revolution Atomic collection when I created this look so I applied a small amount of the Rodial Super Food Glam Balm to the back of my hand and scraped off a small amount of green eyeshadow again from the large Makeup Revolution palette and mixed together to create a green lip colour! I dusted a small amount of the lightest green from the Clinique Quad to the centre of the lips to create a ombre look - I love the way it turned out! 

What do you think of my poison ivy look? Will you be creating a poison ivy look for halloween?

Halloween Tutorial: Corpse Bride

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
I'm onto my fourth halloween look so far, I think this might be my second to last one! This look is inspired by the Tim Burton movie 'corpse bride', I adore Tim Burton films, I don't know why I haven't tried to create a Tim Burton character look before! This look was surprisingly quick and easy to create!

Products used: 

Barry M White Foundation 
FCUK Christmas Palette 
Essence Lipstick (12 Blush My Lips)
Essence Liquid Ink (Black, Waterproof)
Yves Rocher Sexy Plump Mascara
Mac Foundation Sponge 
*Makeup Revoltion Give Them Nightmares Salvation Palette
Real Techniques Starter Set 

Check out pinterest for inspiration photos, I tried to create a look closest to the film character. I started by mixing a crumbled blue eyeshadow from a FCUK palette with the Barry M white foundation to make a blue foundation! I then used a darker blue shade from the Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Salvation Palette on a large eyeshadow brush to contour my cheeks, jaw, nose and along my forehead/temples. I then deepened the navy shade in the inner corner of my eyes and up to my brows. Make the brows and brow bone as dark as possible but keep it navy/blue not black. Blended a combination of a medium blue and navy under the eyes, the outer corners and lower lip. Using a blue shadow as a guide I drew on thin quirky brows then filled in lightly with the a black liquid liner. 

Using the same liquid liner I drew on big lower lashes and two holes/cracks on my face, like the film character. I then applied mascara and then a bright pink matte lip. Finish off the face with a mix of different shades of blue around the edges of the face and eyes as the character is supposed to be dead so the skin would be different shades. Also to stop the skin looking flat, I used a creamy shimmery shade as a cheekbone and cupids bow highlight. 

What do you think of my corpse bride look? Are you dressing up as a Tim Burton character for halloween? 

*Check out my first halloween look of 2014 as the post contains a little international giveaway, here*

Halloween Tutorial: The Cheshire Cat

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
My third halloween look for this year, I have loved creating these looks for my blog and for the Fragrance Direct blog too (check it out, here). Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney/cartoon films, I loved watching it as a child. I am surprised I haven't done an Alice in Wonderland look before and this one is surprisingly simple and easy, it's the cheeky Cheshire Cat! In the original cartoon film (the one I love) the cheshire cat is purple/pink unlike the modern version which is grey/blue - I definitely love the original film/character more!

Products used:

Barry M White Foundation 
*Zoeva Graphic Eyes New Jewels Liner
Avon Supershock Eyeliner (Black)
*Colorsport Rapid Lash-Gro Liquid Liner (Black)
FCUK The Colour Palette 
Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner (Silver)
*Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Black)
Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection 
*Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick (Make Me Magnificent)

Firstly, as with the Corpse Bride look, I mixed the Barry M white foundation with a few shades from the FCUK palette (received a couple of Christmases ago) but just mix a few pink/purple/light navy eyeshadow shades together until you find a shade you like. I then used a flat foundation brush to paint the colour over my face, slightly onto my neck and ears. 

I then moved onto the mouth so the purple foundation would set slightly. I made a guide of the mouth with the avon liner, creating the teeth in the mouth and filling in the gaps in-between with the black liner. Join the mouth with the nose and then I used the liquid liner to make the lines a bit neater and to create the curly ends of the mouth which I love, I think it makes the look! Then fill in the teeth with the white foundation (a white pencil would be better/easier). 

Now onto the eyes and brows, I used the zoeva purple glittery pencil (no shade name) throughout my brows and along the upper and lower lash lines. I made the front of the brows quite pointy which I think makes the look a bit more scary/crazy! I then used a mix of purple shades from the massive Makeup Revolution palette messily over the lids and blended into a more rounded shape than I would normally, but with a slight haze of shadow at the outer corners of the eyes. 

Back to the foundation, I used a thin eyeliner brush, various purple eyeshadows, the rimmel silver pencil and the white foundation to make thin lines on the face to make the skin look a bit like fur and so the foundation didn't look so flat. For the finishing touches I added some of the silver pencil in the inner corner and a small amount of highlighter down the centre of the face and cheekbones. I also added dots to the cheeks. Last but not least, apply a lot of mascara - I'm currently loving the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (review, here).

What do you think of my cheshire cat look? What are you dressing up as for halloween? 

Halloween Makeup Picks ft. Makeup Revolution

Monday, October 27, 2014

The brand Makeup Revolution seem to be taking the beauty world by storm recently and they have released some pretty amazing new products, just in time for halloween! I was very kindly sent the products for review and I have been using them for my halloween looks, as well as party eyeshadow looks. 
First up, the new *Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks (£1 each), I have all five from the Atomic Collection and I have to say, the colours are gorgeous - especially the 'serpent' and the 'magnificent' shades! The packaging is simple and I love the colour showing through the top of the tube. The lipsticks apply so smoothly to the lips, even the ones with fine shimmer, they are really pigmented although they can be worn quite sheer. 
Here are the shades, the 'magnificent', 'serpent', 'ruby' and 'make it right' shades are just so gorgeous, smooth, pigmented and really pretty on the lips! The only shade that I am not keen on is the 'make me tonight' shade which isn't the most flattering shade and it is quite patchy on me but the others are fantastic, especially for the very affordable price tag! Also most people won't want to spend a lot on halloween makeup that will not be worn for the rest of the year. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.
Next we have the *Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Salvation Palette (£6) which contains 18 eyeshadows, yes, 18! For the price you get so many eyeshadows and the pigmentation is fantastic for the majority. Swatched above is the second/middle row of shadows which has to be my favourite, the 'the hunger', 'wicked' and 'I am watching you' shades are gorgeous and so metallic! This palette is just perfect for halloween or fancy dress, although some shades would be perfect for a smoky eye. The shadows blend well, they apply evenly and the shimmery shades look gorgeous on the eyes. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried the new releases from Makeup Revolution? Are you dressing up for halloween? 

Halloween Tutorial: Lichtenstein

Sunday, October 26, 2014
My second halloween look for 2014, I wanted to create a few less scary looks as not all halloween looks have to be very gory and spooky. This look is inspired by Lictenstein and comic book characters. I love this abstract, comic style halloween look but this makeup is a little time consuming and as it is so simple, there is no where to hide if you make a mistake. 

Products used:

Max Factor Luminizer Foundation (40 Light Ivory)
Barry M White Creme Foundation 
Avon Black Supershock Eyeliner 
Sephora Own Liquid Waterproof Liners (Black and Navy Blue)
Yves Rocher Moisturising Cream Lipstick (101 Framboise)
Benefit Gimme Brow (Medium/Deep)

Starting with the base, I used the Max Factor Luminizer Foundation again with my Real Techniques brushes that I LOVE. I lightly filled in the brows. Then I used the white foundation for the dots on my face, I used a large nail dotting tool to add the dots which was fairly time consuming - a white eyeliner would be better. Next the black pencil liner for the lines on the nose, lips, tears and around the edges of the face which really bring the look together. Then before I fill in the lips and tears I applied a small section of white on the same side of each for a bit of a cartoon effect. I used a red lipstick to fill in the lips being careful not to smudge the white section, do the same on the tear - the tear was easier as I used a bright blue liquid liner. I think this halloween makeup look works well with volumized hair or a big ponytail!

Don't forget to check out my first halloween look post for your chance to win a three month advert space on my blog! 

What do you think of my comic book/Lichtenstein makeup look? 

Halloween: Doll Tutorial + Giveaway

Sunday, October 26, 2014
It is that time of year again, when I draw all over my face with eyeliner and it doesn't raise too many questions...I published a series of halloween posts last year (here) and they were so fun to create and everyone seemed to like them so I am doing the same this year. I have tried to create better looks, with better photographs and new designs/characters this year! I am obviously not a makeup artist, if I can create these halloween looks then most people can!

Products used:

Max Factor Luminizer Foundation (40 Light Ivory)
*W7 The Cheek Of It Blush (Baby Pink)
*Colorsport Rapid Lash-Gro Liner 
Barry M White Creme Foundation
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (07 Nudist)
Avon Supershock Liner (Black)
Real Techniques Core Collection and Starter Set 

Firstly, I started with my base, I used the new (and amazing) Max Factor Luminizer foundation all over the skin which creates an even, radiant base. I then applied a lot of the W7 Blusher over the apples and back of my cheeks to create a pinky artificial doll face. I didn't contour as I wanted to create a more rounded face shape. Over the top of the blush I used the Avon liner to make little freckles on my cheeks. To add to the doll look, I used the Colorsport liner to draw on winged liner (try and make it as symmetrical as possible) and apply it along the lower lash line to give a wide eye look. White liner in the lower waterline would make this look even more doll like.

Now for the main focus of the look, the mouth! Draw out the top lip  line with the avon liner as a basic guide and take it down to the chin from both corners of the lips. Draw in the teeth and fill in - I used the Barry M foundation in white which wasn't the best to use, it would be far easier if you had a white pencil liner. Fill in the inner part of the mouth with black liner and make sure to fill in around the teeth. For the lips I applied the Bourjois lip stain and to finish off the look I sharpened up the black lines around the teeth/mouth with the Coloursport Liquid Liner. I would pair the look with a pink doll outfit or a black dress.

To finish off my first halloween tutorial post for 2014, I'm going to be giving away a advert space on my blog sidebar which will be live for THREE months! The giveaway is open internationally and you must be following my blog via GFC and or Bloglovin to win. To enter just complete the rafflecopter form below!

What do you think of my nutcracker doll look? What are you dressing up as for halloween? 

SACO Beauty Blogger Challenge

Friday, October 24, 2014
I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by SACO asking whether I would like to take part in the Saco five product face beauty blogger challenge. I have wanted to write a five product face post for a while but it is so difficult to narrow down my makeup to five products but I have actually managed it! The products I used are as follows: Max Factor Luminizer Foundation, Laura Mercier Smoky Neutrals Eyeshadow Trio, Sephora Black Waterproof Liquid Liner, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mini Mascara and the new Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick in Matte Malibu. 

I wanted to pick five products that would be fairly travel friendly so you can take them easily in your handbag and that are multi-use where possible. The Laura Mercier trio works as an all over highlighter, eyebrow shade and an all over the lid colour in one small compact! Also the Makeup Revolution Blush/Bronzer I used doubled up as a contour/bronzer and lip colour. I did use some brushes, including the Illamasqua blush brush, the Real Techniques buffer brush and the new Real Techniques mini brush set which is amazing for travel/touch ups!

I have created a video tutorial with a step by step guide for each stage of the day and night looks. My day time look consists of radiant foundation, subtle natural lips and winged liner. Then my night look consists of a stronger lip, smoky eyeshadow and more highlighter! The night look can be made even stronger by using more of the dark brown eyeshadow and highlighter for a super glam, smoky eye look. I love the versatility of the looks, as you can change the shape of the liner to make it more subtle or more dramatic or the lip colour could be made more subtle or stronger. Both looks are quick and easy to create. They would look fantastic on numerous skin tones and for many occasions such as a work to party look or a quick and easy girls night out look. I love the autumnal shades in this look from the brown/burnt orange lips to the dark brown smoky eyes!

There are my two looks, I also wanted to include some bargain makeup products such as the mini Too Faced mascara which is only £2.99 and the blusher/bronzer sticks are only £5 each which is fantastic. If you have any problems with the video, let me know in the comments. 

What do you think of my two looks? What are your favourite day to night looks? 

Review: RMK Power Of Love AW14 Collection

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
RMK is a brand that I have heard a lot of good things about, particularly in terms of skincare and makeup. The only items prior to these that I have tried from RMK includes their cleaning balm which is gorgeous and smells like roses; as well as one of the sheer nail polishes (review here), both products are fantastic so I was so excited when some items from the new RMK Power of Love AW14 collection landed on my doorstep! I received two products from the collection as well as a gorgeous wintry nail polish. 

Firstly, I have the *RMK Matte Shiny Eye Pencil in the shade '02 Navy' (£28) which has a chunky matte eyeshadow pencil on one end and an iridescent shimmery eyeshadow on the other end. I love multi-function, two in one makeup items - they are so handy and great for travel! The pencil is a gorgeous deep navy that applies smoothly, although it isn't as pigmented as I thought it would be - the longevity is fantastic though as it is matte it seems to adhere to the skin really well. The pencil can be worn alone for a everyday look then for the evening the shimmery shadow can be quickly and easily applied on top of the pencil. As you can see from the swatches below, the shimmery shadow makes the navy pencil look incredible! The navy and shimmer together is a stunning combination that will be perfect for the upcoming party season! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!
Next up I have the *RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks in the shade 'EX-04 Orange Gold (£19) which is a gorgeous burnt orange mixed with shimmery copper blush, perfect for autumn/winter! Firstly, the packaging is fantastic, I love the simplistic, no nonsense, clean design. I have been wearing the blush lightly across the apples and back of the cheeks after contouring and it gives a gorgeous radiant glow. The shade just screams autumn and I have actually been using it on my eyes as well, I wouldn't really recommend doing this as you may have a reaction but it doesn't irritate my skin personally. The blusher blends well, it is buttery smooth despite the shimmer and it lasts well on my skin. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Lastly, not from the new collection, I have the *RMK Nail Polish in the shade 'EX-14' (£14) which is a divine cool grey shade with tiny silver shimmery particles that make the polish look glossy and slightly metallic. The bottle is pretty as is the shade on the nails however the polish is quite sheer (as with the previous RMK polish I have tried) which I am not a big fan of. To build up the colour I do have to apply quite a few layers which takes while to dry so I have just been wearing it as a sheer wash of grey on the nails which I like but it is definitely not my favourite polish in my collection. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Overall, I am very happy with the products especially the eye pencil which is limited edition. I definitely have my eye on other products from the collection such as the eyebrow pencils and matte mascaras. 

Have you tried anything from the new RMK Power Of Love collection?  

Autumn Beauty Picks Ft. Cohorted

Monday, October 20, 2014

Many of my readers and fellow bloggers have been raving about the website Cohorted recently. My blog followers may remember that I worked with Cohorted on a giveaway a few months ago. Cohorted is a unique shopping website in which weekly deals reduce in price to a set discount when more people join the cohort, the more everyone wants a product, the better the discount! Cohorted have been killing it recently with amazing products from Urban Decay, Dolce & Gabbana, Too Faced and more! I was kindly sent a couple of items from Cohorted to review from real Techniques and Smashbox. 
I have the *Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio (RRP £9.99, max Cohorted discount will be 25%). I have a lot of Real Techniques brush (two sets of the core collection, two sets of the starter set, the expert face brush and the retractable bronzer brush all of which I love). The mini travel trio is a great idea for touch ups on the go and they are freakin' adorable! The brushes look and feel like the original, full size versions although they don't have the rubber handle. All three brushes are very soft, smooth and work effectively. I have been using the mini face brush for foundation, the mini foundation brush for highlight and the mini shading brush for eyeshadow. Overall, I am impressed with the mini trio, they are just as soft, smooth and effective as the original full size brushes, in my opinion, and they are so cute! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.
I have also been using the Real Techniques mini trio with the *Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in 'Baked Stardust' (RRP £25, max Cohorted discount will be 25%) which in my opinion is a bronzer, blush and highlight all in one compact. I can use the lighter creamy shade as a brow bone and cheek highlighter, the pinky shade as a highlighter blush and the two deeper brown shades as a radiant bronzer. Also I have been using all of the shades as eyeshadows. The pigmentation isn't great although I think that is a positive point as it means I don't like like a glitter ball or a clown! The finish of this product is just gorgeous, so radiant and fresh but not glittery or shiny/oily looking. I have mainly been lightly swirling the Real Techniques mini face brush in all of the shades and applying to the top and back of my cheeks for a glowing, 'lit from within' look which is so pretty for dull, grey english autumn/winter days. ★★★★★, 5/5, you will see this product in a few upcoming posts. 

The Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio will be one of tonights deals (along with the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge)!

Have you bought anything from Cohorted? Have you tried either of these products?

Chi Chi Pabla Dress

Sunday, October 19, 2014
A couple of weeks ago I received a pretty parcel from Chi Chi via EtailPR, if you don't know what EtailPR is and you are a blogger then you need to check it out, here. I think this dress was my second choice, it is however, beautiful as all Chi Chi dresses are! If you have a wedding, prom or graduation ball coming up then definitely check out Chi Chi as the dresses are incredible!

I have the *Chi Chi Pabla Dress (£49.99, size UK 8) which is one of the very many feminine, lacy dresses on Chi Chi. Firstly, the fit is really nice, it isn't fit or uncomfortable and the length is great on me even though I am tiny (only 4ft 10") which is one of the main problems I have with buying dresses. I love the feminine, lacy, girly style of the dress and it would be beautiful with bare legs and pretty curls or an updo but I wanted to make it a bit more edgy and dare I say...wearable. I wore my *Luxury Legs Oroblu Tights, Pretty Small Shoes Heels and my Promod Faux Leather Jacket. 

I love the flowing full skirt of the dress, it makes it look and feel extra special and princess-like! I also love the bodice, as you can see the pretty pale pink of the dress underneath the black lace. I also like that the dress has sleeves, even if they are tiny, as I am self conscious about my arms - they are quite big! The bow at and cut out on the back of the dress add an extra level of detail. The only things I would change about the dress are the sleeves and I would make it cinch in at the waist a bit more. 

Overall, I love the princess like style of this dress, it would be amazing for a special occasion such as a prom, graduation ball, party or a wedding. I like that it can be really dressed up or dressed down slightly as I have it. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you bought anything from Chi Chi? What do you think of the Chi Chi Pabla dress?

AX Paris AW14 Press Day

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Last month (yes, I know this is a very very late post, I completely forgot about it!) I attended the AX Paris AW14 Press Day with Lucy from Pretty Little Things & The Cotton City (here) as well as Hayley from Strangeness and Charm (here). I met up with the lovely Hayley and after going to the wrong venue we had to walk for a while and get a tram to the Black Dog Ballroom. The cocktails were delicious but very sweet and the cupcakes were adorable! The autumn/winter clothes looked gorgeous, especially the red/orange tones which just scream autumn to me. Also the glittery, fancy party pieces look perfect for the upcoming party and holiday season! 
There were quite a few big bloggers there such as Hannah Louise and Amy Valentine! After a look around the clothes, we both had henna done on our hands - it was the first time I have had henna done and I love the way it looked although it was messy while walking around Manchester. The goody bag from the event was amazing, not as amazing as the incredible Essence goody bag but still it was fantastic! Overall, the autumn/winter AX Paris collection looks gorgeous, thank you to AX Paris for the invite/event!

What do you think of the AX Paris AW14 collection? 

Autumn/Winter Makeup Ft. Save On Makeup

Friday, October 17, 2014
Autumn is my favourite time of the year for makeup looks, trends and new releases! I love darker autumnal eyeshadow, polishes and dewy foundations. I was kindly allowed to pick a range of products up to the value of £20 from the website Save On Makeup which I have bought from before. Save On Makeup offers huge discounts on makeup and fragrance featuring brands such as Too Faced, Clinique, Maybelline, Pixi, Elisabeth Arden, Urban Decay and many, many more! You can find Save On Makeup on Twitter and Facebook

I picked the following products to create an everyday autumnal makeup look: *Clinique All About Eyeshadow Quad in the shade 'On Safari' (RRP £28, Save On Makeup price £2.99), *Too Faced Better Than Sex Mini Mascara (Black, RRP £9.99, Save On Makeup price £2.99), *Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Smoother Skin Primer (RRP £7.99, Save On Makeup price £4.49), *Pixi Lacquer Lipgloss in the shade 'bebe' (RRP 8.50, Save On Makeup price £1.00), *Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift And Firm Concealer in the shade '01 ivory' (not currently available).

Starting with the Maybelline primer, I applied a small amount over the skin, it creates an instantly smooth base for makeup but it doesn't feel very greasy or noticeable. Next up, the Elizabeth Arden concealer, I applied it under my eyes and on redness/pores as it works well on both. The concealer is a fantastic match for my pale skin, it blends easily, it has medium coverage and the concealer doesn't look heavy or caky even on my dry skin type. 
Now onto the eyes, I used the Maybelline face primer as an eye primer also, I then used the creamy shimmery shade from the Clinique Quad (lighter shade from the '07 buttered toast' duo) in the inner corner and brow bone as a highlight - the shade works well as a cheek bone highlight too. Using a small brush I lightly applied the darkest green shade (05 on safari single shade) on the outer corner and blended to create green haze. Then with a small angled brush I lined my upper lash line with the bronze shade for definition. I love the combination of forest green and bronze during the autumn/winter months and I think it brings out the green in my eyes.

To finish off the eyes I used the new Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara mini which I have heard so many bloggers rave about! I love the packaging, the mascara formula is very black and it lengthens the lashes well but I don't think it is amazing - although a mini mascara is a great way of trying out the product without forking out for the full size. 

Finally, the lips. During the colder months my lips can be even more dry than they usually are so sometimes wearing lipsticks, stains and lip pencils is not an opinion. I picked the Pixi Lip Lacquer which is glossy enough to virtually hide dryness but it is fairly long lasting and gives a slight berry tint to the lips - perfect for the horrible english autumnal weather. 

Overall, I am so happy with all of the products on the whole and they are all bargains! The Maybelline primer, Clinique quad and Elizabeth Arden concealer have all made it into my daily makeup routine already! If you want to pick up some amazing beauty and fragrance bargains (they have the new Urban Decay perversion mascara on the site) then definitely check out Save On Makeup

Have you bought anything from Save On Makeup? What do you think of my autumnal makeup look? 

Oysho Wish List

Thursday, October 16, 2014
While in Cadiz, Spain on holiday a couple of months ago I came across this store Oysho and I cannot believe I have only just found out about it! The store is all about incredibly amazing pyjamas, underwear, gym wear and accessories such as blankets, bags and hair accessories. I bought one pair of pyjama bottoms while in Cadiz and they have umbrellas/stars on and they glow in the dark!

I have already purchased two items from this brand (you can buy Oysho on asos via the Mallzee app) - I cannot get enough, I need to own everything! Here is my shortened Oysho wish list:

1. Straight Cut Robe With Zip Fastening (£25.99): I currently have a grey short dressing gown that I 'borrowed' from my mum which I adore so I think it is time for one of my own. This dressing gown/robe looks so cosy and soft! I love the light grey shade and the zip fastening rather than those annoying fabric belt things. 

2. Bear Blanket (£27.99): I need to take a moment to awww over the cuteness of this blanket....Ok, how freakin' cute is this bear blanket! It is just adorable and it looks very soft, cosy and warm - perfect for the upcoming colder months. 

3. Cashmere Print Pants (£19.99): This is the first pair of cashmere print pants, although these are a gorgeous light blue shade that instantly makes me think of the sea and calming scenes. The print is so cute but very wearable even in the day as lounge wear. They are made of viscous, not cashmere. I love the cuff as the hem of the pyjama bottoms which is great for me as I have very short legs so they won't trail on the floor as much!

4. Shiny Star Top (£17.99): The first of two star print items from Oysho. I love the look of this pyjama/lounge wear top, it looks cosy but light weight and soft! Oysho items are a little expensive, in my opinion but they are so cute, the design are amazing and the items are very well made. 

5. Star Slippers (£18.99): How cute are these little slippers! I am a bit obsessed with stars, I have star tattoos on my wrist. There are a very products with this design and I think it is quite unique, as star print items go. I have incredibly tiny feet so I don't think these will fit me but they are adorable. 

6. Amoeba Cashmere Print Pants (£19.99): I saw these in store, in Cadiz and I was going to get them until I saw the ones that I purchased. The print is so cute, you could almost wear them out! They seems very high quality, as all Oysho products are. They looks so comfy but light weight. 

There is my wish list! Everything looks so cute and wintry, I want it all - this brand is going to be on my christmas wish list!

Review: Bodhi + Birch Skincare

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I was recently sent a few samples of the new Rosa Rosa range from the brand Bodhi and Birch, I haven't tried any products from them until now. As I have sensitive skin which can also be very dry I find that a good skincare range can be a bit tricky to find, however the past year or so I have been lucky enough to discover a few that I love, including this range. Bodhi and Birch have released a Rosa Rosa set in which all profits from the set go to a breast cancer care charity, here is a link to the special edition set. 
I have the *Bodhi and Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, *Hydrating Toner and *Daily Moisturiser as well as the *Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil and the *Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil. I have been using the samples for two weeks now and I am in love almost every single product, especially the Rosa Rosa Moisturiser and Desert Rose Facial Oil. 

The Rosa Rosa Cleanser (£32, 150ml) is a creamy cleanser that feels very luxe on the skin and it has a gorgeous light rose scent, as all of the Rosa Rosa range does, but it isn't too strong and the products do not irritate my eczema prone skin at all! The cleanser manages to make my skin feel clean and refreshed without stripping it or drying out the skin. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Next up is the Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner (£28, 100ml) I have been using this product as a toner and as a refreshing facial spray, both ways work really well especially after all of the halloween looks I have been created recently. The toner has the same rose scent as the cleanser and it also doesn't irritate my skin. My only negative point about this toner is that I seem to use up a lot of it after each use which isn't fantastic although it is a nice toner for dry and or sensitive skin. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

The last product from the new range is the Rosa Rosa Daily Moisturiser (£35, 50ml) which is my favourite product out of the three. Most moisturisers for my skin type are not hydrating enough and I have to use numerous layers of moisturiser but this one is so hydrating I only need one pump for my face and neck, or less than that when I use the facial oils first! The moisturiser really hydrates, smoothes and soothes my skin without feeling greasy or heavy. Makeup applies beautifully over the top and the hydration lasts all day. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

I also have two trial sizes of the Bodhi and Birch Facial Oils which you can buy online - they are 5ml each. My favourite oil out of the two is the Desert Rose Rejuvenating Facial Oil (£14, 5ml trial size) which works so well with the similarly rose scent Rosa Rosa range. The Desert Rose Oil feels light weight and as non greasy as oils can be but it leaves my skin feeling smooth, nourished and moisturised. The second oil is the Neroli Luce Revitalising Facial Oil (£12, 5ml trial size) which smells gorgeous, I have been using it in the mornings as it is musky but it has sweet refreshing citrus notes to it. Both oils are fantastic in my opinion and I will be getting so much use out of them in the upcoming colder months, although I do prefer the Desert Rose Oil. They would make great little beauty stocking fillers! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Overall, I am so impressed with the Rosa Rosa range and both facial oils from Bodhi and Birch! My favourite products have to be the Rosa Rosa Daily Moisturiser and the Desert Rose Facial Oil, which are just heavenly to use and they work so well for my dry, sensitive skin! From the products I have used, I would definitely recommend Bodhi and Birch skincare!

Have you tried anything from Bodhi and Birch before? 

Also why not check out my breast cancer awareness post and beauty giveaway

Review: Clarins Ombre Matte Shadows + Base

Sunday, October 12, 2014
I have tried so many eyeshadows, with a primer and without, all of which crease and move around on me throughout the day, it is a nightmare! When I saw Clarins were launching a range of cream to powder eyeshadows and an eye perfecting base I was instantly intrigued. I have three of the new Clarins eyeshadows and perfecting eyeshadow base from the gorgeous autumn winter 2014 collection. 

I have the new *Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base (£22) which is a skin tone eyeshadow base that I have been using underneath the Ombre Matte Shadows as well as other eyeshadows. The base evens out my skin tone, smoothes the skin and provides a perfect base for eyeshadows. I find the primer does make my eyeshadow last longer, fade less and it reduces creasing, which is a major problem for me. A little goes a long way, it is so quick/easy to use and the packaging makes it very travel friendly. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

I also have three of the *Clarins Ombre Matte Cream to Powder Shadows (£19) in the shades: 01 nude beige, 05 sparkle grey and 06 earth all of which are gorgeous natural shades, right up my street! Firstly, I love the packaging, it looks and feel very luxe. The shadows feel incredibly smooth and buttery soft, they blend like a dream and are so pigmented, a little goes a long way! I have been using the '01 nude beige' shade pretty much everyday in my makeup routine as it provides a great plain canvas for other eyeshadows and liner. Both 05 and 06 shades are gorgeous for day and evening wear, they blend well together and look gorgeous on the eyes. I will be getting even more use out of these shadows during the upcoming party season. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Overall, I am so happy with the ombre shadows and perfecting base, they are perfect companions. I also love the colour range and packaging, it is typical Clarins - classic and elegant but the products have a modern, simple twist. I would definitely recommend both products! 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of the new Clarins autumn winter 2014 collection?

Makeup Revolution All Day + Night Liners

Saturday, October 11, 2014
A few weeks ago I was kindly sent some items from the brand Makeup Revolution, which is a brand many of you will have read about as it is taking over blogs and the beauty world right now! I have some new products from Makeup Revolution to show you over the next two weeks, the first post is all about their new smudge proof, long wear eyeliners!

I have all six of the new *Makeup Revolution All Day & Night Eyeliners (£1.99 each) which come in a good range of shades. They are as follows (top to bottom): Channelling My Inner (rich bronze brown), The Last Laugh (deep metallic gold), Dangerous Games (violet based gunmetal), Lustful Ways (Vibrant green), Stars Come Out (deep black with silver shimmer) and finally One Sin Too Many? (intense matte black). 

The eyeliner packaging is great although they are not twist up pencils as far as I can see so you will have to sharpen them. The formula is intense, very pigmented and surprisingly smooth considering that all but one of the shades contains shimmer. They stay on the skin all day and all night, they are not as pigmented or as long wearing on the waterline though but for the price I am not expecting miracles! You can smudge them but when they set they do not move at all which is fantastic! I have been using the shade 'channeling my inner' and 'the last laugh' often for everyday looks but I have been using the darker shades more for my upcoming halloween looks - I used the matte black in my upcoming Lichtenstein inspired look (sneak peek of the look on my instagram and twitter). I wish there were more mattes in the range and a skin tone shade too. 

Overall, I am very happy with the eyeliners! They are very pigmented, smooth even with shimmer in them and the longevity is fantastic. I would definitely recommend them, especially as they are so affordable as all their products are - quality without a steep price tag. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried these eyeliners from Makeup Revolution? What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products? 

Review: In The Buff Mineral Foundation

Thursday, October 09, 2014
A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent a foundation from the mineral makeup brand In The Buff which is a 100% pure, natural, vegan makeup brand! I am always happy to support cruelty free, vegan brands! As well as foundation, the brand also offers eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner and brushes. 

I have the *In The Buff Buttercream Foundation (£22.50, 7g) which is the full size foundation but there is a sample size available priced at £2.50. I love the option of sample sizes as mineral makeup is not main stream and you may not know what shade you need. Firstly, I love the packaging as mineral loose powder foundation is usually quite messy but this packaging makes using the foundation far less messy and more portable. 

The foundation shade I have is 'buttercream' which is a fantastic pale shade but it is slightly too yellow toned for my pink toned skin although it does help cancel out some of the redness but that means I have to apply it down my neck to match. I have been tapping the foundation into the lid and swirling a fluffy buffing brush into the foundation and tapping off the excess. The foundation applies fairly evenly to the skin, it offers light to medium coverage. It doesn't look very matte or luminous - it has a very skin like finish. The foundation helps cover redness, it evens out my skin tone and conceals small pores/pigmentation very well. However it does not cover blemishes, dark circles or significant pigmentation but I do love this foundation for normal-good skin days or days when I want a skin like, natural, lighter finish. 

My favourite thing about this foundation is skin like finish as well as the invisible look of the product, you cannot see it on the skin, it doesn't look caky and it blends well. It doesn't irritate my skin or highlight dryness even though it is a powder foundation, although I obviously haven't tried it when my skin is very dry during winter. 

Overall, I am very happy with this foundation! It looks almost invisible on the skin, it matches my very pale skin well and the packaging makes it far easier to use than other mineral/loose makeup I have used! The foundation also lasts well on my skin. The only negatives about this product, in my opinion, is that it doesn't cover bigger pores or dark circles but I just use concealer underneath. I would definitely recommend this foundation especially if you have sensitive skin and if you want lighter, invisible coverage! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Have you tried anything from this brand? Have you tried mineral foundations?