My Bedroom Makeover ft. Ecomovers

Monday, September 29, 2014
A few weeks ago I was kindly sent a range of packaging boxes and packaging tape from the brand EcoMovers which came in very handy as at the beginning of September I had my bedroom redecorated - lots of painting, wallpapering, five trips to Ikea, building new wardrobes/storage and organising later and my room now looks so much better! The boxes came in really handy, I thought that the large boxes would be too big but it turns out that I have a lot of bags and shoes, probably more than a normal person should have....the large boxes have a diagram on the top of a house with rooms so you can quickly and easily glance at the box and know exactly what is in it. 
The boxes and tape made the whole chaotic process a little more organised and it kept the items from getting dusty. When I finished with a box, I gave them to my auntie who has just moved house and they also came in really useful for her! 

If you are interested in the main items in my room, here is the run down: Pax Wardrobe, Malm 3 Drawer Storage and mattress are all from Ikea (I LOVE Ikea!). My two candles are also from Ikea, I think they were 50p each - bargain. My bookshelf/hook is from Urban Outfitters as is my grey skull money box. My main lamp shade is from Joss and Main. I also have a giant light bulb table lamp from Homebase which I adore (photo on my instagram: heathernixon4). 

As well as a makeover, I have also tried to reduce the amount of clothing and shoes I have which is no easy task! I have so many shoes and coats it is a bit ridiculous and I always think that I need them all. Safestore have a great post all about making your perfect capsule wardrobe so you can pair back everything and just keep what you need and wear. 

What do you think of my bedroom makeover? Will you be redecorating for autumn/winter? If you want more posts on my decor or storage let me know in the comments! 

September Beauty Favourites

Monday, September 29, 2014
In contrast to last months favourites (here) I don't have that many this time, although I can already tell that my October favourites is going to be a very long post as I have discovered so many amazing products over the past week! My September beauty favourites is a good mixture of fragrance, haircare, makeup and body products. 

Makeup + Tools: My first beauty favourite for September is a cream highlighter by Kryolan for Glossybox that I received as part of my August Glossbox (I think) and it is so gorgeous, it makes the skin look so glowing and fresh without looking like a glittery mess! Next up are a couple of old favourites, the Ectools mini brushes from the 'fresh and flawless' set that I bought last January from the sales. Ecotools make fantastic brushes, I have been using them for years! My last makeup favourite is the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in the shade 'rhubarb' which is a gorgeous berry shade, perfect for this time of the year. It is also fairly matte which I love, it doesn't have any sheen really but it is still moisturising and smoothing - genius! I have a full post on Burt's Bees lip products, here.

Haircare: I have two hair product favourites this month, they are the Bumble and Bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner, I was sent these to review and I have genuinely fallen in love with them. Not only is the packaging great but the products work so well. They don't weigh  my hair down but they are still nourishing and effective! I would purchase both in the future. 

Bodycare: One body care favourite is The Body Shop brazil nut body butter which I have been using on and off for a few months. I have been using it after my holiday in August to help with sunburn or now in the autumn for dryness, it is my favourite body butter from The Body Shop! When I don't use it I can definitely see and feel a difference in my skin. 

Fragrance: Onto my fragrance favourite which is the amazingly gorgeous Burberry Body EDP which I received for my 21st birthday last year and I have been trying to use it sparingly as I don't want it to run out. It is a warm, sexy fragrance that is perfect for this time of the year! I can't stop using it!

I forgot to photograph two of my favourites - the Johnson's Baby Oil which I have been using for shaving and since using it my skin has been super smooth and I haven't had any cuts from my razors! My last September beauty favourite is the Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Hand Wash which smells divine, it doesn't irritate the eczema on my hand (99% of the time), it doesn't dry out my skin and one pump dispenses the perfect amount of product! 

There are my beauty favourite for September! What products have you been loving this month? 

Review: Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap

Sunday, September 28, 2014
I was kindly sent this special shower cap from Save The Blow Dry to review. I have been looking for something like this for a while but shower caps, lets be honest, are definitely not the most attractive things to wear! I have been using this product on and off for the past couple of weeks, here are my thoughts!

I have the *Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap (pink, £14.95) which is so cute! There is a plastic protective outer layer that has pink bows on it and the inner layer is a soft micro weave towel - if you have had a micro weave towel before you will know how super soft and absorbent they are! The shower cap can be used two ways, the first way is shown above with the protective layer on the outside which you can use while in the bath or shower to keep your hair dry or you can use the shower cap with the protective layer on the inside so you can use overnight hair masks/treatments without getting your pillow covered!

The product is relatively easy to use, it is comfortable although it is a little difficult to get all of my hair in and the cap can slide down closer to my eyes. I have been using it mainly the second way for overnight hair treatments and it works well, although as I said it does slide down a bit probably because my head is a bit small and I move around a lot while I sleep. 

Overall, I am happy with this product, it is great if you use a lot of hair masks and treatments as I do but it also works very well as an actual protective shower cap while in the bath/shower so the water and humidity doesn't ruin my hair! I think it is really cute and it is very widely available online. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you tried this shower cap? What is your favourite hair mask/treatment?

Cruise Photo Diary + OOTD: Cadiz, Spain

Friday, September 26, 2014
Back in August I was on an amazing Royal Caribbean cruise around the Mediterranean, one of the last days was a stop at Cadiz, Spain. Before this holiday the only place in Spain I had been to was Barcelona which is a great city but Cadiz, in my opinion, is far more beautiful! The churches and squares are so beautiful. You can see the Independence of the Seas (the ship we were on) from the shore, it looks so big! We had a walking tour of Cadiz (4 miles) and we also went inside Cadiz Cathedral which was quite atmospheric, especially the underground tombs! Then shopping obviously!
The streets and buildings in Cadiz are so beautiful! We managed to go in quite a lot of shops, the shopping is fantastic in this city! We discovered a shop I hadn't heard of before called Oysho which can be found on Asos - they have the most adorable sleep and lounge wear, I want all of it! There will be an Oysho wish list coming up within the next couple of weeks. I would definitely love to go back to Cadiz soon as it was a lovely place to visit!
Here is my outfit of the day: my dress - Topshop, shoes - Debenhams and sunglasses - Marc By Marc Jacobs. I have included another little video of clips from my trip to Cadiz, Spain!

Review: Pedi-Socks + Sof Spa

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Back in august I was kindly sent a pair of cute foot care items, I have been using them a least twice a week for over a month and I have to say, I have my winter foot care sorted! Here are my thoughts, for more information on my disclaimer, click here

*Sof Spa Softening Cream Concentrate: I have always used regular body butters as foot cream as I don't really see a difference - until now. This cream as the name suggests is very concentrated, you only need a small amount and it is very thick. The cream massages in easily and it is incredibly hydrating, dealing with dryness quickly. After applying the cream I then put on the Pedi-Sox! I sometimes wear the cream and socks overnight to lock in the moisture as an extra treat for my feet! Overall rating: ★, 5/5.

*Pedi-Socks Ultra (Baby Leopard): The pedi-socks are a comfortable fit, they look cute and they keep my feet warm while the cream gets to work. The socks have a cut out over the toes so you can paint your nails and keep your feet warm without smudging the polish! Genius! I think this combination is a great idea and it will be essential during the colder months when I never want to take my socks off! Overall rating: ★, 5/5!

Have you tried Pedi-Socks or the Sof Spa Concentrate? If you have, what do your think?

Review: Viking Direct Stationary

Thursday, September 18, 2014
A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent some cute, novelty stationary from Viking Direct! I am a sucker for all things stationary and these are no exception *stationary nerd*. Some people might find the handbag and shoe stationary items a bit tacky but I love them and I think all of these items would  make fantastic stocking fillers - yes, I am already thinking about christmas!

*Foray Softcover Lined A4 Notebook (Black, £8.99): Notebooks are one of my favourite stationary items, I do seem to collect them and then buy more. This one is simple but so practical and well designed. There is a pen slot, two marker tabs and it is lined with a box at the top of the pages for the date. I would have loved this while at university, it would have been so handy! 

*Papermate Ink Joy Pens (x10, £6.29): While in college I found that due to all of the essays and exams (I had about 45 exams in total) I hold pens quite hand and it can be fairly painful to write after a while, so finding pens for writing for hours in exams was a struggle. The shape of the Papermate pens is triangular almost so they fit well, they are very easy to use and they write smoothly. I love the colours and there are more 'formal' shades in this pack too. 

*Post-it Handbag Z Notes Dispenser (£7.99): How cute is this post-it note dispenser, I think it would make a great stocking filler/present for handbag lovers and stationary nerds - I am both so I love this, even though some may think it is a little tacky! It contains 50 post-it notes in various colours. It is such a handy stationary item to have, especially as I have a lot of blog related things to remember. 

*Scotch Tape Pink Stiletto Tape Dispenser (£5.99): Last but not least, I have a scotch tape dispenser in the shape of a pink stiletto, what woman wouldn't want that...just me...ok. Another great gift idea in my opinion for a secret santa or a stocking filler. It really brightens up my desk and it is very quick and easy to use - it will be invaluable with the holiday season fast approaching.

Overall, I am very happy with all of the items! They are well made and well designed, in my opinion. I think all of the items would make great gifts for students, stationary nerds and handbag/shoe lovers as cute useful, practical presents that aren't boring! My rating for all of the items: ★, 5/5!

What do you think of these items? Have you bought anything from Viking Direct before? 

Review: Burts Bees Lip Glosses, Shimmer + Shine

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
I wasn't going to publish this post today but it is Burt's Bees 30th Anniversary today!! I was very kindly sent a range of Burt's Bees lip shines, lip glosses, lip balms and lip shimmers! I have only tried the Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm  before and I LOVE it so I was very happy to try more products from Burt's Bees. Here are my thoughts!

*Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms (£5.99): As I said, I have tried one Burt's Bees lip balm before but these are tinted! I do like tinted lip balms as they are hydrating but offer some colour. I have the shades 'Hibiscus' and 'Blush Orchid' both of which are gorgeous. 'Hibiscus' is a terracotta red shade which looks a tad more terracotta on my lips, it is a pretty natural autumnal shade. The 'Blush Orchid' shade is a milky pink shade which does tone down the natural shade of my lips slightly, great for an everyday look. They are both super hydrating and smoothing! Overall rating: ★, 5/5!

*Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (£5.99): Sticking with the lip balm theme, I have a couple of the Lip Shimmers which are deeper, stronger versions of the tinted lip balms in my opinion; also they are quite matte but non drying and smoothing. I have the shade 'Rhubarb' which I adore and 'Apricot'. The 'Rhubarb' shade is perfect for autumn/winter and they do feel very smoothing and hydrating but they don't have a sheen/gloss, which I prefer. 'Rhubarb' is a divine berry shade and 'Apricot' is a peachy shade that looks quite similar to 'Hibiscus' on the skin. Overall rating: definitely ★, 5/5! I definitely want to get my hands on more shades.

*Burt's Bees Lip Gloss (£8.99): I saw these lip glosses in a American magazine last year some time and we didn't have them in the UK but since then I have been intrigued. I have the shades 'Ruby Moon' which is a deep burgundy colour and 'Autumn Haze' which is a golden beige. Both of the shades are gorgeous, the former would be perfect for autumn/winter! They are smooth and the 'Ruby Moon' shade is so pigmented, it is incredible. Overall rating: ★, 5/5.

*Burt's Bees Lip Shine (£6.99): Last but not least are the lip shines, they are tinted glosses which are super easy to apply and wear. The shades I have are: 'Whisper' and 'Flutter'. They have a fruity scent and are so comfortable to wear! 'Flutter' is a light berry shade and 'Whisper' is a pretty everyday shade. Overall rating: ★, 5/5.

Overall, I adore the packaging of these products (the honeycomb design is adorable) and the price is great too, in my opinion. I love the shades I received, four of which would make amazing autumn/winter shades. I love all of the products but the tinted lip balms and lip shimmers are my favourite out of the items I was kindly sent. 

Have you tried any of these products? If you have let my know what you thought of them in the comments below! 

Review: Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy Oil

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
I was kindly sent this hair oil from Alchemy via EtailPR, it has taken me a while to get round to writing this post as I have had a lot going on recently! I have tried a few hair oils such as Moroccan Oil, Osmo Berber Oil and the Argan Dew Oil, all of which I really like but I haven't fallen in love with one. I have the *Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy (£17.99).

Firstly, the design of the packaging is so unique and cute - also there is a lot of product in one bottle (100ml)! The packaging in terms of aesthetics is great but I would prefer a pipette dispenser to make using the product a little easier and less messy. The oil does smell nice, it is a sweet grapefruit scent which is quite light and refreshing although I would personally prefer a warmer more autumnal scent rather than a fruity scent. Apart from the practical issues with the packaging/bottle, the oil is quick and easy to apply and work into the hair. I use it when my hair is damp and it leaves my hair smoother, softer and more manageable! Also the ingredients are fantastic, for example, the oil contains: organic coconut oil (coconut oil is a fantastic beauty multi-use product), organic avocado oil, sweet almond oil and more!

Overall, the packaging design is cute but I wish it came with a pipette dispenser. The scent is nice and the oil feels like it really nourishes my hair, leaving it smoother, softer and more manageable. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. One star off because of the dispenser and because it is a little expensive, in my opinion. 

Have you tried this hair remedy oil? What is your favourite hair treatment or oil?

St Legers Ladies Day with Ladbrokes

Friday, September 12, 2014
My dress is from Topshop and my tights/shoes are both from Newlook
Yesterday I travelled to the St Legers Ladies Day with Ladbrokes! I was very excited to go as I haven't been to the races before! Myself and one of my best friends, Yasmin, drove to Doncaster from Manchester and arrived at the swanky location. We had tables on level 3 at the Lincoln restaurant in the premium suite. We were very kindly given gift bags from Ladbrokes which contained really cute items such as a speech bubble chalk board! I loved the goody bag, thanks for the amazing event. We sadly didn't win anything but it was a fantastic experience - my friends and family are very jealous!
We had an amazing three course meal in the Lincoln restaurant, I am a vegetarian so I had the gorgeous slightly spiced cauliflower soup, the leek and wensleydale cheese tartlet and the trio of desserts which included the most divine sticky toffee pudding! As well as the indoor tables we had a outdoor viewing area which had amazing views of the race course. Ladbrokes created a race day bingo card for us, typically I only had a couple of numbers circled at the end of the day but it was fun! The weather was beautiful, as were some dresses (although a lot were...over the top...)! Towards the end of the day we were given a tower of afternoon tea snacks, we were definitely spoilt by Ladbrokes! Check out Ladbrokes site for more photos and information about the day, here.

Cruise Photo Diary, OOTD + Video: Rome, Italy

Thursday, September 11, 2014
We arrived in Rome, Italy on the 16th August which was a very quiet day in Rome because of the religious day before and Italians are usually on holiday around this time of the year so there were only tourists and police walking around (there were a lot of police around!). We have been to Rome a couple of times before - the most recent was for my 18th birthday. We had already been to see the Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum and Vatican City but we went again. One place we hadn't been to before was the roman forum and ruins both of which are in my video. I am so glad that we had already been to Rome as now the queues were really long for everything and the Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps had lots of scaffolding on them as they are being cleaned.
After the walking tour we went with our tour for lunch (we picked the 'classical rome with lunch' excursion on the ship). I thought it would be a sandwich or cake and a drink but it turned out to be a three course lunch with wine! The penultimate stop was Saint Peters Basilica, Vatican City which we have been inside before but we went in again. The inside is incredibly beautiful! There is a signed sculpture by michelangelo, one of only a few. Even though the queue looked very long we were inside within about 30/40 minutes. The last stop on the tour was a leather shop on the outskirts of rome, we passed Gucci headquarters (or an important Gucci building on the way) and we drove near Roberto Cavalli's Tuscan home - it was over the hill from the Piero Tucci leather factory/shop. I LOVE Rome, it is amazing!
Here is my OOTD, my dress is from Newlook as are my black ankle length petite leggings. My shoes are from Newlook too and my sunglasses are the same Marc by Marc Jacobs. I wore leggings as we were going inside the Saint Peters Basilica and the dress code is no exposed shoulders or knees - however the staff at Saint Peters Basilica were letting people in with short shorts, tank tops and short dresses which I was really annoyed by! 

Here is another little video of some clips from Rome and Vatican City!

Review: Thea Skincare Fruit Enzyme Range

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I was kindly sent three samples of the Thea Skincare Skin Brightening Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Range to try which is one of the popular ranges for skin brightening that treats blemishes. I hadn't tried Thea Skincare until I received these samples. Thea Skincare products are natural, organic and they do not contain parabens, sulphates or fragrance which could cause irritation. They are also cruelty free, suitable for vegans and pH balanced. 
I received three 15ml pots to try which include the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Cleanser, Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator and the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Moisturiser. This range contains natural AHA's as well as mango and shea butters! 

*Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Cleanser (£21.95, full size): I have been using this cleanser for about two weeks on and off, it has been a very busy and stressful couple of weeks for me so my skincare routine has been derailed slightly. The cleanser feels smooth and creamy, it doesn't irritate my skin at all while using or afterwards. I feel as though it cleanses my skin without stripping it. The cleanser to me feels and works like a cream version of the REN Hydracalm cleansing gel which I adore! I don't have anything negative really to say about this product apart from the samples pots are not attractive or entirely practical. Overall rating: ★★★★, 4/5. 

*Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator (£24.95, full size): I am a little cautious when it comes to new exfoliators as they can irritate my sensitive skin sometimes however this product is very gentle on the skin. The exfoliator bits are gentle although they do exfoliate mildly. As with the cleanser this product does not irritate my skin, I haven't experience any negative effects with this range of samples. The exfoliator, and the cleanser, left my skin smooth, soft and clean. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

*Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Moisturiser (£8.95, 15ml trial size): I have tried so many moisturisers, I have a skincare drawer and at least one third of the products in it are moisturisers (and I have just had a sort out!) so when it comes to moisturising products I know what I want. This moisturiser ticks quite a lot of boxes for me, it doesn't irritate my skin, it isn't greasy or oily, it contains good natural ingredients and it works effectively for my skin at this time of the year. Although during the colder winter months it will not be moisturising enough for my very dry skin. Overall rating: ★★★★, 4/5. 

Overall, I am very happy with the range with regard to the general effectiveness, natural ingredients, simplicity and the cruelty free, natural ethos of the brand; also I feel like the products worked well on my dry, sensitive skin so far. However, the ultimate aim of this range is to brighten the skin and to be honest I don't really see any skin brightening effects, unless they are subtle and I haven't noticed them. I would recommend checking out this brand if you have sensitive skin or if you are looking for a more natural skin care routine. 

Have you tried any products from Thea Skincare? What are your favourite natural skincare products?

Pia Jewellery Giveaway!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

I love to host giveaways on my blog, it is a great way of thanking my followers and this giveaway is an amazing one, in my opinion. Myself and Pia Jewellery are giving away one set of the Pia Jewellery 'Pretty Little Things' hangers (RRP £28) which can be used for jewellery/accessories. I think they look so unique and very cute! There are three hangers in the one set, hence the 'pretty little things' words for each hanger. 
The giveaway is UK only! To enter just fill out the rafflecopter below. You must be following my blog via GFC and or Bloglovin to win.

To check out the hangers, click here. Pia Jewellery have a fantastic range of jewellery, handbags, scarves, accessories as well as clothing and much more! You can buy online and they have numerous stores around the UK, click here for more information. Don't forget to follow their social media accounts. Good luck!

*Cruise Photo Diary + Video: Florence, Italy

Friday, September 05, 2014
Another day, another cruise photo diary + OOTD post, this time it is in the amazing city of Florence. The day we were in Florence/Firenze, Italy was actually my 22nd birthday which made it very special. I also have a few clips from Florence which are at the end of the post if you want to have a look! I didn't really know what to expect in Florence, apart from the amazing Duomo which is the big cathedral and I have watched a lot of Italian Renaissance documentaries and Florence was a major city during that period so it was really exciting for me to visit this beautiful and important city. 
We went on a mini walking tour and we then had three hours of free time. Sadly we couldn't go inside the Basilica of Santa Croce where Michelangelo and others are buried because my birthday (15th Aug) is a special religious day in Italy! We walked around, went inside the free parts of some museums, along the river Arno and obviously shopping. I managed to find a Kiko store on the Via Calzaiuoli and bought a couple of things which will be in a post soon. Overall, I loved Florence and I definitely want to go back!
Here is my OOTD, last time we were in Italy (a couple of years ago) it was so hot in August but this time the highest temperature for the whole cruise was around 26/27 degrees Celsius! I wore my Topshop Petite Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans which I adore along with a stripy top from Monki and my shoes are from Debenhams. My sunglasses are from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Here is a little video of Florence, I don't have any clips for that many places as I was too busy taking photos instead of videos but I have quite a few clips from Rome and Vatican City, which will be the next cruise photo diary post - let me know if you like these little videos at the end of posts. 

*This article was inspired by Emilia Delizia!

Review: Bumble + Bumble Surf Duo

Thursday, September 04, 2014

I was kindly sent these items to review and I was so excited when I received the email as until now I hadn't tried any Bumble and Bumble shampoos/conditioners before but I have always heard so many good things! Honesty as always, my opinion does not change because I was sent products to review - click here to check out my personal disclaimer.
Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo (250ml, £18.50): The packaging is just gorgeous and the shampoo smells so nice! To me the shampoo smells very fresh, floral, clean and a bit like the sea to me. The shampoo lathers really well (it does have SLS in it so it isn't surprising as SLS is a lathering agent). I feel like the shampoo really cleans my hair and scalp really well without stripping or drying my hair out. I follow up with the surf conditioner and I leave my hair to dry naturally overnight - when my hair is dry it feel so smooth, soft, bouncy and a bit wavier! I am very impressed with this shampoo and it works so well with the conditioner. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner (250ml, £20.50): Next up, the conditioner! I have been through so many conditioners, I very rarely repurchase as I am always looking to try new products and most conditioners do disappoint me. This one is different though, again I love the packaging and the scent is very similar to the shampoo although the conditioner smells a bit creamier if that makes sense - it smells a little like Dove products to me. The conditioner is really thick, it applies well and I leave it on for about three minutes then rinse out. It leaves my hair so smooth, soft and detangled, as well as moisturised without weighing my hair down or making it greasy. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Overall, I am very happy with both of these Bumble and Bumble products, I definitely want to try more from the brand! I will have another Bumble and Bumble review coming up soon of the new Pret-a-Powder.

Have you tried anything from Bumble and Bumble? Have you tried this shampoo/conditioner duo?

This is my 500th blog post! 

August Beauty + Travel Favourites

Monday, September 01, 2014
Well if I thought last month was filled with favourites, this month has to be the largest number of beauty favourites ever! For two weeks out of the month of august I was on an amazing Royal Caribbean cruise around the Mediterranean (lucky me) so most of these product are not just august favourites but holiday/vacation/travel favourites.

Makeup: The first makeup favourite is a foundation by Benefit, it is their Hello Flawless foundation in 'believe in me ivory'. I loved the foundation while on holiday for two weeks in august, it was perfect paired with the amazing Essence All About Matt Fixing Powder which I sadly used up completely on holiday. Another Essence base product I loved for the past couple of months is the Essence Stay All Day Concealer which is just fantastic and all Essence products are really inexpensive! My next makeup item is a very long term favourite, the NYX Blush in 'taupe', it is fantastic for contouring especially if you have pale skin as I do. I have a contouring post coming soon. The last makeup bits are lip products both of which are stains (my favourite kind of lip product). Firstly, the Topshop Gloss Ink in 'sugar rush', it is a gorgeous bright pink glossy stain that does last well; secondly the Loreal...splash stain...things! I have the shade 'lolita' which is a perfect neutral shade - at the time these were released they had a lot of negative reviews but I don't know why, I love this lip stain!

Skincare + Haircare: The product I am going to talk about next is a mix between skincare and makeup, it is the Decleor DD Cream which is an SPF and tinted moisturiser combined in my opinion. It was in a previous favourites post. My favourite moisturiser for the past couple of months has been the Nivea Sensitive Day Cream, I took it on holiday and it was just perfect. I am currently using the night cream and it is equally great although the packaging breaks very easily! The last couple of skincare products are from Guinot, you may have seen them already in my travel beauty posts (here) and (here). They are cute mini SPF products, the lip balm was a life saver on holiday! Onto the only hair care favourite for August, the Moroccan Oil Anti-Frizz Spray which does exactly what it says on the bottle, it really helps to reduce frizz - I have been using it every single time I wash my hair this month. 

Tools + Accessories: A few makeup brush favourites, the first is the powder brush I have been using everyday this month - it is from the Ecotools travel brush set that I purchased from Feelunique back in January. Ecotools brushes are amazing in my opinion and inexpensive. Next up some trusty brushes from Real Techniques, they are all from the core collection - the bristles are super soft, smooth and blend products quickly and easily. My last favourite for august is my Sewlomax Grey Lipstick Pouch which is personalised - it says Heather on the back! I love the Sewlomax makeup bags, I used this one on holiday as my mini-mergency bag.

There are all of my favourites for the month of august, I am missing a few products such as the Ted Baker Mia Perfume and the L'Occitane Almond Hand Cream but I thought the post was very long already! 

Have you tried any of these products, if you have what did you think of them? What were your stand out products throughout august?