Simple DIY Christmas Nail Designs

Monday, December 23, 2013
I have quite a few christmas, festive nail art designs - I am not very good at nail art so if I can do these designs, anyone can! I am calling this post Simple DIY Designs as I do not have any actual nail tools - I use things that everyone would have such as cellotape, coloured paper, bobby pins, cocktail sticks and a thin brush.
1. Penguin: To make these cute, simple but effective festive penguins. All I used was the Rimmel Black Cab polish all over - I had to use two thick coats (I would recommend this polish) then white dots for eyes with a black dot in the middle of the white. I didn't have an orange nail polish or an orange eyeshadow to make into an orange polish so I had to use tiny triangles that I cut out of a orange piece of paper. 

2. ELF Hats: I just applied a blob of red and green at the tips of my nails and moved it with the brush into a pointed shape. The I used a bobby pin to dot white polish at he tip of the hat. I used two polish from ciate - Red hot chili and stiletto. 

3. Presents: I used an OPI shade 'A-rose at dawn...broke by noon' all over the nails then when it was completely dry I used a black CD marker to draw on lines and a bow. When using nail art pens or markers on the nails make sure the polish underneath is completely dry. 

4. Christmas trees: This is my favourite design, I applied cellotape in a triangle on the nail then used the Ciate shade 'stiletto' in the triangle. When dry I drew on black diagonal lines for the lights and then dotted red and gold polish for the baubles and star. 

5. Red/Gold Glitter: So simple but so festive. I applied Ciate 'red hot chili' then when dry I applied two coats of the Topshop shade 'stardust'. 

6. Snow Queen: I used the Color Club polish in the shade 'mod in manhattan' in two coats and then the Topshop polish in the shades 'stardust' at the tips.

7. Pink Fairy: Another simple glitter combo! I used loreal color riche int he shade 402 as a base then applied loreal color riche in the shade 836 over the top which is a gorgeous metallic pink glitter topcoat. 

8. Snowy Forest: Another Topshop polish in the shade Fallen Leaf as a base. I then mixed the Topshop Stardust shade with the white half from the Revlon nail art Miss perfect duo to create a creamy white with gold glitter for the snow on the tips of the nails. 

9. Silver Trees: I applied the new Essie winter trio shade 'Parka perfect' as a background and when it was completely dry I stuck two pieces of tape in a triangle shape on the nails. I painted the ciate shade 'Fit For a Queen' in the triangle. For the baubles and star I used Nails Inc Baker Street and Revlons Fall Mood. 

10. Snowflake: You will need the ciate caviar set or beads for this design. I applied Nails Inc Chesham Place over the nail and while the polish was wet I used my Tweezerman tweezers to place individual ciate caviar beads onto my nail in a snowflake(ish) design. 

11. Snowman: For the snowman I used the white shade from the Revlon Miss perfect duo and used a cocktail stick to move the polish into a snowman shape. I the used a bobby pin to dot the white as a background for the snowman. While the snowman was drying I painted the other nails with Ciates Pepperminty and dotted the white on them too along with Nails Inc Baker Street. When the snowman was dry I used a bobby pin to draw a scarf in Baker Street and I used a black CD marker to dot on eyes. 

12. Candy Store: This is the easiest design. I painted my nails with Color Club Mod in Manhattan. The when the polish was completely dry I used a red CD/DVD marker to draw on designs, such as a snowflake, heart, stripes etc. I really need to buy actual nail art pens! x


  1. I love the penguins, those are very cute :)

  2. The penguin nails look so cute! x

  3. Yes!! I love these designs and you should try the Barry M Nail pens, I use them because they're really useful.
    Love your blog :3

    Alice x

  4. these are sooo cute! love the christmas trees!

  5. I love all of these! So adorable! It must've taken you a while to paint and re-paint all of your nails, good on you! ADORE. xx

  6. So lovely *_*


  7. LOVE this post. Especially love the candy design nails!
    Jess x

  8. Awww I love them.. especially the presents and candy design! xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Oh! Exactly I'm planning to paint my nails later after preparing our food now for Christmas Eve! Picking one of these. hope to make them perfect haha! :) Happy holidays!

  10. LOVE the designs! I never thought of using permanent markers for nail art - it's so simple yet so smart!
    I love your blog and have followed!
    I hope you have an amazing Christmas and fab New Year!
    I love the posts!!
    It's going to be another great year for 2014… only improving!


  11. There are so many cute designs!

  12. Aaah! The penguin ones!!! Love.

  13. Nice designs! My favourites are snow queen and candy design :) x


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