Latest In Beauty - October 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

One of my favourite beauty subscription boxes has to be the Latest In Beauty box, for so many reasons. It is a great price, there's always an amazing range of products and brands to choose from and the products on offer are always changing. I've been reviewing the boxes for a couple of years now and I genuinely cannot recommend them enough (I've purchased a couple of their limited edition boxes in the past). For blogger mail unboxings and sneak peeks of my upcoming posts, follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand). 

*Latest In Beauty - October 2020 

The monthly themes and product offerings were amazing for October! I was able to receive two items from a couple of higher end brands within my selection as well as four other goodies. Along with your chosen selection of items, occasionally a discount code or even a free product might be included in your box (especially if it is your first box) and the free extra within the October selection was a huge bottle of hand sanitiser from Estee Lauder!

*Nars Velvet Matte Mini Lip Pencil in Do Me Baby
One of my all time favourite lip products are the Nars velvet matte lip pencils as they are so quick, easy and fuss free to apply and they are so long-lasting! When I noticed a mini velvet matte pencil I may have squealed slightly (ok, a lot). I already have the shades: dolce vita (my favourite), rowdy and mayhem, all of which I'd recommend. However, I think this new shade is ideal for the autumn and winter months as it is such a beautiful dark bitten berry shade that can be worn lightly and blended for a berry stained look or built up for a more vampy shade. 
*Laura Mercier Lipstick in A La Rose
The second higher end product in the box was another lip product and this one is from Laura Mercier - a brand I've loved for years. The lipstick was the October 'hall of fame' product so I had to add it to my October selection; I always love the 'hall of fame' picks. It is the cutest mini lipstick and even though the shade is much more bright and vibrant than I thought it would be, I still love it as a rosey pink everyday shade. 
*Glow Me Up Makeup Remover
Next up, a couple of makeup and beauty tools. I have been trying to reduce how much plastic and waste products I use during 2020 so I've gradually switched from cotton pads to remove my makeup to reusable/washable pads. I love the thin cotton pads I've been using with all of my cleansers but I think I'll love this one even more as it is so smooth and incredibly soft on the skin. 

*Brushworks Crystal Glass Nail File 
The final tool is a glass nail file from Brushworks. One of the reasons I love the monthly selection on Latest In Beauty so much is because they have a fantastic range of products from makeup and skincare to beauty tools, toiletries, essentials and more. I always like to choose items I know I'll need in the future or run out of soon so I have a back up on hand. 
*Nursem Hand Cream 

Speaking of essentials, hand cream. Since the beginning of April my hands have developed eczema again which is just fantastic...but thankfully I don't have any on my face (so I must have a different kind of eczema on my hands?). It means that along with the cold weather and washing my hands more often, I have the driest hands I've ever had. Hand cream has been a desk, sink, couch and car essential for me and this one has been amazing so far!

*Puressentiel Purifying Gel 

Last but not least is a mini hand sanitiser that I thought would be the perfect tiny size for my handbag. The mini 25ml size is ideal for emergencies and storing in my handbag, which is always so full of items I don't need or include 'just in case'. It is a great purifying gel and I recommend it along with the huge Estee Lauder hand sanitiser too. 

You still have time to get your hands on the October selection; a few of the products I've reviewed (and loved) are still available. Also they halloween sale is coming up soon so stay tuned to Latest In Beauty on twitter!

Have you tried any of these products?

Gift Ideas with Haute Florist

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It's that time of the year, gift buying time! I love buying gifts for friends and family, especially when there's a good deal or I find a unique gift I know they'll love. Flowers are a great gift idea for colleagues, aunties and friends; there are so many beautiful and unique bouquets on Haute Florist. I've been lucky enough to review a few of their gorgeous floral arrangements on my blog, check out my previous posts for my reviews. However, if you are looking for a beautiful botanical gift but you want it to last longer, why not browse their range of stunning plants?

*Haute Florist Dendrobium Orchids (£28)
For the past six or so years I've been slowly building my indoor plant collection which now includes various succulents, cacti, a yucca plant and many prayer plants, among others. My prayer plants are my favourites as they are so unique and they move constantly! However, I didn't have an orchid in my plant collection and honestly, I thought they were all quite difficult to maintain and look after but I couldn't resist the utterly beautiful potted dendrobium orchid from Haute Florist. 
Dendrobium orchids are some of the most popular orchids and one of the easier varieties to look after (which is great for someone like me who loves plants but I don't actually know what I'm doing!). It came beautifully presented and packaged as everything I've received from Haute Florist has been. The orchid comes in a tall white planter and after watering on the day it arrived, it has produced a plethora of beautiful white flowers already! 

It has made a gorgeous addition to my plant collection and I think a beautiful orchid would make a lovely gift, either for a special birthday or Christmas. There are many other plants to choose from on Haute Florist too including delicate roses, a variety of stunning orchids, mixed outdoor planters, a very unusual pineapple plant and many others. You can even add a little extras such as chocolates, champagne, candles or cake to make the gift even more special. 

Will you be checking out the plants on Haute Florist? 

Happy Planet Box - Autumn 2020

Happy Planet Box - Autumn 2020

Sunday, October 25, 2020

We all know by now how much I love subscription boxes and one of my recent favourites is an eco-friendly box from The Evolution. I reviewed the Summer box back in August and loved it so I was very happy to try the new *Happy Planet Autumn Box (£20). Just a little update for the Summer box, I am still using and loving the soap saver bag from the box - it is such a simple but useful product that I can't believe I haven't seen before! As always, if you want to see sneak peeks of my upcoming posts or my blogger/PR mail, make sure you follow me (@ofbeautyand) on Instagram. 

*Revitalising Raspberry Lip Scrub by Pura Cosmetics (£4.99)
The theme for the box is 'prepare for winter' which is perfect as the colder days are coming and the clocks have changed. The cold definitely affects my skin as well as my lips so an exfoliating lip scrub is ideal and very needed. I have only tried the lip scrubs from Lush and I like them but this one is even better as it smells heavenly, it is pink and it is very effective!

*Chocolate Orange Lip Balm by White Rabbit (£7)
After using an exfoliating lip scrub you need to add back the moisture and this one is so nourishing. It contains sweet almond and orange essential oils, it is vegan friendly and cruelty free. I personally don't love the scent or taste of chocolate orange in anything so this combination isn't one I'd choose for myself but it is a lovely lip balm. 
*Peppermint Mint by Peppersmith (£1.99)
Moving onto a couple of refreshing peppermint products, the first is a packet of peppermint mints that are free from added sugar, preservatives, plastic and colours. It is sweetened with xylitol which is plant based. I don't typically eat mints but these have been a staple in my handbag for the past couple of weeks as they are very handy to have and they refreshing and reviving. 

*Peppermint and Poppy Seed Soap by Friendly (£2.25)
The final peppermint product and the penultimate item in the Autumn 2020 box is a handmade soap containing natural ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers. I don't shower in the mornings but I think this soap would be am amazing wake up call if you do - I love the fresh and clean scent! 
*Organic Lavender Hand Balm by Heavenly Organics (£8.40)
Last but not least is the product that contains my favourite scent of all time, lavender. I'm instantly drawn too anything that contains lavender as, for me, it is the most relaxing and calming scent possible so the more products I have that contain it, the better. I have started to develop eczema on my hands again (not on my face thankfully) after over a year without it so anything that can help my very dry and sore hands is always welcome. It's a lovely balm, especially when used in the evenings or before bed, and it has been helping my hands feel less tight and dry. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of The Happy Planet Autumn box? 

Autumn Layering with Katch Me

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Autumn is my favourite time of the year for countless reasons but one of them includes the fashion trends and layering needed for the cosy colder months. Autumn is the perfect combination of crisp, clear days and chilly temperatures but it isn't too cold so layering is essential. Thankfully Katch Me has a great range of items that are ideal for layering during the autumnal months, as well as a plethora of cosy loungewear that I think we all need right now!

*Green and Yellow Check Flannel (£9.99, sale)
Let's start with the base layer of a plain tee and an oversized flannel shirt, an easy combination for casual autumn days when the weather isn't too chilly. You can also add on a jacket or scarf for colder days. I love the flannel shirt, I used to wear them constantly in college and university but I need to start wearing them again as I love the way they look especially during autumn. I think plaid, flannel, check or tartan (whichever word you want to use) is the quintessential autumn print and it is the perfect thrown on extra layer. 
*Blue Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket (£16.99, sale)
I have wanted a denim jacket for years, probably for ten or so years, but I didn't know if it would suit me so I never bought one; therefore I was very happy to try this gorgeous distressed jacket from Katch Me. I love the shade of denim, along with the distressed and ripped details. I ordered a Small or UK 8 in all three items and I think I would recommend ordering your usual size for the oversized look or you can order a size down to make it a little more fitted. I love all of the items within today's post but I think the flannel shirt and this denim jacket are definitely my favourites and I'd highly recommend them! 
*Grey Oversized Hoodie (£11.99, sale)

Last but not least, an item from their loungewear range, which I also ordered in a Small (or UK 8) but I think it would be best to size up, if you want it to be a bit more comfortable and oversized, in my opinion. I love the shade, it is a very easy and comfort item to have for cosy, casual days. All of their loungewear looks so cosy and I definitely have my eye on a few other pieces including their cropped teddy fur hoodie and chunky knit co-ord. Overall, I'm happy with all three items from Katch Me but I particularly love the jacket and flannel shirt which I've been wearing so much already this autumn. 

Have you bought anything from Katch Me? What do you think of my outfits/items? 

*Essentials For Any Small Business

Monday, October 19, 2020
Image from Pinterest
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Starting a business, whatever with the service or product is, can be a daunting experience! There are so many aspects to consider, from finances, social media promotion, product production, market research, website development, taxes and more. As a freelancer writer, I'm aware of a few of these difficulties and elements to consider; particularly in terms of taxes, social media and marketing. Essential for any small business will depend on your product and finances, but here are a few starting points to consider. 

Business Plan & Finance 

One of the first things you need to consider when starting a new business, which is something I feel like a lot of people have branched out into during lockdown, is your business plan and also the finances or business loans available. Depending on the item or service you are offering, the costs and strategies will differ but a simple business plan and finances in place (start up money) are essential. Also, perhaps taking an online course in marketing, creating online content or business could be useful. I use Future Learn for free online courses, all of which are developed by established universities or collages. 

Research & Data 

Finding a gap in the market, a product people are interested in or a service people will want, is essential for the success of your new business. Gathering data about your new (or upcoming) business and product/service can help identify what the consumer wants or needs as well as general feedback about your business. Ongoing feedback from customers or testers can help with product and brand development. 

Website & Social Media 

An online presence is vital for any business, especially smaller business, in 2020. A website is not just a way to sell your product or services but it also provides a 'store front', contact details and extras such as a blog. Social media is a fantastic way to advertise, promote, sell and raise awareness of your product and brand so taking the time to start a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page for your business is a great way to draw interest to your business and product. 

Transport & Extras 

There are many aspects of starting a small business that might not be immediately apparent such as business cards or branded stationery, permits or licenses, potential legal or financial support, security software, productivity apps or planners and feedback channels, among many others. Depending on your business, transport might be something you need to look into or invest in. Car leasing might be a great option for new businesses, especially because everything you need, including insurance, fees and breakdown cover are typically included. Skoda leasing is available with Carparison, for both personal and business leasing, with a range of models and customisation options available. 

Do you have a small business? Do you have any tips for either freelancers or small businesses? 

Autumn Bouquet with Haute Florist

Saturday, October 17, 2020
Autumn is my favourite season, it is everyones favourite season. I love how cosy autumn is with blankets, candles and coffee galore. However as much as I love the changing leaves, I do miss the freshness and vibrancy of spring with nature in bloom. Thankfully the wonderful people over at Haute Florist have a range of glorious bouquets for all occasions, with a few that are filled with the changing shades of autumn. I have been lucky enough to work with Haute Florist previously, however all opinions are my own and I genuinely love their floral bouquets. 
*Haute Florist Sunburst Bouquet (from £40)
I was very kindly sent their Sunburst bouquet which features yellow roses, freesias, blue lisianthus, green bell, pistagia and wheat. All of their bouquets are packaged beautifully and they have always arrived in perfect condition with no damaged flowers or problems. I love the packaging, I think it looks very elegant and simple so it would make a lovely gift - I know that my mum and aunties would love their amazing bouquets! I was sent the medium size option, although there is a smaller and a larger size too. 
I love the colour combination within this autumnal bouquet as it does contain a few lovely autumnal shades but it is still vibrant, colourful and lively which makes any room look more inviting and fresh. The freesias included in this arrangement are my favourites (they smell wonderful too) but I also love the addition of wheat which is something I haven't come across in a bouquet before. I think the colour combinations, greenery and wheat make the Sunburst bouquet look very unique and distinctive. 

If you are looking for beautiful and unique bouquets then I cannot recommend Haute Florist enough as they all look wonderful and last much longer than a few other bouquets I've bought. I'd recommend the Sunburst bouquet for any autumnal birthdays or celebrations but I also love the Windermere and Roma bouquets. In addition to the bouquet options, they offer letterbox flowers, hat boxes and plants too! 

Will you be checking out Haute Florist? 

Wellness Practices at Home with Very UK

Thursday, October 15, 2020
What is wellness? According to the Global Wellness Institute: wellness is "the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health". Wellness is a multidimensional pursuit including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects, which can be difficult to manage and maintain. Achieving wellness in one aspect can be difficult especially during the current global pandemic and political chaos but there are many simple and small changes you can make to improve aspects of your wellness at home. 

Wellness At Your Desk 

Many of us have been working from home for most of the year which can have its positives (*cough* working in pyjamas *cough*) as well as its negatives such as the difficulty in finding a work/life balance. I've personally found that since the start of the pandemic and the almost constant lockdown we've had in Manchester, I'm not as productive as I used to be and I am easily distracted by incoming news articles and coronavirus statistics. 

To try and combat feelings of anxiety and stress during the working day I've started to make small changes and positive habits while at my desk including putting on a little makeup, lighting a candle, taking regular breaks and using calming products. Stretching routines or basic exercises at your desk, music or dance breaks, breathing meditation and drinking enough water throughout the day are also great wellness practices you could add into your daily working routine while at home. 

Putting on makeup may not seem like a healthy habit or a wellness practice but I find the process of applying skincare and makeup not only relaxing but it gives me a definite starting point to my working day and makes me feel a little better too. I've been wearing makeup since my early teens, makeup is something I love to wear and experiment with, although it is very different now compared to my teenage years (no heavy black kohl liner and dream matte mousse anymore!). 

However, the process and the stress relief it gives is the same. I remember getting ready on the morning of my practical driving test, I'd failed my first test so naturally my anxiety levels were even higher as it felt like I HAD to pass the second time but as soon as I'd started applying my makeup, I felt instantly calmer and less anxious. The process is familiar, easy and almost soothing in its repetition and routine which has helped during lockdown when days have blended into one 'oh no what next' blur.

Makeup Mindfulness

I haven't been wearing much makeup this year, apart from brows and mascara as I think they can have the most dramatic impact without wearing a full face of makeup. However, there is one new-to-me base product that I've fallen in love with and the fall was instantaneous! The *Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser (£39, 60ml) is a natural radiant glow booster in a bottle that instantly makes my skin look brighter, fresher, luminous and healthier - as though I'd had three litres of water and a peaceful ten hours sleep, which is never the case. I find that skincare or makeup labelled as 'glowing' or 'radiant' fall into two categories: chunky glitter or greasy. Thankfully this amazing beauty product is neither as it genuinely gives my skin a fresh faced, radiant glow that looks natural and beautiful either worn on its own or underneath my CC cream. 

Relaxation and unwinding after the working day is important but what about using relaxing products and techniques during your working hours? I often find myself lighting a candle, especially at this time of the year, to make my home office feel cosier and smell wonderful! Scents have been used within relaxation rituals, cosmetics and bathing products for centuries and there are many studies to suggest that various scents can produce positive psychophysiological effects. 

A metanalysis of available literature conducted in 2016 by Sowndhararajan et all, suggests that there is a significant connection between scents (olfactory stimulation) and human brain function such as cognition and mood. For example, lavender has been found repeatedly, by various researchers, to reduce anxiety and stress levels and improve mood. Camomile, orange, bergamot and ylang-ylang essential oils have also been found to produce calming effects. 

Scents For Relaxation

Scent is very personal to each individual and there are differences in the effects of various scents on men and women. I personally find that certain scents can have a very calming and relaxing effect on my mind. Lavender is one of my favourite scents and I will happily purchase any candle or product that contains lavender for the wonderfully relaxing scent it provides, although my bank balance isn't quite as happy about it. 

Patchouli and ylang-ylang are also calming scents for me but sometimes I don't want to burn a candle or open another diffuser so a handy, easy to use roller ball is a fantastic solution, especially while working, on the go or at your desk. I've loved the Aromatherapy Associates bath oils for years but I haven't tried much else from the brand so I was very happy to receive the *Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball (£22, 10ml) which smells as calming as the name suggests. I've been using it on my wrists and a little behind my ears during the day to help me feel a calmer and more relaxed. It's nice to have a little break throughout the day to stretch, apply a scented product and to re-focus on the tasks ahead.  

Its The Little Things 

Hand washing is more essential than ever before and with it comes dry, tight and uncomfortable skin that will only get worse with winter approaching. A deeply nourishing and replenishing hand cream can instantly transform the skin, leaving it smoother and moisturised as well as much more comfortable. One of my all time favourite hand creams is the *L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (£21.99, 150ml)which I've tried numerous variations of but I always come back to the original (or the cherry blossom scent because I can't get enough of it). 

L'Occitane has been one of my favourite pampering and fragrance brands for the past ten years! I absolutely adore the L'Occitane cherry blossom range as it brings back lovely summer holiday memories and the scent itself is sweet, floral and feminine. I also love their famous hand cream as it instantly calms  the skin, leaving it smoother and moisturised but much more supple too. I cannot recommend it enough and it would make a lovely gift for someone special this Christmas or as a treat for yourself, you deserve it.

Everyday Self Care 

Pampering and self care shouldn't be restricted to occasional pampering evenings. It can be something you incorporate, even in a small way, into your everyday skincare routine! My skincare routine changes constantly depending on the weather, the new products I am reviewing and what my skin needs at the time - it's an intuitive process that just needs a little knowledge and practice. Speaking of skincare knowledge, I cannot recommend Skincare by Caroline Hirons enough as it is filled with no-nonsense skincare advice. Also the audiobook is hilarious, especially the bloopers! 

CBD Skincare 

CBD has been one of the most hyped new skincare ingredients of the past year and it has some bold claims. CBD or cannabidiol is derived from the Cannabid Sativa plant and has been claimed to help reduce certain health complaints when ingested (such as back pain) or provide moisture when added to skincare, among other benefits. I've tried a couple of products containing CBD and while I am currently on the fence about the hyped claims, I am still happy to try new products and continue to use them continuously to see if there are any benefits. 

I'm currently using the *Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Nourishing & Calming Moisturiser (£59, 59ml) which claims to visibly reduce the appearance of dry, flaky skin and deeply soothe stressed or angry skin, the latter is a great way to describe my lockdown skin unfortunately! The moisturiser feels very nourishing and moisturising without leaving a heavy or greasy residue and I adore the packaging. So far, so good, I'll be sure to include it within a post or on my Instagram (@ofbeautyand) in the future. 

Nourishing Oils 

One of the most luxurious and comforting skincare products I've discovered lately has to be the wonderful *Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil (£39, 30ml) which not only smells utterly wonderful but it leaves my skin feeling incredible too. The mini sample bottle will be included in my autumn empties post so stay tuned. Facial oils are a staple within my autumn and winter skincare routine as even though I don't suffer with eczema on my face anymore, it can still become tight and dry during the harsh, colder months, especially in dreary Manchester! 

Nourishing products are ideal for this time of the year and as they give my skin a comforting blanket of moisturise that it desperately needs. There's nothing better for my skin right now than the Emma Hardie facial oil (which is probably my all time favourite facial oil and I've tried many). As well as feeling soothing on the skin, the scent is equally as relaxing and calming which makes it a doubly perfect product to use if you and your skin are feeling a little worn out and in need of some TLC. 

Everyday Targeted Treatments 

Pampering nights are fantastic for relaxing, de-stressing and treating your body as well as calming the mind but why not enhance your everyday skincare routine with a targeted treatment or two. Depending on how my skin is feeling I've either been using spot treatments or calming creams as my skin is behaving like a temperamental teenager currently (sadly I can't give it a time out) but you can tailor your skincare each day to it's specific needs. Here are a few recommendations and well loved products to target troublesome issues for the skin, hair and body that you could add into your daily or weekly routine: 

  • *REN Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream (£49) 
  • *Philip Kingsley 5 in 1 Elasti-styler Treatment (£34, 150ml) 
  • Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask (£30, 75ml)
  • *Sanctuary Spa Calming CBD Oil (£11.99, 45ml)

Spa At Home 

Creating a spa-like experience in your own home can be as simple as lighting a candle, reading a good book in the bath and using a few 'special occasion' treatment products or you could go all out with masks, treatments, beauty tools, a soothing playlist and maybe even a glass or two of wine. However you decide to spend your pampering time doesn't matter as long as you take time for yourself, unwind and not only look after your skin, hair and body with wonderful products but also calm your mind and try to de-stress, which I think all of us need after everything 2020 has had in store. 

Special Weekly Treatments

I love to use 'special occasion' or treatment products during the week or as and when my skin needs them as I don't think there is any benefit to leaving a product unused for an unnamed day in the future when you could be enjoying and benefiting from it now. However, there are certain products (and they don't have to be luxury items) that I love to use for a typical pampering evening such as face masks, hair masks and indulgent treatment products. 

Acid toners have also made a huge resurgence in 2020 which some of the most loved being from Pixi Beauty. I have been alternating between using the new Pixi clarity tonic and the famous Pixi glow tonic once or twice per week as an extra step in my skincare or as part of my pampering evenings to exfoliate, brighten and clear my skin. I personally think that using acid toners more than a few times per week could potentially irritate the skin, depending on your skin type so please proceed with caution. 

I've recently delved into the world of vitamin C as another popular skincare ingredient with the *Pixi Beauty Best of Vitamin-C (£20) which is a fantastic set if you are new to the brand - they have some many fantastic mini sets to choose from. The autumn and winter months can affect your mood and emotions as well as your skin so a boost of brightening vitamin C might be a great option to try to lift the winter blues and boost the skins luminosity. 

Skincare Tools & Taking Time For Yourself 
Taking time for yourself, either with a busy schedule or commitments, might be a challenge but it will be worth it to use those well loved or new and exciting products as well as having some much needed me time. Fitting in time for healthy habits such as looking after yourself, reading and de-stressing is something that shouldn't be ignored or cancelled. In the work focused, social media filled world we live in, it is easy to always be online, working or simply scrolling and wellness practices are sadly forgotten - it is NOT selfish to look after yourself, you are important. 

I love using bath bombs and indulgent, rich skincare on pampering evenings but I also love simple skincare tools as well that help to enhance my pamper routine. I typically forget to use my quartz roller and gua sha on a daily basis but I always use them on pampering evenings; both of which have been used for centuries to tone the skin and relieve muscle tension. I find it to be such a therapeutic and tension relieving process that feels great, it helps to reduce my persistent tension headaches and it only takes a minute or two. 

The final skincare tool I want to recommend is one that reminds me of my teens, the *Magnitone Steam Ahead Facial Sauna (£29.99) is admittedly a far better version of the facial steamer I used in the early 00's (I thought I was very fancy!). The facial steamer is a quick and easy to use skincare device that helps to unclog pores, primes the skin for gentle exfoliation, cleanses and hydrates. It is a great way to refresh and hydrate the skin while feeling like you are in a spa within your own home, even if you only have five or ten minutes to spare. 

Wellness Tips
I hope you found a few products recommendations as well as some tips or advice within today's wellness focused post with Very UK. I think it is easy to view pampering and wellness practices as selfish or something we don't have time for but looking after yourself, whether you are focusing on your mental health, emotional wellbeing or simply your skin (or all three), is vitally important especially as we are currently living through an extremely difficult time. Here are a few parting wellness tips, after a very long blog post, that I hope you can try to implement into your daily or weekly routine: 

  • Stick to your self care routines
  • Try new healthy habits
  • Begin with small manageable positive changes 
  • Talk and get help if you need it 
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Don't put pressure on yourself to change or improve immediately 
  • Put things into perspective
  • (Most importantly) Look after yourself 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any wellness practices that you can share in the comments below? Do you have any relaxation product recommendations?  


*Moving Abroad? Here Is Why It Can Be Hugely Beneficial

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Collaborative post (AD)

Starting from scratch in any other place is a huge step that most of us are terribly afraid of . And if your idea is to go to another country, the fact of working in a different language can be one of your biggest obstacles when making the decision. However, it can also be massively beneficial especially if you work for yourself or you want to try and figure out a new path in life. There are plenty of property options abroad. There is property in bandar sri damansara or Kuala Lumpur or lots of places that you could probably see yourself living. The options are there. Here is why it would hugely benefit you.

You can get to know yourself better
  You are going to step out of your comfort zone. You are going to move to a country with another language, other customs and you are going to be alone. And it should not be something negative at all, on the contrary.  You will be surprised at your potential when it comes to dealing with problems or solving complicated situations. You will value loneliness more and you will be more independent. You will meet a version of yourself that you did not know and you will fall in love with it.
You discover amazing new places
  You may wonder at first when you’re alone, how am I going to spend a Sunday at home? The weekend is the only time you will have to be able to travel within the country, see more places in the place where you live and enjoy life in your new host country. Go out there to eat the world and come back loaded with memories, visits to places and magnets if you are one of those who collect them. Although, obviously, if you know that you are going to be there for a long time, the intensity is experienced in another way.
You can meet new people
Everything you do allows you to live with intensity on all trips.  You meet someone and in a short time they become an essential person during your time there. You could meet people at the airport, on the train on your way home, in the cafeteria across the street or in the supermarket where you have become used to shopping. You can even meet strangers from the same country to have a beer or eat a Spanish omelette together. The people you meet will be like your family, a support to count on in bad times and your companions in adventures during that stage. And that is the most beautiful thing you are going to take from your life abroad.
Gives you a lot more confidence
You are going to change, of course. And you will never be the same again when you come home. You are going to be charged with energy and wanting to eat the world. You will learn to move around the city and find your way home without getting lost. You will improve your language and understand a new culture. And inevitably you will gain more confidence in you, because in a short time you will have developed as you would never have imagined.
You value the little details and appreciate family more
You will miss your mother's freshly cooked food, the beer on the terrace of the bar, being able to speak without having to think what you are going to say. Skype will always save distances and make sure you can have your family, friends close by. Without a doubt, what you will miss the most will be the blinds and your bed; that is of course unless you manage to move your bed with you abroad - some people can, it is possible! 
You become interesting and have many stories to tell
Moving to another country, with the simple fact of traveling that it implies, makes your mind open completely. When you return home you will have a thousand stories to tell and can keep with you for your kids and grandkids even. That funny anecdote that happened to you on the street. That story about that person you met at the subway station and lived near you. Or about that old couple who offered to help you. Your social networks will be full of beautiful photographs that you will look at over and over again. You want to surprise your family by trying to make a recipe for some new food that you have tried or help a friend plan a trip to the city where you have lived. So take the time and make the leap to do something for you.

Have you considered studying or moving abroad? 

Wellness Month with Temple Spa

Monday, October 12, 2020

October is my favourite month of the year because it not only contains halloween but it is also filled with cosiness, candles and comfort food. The colder months are also my favourite time for pampering which is something we all need this year with the current political chaos and coronavirus. Wellbeing, whether physically or mentally, is especially important and the process of wellness is a great way to boost your wellbeing. 

Wellness is the act of creating and practicing daily healthy habits that help to improve your physical health, emotional wellbeing and or your mental health. Healthy daily habits can take many forms such as exercising, meditation or taking time for yourself with a self care pampering or skincare routine. I personally find that the process of taking a long hot bath, reading a book in bed or even just my skincare routine can help me feel less anxious, stressed and it helps to switch off my often racing mind; it also has the added benefit of looking after my skin. 

*Temple Spa With You In Mind Collection (£15, when you spend £65)
Temple Spa have collaborated with the mental health charity Mind with their With You In Mind collection which contains four mini products including: Quietude calming mist, Repose resting cream, AAAHHH! soothing balm and the Drift Away Bath and Massage oil. When you spend £65 on Temple Spa you can purchase this collection for only £15 and £1.50 from each collection will be donated to Mind. 

The set contains four mini products between 15ml to 30ml and every single one smells lovely. The Quietude calming mist is probably my favourite of the four so far (although the Repose night cream is amazing too) as it smell incredible and it helps me to feel more relaxed before I fall asleep. 

I think the set would not only be a great set to trial products from Temple Spa, if you are new to the brand, but it would also be a great travel set. Additionally, it would make a lovely stocking filler for mums, aunties, friends or stressed out colleagues. I will be posting a few Christmas gift guides towards the end of the month and the run up to Christmas so stay tuned for more gift ideas. Temple Spa has a range of lovely products and gifts...jus sayin'. 
*Temple Spa Repose Relaxing Night Cream (£40)
As well as the With You In Mind collection, the Repose night cream is another product in which every purchase contains a donation to the mental health charity Mind. The offer for this hero product gets even better though! Not only does everyday purchase of the night cream include a donation of £6 to Mind but you can buy one (50ml) and get another for free (50ml)! 

The night cream contains a blend of essential oils including chamomile, lavender and patchouli, among others, to leave the skin feeling comfortable, super smooth, moisturised and revived. I think the moisturiser would be particularly wonderful for those with dry, tight and uncomfortable skin, which is something I think many of us deal with during the colder months, as it leaves my skin feeling so much more settled and comfortable. 

The buy one, get one free offer is only available for a limited time so go, go, go!

*Temple Spa Siesta Forever Aromatic Candle (£25, 200g)
Last but definitely not least is a heavenly scented candle that would be an ideal accompaniment to a pampering evening! The luxury candle is made of natural wax and contains a blend of tranquil and relaxing essential oils to help you unwind. It has an approximate burn time of 45 hours and it looks very luxurious so I think it would also make fantastic gift this Christmas. 

Candles, along with face masks, are the quintessential pampering products and they instantly make me feel more relaxed and cosy, which is how I always want to feel during the dreary colder months. I cannot recommend this candle enough as a lovely gift or a treat for yourself (you deserve it!) as well as all of the other wonderfully scented pampering products in today's post. 

Have you tried any products from Temple Spa? Will you be taking advantage of the amazing offer on the Repose night cream?