March Beauty Favourites

Monday, March 30, 2020
March has been a bit of a strange month to say the least, especially as towards the end of March the UK went into lockdown which has been such a bizarre and surreal experience. I was unsure what to do when it comes to blogging as most of my freelance work and blog related emails have decreased dramatically but my blog has always been an escape for me (my blog's 8th birthday is coming up in May - be prepared for a birthday giveaway) and I hope it can be for those who read my blog as well.

Today's post is my short favourites post featuring the main skincare and haircare favourites I've loved over the month of March. I have an upcoming post including a plethora of items that I have loved using throughout the winter months including so many makeup favourites so say tuned for that post which should hopefully be live on my blog at the end of the week or early next week. You can always follow me on instagram (@ofbeautyand) to see sneak peeks of my upcoming posts and my blogger mail.
*SKN-RG Diamond Blue Cleanser (£29, 60ml)
Let's start with the cleanser that I've been using and loving for the past couple of weeks. SKN-RG is a  brand I have tried previously as I reviewed their fantastic Evolution Serum (£65) back in 2019 which I highly recommend so I was excited to try another product from the brand especially as I love their ethos and focus on cruelty free products and sustainability.

The Diamond Blue cleanser hasn't launched yet but here's a little information about the product and its ingredient list. It contains diamond blue plankton, botanical enzymes, soapberry and hyaluronic acid which combine to trap pollutants without stripping the skin, gently cleanse, resurface the skin and provide hydration.

The product itself is blue in colour and it has a gel-like texture which feels very refreshing and smoothing on the skin. It is a lovely cleanser to use, especially for the spring and summer month as it leaves my skin feeling throughly cleansed and smoother without it feeling dry or stripped. If you are looking for a luxe and effective cleanser, check out the SKN-RG Diamond Blue Cleanser when it is launched. I'm sure you'll be seeing this product on my blog again in the upcoming months. Don't forget to use the code: SKN15 to get 15% off at the checkout!
*Botanicals Nourish Moisturiser (£24.50)
My second March skincare favourite is a lovely natural facial moisturiser from Botanicals which is another brand I've been lucky enough to try on my blog a couple of times before. The moisturiser contains lots of organic ingredients including shea butter, green tea, rose geranium, rosehip and palmarosa oil. The ingredients are all cruelty free and sustainable as well as being suitable for vegans; for more information about the brand itself and the ingredients used, check out their website.

The moisturiser is minimally but beautifully packaged and designed; I love the pump dispenser as it makes it more convenient to use. It has a gorgeous spring-like floral scent that I adore and it makes me want to use the product constantly! The moisturiser itself has a silky texture and it feels very nourishing on the skin without making it feel very greasy or heavy. My skin has been loving this gentle, hydrating and fast absorbing moisturiser so much and I would highly recommend it.
 *Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo (£16, 255ml)
Last but not least is a dry shampoo that I've gone through a couple of bottles of over the past few months and it's one of my favourites for March as I've been trying to wash my hair a little less (to slow down colour fade) and this dry shampoo has been a staple recently. I have a few dry shampoo recommendations but I think this one is fantastic for all hair colours and types. I never used to like dry shampoo as it either left a white tone to my hair or it wasn't very effective but thankfully this one ticks all of the boxes for a great dry shampoo for second, third and sometimes even fourth day hair.

Those are a few of the products I've been loving recently but stay tuned for my rather massive winter beauty favourites post which will be live soon! 

Have you tried any of these products? Which beauty products have you been loving in March? 


DegustaBox - March 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020
I always look forward to receiving my DegustaBox every month and especially so for the month of March with all of the current madness in the supermarkets across the UK! The boxes are always filled with a few essential products that can be used as cooking ingredients as well as various drinks and lots of delicious snacks, the latter is is something we all need right now. Last months box contains so many heavenly vegan friendly snacks but the March box also contains lots of useful cupboard items too. The March box is currently sold out but you can sign up to receive the April box which will be dispatched from the 8th April.

*DegustaBox - March 2020
The theme for the box is 'hello spring' and it contains a variety of alcohol free drinks, sharing snacks and cooking ingredients from a range of brands including: Homepride, Knorr, Cadbury and more. As a DegustaBox ambassador, I am lucky enough to receive not only a few of the flavours for each item but I also receive the alcoholic/non-alcoholic items too; however, that is changing from the March box onwards as now there will only be one box rather than an alcohol vs non-alcoholic box. Everyone will receive the same items and the alcoholic products will only be included occasionally in the boxes.
*Galaxy Oat Drink (£1.50)
Let's start with the drinks as there were so many within the March box! First up a vegan Galaxy chocolate drink which doesn't contain added sugar and it is registered with the vegan society. I never loved eating chocolate before switching to a vegan diet last year but when I did crave chocolate, I always wanted Galaxy as it was the smoothest and the creamiest so I was very excited to try this drink! Sadly, it was quite artificial tasting but I think others will enjoy it more than me, especially if you like milkshakes.

*Jubel Elderflower Beer (£2.39)
Another vegan drink is a beer from Jubel which is a world beer awards winner! The beer is gluten free and vegan friendly. This brand was included in a previous box and I liked it then so I think I'm going to love this one too as elderflower is one of my favourite flavours. It is going to be the perfect floral beer for the gorgeous spring weather we are having now!
*Seedlip Garden 108 (£3 for 6cl)
Next up, the first of the two non-alcoholic drinks within the box. The Seedlip Garden 108 is the world first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. It 'captures the essence of the English countryside with notes of peans, hay, spearmint, rosemary and thyme'. It sounds like such an interesting and delicious drink that would be great paired with the tonic water from the box.

*Cadbury 30% Less Sugar Hot Chocolate (£2.49)
Hot chocolate is such a nostalgic and comforting drink that so many people love but I personally always find them too sweet and sugary or it has too much sugar in it, in terms of calories. Thankfully Cadburys have created a 30% less sugar version which still has the same creamy flavour. My mum loves hot chocolate and she adored this new version!
*Merchant's Heart Tonic Water (£1.30)
The final couple of drinks include a aromatic tonic water that would be perfect for the spring months and also to combine with the Seedlip Garden 108 drink for a refreshing and herbal drink for hot spring days in the garden. You could have received either the pink peppercorn or the floral aromatics tonic water and I'm glad I received the latter.

*Highball Alcohol Free Pink G&T (£1.99)
Last but not least is an item my mum was very excited about - the alcohol free pink ginned tonic from Highball. There are six flavours including G&T, pink G&G, cosmopolitan, mojito, Italian spritz and ginger dram. They are all made with natural ingredients and contain half the calories of a standard cocktail. I've never had a gin and tonic before and I found it too bitter but my mum liked it and I think many others will too.
*Naked Noodle Singapore Curry (£1.20)
Moving onto some of the snacks, the first is a noodle pot from Naked Noodle. Before switching to a vegan diet I used to love noodles pots like this for a quick and very easy lunch - I hope they bring out a few vegan options!

*Wotsits Flamin' Hot (£1 each)
Potentially my favourite snack, although not my favourite item overall, from the box had to be the flamin' hot flavour of Wotsits. In the 90's I used to eat so many crisps as they were in everyones primary school lunch box and Wotsits were definitely up there with my favourite crisps but I haven't had any in about ten years. The flamin' hot version is vegan and delicious so I will be buying more if I can find them.
*Smarties Buttons (£1.59)
One of the things I love about the DegustaBox selections is the variety and the snacks as there's something for everyone, including snacks that can be shared. The Smarties Buttons are a new product that combine smooth chocolate buttons with crunchy mini smarties. They'd make a great picnic (a self isolation picnic) or movie snack to share!

*Nudie Snacks Broad Beans (£1.59)
As well as the Wotsits crisps, another favourite snack has to be the soup cream and chive flavoured broad beans. I didn't think they would be vegan based on the flavour but they are (yay). Sour cream and chive is my favourite crisp or snack flavouring and these didn't disappoint. I will definitely be looking out for these in the future.
*Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter (£2.50)
Speaking of favourites, we've reached my favourite product from the box and if I'm honest, the past couple of boxes. I adore peanut butter but until I received this box I'd never tried marmite and I didn't want to but I'm so glad this jar of deliciousness was in the box as I love it! I'm haven't tried Marmite individually but within peanut butter it makes for an even more salty and savoury version of peanut butter that I can't get enough of! I need another jar ASAP!

*Knorr Stock Pots (95p each)
The penultimate item are a couple of flavoured stock pots from Knorr. There were two in the March box - kaffir lime and ginger as well as paprika and sundried tomato. Thankfully they are both vegan and gluten free. I haven'r tried them yet but I can't wait to try the kaffir lime and ginger stock pot in a curry very soon.
*Homepride Superior Sponge Flour (£2)
Last but not least is an item that hasn't been included in a previous DegustaBox - flour. The Homepride 'superior sponge' flour is a premium milled flour that is made from 100% British wheat. It is ideal for creating light and fluffy sponges for a classic Victoria sponge cake, for example. I've used it for cooking recently but I need to bake with it very soon.

Don't forget to use the code: DTPL4 to get £5 off your first box!

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be signing up to receive the April box?


Latest In Beauty: March 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020
It's that time of the month again for my review of the new Latest In Beauty subscription box. I'm lucky enough to be sent the boxes each month to review. I receive the 'beauty enthusiast' box (£22 for a one off box) which contains six items, all of which you can choose from their monthly selection. There are three box options which contain differing numbers of products and prices, so you can choose the box for your preferences and budget.

*Latest In Beauty: March 2020 - The Glow Edit 
There are so many aspects of the Latest In Beauty boxes that I adore, from the packaging, selection of products and the amazing value limited edition boxes to the new products added daily, the luxury brands in their monthly selection and the variety of box options. However, I think I love the themes each month as well as the wide selection the most. The theme for the March box is 'the glow edit' which is perfect for the time of the year when we are finally emerging into spring!
*Yardley London Lily Of The Valley Fragrance 
Within last months box I chose the Yardley London rose fragrance so I had to opt for the lily of the valley fragrance in March. It isn't a brand I've really tried anything from until the February and March Latest In Beauty boxes and that's one of the reasons I keep recommend this subscription. I think I love the lily of the valley version more than the rose fragrance but I enjoy both as casual fragrances that are perfect for spring.

*Ogario London Hydrate & Shine Conditioner 
I haven't tried this brand before but I needed a new conditioner as I wasn't loving any of the hair care products I've been using recently. Thankfully, I love this conditioner! It claims to be a deeply moisturiser conditioner for those with dry and damaged hair; the conditioner feels very nourishing and moisturising! I will be looking out for more products from this brand in the future!
*Cetraben Natural Oatmeal Cream 
Back in 2017 I tried a few Cetraben products for the eczema on my face and hands and loved all of them but especially the lotion so when I noticed a product from the brand on the monthly selection, I had to choose it. I thankfully don't have any eczema on my hands or face anymore (due to switching to a dairy free diet) but I still wanted to try the product as my skin can still be a little dry at this time of the year, eczema or not. The cream definitely has a medical lotion scent which isn't a scent I love but the cream itself is fantastic. It is a thick and nourishing cream that absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling smoother, softer and moisturised without a greasy feeling. I've been using it as a hand cream at my desk or as a cream on my legs after showering and it significantly helps the dryness of my skin.
*Pixi Glow Tonic 
The star product for the March box was the Pixi Glow Tonic which is now such a cult skincare product, I'm sure most people who are interested in skincare and beauty have heard of it or tried it. I bought a mini bottle just before Christmas and I do like it so I had to pick up another. It is an award winning facial toner that deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin. I've been using it on and off for a few months now and I think it helps my skin but I personally think that the First Aid Beauty pads are more effective as I notice an instant difference in the texture and clarity of my skin after using them; whereas this toner is a product that you need to use a little more consistently for noticeable results.
*Australian Bodycare Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Wipes 
I'm personally not an advocate for facial wipes so I chose these wet wipes as hand and body wipes for travelling or keeping in my car for emergencies. I haven't tried anything from this brand but I've heard good things and I can never resist a product that contains lavender! The wipes have a gorgeous menthol and lavender scent that I absolutely love and they are great as hand wipes. There's a body lotion to accompany the wipes, in the same scent, that I would love to try!
*Sanctuary Spa Nourishing Hydrogel Sheet Mask 
Sanctuary Spa is such a nostalgic and well loved brand but I haven't tried any of their masks before! I love their body care products especially the shower gels and scrubs so I was interested to try this sheet mask, even though admittedly sheet masks aren't my favourite type of face mask. It is infused with natural extracts and rose petals to boost moisture levels and soothe the skin. I cannot wait to try this mask!

Have you tried any of these products? 


#NationalBedMonth Favourites with Feather & Down

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
March is National Bed Month and to celebrate, the lovely people of Feather and Down have very kindly sent me a few of their gorgeous gift sets. I'm reviewing one set within today's post but I will also have my second and final Mother's Day gift guide live on very soon which will also include a few gift sets from Feather and Down so stay tuned.

*Feather and Down Gift Of Sleep Set (£8)
The lovely gift set that will be the star of today's post is the 'gift of sleep' set from Feather and Down which contains their award winning pillow spray and calming candle. Unfortunately, this set is currently unavailable on the website but hopefully it will be available again very soon. As with all of the products from Feather and Down, the packaging is utterly gorgeous and they'd all make wonderful and relaxing gifts for either Mother's Day (which is this Sunday in the UK) or as an Easter gift.
The pillow mist is the product I've tried the most, either via subscription boxes or from the brand and it is genuinely the best pillow mist I've ever used...and I've tried a fair few over the years. The mist contains a blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils that are incredibly relaxing. I cannot stop using this mist everyday and not just before bed but also while I'm writing at my desk - the scent is just that calming and intoxicating!

The candle is equally as heavenly scented and I love the packaging as it's very minimal but it still looks quite luxurious. It has the same scent as the pillow mist, although it much more subtle compared to the pillow mist. I wish the candle scent was a little stronger, just because I adore the scent. Overall, such a lovely and relaxing set that would make a great gift or a treat for yourself.

To celebrate National Bed Month, Feather and Down are offering 3 for 2 on all of their products!

Have you tried any products from Feather and Down? 


*Tips To Lower Your Stress Levels

Saturday, March 14, 2020
*This is a collaborative post 
Like with most things in life, if you set a goal, you are much more likely to make it happen. But it’s not just about the big goals, it’s about setting small goals on the way to reaching that big goal. This works for your business, running your household and your health and wellness too. It is not exactly a secret that modern life is very demanding. It can mean that you have very little time to do the things that help you to lower your stress levels.

Finding ways to unwind and relax can improve all areas of your life. Learning to unwind and relax is actually essential for your mental health, as well as your overall health. It can help you feel more energized, more productive, And have a generally more positive outlook. And one of the best things is that happiness is contagious. So when you spend time making yourself happy, you might just find those around you become happier too.

If you are the kind of person that has a journal or a planner or a setup, then you are miles ahead. However, do you have spaces that are purely dedicated to self-care? Just like you would book clients for meetings and dinner dates for with friends, you need to book in self-care time for yourself. If you don’t currently have a planner, the best one to get is a monthly view planner. This way, you can block out sections, and you will know exactly how many hours or minutes you have available through the spread of the month.

Most planners and journals have the option to add a daily to-do list in each of the sections to write something that is purely for you. For example if you have been meaning to buy new piercing jewellery, make sure that you add that in, and you can even add the type that you’re looking for. Or if you have been meaning to try a new brand of coffee, make sure you order it ahead of time and spend the time brewing and enjoying it. Here are a couple of things that you can add to your planner as extra pieces of happiness. These can help lower your stress level because mostly they’re quite relaxing.

Now there are a few things that you can do in terms of writing. Generally, as we have just mentioned Is one of the things that can help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. Although it is something that not everyone can fit in every day. But if you can plan some time to fill in a bit about your life, what’s been going on, what’s upset you, and what’s made you happy, you will alleviate that space in your brain. It’s also a great place to add stickers, notes, and photographs.

Blogging is also an incredibly freeing style of writing. You can set up a simple blog and Blogger or on WordPress, and you can fill it with everything from lifestyle tips to real-life real stories. This is a space that is all about you so you can choose to keep it Private or you can shout with the world. But Blogging has been around for a while, and many people find it incredibly cathartic.

If you have ever watched those superquick tutorials on Facebook, on YouTube, but never quite found the time to do those life hacks and DIY is, now is the time. Gather all the materials online and have them delivered ahead of your blocked self-care schedule. Even the most DIY tutorials tell you something will only take you five or 10 minutes, give yourself more time because you have to learn how to make it, and then learn to make it well.

Painting is an amazing activity when it comes to creativity. One of the most relaxing and creative ways to paint is using the Dutch pour method. You and the paints can run wild for a few hours will you create some new artwork. If you want something a little more structured than try Bob Ross tutorial, and paint some happy little clouds.

There is something incredibly satisfying about taking some time out in the morning, usually a Sunday, going for brunch with friends, family, or staying in and making it yourself. There are some beautiful brunch menu ideas on Pinterest. However, here are a couple of ideas for you: breakfast burritos, roasted tomato and avo-toast, tigrillo, exotic fruit salad. Try to have your brunch packed with veggies, energy, and healthy fats-in keeping with looking after your body, lowering your stress levels, and giving you the best start for your relaxing day.

One of the quickest ways is to give yourself a super re-charge is getting the right amount of sleep. And this can seem like a bit of an impossible task when everybody is busy all the time, and most of the time, people have sleep issues. But potentially, you’re going to have to have a closer look at your to-do list and decide if it’s actually overloaded.

If you find that you’re going to bed late in the evenings and getting up early to tackle things, you might have to have a think about if your workload is too high, or if there are people that you can delegate some of the household tasks too. If you do struggle to sleep, then you might like to add something like meditation into your day, this will help you learn how to breathe and slowly unwind. The Headspace app and the Calm app are great options for helping you get a good night's sleep.

Do you have any tips to lower stress levels? 

Calm Drinks CBD Infused Coffee

Thursday, March 12, 2020
CBD has been the focus of countless wellness, food, beauty and lifestyle products over the past few months and while I was interested in the hype and the potential benefits, especially when it comes to anxiety, I didn't know where to start! I was very kindly sent a range of products from Calm Drinks which feature CBD has one of the principle ingredients.

Before we get into the review, let's define what CBD is. CBD is a Cannabinoid but it is non-psychoactive and it is legal in the UK. It has mainly been associated with helping those with anxiety, insomnia or chronic pain. The World Health Organisation suggests that CBD is safe, presents no current dependant potential and could be useful for various medical conditions. Although as with any supplement, health drink or wellness product of any kind, it is always important to be aware and properly informed of what you are purchasing and consuming.
*Calm Drinks Caffe Latte CBD Cold Brew Coffee (£2.50 each)
I was kindly sent the Calm Drinks CBD cold are coffee in the 'caffe latte' flavour which contains cold brewed coffee, oat milk, maple syrup and 10mg of CBD. The CBD used is vegan friendly, sourced in the UK and contains 0% THC (the addictive, psychoactive drug). Additionally, the drinks are gluten free and each can only contains 55 calories which makes them a great option for those who keep track of their calorie intake, as I do.

As well as the caffe latte flavour, they also have an Americano flavour, premium whole bean and ground coffee, Belgian hot chocolate flakes, chocolate milk, sparkling water and coffee pods, the latter two aren't currently available just yet. However, every product contains natural ingredients and is infused with CBD.
I have a few of the oat milk caffe latte drinks and as well as the products themselves being very photogenic, the coffee itself is very good too! I have been using oat milk in coffee, cooking and baking for around four years now so it is a flavour that I am very familiar with. However, I think that if you haven't tried oat milk, then it may be a little bit of an acquired taste. I personally love the flavour of oat milk and the coffee, to me it has an almost comforting and naturally sweet flavour. As for the CBD element, it isn't something I noticed any major effect, in terms of anxiety, mood or relaxing effects but I think that may only occur with regular consumption.

Overall, I personally like the oat milk caffe latte drinks, I think they are an easy caffeine fix on the go and I like the flavour as well as the gorgeous packaging. I'm not too sure about the use of CBD just yet, although it does appear to be safe and potentially beneficial according to the WHO. I think if you're looking for a new cold brew coffee to try then give it a go. I will be trying their premium ground coffee very soon - I'll update this post as soon as I have!

Have you tried any of the Calm Drinks products? Have you tried anything (drinks, skincare or lifestyle products) that contain CBD? 

* AD - gifted item sent to me, not paid
Also please do your own research and ask your doctor before taking any kind of supplement etc 

Latest In Beauty CEW Beauty Awards Edit

Monday, March 09, 2020
I love receiving the Latest In Beauty monthly subscription boxes but their limited edition collections are even more amazing value for money and I'm always so excited when one arrives in the post! I've reviewed a few limited edition boxes on my blog as well as their monthly boxes so head over to those posts for more information. Also check out my twitter for a chance to win a silk eye mask (worth £50)!

*Latest In Beauty CEW Beauty Awards Edit (£24)
The newly released box was created in collaboration with 2020 CEW beauty awards which is an industry led award for innovation and excellence within the beauty industry. There are 35 products to choose from to create your box of six products, although some of the items are already sold out but there's still a wide range to choose from including brands such as Molton Brown, Elegant Touch, Luxe, Ark Skincare, Sukin, Living proof and many more.
*Nuxe Reve De Miel Body Balm 
I loved receiving the Nuxe Reve De Miel Face Balm in a previous Latest In Beauty box (I also love the Reve De Miel lip balm) so I wanted to try the body version . I have loved every single product I've tried from Nuxe, whether I purchased it myself (like their heavenly fragrance) or if I was sent an item from Nuxe and this one is no exception. I love the scent of the balm and the light, almost whipped texture which I wasn't expecting as it is labelled as a balm. It feels incredibly nourishing and slightly oily so it is perfect for extra dry areas during the winter months.
*Earth Kind Shampoo Bar 
I have been trying to reduce my plastic waste this year and I've mostly switched to shampoo bars, although I do still use 'traditional' shampoo and conditioner occasionally, so I had to choose this shampoo bar from the selection. I haven't heard of this brand but I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous packaging and the claims as well as the ethos of the brand. It was developed by a leading UK hair expert and is made with organic oils so it is ideal for dry and coloured hair. It is vegan friendly, sulphate free, soap free and contains natural, sustainable ingredients. It smells divine and I can't wait to try it out.
*Ark Skincare Plumping Lip Cream 
Ark Skincare is a brand I've reviewed and raved about on my blog for a while now and I cannot recommend their age defend replenishing moisturiser enough (it's my favourite product of theirs, closely followed by the new age defend night treatment which will be included in my upcoming spring favourites post). I am always happy to try another one of their products especially as they are effective and vegan friendly; additionally they contain lots of lovely natural ingredients.

*Skin In Motion Cool It Mist 
Another skincare product I wanted to try was this vegan friendly facial mist that contains 95% natural ingredients such as mint and liquorice. It is designed for use during and post-exercise as a replacement for a traditional moisturiser which is a claim I haven't come across before! I love the packaging and the scent of the product but annoyingly the mist isn't a very fine or even so I end up with drops of the mist on my skin instead of a refreshing veil of mist.
*Molton Brown Suede Orris Bath & Shower Gel 
One of my favourite luxury brands has to be Molton Brown! So many women in my family love the brand and I do too, especially their body scrubs and shower gels. I reviewed a few of their ylang ylang products a few years ago on my blog. Every Molton Brown scent I've tried has been divine and this one is no different. Their shower gels are effective but gentle and they have the most heavenly scents, I can't recommend them enough. I'd love to try more from Molton Brown, particularly their candles and fragrances!
*REN AHA Lotion 
I've been blogging since 2012 and there are certain products that I've wanted to try since then as so many bloggers used to rave about them such as the Alpha H Liquid Gold, the Origins Drink Up Mask and the REN AHA Lotion. Since the beginning of last year I haven't had any eczema on my face or hands at all (which is absolutely incredible and makes me wish I'd stopped eating dairy years ago) so I have been able to experiment much more with new products and use products like this, liquid exfoliators. I haven't tried this product yet but I can't wait to as it has received so many positive reviews!

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be creating your own Latest In Beauty x CEW Beauty Awards box? 


Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide: Part One

Friday, March 06, 2020
Today's post is my first Mother's Day gift guide of 2020 and it contains a mix of products that I hope will give you gift ideas for your mum, grandma or mother figure. I have a few Mother's Day gift ideas posts lined up so stay tuned for more gift recommendations. Thanks to the lovely brands that are featured in today's post including Bomb Cosmetics, Furi, Baileys Chocolates and Bubble T as well as Feather and Down, Boxclever Press, Cover Up and many more.

I love creating gift guides and I personally love reading them too but my favourite has to be guides that include a wide variety of product suggestions so that's what I've created today. My gift guide includes sweet treats, pampering products, stationery, wax melts, homeware and more, including a couple of very luxe personalised gifts too. Check out my previous personalised gift posts for more ideas!
*Baileys Strawberries & Cream Chocolates (£4)
First up, it isn't Mother's Day, or any celebration, without sweet treats! Baileys liquor is a favourite for so many, especially during the festive season but now they have a perfect spring offering that would be ideal as a Mother's Day or Easter gift. The chocolates are composed of a milk chocolate shell filled with a strawberry and cream centre so not only do they look the part but they sound delicious too. My mum loves Baileys so I know that she will love to open this box of adorable chocolates on Mother's Day. They can be purchased online and from ASDA.
*Bubble T Soapscription (£4.99 per box)
I love to give practical gifts to friends and family, especially if they also look cute and smell heavenly, so the Bubble T Soapscription box fits the bill perfectly. You can get a free trial box in which you'll receive two shower gels from the always heavenly scented Bubble T range. It is a monthly subscription box so your gift recipient will never run out of shower gel! You can choose the fragrances as well as when and where the boxes are delivered. I've been lucky enough to try quite a few of their scents over the past few months and I love all of them but the pink lemonade and strawberry macaron scents is my far!
*Payot Baume De Douche Reconfortant
Sticking with the theme of beautifully scented shower products is a new product from a French brand I haven't tried before, Payot. The baume is a 2 in 1 product that cleanses and nourishes the skin with a luxe foaming cream texture. It has the most nostalgic and feminine scent to it which is very powdery and sweet which I think will appeal to so many - I know that my mum would love this scent. The product itself feels very nourishing on the skin and relaxing to use so it would be the perfect addition to a Mother's Day pamper hamper!
*Bomb Cosmetics Thanks A Bunch Candle (£8.99)
Let's move onto some of the most beautiful items within today's gift guide (although they are all amazing), the gorgeous pampering products from the lovely people at Bomb Cosmetics. If you didn't know, I'm a Bomb Cosmetics ambassador so I'm lucky enough to receive their products to review and I opted for a few items that I thought would make lovely pampering Mother's Day gifts.

The first item I chose was this lovely candle which contains rose and geranium essential oils. This candle is cruelty free, vegan friendly and their products are all handmade which I think makes them extra special. The candle not only looks amazing but it smells it too as it is so fresh and floral - it's the ideal candle for spring!
*V For Violet Bath Blaster (£2.99)
The second product from Bomb Cosmetics that I'd love to recommend as a gift are their 'bath blasters' which are very reasonably priced bath bombs that look adorable and smell great too! As with the candle, it contains rose and geranium essential oils and it is cruelty free. All of the bath blasters from Bomb Cosmetics look amazing, the designs are so unique and there's something for everyone. I've tried quite a few bath blasters and bath mallows from Bomb Cosmetics and they all smell so lovely and they last for a while in the water too. I think an individual Bomb Cosmetics product would make a great Mother's Day gift but one of their beautifully designed gift sets would as well such as the floral fantasy, ice cream and time for tea gift sets.
*Dermaworks Hyaluronic Acid Serum (£14.95)
If you've been following any of my skincare posts for the past few years then you might know how much I love serums, I've tried so many and I definitely have a preference for my normal to dry skin and those are products which contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic skincare ingredient for those who have dry skin as it helps to lock in moisture and I think that is something most of us could use during the cold winter months.

I personally love to gift skincare, if I know the gift recipient well, and I think that a hydrating serum is something you can't go wrong with. The Dermaworks serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and aloe vera to hydrate, plump and protect the skin - head over to the DermaWorks website for a much more detailed explanation of the ingredients. I've only been using it for a few days but so far I love and I'm sure it will feature in an upcoming beauty favourites post. Use the code Mothersday20 to get 20% off your order - ends on Mother's Day.
*GlamWax Soy Melt Melts (£3 each)
You can't have a pampering evening without candles, diffusers or wax melts - I think they are the perfect pairing! I was very kindly sent a few of the soy wax melts from GlamWax in Pink Peony, Lavender and Vanilla and Daisy Chain. All of the wax melts are made of soy wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly which is fantastic and to make it even better...the glitter is biodegradable too so the melts are vegan and cruelty free. I didn't think the perfect wax melt existed but I was wrong!
Not only are the bars environmentally friendly and vegan but they look gorgeous as well. I love the pastel shades, glitter and simple but beautiful packaging - it's always nice to receive an aesthetically pleasing gift! I've only tried two of the melts I received so far, including Pink Peony and Daisy Chain and I love both of them. Pink Peony is my favourite of the three so far, although that might change as lavender is my all time favourite scent.

The melts smell so fresh and floral, they are ideal for the upcoming spring months and Mother's Day although they do have many other scents to choose from including: cherry and almond liquor, blood orange, lemon sherbet, caramel vanilla latte and many more so you're bound to find scents that you'll love. As well as their individual wax melts, you can also purchase their subscription box (£15, free postage) which contains five of their heavenly wax melts each month.
*PrezzyBox Personalised Scented Diffuser (£34.95)
There are two special personalised gifts within todays post, the first of which is from PrezzyBox which is a fantastic gift website (they've also just opened their first store!) that has an amazing range of personalised and unique gifts for all occasions and celebrations. I've been lucky enough to work with the lovely people at PrezzyBox a few times as part of gift guides (but I've purchased from them too) and I cannot recommend their gifts enough! I was kindly scent a unique personalised scented diffuser which is the perfect gift for my mum as she doesn't like candles so diffusers are a great alternative.
The diffuser is made in England using locally sourced ingredients and has a gorgeous pomegranate and fig scent which is divine (it has made me add a few fig scented products to various online baskets as I forgot how much of a relaxing scent it is for me). All of the aspects of the diffuser, including the oil, bottle and sticks, come separately which is more convenient; it was also beautifully packaged.

There are a couple of aspects of the product that you can personalise, the first being the image on the label (I chose the 'botanical' image) and the second is the message on the label. As the images are quite generic and varied, you could buy this gift for so many occasions, from Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or birthdays. I'm so happy with the diffuser, from the gorgeous appearance and how it was packaged to the spring-like scent and the special personalised message. I cannot recommend PrezzyBox gifts enough!
*Mother's Day Personalised Champagne - Say It With Champers (£35.99 - when you sign up to their newsletter)
The second luxe personalised gift is one that is sure to turn heads as it is a personalised bottle of champagne! Mother's Day is all about treating you mum, grandma or mother figure and I think there are certain gifts that typify celebrations and thoughtfulness and personalised gifts are at the top of the list. I personally love to receive and give personalised gifts and I know that gift recipients love to open them as well. Say It With Champers have a range of personalised champagne options to choose from for a wide selection of celebrations including Easter and Mother's Day.
There are three Mother's Day designs to choose from and I was able to choose the beautiful '02' options which features a spring-like colour palette and cute floral illustrations. There are various sections of the label to personalise and thankfully you can view the full label online before you order so you know exactly what you are buying and how it will appear on the label.

The champagne is "full of character, combining light, fresh, citrus fruit flavours; lively bubbles with a well balanced tangy finish thanks to extended ageing before release." As well as the champagne you can opt for a bottle bag or box to pair with your gift. I can't recommend this luxe gift enough! If you sign up to the Say It With Champers newsletter, you can receive a discount code for 20% off your order.
*Furi Pro East/West Santoku Knife Set (£47.99)
Moving onto a few lifestyle gifts that I think would be great as Mother's Day gifts this year and the first is a knife set...a little unorthodox perhaps but my mum loves to bake and cook (as I do) so it would be a fantastic practical gift for her. I've been lucky enough to try Furi knives in 2018 and I have been using the two I was sent every time I cook since then! I cannot recommend these knives enough as they're so effective, easy to use, quick to sharpen and I love the design.
The set comes with two knives, the East/West Santoku in the 13cm size and the same in the 17cm size. The knives come in a gorgeous presentation, or potentially storage, box which is made of acacia wood and makes the gift look a little more substantial and luxe. I already had the 17cm knife which is perfect for larger veggies that are a bit of a pain to cut and the smaller knife is great for everyday cooking.

Furi knives are a favourite of Nigella and other professional chefs and they are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel shaped to provide ease of use and precision. There are various sets to choose from as well as individual knives which can all be purchased from Amazon. I have been using mine for a couple of years now and I can't recommend them enough.
*Boxclever Press Internet Password Journal (£6.99)
Last Christmas I received a gorgeous diary from Boxclever Press as part of one of my womens gift guides and I'm lucky enough to share another fantastic stationery gift from Boxclever Press within today's Mother's Day gift guide. As well as calendars and diaries, they offer a great range of stationery accessories, wall planners and organisers. Within their selection of organisers they have a  food diaries, meal planners, budget books and an internet password journal.
I love all of the product designs from Boxclever Press as they are beautifully coordinated and simple but they are still colourful and eye catching. The internet password journal is no exception as it's beautifully designed and laid out, especially with its gold foiling details. The journal has plenty of space for you to jot down your internet usernames and passwords as well as hints so you'll never forget another password again! Thankfully the cover is quite discreet so without opening the journal, it just looks like a cute and colourful notebook. If your mum, grandma or mother figure is a stationery lover and likes to stay organised then check out Boxclever Press for more gift ideas.
*Cover Up iPhone 7 Shell Snap Case (£35)
I think we all know by now how much I love pampering, personalised and practical gifts and my next gift idea fits into the category of practical gifts but it is much more than that. The lovely people at Cover Up have a range of stunningly beautiful phone cases for a variety of brands and models, including the iPhone 7 which is my current phone (rose gold, naturally) as well as a selection of iPad and iMac skins. Phone, tablet and laptop skins or cases aren't anything special or unique usually but Cover Up offers cases made of real wood, stone, felt and seashells!
I was lucky enough to be sent the iPhone 7 phone case in gold mother of pearl! I never knew that cases could incorporate seashells and I'm loving it as it gives the most beautiful, unique shine and shimmer. It was very difficult to choose the case as they are all so gorgeous but I'm very happy with my gold mother of pearl case.

My previous phone case was very cute but it was made of plastic and it had a few cracks in it, especially around the corners but thankfully this gorgeous case already feels much more durable and I think it will protect my phone more than a thin plastic case. It is a simple snap case which is easy to fit, it is fairly slim line so it doesn't feel very bulky and the rubber edge makes it easier to hold and less likely to be dropped. One of the aspects that surprised me about this case is the lack of any exterior branding on the case which is something I didn't like about my previous phone cases. I cannot recommend it enough! Use the code INSTA10 to get 10% off your order.
*Cardology Pop Up Cards (£8.50 each)
Last but not least, Mother's Day isn't complete without a cute and thoughtful card but frustratingly most Mother's Day cards are very generic or boring; thankfully Cardology has the most beautiful alternative. Cardology specialities in 3D pop-up cards for all occasions including Mother's Day and Easter. I was very kindly sent a couple of their Mother's Day cards for today's gift guide although it was very difficult to choose as they are all so unique and beautiful.
I opted for the bouquet of roses and the lavender pop-up cards and they are even more gorgeous than I thought they'd be! I haven't received a pop-up or unique card since I was a child or for special birthdays but why do we have to wait for an extra special occasion to give an extra special card! I love both the roses and lavender options but I think my favourite has to be the lavender card as it's my favourite scent; although they are so visually beautiful and would make for an added treat this Mother's Day. There are so many unusual and gorgeous cards to choose from, check out Cardology for more of their stunning designs!
Make sure you watch the video in HD!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of these gift ideas?