My Halloween TV + Film Picks

Saturday, October 31, 2015
My Halloween TV + Film Picks
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Up until three years ago I was never really interested in Halloween - we had halloween discos at primary school and during high school we always watched something halloween related but it wasn't until  I started my blog just over three years ago that I started to get Halloween fever every year. 

I started with Halloween nail art and now I love craving a pumpkin with my sister every year and watching 'scary' or Halloween themed films and TV shows as well as nostalgic TV/films such as The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes and The Nightmare Before Christmas while I ignore trick or treaters. We actually don't get that many Halloween trick or treaters even though we live in an area were there are a lot of families as trick or treating isn't an English thing. 

For the past couple of years I have created a Halloween makeup series on my blog and this year has been no different! I love creating Halloween looks as it allows me to use products and shades that I wouldn't normally and it means I can be really creative! Here are the looks I created last year: Poison Ivy, Corpse Bride, a Lichtenstein inspired look, a doll look and the Cheshire Cat.

When autumn rolls around (and before then because I just love these types of films/TV all year round) I always want to watch anything slightly scary or literally anything from Tim Burton because he is my favourite director! My favourite Halloween/slightly scary/autumnal films recently include: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice as well as Sleepy Hollow because, you know...young Johnny Depp...

My favourite TV shows for this time of the year are definitely a bit darker than I would usually have watched a few years ago such as Penny Dreadful which is definitely NOT for the faint hearted, The Strain, Sleepy Hollow (it's a pretty good TV show, even if it is a little cheesy at times) and Copper which isn't a halloween or scary TV show but it is all about crime, violence and the rouges of  New York in the late 1800's. 

If you have any Halloween TV shows or film recommendations let me know! Also if you have any Tim Burton like recommends leave a comment or tweet me! 

What are your favourite Halloween films/TV shows?

Petits Rituals Candle + Wax Melts

Friday, October 30, 2015
Petits Rituals Candle + Wax Melts
Petits Rituals Candle + Wax Melts
As the evenings become darker, the leaves are falling from the trees and winter is approaching, all I want to do is have a bubbly bath and snuggle up with a book and have a candle burning! Candles, to me, instantly make a room feel so much more cosy, homely and inviting, especially at this time of the year. So I couldn't wait to use these lovely smelling products from Petits Rituals. 

I chose the *Petits Rituals 'by the fire' Candle (£35, 200g) which is an infusion of cinnamon, clove, orange and lemongrass, basically christmas in a candle! The candle contains soya wax and beeswax and it has an approximate burn time of 40 hours. The packaging is just gorgeous, so intricate and colourful and it is quite weighty too so it would make a lovely aesthetically gorgeous gift.

The candle is quite large and it only has one wick which did concern me at first as it could lead to the dreaded tunnelling and wasted wax at the edges of the candle. Tunnelling did happen but it was my fault as I couldn't leave it for as long as it needed to before extinguishing the candle but I think if you look after it then you won't get any product waste as I did. 

The scent is heavenly and so perfect for this time of the year as it is spicy, warming and christmasy to me - it is such a welcome sight and smell on a cold, rainy autumn day. The scent throw is very good as it fills most of the top floor of the house but it isn't headache inducing or overpowering at all. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

I also received the *Petits Rituals Orange Gourmande Wax Melts (£10 for two wax melts). The melts are shaped like flowers which is such a pretty detail and they come in a cute handmade drawstring bag so they would instantly make lovely presents. The scent, to me, is a mixture of strong orange flavours and floral notes as well as orange boiled sweets - I love it! It's fruity but not in a cloying or sickly sweet way as it is fresh, sharp and authentic. The wax melt is used in a tea light warmer; it melts quickly and I can start to smell the gorgeous fresh orange scent after about ten minutes. The melts are supposed to last for about ten hours and I can definitely see myself getting more of these! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Overall, I think the packaging design is just gorgeous so it would make a lovely and welcome christmas gift. The candle scent is christmassy and perfect for this time of the year; however my favourite product has to be the wax melts as they smell amazing and are so easy to use. 

Have you tried anything from Petits Rituals? 

My Geek Box: Afterlight (Oct)

Thursday, October 29, 2015
My Geek Box: Afterlight Box (Oct)
I think most people are used to beauty and now food subscription boxes (the Degusta box is amazing) but I haven't seen any other subscription boxes until now. My Geek Box is a subscription box service focused on TV, film and video games and all things geeky *which I'm loving* so buying a subscription or one off box would be an amazing, unique and unexpected christmas gift! 

I received the *My Geek Box: October/Afterlight (£19.99) which is based around all things halloween as it is the October box. This box is a one off and a 'special' box as far as I know but it is still available to buy. Before ordering I chose the T-shirt size (women's medium) but there are mens sizes too - both of which go up to XXL. 

I received six things in the box including: zombie sticker, zombie metal warning sign, dracula puzzle, boo! t-shirt, bloody hand print tea towel and twisted dark volume one by Neil Gibson. Firstly, I think they should include a leaflet explaining each item and how much each item is worth as all other subscription boxes do. 
- Boo! t-shirt: Such a cute addition which I think will be great as a non-halloween costume and the women's medium fits me (UK size 8-10) well. 

- Zombie sign/sticker: I love anything to do with zombies - Shaun of the dead is one of my favourite films! I don't know what I will do with the sticker and sign yet but I might use them as decorations this halloween. 

- Dracula Puzzle: I'm personally not a fan of wooden puzzles but this one looks great! The aim of the puzzle is to make it into a cube; I think it would be a great stocking filler for those who love puzzles and gothic novels or halloween which I'm personally a fan of. 

- Blood Tea Towel: I'm assuming this is a tea towel, I don't really know what else it could be unless it is a halloween decoration. Either way I think my sister would love it so she will be getting an unexpected surprise in the post! 

- Twisted Dark by Neil Gibson: At first I thought this was a book of short stories and it kind of is but it is a comic book. I have never actually read comic book and this one does look interesting. 

Overall, I think the My Geek Box subscription service is such a unique, novel and fantastic idea which I think will appeal to SO many people, myself included. This halloween box is fantastic and great value for money, in my opinion. My only negative points include the lack of information about the items and the delivery/processing of my order was quite long, probably due to demand but it seems like a consistent problem for the brand unfortunately. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you bought a subscription box from My Geek Box? What do you think of the October/Afterlight box?

Halloween: Mermaid Look + Cloud Nine Review

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Halloween: Mermaid Look + Cloud Nine Review
For my final halloween look, I've teamed up with Cloud Nine to create a more glamourous halloween look and quick hairstyle rather than the more scary looks I've created over the past couple of years. If you do want some more scary and unusual halloween looks, then check out my previous posts, I've created a Cheshire Cat, Pop Art Zombie and Sugar Skull look this year. 

This look is very different to others that I've created although I'm using a lot of the same products that I used in my previous halloween looks this year, here's the list of products but feel free to substitute and use whichever products you have!

- Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in 40 Porcelain
- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 
- Essence Fixing Powder
- Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Palette 
- Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick in Horn of Magic 
- Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 
- Primark False Lashes in Sultry 
- Essence Body Glitter
- Real Techniques and Spectrum Brushes
- Primark Fishnet Tights
- Cloud Nine The Original Curling Wand 

Phew, yes I did use quite a lot of products for this look but most of them are quite inexpensive and easily available. If you are looking for cheap halloween and brighter makeup then definitely check out Makeup Revolution as they have a fantastic range including their new Unicorns Unite lipsticks

1. First I started with my regular foundation, concealer and powder, all three of which I have been using for months and I love them! However this time round as I wanted the skin to be more moisturised and luminous so I used the MeMeMe primer before my foundation. 

2. Now, this is where it gets a little weird...put the fishnet tights over your head/face...yes, this is essential to the look as when you apply eyeshadow over the top it will look like scales on the skin! This method is so quick and easy but it can be slightly unconformable and restrictive. I would recommend using eyeshadows wet and with a stiff/dense brush for the pigmentation to be as strong as possible. I used blues, purples and gold in this look but you can use whichever shades you want. 

3. When you have the scales as you want them, you can move onto the brows. I used a gold eyeshadow with a wet brush over the brows because you know, mermaids have gold brows, right? 

4. For the eyes I applied a shimmery light blue shade all over the lid and a gold into the inner corner. Instead of regular black liner, I used a bright blue liquid liner and made a dramatic curved wing. I finished with mascara then Primark false lashes in Sultry which even for a newbie like me, they were SO easy to apply but I did have to trim them. 

5. I kept the lips simple, I applied a bright turquoise eyeliner all over the lips and then the new blue shade from the Unicorns Unite range to make it more metallic/wet looking. 

6. For the final touches I used a body glitter from Essence and lash glue to add some glittery dots to the temples, this is entirely optional. I added more blue to my jaw and hairline. 
Halloween: Mermaid Look + Cloud Nine Review
When the makeup is done, I moved onto my hair and I was very kindly sent the *Cloud Nine The Original Curling Wand (£99.95) which comes with a heatproof glove, safety mat, protective heat guard and instructions. The wand came very quickly and was packaged well so it would make a great christmas gift. 

The wand is tapered so depending on where you wind your hair around, you can get tighter or loose curls! It is unlike other curlers I've used as it comes with a plastic heat guard/cover over the barrel so you can put the curling wand in it just after you've used it so it protects the surface you leave it on. I used the mid heat setting to create beachy waves as it's the perfect hairstyle for a mermaid! 

The wand was so quick and easy to use and the glove was so useful even though it looks and feels like an exfoliating shower glove...The curling wand gave me smooth, soft and long lasting beachy waves that with a small amount of hairspray lasted all day which is very impressive as my hair is fairly thick so curls usually drop after an hour or two. 

I will have a post on my blog next month with a full review of the wand and a few hairstyles that you can create with this fantastic curling wand so stay tuned! 

What do you think of my final halloween look? Have you tried any products from Cloud Nine? 

Tattoo + Halloween Homeware Wish List

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Tattoo + Halloween Homeware Wish List
Halloween is just around the corner and I cannot wait - I love halloween home decor most of the time anyway but here are my favourite halloween and tattoo homeware wish list picks from Beadesaurus and Truffle Shuffle! 

Anchor Mug  -  Tablet Case  -  Anchor Cushion  -  Frankengal Dish  -  Harry Potter Jotter Set  -  Home Sweet Home Cushion  -  Comic Strip Wall Light  -  Chalk Board  -  Zombie Mug  -  Brain Cookie Jar

Check out the Sally Express site for quick and easy halloween looks!

What do you think of my halloween/tattoo homeware picks?

Bond Girl Gift Hamper Giveaway (UK Only)

Monday, October 26, 2015
Bond Girl Gift Hamper Giveaway (UK Only)
Today is the release date of the new and much awaited James Bond film Spectre - I can't wait to watch it as James Bond films have been a favourite of mine for years! Daniel Craig isn't my favourite James Bond but Spectre looks interesting. To celebrate the release of the film in cinemas I'm giving away a fantastic James Bond prize bundle - the prize is sponsored by Paddy Power for more information, click here

The price includes: 

- 007 For Women by James Bond: This 30ml Eau de Parfum is the essence of class with a feminine touch.

- OPI James Bond Skyfall ‘The Bondettes’ Miniature Nail Varnish Set featuring the iconic colours any sophisticated bond girl would see adorn their hands and feet.

To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter form below, good luck!

Halloween Jewellery @ The Folly Boutique

Friday, October 23, 2015
Folly Boutique Halloween Collection
Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and one of the best things about it include all of the decor, homeware and accessories that are spooky! I love it when brands release or collab a halloween collection! Folly Boutique have put together a gorgeous halloween range featuring luxe, halloween themed jewellery from brands such as House of Bourgeois, Dianna Broussard, Leivankash and the brand that interested me the most is Tessa Metcalfe. 

They have gorgeous pieces that can be bought or rented so they would be great for halloween parties or special occasions. I chose the *Tessa Metcalfe Pearl of London Earrings (£120 to buy or £21 for a 3 day hire and £42 for a 6 day hire) which are composed of oxidised silver and the claws are gold plated as well as a loose spinning fresh water pearl *yes, how decadent does that sound*. The earrings are studs so they are comfortable to wear, they aren't too big or heavy therefore you could wear them for a while and they look so expensive! I love the oxidised, distressed/worn silver metal and the addition of the pearl which looks so unique. 

I also chose the *Tessa Metcalfe Single Claw Ring in Oxidised Silver (£59 to buy or £15 for a 3 day hire and £30 for a 6 day hire) which matches the earrings so they would be perfect worn together. It is also composed of oxidised silver and gold plated nails/claws which compliments the worn/distressed silver. I have the small size which is approx. UK size J and it fits so perfectly but if it doesn't for you then you can gently squeeze together the claws. The ring is comfortable to wear and it looks so expensive and impressive - it's sure to get people talking! 

Overall, I'm so happy with both of these pieces - I think they look amazing and they would be ideal for a halloween party! You get to wear some gorgeous, luxe jewellery without the slightly heavy price tag and they come well packaged with a pre-paid bag so you can easily send them back. They would be perfect for a halloween party but if these aren't your style then check out their other pieces in the halloween range: 

Folly Boutique Halloween Collection
*You can get 10% off your basket with the code: HEATHER10 which will be active for 6 months so you can get a discount on pieces for halloween, christmas and new year parties!* 

What do you think of the Tessa Metcalfe jewellery I picked out? Have you bought or rented from The Folly Boutique?

Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks
Makeup Revolution has to be one of my favourite brands of the year and last year actually so when these beauties arrived, I was so excited especially as they are all fun and unusual shades which will be just perfect for so many halloween and fancy dress looks! 

The *Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks (£1 each or buy the full collection for £4) come in the regular Makeup Revolution packaging with the colour indicated on the base of the tube which I think is a fantastic idea! The shades from top to bottom according to my swatches are as follows:

- Legend: Deep metallic faded purple shade which I think would be great as a lipstick or face colour shade for a robot look as it is so metallic and it has a grey undertone. 

- Pink Myth: Bright coral pink with raspberry red undertones, it has a sheen but it isn't glitter or metallic like the others which makes it far more 'normal' and wearable - it would be a gorgeous shade during the summer months. Perfect for a doll look!

Throne: Similar to Throne but it is lighter and brighter but it still has that gorgeous shimmery metallic finish. It is almost a metallic lavender shade that I think will be great for so many fun halloween looks. 

- Horn of Magic: Bright, electric light turquoise shade that is packed with shimmer and glitter so it would be great for a mermaid look or any kind of aquatic halloween look. This is my favourite from the collection in terms of how unusual it is!

- Magical: Vivid violet with blue undertones, it has an iridescent shimmer to it and it's my favourite shade overall. You do have to build some of the shades up as they can be sheer but if you did want to wear this one sheered out then it looks like a iridescent bruised shade *granted not what you would typically want for everyday but perfect for halloween* 

Overall, I think the price of these lipsticks is just fantastic making them perfect for fancy dress parties or halloween because if you're like me then you don't want to buy expensive products that you are only going to use a few times a year. The lipsticks are so versatile as you can also be used as blush or as face paint accents, for example, I used the blue shade around the exterior of my face for dimension on my cheshire cat look. Overall rating: ★★☆, 4/5. 

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? What do you think of these lipsticks?

Joules Design Competition

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Joules is one of my favourite brands at this time of the year as they have gorgeous gift sets, all of which I want and they have lovely knitwear too! Joules are hosting a fantastic competition to design a pair of Joules wellies! If you enter you have the chance of winning a luxury break worth £5,000, 3 nights in a golden oak treehouse cabin plus lots more; also ten runners-up will each receive a £250 Joules gift card - how amazing are these prizes! 

The winning welly design will go on sale at and all proceeds from the sale of the limited edition winning welly will be donated to the Joules charity partners via Charitably Joules. 

Submit a design and enter the competition here -

Will you be entering this competition? 

Halloween Makeup Look: Pop Art Zombie

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Halloween Makeup Look: Pop Art Zombie
Here's my third halloween look of the year and I had a lot of fun with this one as it is not is typical look - it's a mix between rotting zombie and pop art and I love how it turned out on the whole but there are things I'd like to change as I would have preferred the brows to be thinner. Here are the products I used for this look:

- Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Correct Palette
- Barry M White Creme Foundation
- Colorsport Rapid Lash Gro Eyeliner in Black
- Duwop Plumping Lip Styxx in Chop Styxx and Night Styxx
- Eye of Horus Goddess Liners in Black and Teal
- Rimmel Smoke 'n' Shine Liner in Blue Steel 
- Makeup Revolution Awesome Eyeshadow Collection Palette
- Makeup Revolution Viper Mascara
- Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
- Spectrum Eyeshadow Brushes
- Essence Fixing Powder
- L.A.B2 Brushes

1. I always prep my skin well before halloween looks as white foundation and bases can make my skin look really dry. I applied the green and lilac shades as a base all over the skin making sure to stipple as otherwise it will look streaky. 

2. I used a black pencil liner to map out the shape of the mouth, tear, brows, brain section and teeth. I then filled in the pink flesh/muscle parts of the mouth and the lips with the two Duwop lip crayons - I fill in the brows and brain with the same pencil. I filled in the tear with a blue pencil liner. 

3. I added various lip liners and shading to the brain section to make it looks more textured and 'realistic' in a pop art way. I added detail to the tear with the white foundation. I used the same white foundation to fill in the teeth with a tiny liner brush (don't worry if you go over onto the black outline as you can go over the black at the end). 

4. Now onto the eyes, I used Makeup Revolution shades to create a bright smokey eye with a bright teal shade across the inner third of the lid and a navy on the user two thirds in a winged shape. Finish with winged liquid liner and a black pencil on the upper/lower water line; then mascara and lashes if you want to add them. 

5. Finish by adding expression lines with a black pencil and or liquid liner. Then set the base with a small face brush and a white or transparent powder. 

Overall, I think this simple and easy look is so effective and quite unique! You don't have to use all of the products I did but if you don't have specific face paints or halloween makeup products then this is a great halloween look to create with products you already have in your collection - the Makeup Revolution corrector palette is amazing as face paint! Coloured contacts would be great for this look - check out my Cheshire Cat look to see some in action. Also check out my quick and easy sugar skull look!

What do you think of my pop art zombie look? What are your plans for halloween?

Great British Bake Off Inspired Christmas Gifts

Monday, October 19, 2015
Great British Bake Off Inspired Christmas Gifts
I have to admit that I am a massive fan of the Great British Bake Off, I love Mary Berry and I love baking (mainly gingerbread, lemon meringue pie, cinnamon muffins and bread) so I thought I would put together a GBBO inspired christmas gift guide, yes I know it's a bit early but I love christmas even more than bake off! 

I think hampers are a great gift (I'm giving away a £40 voucher to spend at Serenata Flowers if you are interested - they have gorgeous food and christmas hampers!) so I have made a baking and food themed hamper which I think will be a fantastic gift for any food lover or avid baker. I was very kindly sent a few items from Nucasa, Crabtree and Evelyn and Sass and Belle for this gift guide. 

First up, the 'hamper' section of this gift which is the gorgeous *Mason Cash 29" Mixing Bowl (£19.99 sale, RRP £22 Nucasa) which is something I've wanted for so long as Mason Cash is famous for fantastic quality baking tools. I love the pink colour and hearts around the outside but be careful as it is quite weighty. I can see myself using this bowl a lot especially as I always end up with so much mixture! The bowl would be a nice gift on it's own but I have included some other baking goodies. Definitely check out Nucasa for loads of baking goodies, I have quite a few on my list to santa!

Next up, I have the *Sass and Belle 'enjoy the little things' Wooden Spoon (£4) which is such a cute addition, in my opinion. I love the little details and it is so inexpensive - it could be added to a hamper or as a little stocking filler for bakers. Sass and Belle also have the most adorable and useful cookie cutter ever, the *Eat Me Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter (£2). I can't believe how cheap this cookie cutter is and it is so handy! I have used it once already (you may have seen my vegan gingerbread men if you follow me on Instagram - heathernixon4) and it made the cutest gingerbread men, if I do say so myself. 
Great British Bake Off Inspired Christmas Gifts
Following on from the biscuit theme, I have the *Crabtree and Evelyn All Butter Christmas Pudding Biscuits (£5) which come in a gorgeously festive container so aesthetically alone it would make a lovely christmas gift. The biscuits are a modern twist on seasonal fruits and spices; I know my granddad would just love these! 

Now, I had to include a couple of products that were autumnal and also beauty related, I couldn't help myself. The *Great Escape Candle in Escape to Mississippi is just divine and perfect for the colder nights as the crackling wick is reminiscent of a cosy crackling fire. The Escape to Mississippi scent smells like rich, creamy vanilla and baked goodies which are the kind of scents I always gravitate towards. My beauty item from this hamper is *The Library of Fragrance Dark Chocolate Cologne (£15, 30ml), now who wouldn't want to smell like chocolate all of the time...ok, it would make a lovely room spray too! The scent is so authentic, like rich dark chocolate biscuits with slight hints of musky notes to me; actually layering it with the lavender cologne is amazing!

Last but not least, we all know that I'm a mug addict collector and this one is perfect for me and also many of my friends/family members as we all love the bake off - it's the *Bring On The Bake Off Mug (it was from Flamingo Gifts but the site doesn't seem to be working). Also a GBBO book would be great too, we have at least three of them!

Phew, that is my Great British Bake Off inspired christmas gift guide for those early bird gift buyers (I already have all mine sorted but not wrapped yet, don't worry I'm not that organised...or crazy!). I would definitely recommend all of these products as they are from brands I know and trust - it would make a lovely christmas present for food/baking lovers and GBBO fans! 

What do you think of my GBBO christmas gift guide? Do you have any of these products? Are you a fan of the Great British Bake Off?

Halloween Looks: Sugar Skull

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Halloween Looks: Sugar Skull
I created this look at the end of August, that's how excited I am for Halloween! I created series of halloween looks last year and it was SO fun and I love being able to be more creative and use products/shades that I wouldn't normally. This is the second halloween look I created which is a sugar skull inspired look with a difference, I hope you like this look!

- Barry M White Creme Foundation
- Colorsport Rapid Gro Black Liquid Liner
- Eye of Horus Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil
- Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil 
- Eye of Horus Dynasty Dual Brow Perfect 
- HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette in Vamp
- Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette 
- Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in 40
- Glo and Ray Velvet Two Way Cake Powder in N00
- Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 
- Essence Fixing Powder
- Brushes from Spectrum and Fancy Witch (at Beauty Crowd)

First up, the base - I used my regular foundation and powder for the top half of my face and the white foundation (mixed with a tiny amount of grey/black eyeshadow) for the lower half of my face to create a half normal, half sugar skull look. I used the amazing Fancy Witch foundation brush to blend the white as it leaves a gorgeous soft focus finish and it blended the edges of the white foundation perfectly so there wasn't a harsh line. I set the white foundation with the Essence fixing powder so it wouldn't effect the colour of the white foundation. This white foundation isn't as pigmented as I would like, it can be very streaky and it does highlight all of my damn peach fuss so maybe face paint or another brand would be better.

Using a liquid liner, I created a 'cavity' on the nose, I filled in my lips (a black lipstick would work so much better) and I used the liquid liner to make a 'smile' extending from the sides of the lips up towards the ears - you can extend the line as far as you want. I also used the liquid liner to create a flower or leaf design on the chin and along the lines of the white foundation on my cheeks for an extra detail. I added dots and colourful accents to these areas with the Eye of Horus liner pencils which came in so handy for this look. 

I filled in my brows as usual with the amazing Eye of Horus pencil and gel as well as the HD Brows Palette in Vamp. I then created a more unusual black smokey eye with the new Too Faced semi sweet chocolate bar palette and created a winged out shape and blended more towards the outer corner of my eye rather than the rounded shape I usually go for. I lined my upper and lower waterline with the same Eye of Horus black pencil and applied mascara. 

That is the finished look, of course you don't have to use the exact products I did and you can switch up the colours to suit your costume. I love the way this halloween look turned out first time round and I can't wait to publish all of my other halloween makeup looks, so stay tuned!

What do you think of my halloween sugar skull inspired makeup look? Have you tried any of the products I've used?

My University Experience: Managing Money

Saturday, October 17, 2015
If you have been following my blog for a while then you may know that I graduated from university two years ago now and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I've made, even though it can be so difficult and very stressful sometimes (especially while blogging as consistently as I could and writing my dissertation!) but I would definitely recommend it! I went to a very small campus which was part of the University of Huddersfield which was close to home so I didn't need to move out; therefore I didn't have that added financial strain. Although being a student isn't a walk in the park for anyone in terms of studying, exams and finances. 

Todays post is a sponsored post in collaboration with TSB and my friend Yasmin, who is also a university graduate, all about our university experience with regards to managing money. Also you get to see some slightly embarrassing photos of my graduation...If you have any advice or tips for managing money while at college or university then feel free to leave a comment below! 

As mentioned in my previous post, the TSB student account is a great option for university students but did you know that they also have an app where you can easily manage your money? Yasmin uses the free TSB app all of the time as it is so useful for transferring money to friends/family even if they are with different banks as well as paying tax, bills or standing orders for example. The app shows your transaction history so you can see exactly how much you have spent, saved and transferred to others which makes managing your money so much easier especially as a student with student loans, grants and payments that need to be carefully managed. On the app your TSB student account will be displayed so you can monitor your finances and if you also have a TSB savings account them it too will be displayed so if you were very money savvy and forward thinking, you could transfer a certain amount of your student loan or grant into your savings account so quickly and easily - otherwise it will probably be spent on nights out! I think if you have numerous accounts (for example a student account and a savings account) then it might be useful and easier to have them with one bank, especially if you're using a banking app. 

As well as the app, you can get mobile text alerts from TSB so you receive a text reminder when you are nearing or if you have reached your limit; therefore you know if you need to cut back on the spending a little (feelin' spendy is ok sometimes but not all of the time!) or if you need to transfer money. Yasmin used the app and text alerts while at uni as it is perfect for students as it means you can avoid unplanned overdraft charges. I think both the app and text alerts will be invaluable to students as being a student can be difficult enough without adding in extra stress about managing your money and payments. 

Also, within most universities there should be student financial support where you can get general advice as the world of banking and managing money can be confusing (even if you aren't a student)! Lastly, one way of managing money that all of us could use is to shop around for the best deals and rates to make sure you are not spending more than you need to. 

If you're looking for money saving tips then check out my 'student money saving tips' post and if you want more information from TSB then check out their useful savvy student guide

Do you have any money managing advice or money saving tips?


Serenata Flowers Pamper Hamper + Giveaway

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Serenta Flowers Pamper Hamper + Giveaway
Hampers are such an easy but thoughtful gift, whether you have made one yourself or if you have bought one. There are always so many options and it not only means that the gift looks substantial but also there are a mix of products. The lovely people at Serenata Flowers kindly sent me one of their hampers, I received the *Serenata Flowers White Jasmine Relaxation Hamper (£39.99), mine contained the following products:

- White Jasmine Shower Set (which contains a bath/shower gel, soap and sponge)
- English Tea Shop 'Youthful Me' Tea 
- Serenata Chocolates
- Serenata Strawberries in White Chocolate (115g)
- Serenata Artisan Caramelised Butter Fudge (113g)
- Wicker Box 

I love the presentation of this box, from the tissue and ribbons to the choice of products; it looks like a fantastic gift. It also contains range of products, instead of all chocolate or all bath products. The white jasmine shower set smells amazing - so sweet and floral; I think a lot of women would love the scent. Over the past year I've gone from a tea hater to a herbal, mint and green tea lover so I was definitely intrigued to try this one as I haven't had anything like it before; it tastes so nice, it would be perfect for afternoon tea and it's pink which makes everything better! The chocolates and fudge look so yummy and I think as there is a range of products, there will be something for everyone. 

Serenta Flowers Pamper Hamper + Giveaway
Overall, I think the hampers looks fantastic and the product selection is great, especially for a relaxing day, birthday or as a christmas gift. The white jasmine shower set smells amazing and it is such a well presented hamper. I also love the wicker box too and I will be re-using it for my Lush bath bombs! My only slight negative is that the truffle chocolate did get powder on a couple of other products but it was very easy to clean up and the products weren't exactly as mentioned online but it is still a lovely hamper! Serenata Flowers have such a wide range of hampers, flowers and other gifts to choose from at really reasonable prices - additionally, they offer free delivery on hampers which is great as no one likes to pay for delivery! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.
Serenta Flowers Pamper Hamper + Giveaway

Now onto the giveaway, the generous people at Serenata Flowers are providing the prize for this giveaway - a £40 voucher to spend at Serenata Flowers on a hamper, flowers or a treat for yourself! They also have lovely and indulgent christmas hampers. The giveaway is UK only, to enter fill out the rafflecopter form below - good luck!

Happiness Boutique Earrings

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When Happiness Boutique contacted me asking if I wanted to review a couple of their items, I couldn't say no because so many of their scarves, necklaces, rings and earrings caught my eye - it was difficult to choose! I picked the *Happiness Boutique Wishbone Stud Earrings in Rose Gold (€18.90) and the *Happiness Boutique Diamond Drop Statement Earrings (€12.90); both came quickly and were well packaged. 

I have been looking for rose gold wishbone studs for SO long but most are quite expensive so I'm glad I now have some! I adore rose gold *as most bloggers do* so these are perfect everyday earrings for me as they are simple and understated. They go with everything and unlike some earrings I have, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

I also have a pair of gorgeous statement earrings which aren't something I usually go for but these are so pretty and not too big which is one of the reasons I don't wear statement earrings because they are usually huge and heavy which makes them so uncomfortable. Thankfully these are relatively small for statement earrings at about 4cm in length although they are a little heavy but that is probably just because I'm not used to wearing earrings like this. 

Overall, I love the way the earrings were packaged in a cute box and in chiffon bags. I will get so much use out of the rose gold studs because of the colour and minimalist design which is my favourite style of jewellery but the statement earrings are gorgeous too. The quality is fantastic and the prices are reasonable, in my opinion. 

Happiness Boutique has a wide range of jewellery and they also stock clothing and accessories. Additionally they offer free worldwide delivery! They host a bi-monthly giveaway on the website and they have a customer reward scheme where you can earn points as your shop and you can receive free rewards when you reach certain point milestones. Here's my mini wish list:

Happiness Boutique Earrings

Have you tried anything from Happiness Boutique? What do you think of the earrings I chose?

The Fragrance Shop Autumn Discovery Club

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
The Fragrance Shop Autumn Discovery Club
Autumn has arrived and that means I switch up my fragrances to more autumnal, woody and musky options but sometimes you want to try a new fragrance for the change in seasons but you don't want to pay the full price - The Fragrance Shop has the answer! Every quarter The Fragrance Shop releases a new Discovery Club box which contains a selection of the latest male and female fragrance samples as well as fantastic discount codes that can be used in-store or online for the fragrances featured in each box. 

I have *The Fragrance Shop Autumn 2015 Discovery Club Box (£5) which contains three male fragrance and three women's fragrance samples ranging in size from 1ml to 2ml each. The autumn box contains the following samples:

- Aura Magnetica EDP from Loewe: Sweet, powdery and floral. This fragrance would be perfect for work wear or evenings as it is quite a formal and sophisticated fragrance but it is still feminine although it is potentially 'old fashioned'. Not personally a fragrance I would buy but I think it will appeal most to an older generation.  

- Gentlemen Only Casual Chic by Givenchy EDT: Woody, Musky and Fruity. This mens fragrance is similar to a few that my dad wears often, he loved this sample and he said he'd buy it. The fragrance to me is very woody and musky but also fruity. The longevity seems to be quite poor on my dad anyway, although everyone is different so it may last longer. 

- Olympia by Paco Rabanne EDP: Rich, heady and sickly sweet. I'm personally not a fan of this fragrance as to me it smells like old fashioned hard boiled sweets mixed with musky notes. Although a few of my friends really love this perfume! I think it would be perfect for teens or the 20-30 age range although obviously if you like a certain fragrance then it doesn't matter at all about ages. 

- The Scent by Hugo Boss: Warm, Musky and Rich. Again, my dad loves this fragrance! It is warm and musky but it isn't very heady or overly strong, in my opinion. It has some sweetness but it is mainly a great masculine fragrance that I think most men will like. 

- James Bond 007 by Seven EDT: Light, fresh and musky. This fragrance is much lighter and fresher compared to the other two but it is still masculine and musky but in a subdued way. I think this would be great for the men in your life who don't like strong, rich or overly musky fragrances.

- Live Irresistible by Lancome EDP: Sweet, spicy and unusual. I don't think I've tried a fragrance like this before (which is very impressive as the fragrance market is usually very generic) but this perfume is so different and unusual! It has a candy sweetness but it is also slightly spicy. It is feminine with a twist - I don't think it is a fragrance you could buy as a 'safe' gift for someone as it is very unique but that is why fragrance discovery boxes like this one are so fantastic because you get to try a range of fragrances at a fraction of the cost and you may find a few that you love or wouldn't have tried before. 

Overall, I think the extremely inexpensive Discovery Club quarterly boxes are a fantastic way of trying a range of new fragrances as well as receiving very handy discount codes for each fragrance. I have already purchased the 007 fragrance for my dad as a christmas present using the code so I only paid £19.49 including delivery. Also I now know what to buy my dad in the future as he is always so difficult to buy for! I would definitely recommend The Fragrance Shop Discovery Boxes even though some won't be to your taste but you get a good range of samples. Additionally The Fragrance Shop donates money to Rays of Sunshine charity with every transaction. Overall rating: ★★, 5/5. 

The Fragrance Shop have some amazing sales and fragrances, some of the gift sets might be on my wish list to santa!

Have you tried The Fragrance Shop Discovery Boxes? Have you tried any of these fragrances?