Christmas Gift Guide: Under £5

Sunday, December 01, 2013
I have started a mini Christmas gift guide series for numerous price ranges - from this first post with gifts priced at £5 or under. There will be posts with gifts at £10 and £20. I am also going to create a gift guide post with some lavish, expensive gift selection and one on unique, quirky gifts too. In this post I have tried to include gifts for women, men, teens and older children.
1. Accessorize Concealer Kit (£5): The Pixiwoo sisters have mentioned their love for some of the Accessorize makeup products so they must be fairly good, especially for the price. This concealer kit looks quite benefit like in my opinion. It is a very comprehensive kit, it contains a yellow corrector, three shades of concealer and a finishing powder. The only negative point about this product is that it comes in a one shade fits all, there is only a light version as far as I can see. 

2. Topshop Movie Trivia Cards (£5): Who doesn't love a bit of trivia! I do! I think this would make a great little gift/stocking filler for men and movie buffs. There are other trivia sets from Topshop including: 90's tv, 90's music and a horror trivia set. 

3. Topshop Origami Napkins Set (£5): The one thing I miss about Christmas when I was a child is that you had toys and things to play with and now I get makeup, money and bath/body products which I love and I am very grateful for but there is nothing to do. I think this little origami set would be great for those dull moments around christmas were there is the same dull tv! 

4. Accessorize Knitted Reindeer Christmas Decoration (£4): Myself and my sister bought my mum a cute knitted penguin Christmas tree decoration last year and she loved it and it looks so cute - it makes a nice change to the boring baubles! There are lots of other to chose from. I think this would be a great gift to those who have just bought a new home or have moved to university as sister and some of my friends have done this year. 

5. Topshop Sock Zombie Kit (£5): Who doesn't want their own sock zombie....ok, I agree it is a strange concept! But is looks like a great gift and it is very unique. Also again as I said on the origami gift, it give you something to do on Christmas day. I think it would be a nice set for those who like DIY and also for younger teens (adult supervision is probably needed though). My sister bought one of her friends a knit your own ninja set last year and I wanted it for myself!

6. Paperchase Photo Cube (£4): A more sentimental gift now, a cute photo cube - you could add in photographs of yourself/friends/family. I think it would make a nice, nostalgic gift. There is a small one for £3 and a larger one for £12. 

7. Paperchase Gold Bear Money Box (£5): I have received numerous money boxes for Christmas over the years and this one has to be the cutest. This would be great for friends and children, in my opinion. There are so many cheap money boxes at Paper chase including a: skull, owl, moustasche, robot and lego block. 

There are my cheap and cheerful bargain picks for christmas gifts - they would be great for numerous ages and also for secret santa gifts and stocking fillers x

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  1. Fun gift guide! I could see a few of my friends really liking that sock zombie kit, haha. I also like the new look of your blog - it's cute. :)

    1. I love the zombie sock kit too, amazing! Thanks, I didn't expect to change my blog design but it needed it x

  2. Loving your gift guide! Accessorize Concealer Kit looks great! Might buy that for my sister's present!

    Madeline - Wonderland In A Wardrobe

  3. I like this post so much! Such good ideas! :)

    ♥ Please click the links in this post or just an Aupie's banner that is in the sidebar on the right.

  4. really interesting guide. I've wrote a xmas gift guide under 30€ on my blog.
    if you want to read it, I'll be glad of it!

  5. ooh that bear money box is so cute! Great gift guide!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. Love the photo cube! So fun for a desk!

    sundays grace

  7. Love the photo cube, such a cute little idea to fill with memories!

    Ineffable Beauty

  8. Absolutely love the money box! Would definitely make a cute addition to my desk! £5 isn't bad either, I expected it to cost more than that as it's from Paperchase.

    1. I found a lot of cheap gifts on paperchase, I didn't expect them to be so inexpensive x

  9. AWW that reindeer decoration is soooo sweet! Want it for my tree :)
    Danielal x

  10. That sock zombie is amazing! :) great post!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups


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