Luxury Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Luxury Gift Guide
Christmas is almost here *it's 25 sleeps away!* so I have another gift guide to help my lovely readers find gifts for loved ones...or yourself and today's gift guide is all about gorgeous and luxurious gifts which will be perfect for the women in your life who deserve an extra special gift this year! I know my mum and aunties would adore all three of the gifts in today's luxury gift guide.

*Wedgwood Arris Teacup & Saucer (£45)

I think anyone would be happy to receive a gorgeously indulgent teacup and saucer and especially from the world famous brand, Wedgwood. My mum and aunties love afternoon tea so this would be perfect to recreate an afternoon tea experience at home. I adore the simplistic but luxe design with golden detailing. It's made of fine bone china and it comes in a beautifully presented gift box so it would aesthetically make a lovely and unique gift this Christmas!
Luxury Gift Guide
*Joan Collins I Am Woman Fragrance Set (£45)

Fragrances are also a fantastic gift, I know I love to receive perfume for my birthday and as a christmas gift. I have to say that the packaging for this fragrance gift set is so luxe and fancy! The set contains: Joan Collins Luxury Body Lotion, Joan Collins Eau de Parfum and the Joan Collins Fragrance Essence - the bottles for all three are so fancy! The fragrance has citrusy top notes, sensual musky notes and floral notes with woody base notes. I love the eau de perfume, it's musky, woody and perfect for the time of the year or as an evening fragrance.
Luxury Gift Guide
*Sekonda Ladies Snowflake Watch Gift Set (£69.99)

Last but not least, my favourite item of the three! A jewellery or watch gift set would be perfect for the festive season as it's usually not the thing that you'd buy for yourself. This gorgeous set contains a lovely watch, bracelet, necklace and earrings all of which are sparkly and have a wonderfully festive snowflake design. The watch and earrings are stunning...well all four items are! It comes in a gorgeous gift box so it's already beautifully presented and perfect for any jewellery lover this christmas, I mean come on, how gorgeously sparkly is this gift set!

Overall, I love all three gifts and I think they'd be perfect for so many recipients this christmas and I know my friends, mum and aunties would love all of them! All three are luxe but not too expensive and look beautiful! Thank you so much to the lovely and generous brands featured in this gift guide. Here's my own mini luxury wish list:
Luxury Gift Guide

What do you think of my luxury gift guide? Are there any luxury items on your wish list? 

Laser Hair Removal

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Laser Hair Removal
Image from Pulse Light Clinic
Laser hair removal is a process I have been interested in for years, I have tried two at home devices. The couple devices that I've tried have been relatively effective although I think and in-salon or in-clinic treatment would be far more effective. Pulse light clinic, as well as other procedures and treatments, offer laser hair removal treatments which are suitable for men and women aged over 18. They have clinics in London and have over 15 years of expertise in skincare. They claim fast and excellent laser hair removal results and to be honest if I lived in London I would definitely go in for a free consultation!

Laser hair removal is a permanent way of removing unwanted hair and works by targeting the hair follicle with a laser which damages and in turn destroys the hair follicle which stops it from producing further hairs. The at home devices I've tried haven't been painful, I just a very slight warming  feeling so I don't think the in-clinic treatment will be much different. As with at home devices it's not a instant thing, you have to wait for the hair cycle to progress over the next few weeks and you will gradually see results. It sounds like a miracle, not having to shave and I really want to go through laser hair removal one day. There are fantastic reviews on the website from customers and it's really important to make sure you go with the right clinic/company and if you’re interested book a consultation to make sure it's right for you. The video below shows the process on various clients with various skin tones. This is a sponsored post.

Have you tried laser hair removal, either using an at-home device or as an in-clinic treatment? Would you want to? 

*collaborative post
please always do your own research before considering any kind of treatment anywhere or lifestyle change 

Men's Christmas Gift Guide

Monday, November 28, 2016
Men's Christmas Gift Guide
I've already published my Stocking Fillers Gift Guide which went down really well so today's post is my roundup of a selection of gifts for him, whether's that is your brother, dad, husband, cousins or friends so I hope you like the gifts and this post gives you some ideas for this christmas season...I want to keep all of these for myself to be honest though.

*Smartphone Projector (£18.99)

The first gift is one of my favourites and I've been using it so much! It's a cardboard smartphone projector which is perfect for the colder months as you can have a cosy movie day in bed! The projector is suitable for use with all iOS and Android smartphones so it should work with all iPhones (I have an iPhone 5C and it fits well). It comes with instructions printed onto the box and it is a little time consuming to put together *I'm more used to putting together Ikea wardrobes...* and it takes a while to get the distance/set up right but it is a little DIY project on Christmas day and will mean that you can watch movies and embarrassing christmas home movies over Christmas Day and Boxing Day instead of the awful TV!
Men's Christmas Gift Guide
Last year I only read about six or so books but this year my goal was 30 which seemed almost insurmountable at the time but I'm now on my 72nd book which I'm really proud of and one of the publishers that I've loved is Pushkin Press; their books are beautifully published and so unique! So I obviously have a few books in my gift guides this year as I think books can make lovely gifts.

First up, these two incredibly beautiful books from Pushkin Press, *Triumph and Disaster and *Genius and Discovery by Stefan Zweig (£9.99 each). I have to be honest and say that book covers definitely affect my interest and catch my attention and I think it's important for Christmas gifts to look the part. I adore the metallic, foil detailing on the books, especially the copper shade *heart eyes emoji*. These dramatised historical studies of some of the most poignant moments in history are so interesting and will make a unique Christmas gift or stocking filler. I'll have full reviews next month or in the New Year (my current TBR is huge!).

The majority of the people in my life love food, baking and cooking so cookbooks are great and safe gifts to give; however they can get a little repetitive but in comes Hoxton Street Monster Supplies to the can probably tell by the store name that this isn't your usual cookbook. The Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Cookbook (£13) is a unique cookbook designed for the living, dead and undead alike, it's full of interesting halloween and monster filled recipes such as Classic Kraken Crumble, Boiled Bile Jam, Dragon's Egg Tarts and so many more amazingly macabre recipes - I love it! Also I adore the illustrations, cover and it's a fantastic price; there are so many stocking fillers on their site too and I want them all!
Men's Christmas Gift Guide
My dad is awful to buy for, he's so picky with everything so I always just end up buying him aftershave which he likes but it's not very interesting so I think this gift set from Crabtree and Evelyn will be the answer! The *Crabtree and Evelyn Indian Sandalwood Traveller Gift Set (£24) contains travel sizes of their hair and body wash, shave cream, after shave balm and cologne in the heavenly 'indian sandalwood' scent. I adore the scent, it's woody, masculine and musky but it's different to all of the generic men's scents. It's presented so nicely and it would make a perfect Christmas gift for dads, brothers, friends and the men in your life who travel.

I think for most men, skincare and grooming products on the whole are a little confusing or feminine and I know my dad wouldn't know what to buy so I'm always the one to choose products for him and he does actually use them. The Chambers & Co Balm For Active Feet (£8, 60ml) which is perfect for dry skin. It contains carrot oil, hemps seed oil, vitamin E and more fantastic, natural ingredients. The *Chambers & Co Balm For Active Hands (£8, 60ml) also contains great ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil and almond oil. Both would be fantastic as men's or womens stocking fillers or as part of a hamper - perfect for this time of the year when your skin needs a little TLC.
Men's Christmas Gift Guide
Food is also a go-to gift but it's usually chocolate, coffee or hot chocolate but this is much more unique but just as practical and yummy! The *Easiyo Yoghurt Maker (around £18) is a quick and easy to use yoghurt maker that uses packet mixes (£2 each) which makes up to 1kg of yogurt per packet. I have the 'forrest fruit' and 'greek style with honey' flavours, the first is amazing. The yogurt maker is so simple to use and you can have smooth, creamy and delicious yogurt in between 8 to 24 hours depending on how quickly it sets. I think it would make a great family gift as it's something parents/guardians and children could make together! There are also so many yoghurt flavours to choose from and they're vegetarian, gluten free and contain natural flavours and colours.
Men's Christmas Gift Guide
This final gift is probably my personal favourite and all of my friends, family and neighbours that have tried it have loved it too so it would be perfect for share the experience with over the Christmas season, parties and New Year! The *Immerse Virtual Reality Headset (£39.99) is a virtual reality headset in which you place your smartphone and you can play and explore virtual worlds (via free apps you can download from the app store) as well as 3D movies and videos. I've downloaded a few apps and the best so far have to be the Jurassic VR and Haunted Rollercoaster apps - the jurassic one is amazing as you are in a jurassic park like environment with dinosaurs roaming around! The headset is so easy to use and I love the experience of virtual reality; the only negative I have is that the headset is a little heavy with a phone in it and there aren't a tonne of apps right now but I'm sure that will change soon. My grandad, aunties, friends, parents and neighbours all loved it, it's a great talking point and everyone wants to try it (they're all impressed by it!).

What do you think of the items in my gift guide? Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? 

Tisserand Gift Ideas

Saturday, November 26, 2016
Tisserand Gift Ideas
Tisserand has been one of my favourite brands this year and last year too when I was first introduced to them; I'm always using the bath oils as they are so indulgent and even though they aren't as interesting as bath bombs, they are much more moisturising! Tisserand have just released a new bath and body collection, all of which looks heavenly and perfect for Christmas.

*Lavender & White Mint Hand Wash (£7.95, 195ml)
Lavender is one of my favourite scents, for anything, as it's so incredibly relaxing and calming to me! So anything that contains lavender and I'm all over it; this lovely hand wash also contains white mint, aloe vera, comfrey and chamomile. The hand wash smells heavenly, it's a gorgeous lavender scent but I don't really get any mint but that's fine with me as the more lavender the better. It lathers well, doesn't strip the skin and it doesn't irritate my eczema which some hand washes can do.

*Rose & Geranium Leaf Soap (£4.50, 100g)
Geranium is another favourite of mine, well I'm a fan of anything floral really and again this is another Tisserand product that smells divine - all of them do! The soap contains almond oil and pure essential oils to cleanse and also moisturise. It has Tisserand embossed on the front and it smells subtle but gorgeous. I think any of these products would make perfect additions to a present hamper or as a stocking filler.

Tisserand Gift Ideas
*Tisserand Peaceful Night Set (£9.95)
I love any products that contain lavender and also products that are supposed to help you sleep (even though most don't really work but these definitely help) as I'll try anything and they usually smell comforting and calming. This set contains the Sweet Dreams Bath Oil, Sweet Dreams Rollerball and the Sweet Dreams Body Oil, all of which are mini sizes so they'd be great as trial sizes for people who haven't tried the brand before and for those who travel.

I have the full size of the Sweet Dreams Bath Oil (30ml) which is just heavenly and the Sweet Dreams Bath Oil (30ml) that contains jojoba seed oil, lavender, jasmine flower oil, bergamot peel oil and so many more lovely, natural ingredients. Unlike most body oils I've tried, this one absorbs really quickly and it leaves the skin smooth, moisturised and subtly scented - my only negative is that I wish the scent lasted longer on the skin although that's where the Sweet Dreams Rollerball comes in. The Sweet Dreams Rollerball has the same gorgeous scent but in a quick and portable format that's perfect to use on the pulse points before bed and on the go but again I wish the scent was a little stronger/longer lasting.
Tisserand Gift Ideas
*Tisserand Neroli & Sandalwood Body Wash (£9.95, 200ml)
You can't go wrong with anything from Tisserand as not only are the products natural and effective but they all smell heavenly and this is no exception. When I look for certain scents in perfumes or products, lavender, neroli and sandalwood are all options I look out for. It also contains chamomile, ginseng and vitamin E. The scent is floral and musky, it's a perfect autumn/winter scent and it makes me feel relaxed every time I use it! As with the hand wash, it leathers well but it doesn't dry out the skin or irritate.

*Tisserand Rose & Geranium Hand Cream (£7.95, 75ml)
There are quite a few products in this Rose & Geranium scent range including this gorgeous hand cream. I use hand cream multiple times per day as I have dry skin anyway but I also have eczema on my hands *cries* and hand creams definitely help to keep my hands feeling comfortable. The hand cream contains shea butter, jojoba and aloe vera to moisturise, smooth and soothe the skin.

Overall, I'm so happy with all of the products I've been able to try from Tisserand and I couldn't recommend them enough either for yourself or as a Christmas gift. None of the products irritate my sensitive, eczema prone skin and they all smell wonderful - they're presented beautifully too. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Have you tried anything from Tisserand? What do you think of these gift ideas? 

Christmas Party Picks

Friday, November 25, 2016
Christmas Party Picks
The Christmas party season is coming up and I'm always struggling to decide what to wear that will be relatively warm, formal or party appropriate and comfortable but with the suitable glitz, detailing or lace for a christmas party or new year celebration. Thankfully there is still plenty of time to choose an outfit or two and Coast have so many gorgeous pieces!

Coast isn't a store that I ever really shop at but browsing their site last week, I found so many gorgeous dresses that are lacy, flattering and christmas appropriate but minimal which is what I always go for. Also there are gorgeous bags and glitter and sequin covered pieces that would be perfect for the upcoming festive season.

Party Glitter Clutch  -  Red Shift Dress  -  Black Lace Panel Dress  -  Black Lace Jumpsuit 

I adore the clutch bag, especially the design and glitter covered exterior; I'm not usually a fan of clutch bags but it's gorgeous and it does come with a chain strap *I have added it to my very long wish list*. Also I never really like jumpsuits but I love the simplicity of this one and the lace detailing makes it so gorgeous and festive party ready! This is a sponsored post.

What do you think of the items I've featured? What will you be wearing to christmas parties this year? Do you shop at Coast? 

Black Friday Deals + Wish List

Thursday, November 24, 2016
Black Friday Deals
Image from Yves Rocher
Black Friday is here again and like last year, UK stores (instore and online) are jumping on the American bandwagon with various offers and deals this week and also into Cyber Monday. Quite a few stores have started their Black Friday deals early, here are my picks of the best current and upcoming deals:

Yves Rocher 
Yves Rocher have amazing deals and sales all year round as well as fantastic free gifts with orders online. They have Black Friday deals this year with up to 70% off a selection of 70 products! I love Yves Rocher fragrances, makeup and haircare. The offers have started now and will last for five days so there's plenty of time to take advance of the deals.

House Of Fraser 
Next up, House of Fraser and this year they have up to 50% off bags, men's clothing, children's toys, luggage and furniture as well as 20% off beauty, the latter is the offer I will be checking out - any excuse. They have some gorgeous christmas beauty sets and gifts on offer.

Truffle Shuffle 
If you love TV/film merchandise or are a fangirl then definitely check out Truffle Shuffle. They have Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Fantastic Beasts, Friends, Pokemon, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and best of all...Stranger Things merch! I have so many of the Stranger Things items on my christmas wish list and with the Black Friday 20% off code, I'll have to treat myself.

I've already bought a few items from the amazing Superdrug Black Friday offers as they have great deals and then on top of the reduced price, they have extra money off if you are a member (if you have their health and beauty card). I managed to get a couple of cute Patisserie de Bain sets for less than £2.50 yesterday!

Have you seen any amazing Black Friday deals/offers? Will you be taking advantage of any of these deals? 

Personalised Christmas Gifts

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Personalised Christmas Gifts
Personalised gifts are some of the nicest to give and also to receive at this time of the year! I have quite an old fashioned name so I've never really had that many personalised gifts growing up but the few that I did, I loved *especially the alice band with my name in glitter on it, if you're a 90's kid too, did you have one of those?*.

I was very kindly sent a few lovely gifts from the wonderful people at I Just Love It. They have so many gorgeous and unique gifts for all ages that can be personalised with the recipients name or a message. I couldn't be happier with them and I know the recipients are going to be over the moon with them.

*Personalised Dream Big Little One Hanging Cloud (£13.99) 
How absolutely adorable is this little children's bedroom sign! I love the cloud design, stars and the ribbon, it would make a lovely and thoughtful gift to keep for years to come. I've added my friends baby's name to it as he loves stars and to be honest, I just loved it as a pinterest worthy gift! It's a wooden sign and would be great hung up as a part of a wall art collage or on a bookshelf with baby photos.

*Personalised Rolling Pin (£10.99)
Even though the Bake Off has ended *cries*, I'm still obsessed and I know pretty much all of my family and friends love the show and love to bake. Any baking gift would be perfect for so many people in my life but my auntie Danel (pronounced, day-nel, unusual I know) would love this personalised rolling pin; she bakes multiple times a week and everything is always gorgeous (especially the coffee and walnut cake and soda bread) so I know she'll get so much use out of this and it will be a nice surprise gift!
Personalised Christmas Gifts
We all have that one person (well I have a couple) that are so frustrating to buy for and my grandad is that person for me; I never have any idea what to get him other than biscuits! My dad is also awful to buy for as I always just get him aftershave and socks...but in comes I Just Love It to the rescue!

*Personalised Hardback Decades Book (£24.99)
My dad and my grandad would love this gift, not only as it's personalised and really pricey looking but they both love history. This A4 hardback book contains re-prints of Daily Mirror newspaper headlines from the decade that you choose - I chose the 1940's as that's the decade my grandad grew up in. It's such an interesting and unique gift and I know my grandad will love it. I've been flicking through it and some of the headlines and the adverts in the newspapers at the time are so unusual and interesting! I think the quality, personalisation and uniqueness of the gift is amazing for the price.

Overall, I'm beyond happy with the gifts from I Just Love it and I cannot wait to give the lovely gifts to their deserving recipients over the christmas season as I know they'll love them. The quality of the items is amazing and they're so unique. I've featured more personalised gifts on my blog so if you want other recommendations then check out my previous gift guides.

What do you think of these gifts? Will you be buying any personalised gifts this year? 

The Body Shop Gift Ideas

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
The Body Shop Gift Ideas
The Body Shop has been one of my favourite brands for the past ten years and it is also one of my go-to stores for amazing sales and fantastic gift sets for family and friends. I've bought so many gifts from The Body Shop and I love the makeup items I've tried too (the foundation lightener is on my wish list!). I was very kindly sent a few of their Christmas products and sets to try out!

*The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Sugar Scrub (£15, 250ml)
I've tried SO many scents from The Body Shop and I think this one is my all time favourite! To me it smells creamy, rich and subtly spiced, I adore it! I love sugar scrubs, especially the Lush ones although I might like this one more as it's just more convenient to use, I love the packaging and they scent is heavenly. It really exfoliates without being harsh and it leaves my skin velvety soft, smooth and it's perfect to use before shaving. There are so many gorgeous products in the scent range so when the boxing day sales come around, I'll be buying everything!

*The Body Shop British Rose Beauty Bag (£10)
The Body Shop gift sets are perfect, indulgent and safe gifts for so many people including friends and family, colleagues and secret santa recipients. I think this is one of the very few Body Shop scents that I haven't tried and it's gorgeous. Rose scented products can either be old fashioned and grandma-like and others can be fresh and divine; thankfully this range is definitely the latter - it's fresh, sweet and floral, I love it and I'm sure a lot of others will too. The Body Shop body butters are an essential for me at this time of the year (I currently have about four on the go!) and their hand creams are lovely too (this one absorbs SO quickly). I know so many friends and family members of mine would be happy to find this gift set under the tree.
The Body Shop Gift Ideas
*The Body Shop Spiced Apple Hand Cream (£4, 30ml)
I tried this gorgeous hand cream last year and I'm so glad to have another and I used up my tube a couple of months ago. I love the packaging, it's great on the go and it smells so good - I love anything that has a food scent to it! The hand cream and body butters don't irritate my eczema and they are so moisturising without being heavy or greasy on the skin. The Body Shop hand cream and body butters would make fantastic stocking fillers.

*The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Body Butter 
I can't find this body butter on The Body Shop website but you might be able to find it in-stores. It is rich, thick and very moisturising even for my dry skin. It also has a lovely sweet, fruity and festive scent that smells really nostalgic to me! It contains cranberry seed oil and community fair trade shea butter from Ghana. I can't recommend The Body Shop body butter enough!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of The Body Shop's Christmas products and gifts this year? 

Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

Monday, November 21, 2016
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
This post is going to be a long post, so maybe grab a snack and a coffee! There are some amazing and gorgeous stocking fillers in this post, most are great for women and teens but there are also a few gifts for children, men, colleagues and secret santa recipients so hopefully there should be something for everyone, including a couple of cute personalised gifts. 

First up, one of the most seasonal gifts, the *Elegant Touch House Of Ho Ho Ho Christmas Nails (£8.99 each). I was kindly sent a few in various cute and festive designs including: Deck The Halls and Snow Globe, both of which are so pretty and christmassy. I think they'd make perfect gifts for teens and anyone interested in beauty. I was also sent the equally pretty *Elegant Touch Nails (£6.99) which are a slightly cheaper option but the designs are adorable - I have Polar Opposites and Let It Snow designs. I hear nothing but amazing things about this brand and their false nails so I can't wait try these in December. 
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
Chocolate is usually a really safe gift to choose for secret santas, colleagues, friends, neighbours...basically everyone, I'm also a fan of chocolate *wink wink*. Morse Toad (best brand name ever?) have a range of personalised greeting cards with chocolate in them as well as little stocking fillers. I was able to choose a couple of products and I chose the *Morse Toad 'Merry Xmas' Chocolate Christmas Card (£10.50) which comes really nicely packaged and has Merry Xmas in chocolate within the card. I chose the 'add your own image' option so I have an old photograph of myself and my best friends  from years ago so we can all cringe and share the chocolates! I also picked up the *Personalised Chocolate Stocking Filler (£2.75) and I opted for the 'Ho Ho Ho' message which would be great to add to a secret santa gift, as part of a foodie hamper or as a little christmas morning stocking filler. 
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
I love Green People skincare, I've tried a few products and I cannot recommend them enough if you have sensitive skin. They have brought out a few products where 15p from each Refresh Gift sold will go to support the work of the Butterfly Conservation, so not only do you get a little treat for yourself or a stocking filler for mums, aunties, friends or secret santa gifts but you are also contributing to charity! 

The packaging is gorgeous and I know that isn't everything but during the festive season, it's worth finding pretty gifts for friends and family. The *Green People Refresh Shower Gel (£5.50, 30ml) is 82% organic, it's a special edition product and it contains sweet orange, ginger, aloe leaf juice, amara flower water and more natural ingredients. There's also the *Green People Nourish Hand Cream (£6.50, 30ml) and it contains ho wood and red mandarin. I think hand cream is a really safe gift and it's always needed especially at this time of the year. Lastly, the *Green people Indulge Night Treat (£8.50, 30ml) which is an organic facial night cream that contains raspberry and apple. As I said, I cannot recommend Green People skincare enough! All three products are suitable of vegetarians and vegans *round of applause*. 
Now onto a couple of snacks, I've always had food as a stocking filler because opening christmas presents is hungry work! The snack of choice for my stocking fillers post are these moreish *Rocky Rice Bars which come in Chocolate, Strawberry an Orange flavours. I used to have these kinds of bars in school as a snack and I still love snacks like these. All three are so yummy, moreish and perfect as a snack and on the go. The chocolate is my favourite but the strawberry is great too! 
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
Burts Bees and Crabtree and Evelyn are two of my favourite brands when it comes to gifts and I've bought various sets and products from both brands for friends and family. First up, the *Crabtree and Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy 'Feast For The Senses' Christmas Cracker (£6) which contains three mini hand creams in the scents: spiced earl grey, festive fig and rose pineapple. The Crabtree and Evelyn hand creams are fantastic and all three scents are amazing, especially the spiced earl grey hand cream. I love the Christmas cracker packaging, it's adorable and so festive. 

Next up is another gift that comes so beautifully packaged, the *Burt's Bees Treat From The Bees Set (£7.99) comes in a honey pot style glass jar with a metal handle - it could definitely be re-used for jewellery, mini soap or tea lights (it would be perfect for tea lights). The pot contains the vanilla lip balm, peppermint & vitamin E lip balm and their classic hand salve. I have the Burt's Bees Original Beeswax lip balm which I adore so I cannot recommend their lip balms enough. My mum, aunties, friends and cousins would love this little but luxe festive gift. 
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
Mini's are a fantastic option for stocking fillers as they are inexpensive but most brands have some minis, including more expensive or luxe brands such as Moroccan Oil. I've tried a few Moroccan Oil products including the amazing hair oil and I love these minis. The *Moroccan Oil Moisturise Repair Shampoo (£6.25, 70ml) and Conditioner (£6.75, 70ml) are perfect stocking fillers - I love their products, as they are perfect for my dry, frizzy hair and they smell AMAZING! I also couldn't recommend the Moroccan Oil dry shampoo enough too. 

Sticking with the haircare theme, the *Tangle Teezer Lulu Guinness Compact Styler (£13.50) which would be perfect for friends/family who love beauty/haircare or who have thick, long or tangle prone hair. Additionally this particular brush would be great for anyone who loves Lulu Guinness prints/designs - they have a lot of other designs to choose from including Hello Kitty. Another Tangle Teezer brush that would be a great, practical gift is the *Tangle Teezer Finishing Brush (£15) which I've been using constantly as it's amazing for taming frizz!
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
Toys and plushies would also be great for childrens stocking fillers or fans of the characters; there are so many to choose from including Marvel and comic book characters, Star Warz, Wizard of Oz and Christmas characters. They're from Hallmark but they can be purchased from Amazon. I have the *Batman Itty Bitty (£6), *Scooby Doo Itty Bitty (£5.99) and the *Snoopy Itty Bitty (£6). They are all so adorable, soft and utterly cute! 
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
They next few gifts would be ideal for work colleagues, secret santa gifts or stocking fillers! Let's start with some gorgeous stationary from Flying Tiger Copenhagen; I have a few items from them and they're fantastic as is the price. They have so many fantastic little gifts including the *Ballpoint Pen and Propelling Pencil Set (£2), Gold Triangle Paper Clips (£1 for 30) and a cute Leather-Look Notebook (£2), all of which would be perfect for work colleagues or any students in your life. 

Next up, a foodie gift! As well as socks, gift cards, bath products and chocolate, foodie gifts are a really safe bet. The *English Provender Sweet Tomato & Chilli Chutney (£1.90, 325g) and the *English Provender Apple, Pear & Fig Chutney (£1.90, 325g), would be great Christmas stocking fillers or as part of a hamper - they're really inexpensive too. 
Ultimate Stocking Fillers Gift Guide
The final two items are two of my favourites as they're so pretty, for different reasons but they would both make lovely gifts. I am constantly making lists, especially to-do lists and this *Busy B List Pad (£7.99) is perfect; I adore the design and I know I will get so much use out of it and if you know any stationery lovers or list makers then I'm sure they will too. 

The final item in my stocking fillers gift guide is the *POP Book (£5.99) which is an app created by Fujifilm, whereby you can create a photo book using Instagram, Facebook or the photos on your phone. The app is really easy to use although for me it did crash a few times and I kept having to start over again but that might just have been my internet. The book is really well made and it's 10cm by 10cm, so it's a great pocket/stocking filler size. I filled mine with photos from our trip to London and the Harry Potter studios in August. It would make a lovely gift for anyone! 

Phew, there are all of my stocking filler gift ideas and I couldn't recommend them enough especially the Burt's Bees Pot, POP Book, Itty Bitty Plushies, Tangle Teezers (not even for a present, just for yourself!) and well...just everything in this post! Thank you so much to all of the incredibly lovely brands for the wonderful gifts! 

What do you think of my stocking filler gift ideas? Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? 

Autumnal OOTD

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Autumnal OOTD
Today is so cold and it was snowing this weekend so I wouldn't wear this outfit now but a couple of weeks ago I was wearing this jacket non-stop! I am loving all of the gorgeous items I've had from Zaful recently and I'm grateful to receive these items as my wardrobe is in dire need of an update for the autumn and winter months!

*Zaful Zipper Suede Jacket ($35.99) 
You'll have to excuse my weird/annoyed expression, I was FREEZING! I am a bit of a sucker for pretty jackets, I'm always buying jackets to go with various outfits - I never seem to have enough! The jacket design is gorgeous, I love the tan brown suede and the zipper detailing. I have a size M and I'm a UK size 10 and it fits really well although as I'm tiny, it is a little long on the arms; although the length of the jacket is quite short and I wish it was longer as that's the only negative I have about this jacket. I think it would be perfect for autumn and also spring, it definitely wouldn't be warm or thick enough for the winter months in England.

*Zaful 'Rock 'n' Roller' Tee ($9.29, clearance)
I also chose this tee in a size M and it has the same problem as the jacket in that it is a little short which I wasn't expecting for either item. However, I do love the quality as it's soft and really well made. I adore the slogan and design as well as the cuffed sleeves - I have been getting so much use out of this tee around the house and as a pyjama top as it's so comfy.

Overall, I cannot recommend Zaful enough, I have quite a few lovely items from them now and I love the design and quality of all of them! I've been wearing both of these items a lot, particularly the tee; however they are both a little on the short side even on me and I'm tiny but I will still continue to get a lot of wear out of them. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

What do you think of these items? Have you bought anything from Zaful? 

New In: Antipodes Manuka Honey Skincare

Saturday, November 19, 2016
New In: Antipodes Manuka Honey Skincare
When it comes to sincere, I'm always looking for better and more effective products which isn't an easy task as I have eczema prone skin so it can be extremely dry, tight, sensitive, irritated (stinging, itchy, burning) and generally just awful when I have a bad flareup - yeah, finding skincare isn't the easiest task for me. In comes Antipodes *angels singing* as I've tried maybe eight products from them and I LOVE every single product and my skin couldn't be happier!

I was sent a couple of new products the lovely, natural New Zealand based brand. The two new products are inspired by one of their best selling products, the Manuka Honey Mask which I have and it's wonderful! All three products contain Manuka Honey which is one of 'natures most powerful healers' as it's antibacterial and it is hydrating. 

The *Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Day Cream (£39.99, 60ml) contains bee venom, Vinanza grape (which is scientifically proven to brighten the skin), kiwi and Manuka Honey. It's approved by the vegetarian society and you cannot use it if you are allergic to bee stings. The cream is designed for those with normal to oily skin - I have an oily t-zone and dry everywhere else and I find this moisturiser works well for me. I apply a generous amount morning and night, with a little extra on the drier areas of my skin. 

One of the main things I love about both of these products is the scent, they both smell incredible (two of the best smelling skincare products I've ever tried). The scent to me is creamy, almost chocolatey/food like and when I've applied it, I can still smell it for the next couple of hours - I LOVE it! The moisturiser is rich and it leaves my skin baby soft, incredibly smooth and moisturised. It also creates a great base for makeup. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

The second product is the *Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream (£35.99, 30ml) which also contains Persian silk flowers, jojoba oil, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and many more fantastic, natural ingredients. The eye cream comes in a heavy, luxe feeling glass jar as most Antipodes products do and it's a really rich, thick eye cream but it is very silky smooth and applies quickly and easily. It's designed for normal to oily or blemish prone skin and while I don't ever really get blemishes, this eye cream still works very well. It's perfect to use before foundation/concealer as it eliminates dryness and provides a smooth base for makeup. The price may be a little high but the 30ml jar will last forever as you only need a tiny amount.  Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

Overall, I cannot recommend these products enough! They both work so well for my annoying, temperamental and sensitive skin. They smell heavenly and the packaging is fantastic as always. I know skincare isn't a typical christmas gift but I really don't think you could go wrong with Antipodes and they have great bodycare products too - if you want more information on Antipodes products then check out my reviews.

Have you tried anything from Antipodes? What skincare products are you loving recently? 

Scandinavian Inspired Wish List

Friday, November 18, 2016
Scandinavian Inspired Wish List
When it comes to interior design, homeware, baking and being super cosy, the Scandinavians do it best! I love Scandinavian homeware, furniture, design, culture, baking and decor as well as the idea of hygge which I'm all for as it involves coziness, baking, spending time with friends and generally just being happy and comfy *yes, yes and yes* so here's my Scandinavian and hygge inspired wish list which is very appropriate today as it's been snowing!

Ro Candle  -  Pink Plate  -  Grey Wool Shawl  -  Felt Christmas Tree  -  Northern Lights Candle  -  Moomin Mug  -  Pink Bowl  -  Grey Throw  -  Scandilicious Baking Book

I love all of the items in this post, especially the heavenly Nordlys candle which looks so beautiful and the word Nordlys means Northern Lights in Norwegian; The second candle is from the same brand and it's the tranquility candle. I've made one Scandinavian recipe before (Finish Pulla Bread) which I adore so I definitely want to make some more gorgeous Scandinavian bakes! The throw and shawl would be perfect as I'm writing this as they are made from wool and the throw also contains cashmere so they would be really cosy and soft. This is a sponsored post.

What do you think of the items I've featured in my wish list? Do you like Scandinavian homeware/design?

Little Known Box: October 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Little Known Box: October 2016
I love subscription boxes, I think it is mostly because of the mystery and not knowing what I'm getting - they are the adult version of the Claire's Accessories pink goody bags that were £5 back in the 90's! I have tried quite few and I have a lot of favourites but I'm always really happy to try others as since they came onto the market a few years ago, there have been an almost constant influx of subscription boxes and I'm all for that!

I was very kindly sent the *Little Known Box (£15.95 - October) which is a new subscription box to me and I was instantly impressed; it's the October 'autumn anniversary' box which is still available to purchase from their website. The box contains five items as well as two bonus items, all of which are beauty related.

The first item that caught my eye was the Dinki Belle Nail Wrap Gift Set (£7.99, full size) which are nail wraps in the perfect design/print for bloggers...marble. I've tried a few nail wraps/stickers and I like them but this design is my favourite. I love the packaging, the design and it comes with a nail file/accessories to help you apply the wraps. They are supposed to last for two weeks, they are an easy and quick alternative to nail polish and there are 20 nail wraps in the pack.

Next up, the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm (25ml) which I have already tried the full size of already and you can read my full review if you want more information but I did give it 5/5 stars. There are also a couple of Merumaya sample sachet serums as a bonus item.

The final skincare items from the box are the Samaya Aquveda Anti-Ageing Cream (three 5ml pots). The cream comes in three cute pots so it would be ideal for travelling and it is an all natural brand. It has a bit of an unusual scent but the texture is gorgeously silky and absorbs quickly.
Little Known Box: October 2016
Next up, the nicest smelling item in the box, The Herb Garden Massage Bar (15g travel size) which I presume is in the 'relaxing' scent. The packaging is cute and the massage bar is in the shape of a flower! The massage bar has a floral, clean and creamy scent to it and the bar itself is really smooth and creamy.

The makeup item in the box is the Lin & Lo Satin Lipstick (£19) in the shade Pearl Pink which is a pretty, natural tan rosy shade - it would be perfect for everyday. The price is a little high, in my opinion but the packaging feels so luxe! It's really heavy and the lid has a satisfying magnetic closure.

Last but not least, the second bonus item - Fab Little Bag (£1.99) which contains five biodegradable tampon disposal bags that are made from 35% organic material. I love receiving practical and eco friendly products in subscription boxes and this is a great bonus item.

Overall, I love the box and packaging design as it looks really luxe! The box contains a few full size items and smaller sizes as well as a range of brands/products that I'm very happy with overall. I love the lipstick, the nail wraps, massage bar and it's great to have a travel size of the lovely Merumaya Cleansing Balm. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried this subscription box? Are you subscribed to any? 

Childrens Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Gift Guide For Kids
It may be too early for some but I am always really organised when it comes to christmas gifts so having gift guides and gift ideas in November (or earlier...) really helps when I'm trying to decide what I could buy for friends and family. This year I have a couple of little ones to buy for and that means I get to go to toy stores and press all of the buttons on the toys and run away. Here are some stocking filler and gift ideas for the little ones in your life:

One Day On Our Planet Book  -  Lamb Steiff Teddy  -  Bubble Maker  -  Boo! Book  -  Butterfly Light  -  Lush Snow Fairy FUN  -  T-Shirt Graffiti  -  Santasaurus Bubble Bar  -  Secret Writing Set  - Butterfly Backpack  -  Pusheen Unicorn  -  Rocket Backpack

I would have loved these gifts as a child, especially the adorable butterfly light (I actually had a light like this growing up but I think it was from Ikea), bubble bars and FUN, teddies and the secret writing set! I know my friend's little ones would love some of these gifts! There are so many gifts out their for children but I think any of these would be great - prices range from £6 to £20. This is a sponsored post.

What do you think of these gift ideas? What will yo be buying the little ones in your life? 

S+ Sleep Monitor by ResMed

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
S+ Sleep Tracker by ResMed
I have always had trouble when it comes to having a normal or consistent sleeping pattern and I find it really difficult to drift off to sleep. I've found that certain pillow sprays or scents seem to help and trying to relax and not over think helps too but I've wanted to try a sleep tracking/sleep monitoring device for so long but they tend to be really expensive and I wouldn't know which one to go for so when the opportunity arose to review the *S+ by ResMed (£129.95, exclusive to John Lewis) I was excited to give it a go!

I've been using it on and off for the past few weeks now and I am loving it. The S+ by ResMed is the world's first contactless sleep monitor so you don't need to wear a device such as a Fitbit. The device monitors and analyses your breathing and physical movements while you sleep to give you personalised advice about your sleeping patterns (e.g. it can tell you if you're not getting enough deep sleep and will offer advice). It also measures the light levels in the room and temperature. ResMed have been helping people with sleep conditions such as sleep apnea for 25 years and they are one of the world's leading producers of sleep medical equipment.

It is very quick and easy to set up, the instructions are really easy to follow and I had it set up and ready to use on the first day I received it. The device itself isn't massive, it doesn't make any noise and it is quite sleek. The device connects to your iPhone via bluetooth and their app (it's free from the app store) which is where you add in your personal information and answer their initial questions - this only took a few minutes to complete. There are only four simple stages to set it up, plug it in then download the app and pair the device via bluetooth to your phone and answer the questions - then start!

The app shows a history of your sleep analysis on the days you have used it, I don't use it everyday as it needs your phone to be charging and switched on throughout the night and I don't like to do that all of the time (which is really my only main negative about the device). Before you sleep, you open the app, pair with the S+ and answer a few very quick questions about how you are that day (stress levels etc) and at the bottom of that screen it shows a moving line showing your breathing and movements at that time which is amazing - you do have to make sure the device is properly positioned facing your chest or it won't be accurate but it's easy to make sure it's positioned correctly as you will be able to see your breathing on the moving line as your chest rises and falls; also you can tilt the box so it is pointing directly at your chest.
It's so interesting to see the sleep analysis in the morning as it shows how long you were awake, if you woke up in the night and how much sleep you had in the various stages of sleep such as light, deep and REM. There have been a couple of times when I've looked at my phone in the morning and my phone has disconnected from the device during the night so I have to wait for it to reconnect which can take a while and a few tries. You receive a total sleep score between 0 - 100 for each time you use it and mine have ranged from 89 to 65. However, it's been so interesting seeing the analysis of my sleep each morning as well as the little notifications of tips and advice to help; although I didn't get any for about week initially as I think it needed more data before it started giving advice.

It has other features that can help such as 'mind clear' were you can clear your mind of things you need to remember for the next day by recording your voice saying whatever you need to remember. Also it has 'relax to sleep' which is designed to produce rhythmic sounds to match your breathing, gradually slowing down to help your fall asleep more easily which I haven't fully tried yet but I need to! Lastly, it has 'smart alarm' which will wake you up during a light sleep stage at a time of your choosing within a 30 minute slot so you will wake up feeling more refreshed compared to waking up from a deep sleep stage.

Overall, I'm so happy with the S+ by ResMed as it's interesting and useful to see my sleep analysis as well as all of the little notifications and advice to help me sleep better - I've used some of the advice but not all of it yet and that's the point with these devices, they can give you tips and analyse your sleep stages but if you don't act on the advice, you won't see any benefit. It's really easy to use, it looks surprisingly nice and sleek and even though it can lose connectivity sometimes, mostly it's really reliable. You also receive a weekly sleep report via email. My only main negative is that my phone has to be switched on and charging all night which I don't really like to do but other than that it's a fantastic and useful device. I think it would make an interesting and very unique gift, if you know someone who has trouble sleeping. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you tried a sleep tracker/monitor? What do you think of the S+ by ResMed? 

Christmas Party Wish List

Monday, November 14, 2016
Christmas Party Wish List
Christmas party season is almost here and with it comes the horror of trying to find an outfit that is suitably festive, formal or party appropriate during the chaos of shopping centres at this time of the year. During the party season and also New Year, I'm always late while pretty much all of my wardrobe is on the floor and still have nothing to wear! However this year I'm trying to be as organised as I am with my christmas present shopping (it's pretty much all done), here are some party outfit ideas featuring Daniel Footwear and Dezzal.

Lace Skater Dress  -  Bodycon Dress with Lace Skirt  -  Lace Shift Dress  -  Patent Stud Heels  -  Suede Pointed Heels  -  Velvet Platform Sandals 

I'm all for simple, minimal dresses and all three of these are gorgeous and perfect for the upcoming christmas and new year parties. I love lace detailing, it makes any dress instantly more party ready without being too formal or overstated. I've picked three pairs of heels to correspond with each dress; I think the pretty studded heels will be perfect with the yellow lace dress. A little black dress and black suede heels are a classic and timeless combination! This is a sponsored post.

What do you think of the dresses and heels I've featured? Have you bought anything from Daniel Footwear?

Book Review: The Diabolic

Sunday, November 13, 2016
Book Review: The Diabolic
I'm so close to my 70th book of 2016, it's crazy and I'm so happy with my progress especially as my reading goal was only 30 books! I've read a range of genres this year from classics and adult fiction to YA, graphic novels, picture books and many more. YA or young adult fiction has become one of my favourite genres as they are usually fun, entertaining, easy and quick to get through and very assessable but they tend to have consistent tropes which I'm not a massive fan of but The Diabolic is something else...

I was very kindly sent *The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid (£5, hardcover, sale) from the lovely people at Simon and Schuster UK. It's an amazing price for a hardcover so get it while you can! The book is categorised within the young adult and science fiction genres - while I'm used to the YA genre, I haven't read much science fiction at all! The hardcover edition is 416 pages and the cover is so striking.

The book follows Sidonia and her diabolic, Nemesis, as well as her family during a tumultuous time in which radical, scientific thinking is coming back in place of the current religion which is making the powers at be more than a little nervous and trigger happy. A diabolic is an individual who has superhuman like abilities such as hearing and strength and they can be bonded to another individual who they will protect for life. But when politics and obviously a love interest get in the way, who will Nemesis choose and will the world survive the purge, politics and love?

The writing style is very quick and easy to follow so I managed to finish the 416 pages in a couple of days which is one of the reasons I really like reading YA! The writing style makes a slightly complicated world with a variety of characters and politics/factions easier to understand. The book features a lot of science fiction and politics which I haven't read much of before and I loved the political side of the story.

I loved the relationship between Sidonia and Nemesis as well as the relationship between Nemesis and Tyrus (to be honest one of the main reasons I wanted to reach he end was to find out if a certain two characters would get together - I'm SO happy with the ending!). I found all of the characters to be vidid, the world feels familiar but something I haven't read about before and it read like a YA science fiction/romance TV series which I personally loved. There are some ancient Rome vibes as well as some similarities with Red Queen but they are two completely different books but I loved both! As in Red Queen there are a lot of twists and turns, some of which I thought would happen and others I didn't - it was a fantastic rollercoaster and I think if you like YA then you will adore this book! To me it was like a story from ancient roman times of love, friendship and especially death and betrayal but set in space! The only reason it lost one star was because I found it to be a bit angsty towards the end which was a little annoying and other times it was quite brutal but in a way that it was a little over the top, in my opinion. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you read this book? What are your currently reading? 

The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Saturday, November 12, 2016
As well as Avon, Rimmel and Natural Collection, The Body Shop cosmetics were some of the first that I tried when I was a teenager and I've loved their products ever since. The first eyeshadow product I bought was one of the iconic shimmer cubes which I used constantly so I was very excited when a lovely package arrived including some festive goodies and these on trend matte liquid lipsticks.

There are so many shades to choose from but I was sent three gorgeous picks; *The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid (£6) are creamy liquid lipsticks that claim to dry down to a lightweight, matte finish that is long lasting - it sounds like a perfect product for me as I'm not a fan of glossy finishes and I am all for long lasting lip products!
The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks
The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks
The first shade is Tahiti Hibiscus which in the tube looks like a deep purple pink but on the lips it's much brighter (it's the middle tube in the first photo). I love the colour in the tube and you can get that when you pack on a tonne of product but when one thin coat on the lips, it's looks like a vivid berry, purple tint. It looks more red in the photo but in 'real life' it's more purple/electric pink - it's surprisingly difficult to photograph the colour as it actually is! It's creamy and applies smoothly but the applicator isn't super precise so it can take a while to apply very neatly. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.
The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks
The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Next up is definitely my favourite shade from the three I was able to try and it's Sydney Amaryllis which is a bright, almost coral red - the photograph above shows it really well. Again, it's creamy and smooth on the lips which feels light and comfortable but it means that it isn't the easily to apply as it can smudge but when it sets it lasts pretty well on me. This shade would be perfect for the upcoming christmas party season! The only issue is that as the shade is quite warm/orange toned, on my skin/lips anyway, it isn't the most flattering when it comes to my teeth; however the longevity of this shade is incredible, it lasts all day even through eating! Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.
The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks
The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Lastly, the boldest shade of the three and the one that's least like any of the others in my collection. The Sicily Iris shade is just gorgeous, it's perfect for this time of the year and I love it; however the darker the shade, the more likely I am to make a mistake and screw up the application and with darker shades there's no where to hide! The application takes the longest to get it neat but that's the same for all dark, bold shades but sadly it's a little patchy on me which you can see in the photo above - I still love it though. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Overall, I love the shades I was kindly with my favourite being Sydney Amaryllis as it makes my complexion look radiant and brighter, if that makes sense! The formula is creamy, smooth and very comfortable on the lips but it can lead to messy application if you aren't careful. There are a couple of minor issues but for the really low price of £6, they are well worth trying! The longevity is AMAZING! I definitely need to pick up the Windsor Rose shade now!

Have you tried any of makeup from The Body Shop? What do you think of these shades?