July Beauty Favourites

Thursday, July 30, 2015
July Beauty Favourites
How is it the end of July already, this year is going by so fast! Another month ends which means it is now time for my monthly favourites roundup. This month I have been lucky enough to receive quite a few amazing products, a lot of which I have been loving and using constantly throughout July. 


Lets start with my favourite category, makeup! I was very kindly sent a range of products from the Australian company, Eye of Horus and their Dynasty Dual Brow Perfect pencil and gel is my favourite product from the range. The pencil is a perfect shade for me, the gel has amazing hold and it is perfect for travelling - I took it with me on our mini staycation in York earlier this week and it was so handy! Next up, another new addition to my makeup collection, the MeMeMe Correct and Perfect Concealer Kit which is actually a great shade for my super pale skin. I thought the concealer would be quite waxy and cakey on my dry skin but it isn't and it blends so well; the powder is great too. I will have a makeup look featuring a lot of lovely MeMeMe products on my blog soon. Lastly, in the makeup category is the Spectrum Atlantis Flat Top Buffer Brush has been my go to foundation brush; it looks so pretty and it is perfect for blending foundation without those annoying streaks.


I've already posted my review of the two new Antipodes additions to my skincare routine and I have been loving both since I received them earlier this month. I use the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Cream everyday and I use the Antipodes Worship Serum on days when my skin is extra dry; they work so well and they are all natural. Another product I have been using almost constantly is the Skin and Tonic Steam Clean Cleansing Balm which is a luxe but basic cleansing balm that is perfect for my dry, sensitive skin.


Lastly a couple of products I've been using on my hands, the first is the Sweet Cecily's Soothing Skin Cream which to be honest doesn't look or smell very nice but it great for soothing and moisturising the eczema I have on my hand. Lastly, the hand cream I have been keeping on my desk is one from last Christmas, The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream; it smells lovely, it absorbs quickly and it doesn't irritate my eczema. 

Just a couple of honorary mentions to a few products that I used over the few days of our mini staycation in York earlier this week which came in so useful. Firstly, the Fancy Witch Brushes (available at Beauty Crowd) are fantastic, very smooth and the foundation brush is a dream. While away from home the DHC Blotting Papers were so useful, I didn't know my t-zoe as that oily but they really helped control shine. Lastly, my favourite foundation/powder combo is the Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation and the Essence Fixing Powder - they look so natural (but have good coverage) and make my skin look so much more even. 

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned? What products have you been loving through the month of July?

Desk Makeover Ft. Room 4 Interiors

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The office in our house has slowly over the past three years of blogging became my little blogging central and I love it - I spend the majority of my time day in day out in this little room and to be honest it isn't the prettiest room so when I was contacted about a blogger 'desk redesign' challenge opportunity, I obviously said yes. I have wanted to have a little office makeover for a while but I haven't got round to it but Rooms 4  Interiors set a challenge for me to redesign my desk with just £20. The desks of the bloggers taking part will be part of a competition in which one will be voted the best by the public. 

For my desk redesign, I didn't want to do anything major, firstly because of the price limit and secondly because it would take ages. I have always loved Matalans home ware so when I saw a couple of cute items, I made an order and it arrived SO quickly. I bought the Matalan Welcome Sign (£5) which is gorgeous and I love it; it fits perfectly above my iMac - I can't believe the price, it is so cheap! I also bought a Matalan Alphabet Letter Mug (£2), again the price is fantastic and I had to restrain myself from buying ALL of the mugs. I will be going back to buy more of their copper items, especially the simple copper photo frame and three tier hanging sign for the office too. 

Flowers always make a room so much more inviting, summery and colourful so I bought some gorgeous pink roses to brightening up my desk. They have such a uplifting effect on my mood whenever I see or smell them. Lastly, I bought a small copper candle holder from H&M which I can't find on the website but I'm using it as a pen holder; it fits well with the copper tones of the sign too. There are so many products I want from H&M home, it is a little ridiculous! 

Here is the before and after, I also rearranged a lot of items as it was a little cluttered and I always think better and I'm more productive when the space around me is tidy and organised. I had a grey skull money box and a cute plaque from Sass and Belle in my room which I moved to the office as it was a little too minimal in the office. I find that refreshing and reorganising your surroundings and switching up items (even on my iMac, not just the room) is so revitalising and renewing, I love it! 

Sorry the photo quality isn't amazing for these two last before and after photos but I used the pano setting on my iPhone 5C. Oh and I also added in my blog hoodie from College Custom to this room as it has my blog logo on the back which is just amazing and it seems fitting for 'blogging central' to have it's own personalised products! 

What do you think of my mini desk makeover? 

Introducing: Eye Of Horus Cosmetics + Looks

Monday, July 27, 2015
Eye of Horus is an Australian brand that I have seen on blogs previously and also on social media and on the whole I've read great things so I was really excited when I had the opportunity to try some of their products! 

I am always looking for a good brow pencil as my brows are slightly sparse and I love the look of full thick brows (think Cara Delevingne). Brows products can be difficult for me to choose as my hair colour is always fading and changing but I want my brows to be quite ashy toned and my brows are also quite unruly. This brow product has a angled pencil on one end and a brow gel on the other. The colour of this pencil matches my brows SO well, it is really quick and easy to use and the brow gel has amazing hold which my brows need but for some I think it would be too strong/hard on the brows, if that makes sense! This product has become an instant love! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

When it comes to mascara I always look for natural effects over full on spider lashes, which I hate. I also look for waterproof mascaras and natural bristles brushes instead of plastic; however this mascara is the opposite. While the brush is plastic, it is easy to use and I love mascaras with which I can slowly build and really take my time (which is rare to find) but this one is great! I can time my time to apply it and it makes my lashes look lengthened and very defined and very black although it doesn't really provide any volume or curl. The mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes, it contains vitamins and it just doesn't clump up...ever. It is easy to remove which is great as I do have sensitive skin and most mascaras irritate my skin when I'm trying to remove them because they are just so difficult to remove. Overall rating: ★★★☆☆, 3/5.

I am a big fan of winged liner, it looks gorgeous on most people but it isn't the easiest thing to master but after years of practice I think I'm pretty good and having a fine tipped liner always helps. This liner brush is just perfect, it is fine but flexible and even though it is a marker pen style brush, it is quick to fuss free to use. I love the brown shade too, it's a nice change from the standard black liner. As you can see from the photos above, I was able to create thin, precise lines and a fine tip to the wing of my liner in a minute or two. My own problem with this liquid liner is that as I was using it it did seem to be a little dry and I think that will just get worse with time but so far it is a great liner. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

I don't think teal is a shade that particularly suits my eye colour but this pencil is just gorgeous. I used it on my lower lash line with some eyeshadows from MeMeMe on the lid. The pencil blends easily with fingers and less easily with a brush or the smudger on the end of the pencil. It doesn't show up too well on the waterline but I would only use this kind of shade on the lash line anyway. The longevity is good on me, it looks vibrant and perfect for summer!  IF you are looking for this pencil to be pigmented on the waterline then you will be disappointed. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Another pencil in the same range of the teal shade; they all contain botanical oils and waxes and they don't irritate my skin and I have eczema around my eyes. The pencil is fairly good on the waterline initially but my eyes can water throughout the day so I don't think it will last very long. The pencil can be used on the lid too, as I have done in the photo above, and with some work it looks gorgeous, in my opinion. It can be a little patchy and it takes a while to get the opacity I wanted but with a shimmer beige over the top it looks so pretty! Overall rating: ★★★☆☆, 3/5. 

Bronze shades are my fave for the eyes, I think it suits all eye colours and looks! This bronze shade is so pretty and the pencil is creamier and smoother than the previous two, in my opinion. I love this shade on the lower lash line for extra natural definition. Longevity is pretty good on the skin but again it isn't great at all on the waterline. This is my favourite liner from the three I received and it is the one I will get the most use out of. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Overall, I adore the brow pencil and the liquid liner as well as the bronze liner. I'm going away for a few days and I have already packed the brow pencil as it has instantly become an essential in the makeup routine - I will be buying another when this one runs out! The liners are fairly good but they can be a little patchy and they don't show up too well on the waterline on me unfortunately. The mascara is great for me as it is SO easy to remove (with a micellar water) and it adds so much definition and length but it's not for you if you want volume. I love the ethos of the brand and the use of more natural ingredients which is perfect for me as I have sensitive skin. 

Have you tried any products from Eye of Horus? What do you think of the eye makeup looks I've created?

Tweezerman Smooth Facial Hair Remover

Sunday, July 26, 2015
Tweezerman Smooth Facial Hair Remover
When I started my blog back in 2012, I didn't even want to photograph my face, never mind writing about facial hair removal! However, it's something we all have to deal with to some extent and it can be annoying and painful; although the new *Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover (£20) might be the answer for some. 

For my brows, I've always used tweezers or wax and I always do them myself - I wouldn't trust anyone else to do them and I honestly don't understand why anyone would go to a salon and pay for it as it's so quick and easy to do at home. However, tweezing isn't the most comfortable thing to do but with the Tweezerman tweezers I use it isn't awful and waxing obviously isn't pain free either so I would definitely want a less painful opinion, if possible. 

I've been using this device for almost two weeks now and to be honest when I received it, it did look like some kind of torture device but it works in a similar way to threading. There is a spring like section in the middle which as you twist the knobs on the sides of the pink handles and move across the skin, it pulls out the hair from the root which sounds like an eye watering process but as someone who has waxed and tweezed for years, I can tell you that this is less painful. 

Yes, it isn't pain free and you can feel the slight pinch as hairs are being removed but it is no where near as painful as waxing or tweezing, in my opinion. It feels a little odd to use and it definitely takes some getting used to but after practising it is quick and easy. However one of my problems with it is that it isn't great at getting hairs from under the brow as it is too big - it is perfect for above the brows as well as other unwanted hair on the face though. Also I find that it can only really remove baby hair/lighter and thinner hair rather than darker/thicker hair which makes up most of my brows. I've tried using it at different angles and it still doesn't work for thicker/darker hair but I do find that having the skin very dry (without any moisturiser on) definitely helps the device grip the hair. 

Overall, I think the device is a less painful way of removing facial hair and even though it takes some time and practise, it is relatively quick and easy! I have found the device great for above my brows and lighter 'baby hair' else where but for between my brows and under my brows, I can't really use it and it doesn't seem to remove thicker/darker hair that well unfortunately as if it did, it would be amazing for me personally. I think this hair removal device would be perfect for those with fair/lighter/thinner hair. 

Have you tried the new Tweezerman hair remover? Have you tried threading or waxing?

Fast Print Blog Stickers: Best Stationery Ever

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Fast Print Blog Logo Stickers
Whenever I am lucky enough to receive products with my blog name or blog logo on them, I get so excited and it makes me feel like a 'real' blogger, if that makes sense and that's how I feel about these amazing blog logo stickers from the lovely people at Fast Print

I was kindly offered the opportunity to have my blog logo on their products and I chose their stickers as when it comes to 'blog' stationery and extras, I do use stickers fairly often for blog packaging, notes, page markers etc and when the stickers arrived I was over the moon! Not only did I receive some pretty amazing stickers with my blog logo on (designed my Miel Cafe), I received hundreds of stickers *heart eyes emoji* 

The stickers came really securely packaged and protected which hasn't been the case with some blog packages I've received recently and I received SO many stickers! They were able to use my blog logo which to be fair isn't the highest quality image ever but it turned out looking fantastic and better than I thought it would. They were able to make the stickers the size and shape I wanted and you can choose the finish of the stickers too (matte, gloss, clear or metallic). I have the matte stickers, approx. 3cm by 3cm and I couldn't be happier with them. The types of stickers you choose, the size and the quantity as well as if you use your own 'artwork' or if you need Fast Print to design your artwork will affect the price but in my opinion it is very reasonably priced. 

I've already started using them for blog stationery and just around the house because you know...I can. Friends have said that I should just put them everywhere I go as blog promotion which is a funny idea but I don't think I would! They are going to come in really handy for general stationery, blog packages and notes. 

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about the experience of choosing the product and emailing Fast Print with my blog logo and choosing how I wanted the stickers to look. I am so happy with the end result, my blog logo looks clear and vibrant and the stickers are very adhesive so they aren't just going to come off. Fast Print also make car stickers (which would be great blog promotion, don't you think?!) as well as banners, business cards, leaflets, posters, menus, stationery and more! From a blog point of view, I think the stickers, stationery and business cards would be so useful. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Do you have any 'blog stationery'? Have you bought anything from Fast Print?

Antipodes Worship Serum + Vanilla Day Cream

Friday, July 24, 2015
Antipodes Worship Serum and Vanilla Day Cream
Antipodes is a certified organic, certified vegetarian skincare, bodycare and makeup brand that I have reviewed on my blog before - I reviewed the amazing Antipodes Hosanna Serum which has been in a monthly favourites post. So when the opportunity arose to review more from the brand, I jumped at the chance! It's a gorgeous brand, I love their ethos and my skin (which is dry and sensitive, prone to eczema on occasion) gets on well with Antipodes products. 

Antipodes have released a new serum, the *Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum (£34, 30ml) which is 100% natural and claims to fortify the skin against the early signs of ageing and free radical damage as well as hydrate and plump the skin. The serum contains kiwi fruit extract, raspberry water, coffee berry extract, vitamin E, blackcurrant extract and more - the ingredients list is a dream, no nasty chemicals, colourants or parabens in sight! 

The serum comes with a dropper, it is red and smells like berries which to me makes it more enjoyable to use! The serum is very runny so the dropper makes it easier and far less messy to use. It feels very gentle and hydrating on the skin but it does absorb quickly. I've been using both products consistently for just over two weeks and I love them; when I use this serum it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, plumped to an extent and it doesn't irritate my eczema or cause any other negative effect. 

As the serum is water based, it feels light on the skin and it just adds a much need moisture boost to my dry skin as well as protecting it. Since I opened the bottle, which is glass and very luxe, I have noticed that the scent has changed slightly from a very strong and sweet berry scent to a more subtle scent which I imagine is to be expected with a product that is all natural. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

I have wanted to try the *Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream (£27.99) for so long so I was really happy to receive it! Firstly, I have to say that this cream is one of the nicest smelling skincare products I own - it has a heavenly creamy vanilla scent. As with the serum, the cream is natural and vegetarian society approved. The cream contains avocado oil, rosehip oil. grapeseed extract, shea butter and manuka honey, among other natural ingredients. The cream is very thick but applies and absorbs into the skin easily. It leaves my skin so moisturised, radiant and comfortable; it doesn't irritate my eczema. I find that during the hotter days we have had then it can be a little too heavy on my skin so I've been using it as a night cream on those days but this cream in the autumn and winter will be a lifesaver! Overall rating: ★, 5/5. 

Overall, I'm so happy with both products on my dry, sensitive skin! I love the packaging, natural organic ingredients and the effectiveness. The only reason the serum has one less star is because on the whole I prefer the Hosanna serum for my skin personally but all three products are fantastic for those with dry and or sensitive skin types, although keep in mind that everyones skin is different. Antipodes have such a great range of products, from their almost cult status Manuka Honey mask to cleansers, hand creams, foundation and setting powders. 

Have you tried any products from Antipodes?

Sweet Cecily's Soothing Skin Cream

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Sweet cecily's soothing skin cream
Sweet Cecily's is a brand I've worked with before reviewing their cute lip balms. Their products are handmade using natural ingredients; I've loved all of the products I've tried so far and this one is no exception! I was kindly sent the *Sweet Cecily's Soothing Skin Cream (£10 sale, 120ml) which contains Propolis, Borage and Hemp that soothe the skin. 

As with all Sweet Cecily's products, I love the packaging, it is cute and unique. Now, I have to be honest and say that the scent isn't amazing, neither is the colour - it definitely has an earthy hemp scent to it which I am not used to in any of the products I currently use but thankfully it isn't really strong and the scent isn't very prevalent at all when on the skin after a while. 

When ignoring the colour and scent, it is a really nice product to use. I have been using it on the eczema on my hand for the past couple of weeks now and it obviously doesn't get rid of my eczema as it isn't an eczema treatment or steroid cream but it really helps moisturise the skin making it look far less flaky, sore and dry. It also does feel like it is soothing and it relives the feeling of tight, uncomfortable skin that sadly comes with having eczema. I've also been using it on my cuticles and elbows as it's great for reducing dryness! It's a fantastic soothing, emollient cream for the new patch of eczema that has developed at my hairline too. A little goes a long way so I think this large 120ml tub will last me a while. 

I do find that I get the most out of the cream in the evenings as I apply the cream then my cotton gloves and in the morning my skin is much better in terms of dryness and tightness. I wouldn't really use this all of the time during the day as on my skin it can be a little greasy; however as I said I just use this at night on the whole so it isn't an issue for me. 

Overall, a great emollient thick cream which is almost balm like. It moisturises, soothes and helps with the dryness and tightness of the skin that comes with the eczema that I have but it is also great for general dryness too. Sweet Cecily's has a fantastic range of skincare, lip balms and gifts such as a make your own face mask set and a make your own lip balm set - both of which you can personalise which I think is a genius gift idea! Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Have you tried anything from Sweet Cecily's? Do you have eczema, if so what products do you recommend?

Too Wrapped Up: Cute + Fancy Stationery

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Too Wrapped Up Stationery Review
If you've been following my blog for a while then you may know that I am a bit of a stationery addict, I have a stationery drawer...I always love to buy more! So when the lovely people at Too Wrapped Up got in touch about reviewing a couple of their gorgeous stationery items, I was so excited! 

The item I chose was the *Letterpress Bee Notecards (£14.99) which are easily the most intricate, luxe notecards that I've owned - I don't want to use them, they look too pretty and delicate! Even the box they come in is gorgeous with gold ink stating 'meticulous ink fine stationery' on the front, so I think it would make a lovely, fancy gift. 

In each pack there are 10 single cards with tissue lined envelopes  and they are so fancy. The bee embossed onto the top of each card is just adorable and the yellow tissue lined envelopes just make any stationery item look and feel so much more expensive and special. 

I also received an adorable *Creatures of the North Notebook (£7) which instantly makes me think of Game of Thrones and there is a wolf/dire wolf looking animal on the notebook. The notebook cover is printed onto recycled card and the pages are made from FSC approved stock which is fantastic. There are 100 pages which are lined and I cannot wait to start using it - I will be using mine for blog post ideas and blog notes. 

Overall, I'm really happy with both stationery items, they are cute, luxe and the Letterpress Notecards are super fancy and special! I think both items would make lovely birthday, graduation or Christmas gifts, yes, I am already thinking about Christmas! They have a great range of gorgeous stationery so definitely check out their site.  Overall rating: ★★★★, 5/5.

I have very kindly been given a code for my readers which gives you free delivery on anything, use the code: OBAN. Use at the checkout - it expires in two weeks. 

Have you bought anything from Too Wrapped Up? What do you think of these cute stationery picks?

Wish List: Dreaming Of Autumn

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
AW15 Wish List - Riverisland, Topshop, Newlook, Joshua James Jewellery, Shoetique
All images from the respective online stores
Yes, autumn may still be a couple of months away but with the heatwave in the UK where in Manchester it reached 30 degrees Celsius (which is basically unheard of here) and the constant warm, muggy weather I have been dreaming of autumn days! This was talked about in a recent #lbloggers chat on twitter in which most bloggers said that summer is amazing for taking photos and I definitely agree but I personally love the cooler months especially for writing and post ideas. This is a sponsored post. 

Anyway, as a lot of autumn winter 2015 ranges are starting to hit the shops and stock online - especially on RiverIsland, Gap and Topshop, I thought I would put together an early AW15 wish list. I want everything on my wish list for my autumn/winter wardrobe; the watch, coat and green dress are particularly gorgeous! 

Firstly, lets start with the accessories and boots; I love to buy bags, I may have too many but I always need more to go with new outfits (that's my excuse). This Tan Faux Suede Tassel Bag from RiverIsland (£32) is just gorgeous and I don't really have anything like it in my collection...so far. I am a little bit of a blogger cliche with this next choice but since I started blogging in 2012 I've always wanted a rose gold Michael Kors watch, they are gorgeous and I do have a Michael Kors bag and iPad mini case so I'd love to get a watch too. The Michael Kors Ladies Bradshaw Rose Gold Chronograph Watch MK6066 from Joshua James Jewellery (£198) is heavenly and I need it in my life. Stat. 

Boots, as with bags, I do have quite a few pairs but a few only go with certain outfits and as I have teeny tiny feet I always need to buy shoes/boots in my size whenever I can. Sadly these Lunar Janice Boots in Tan (£25, sale) aren't in my size but I had to include them as they are just gorgeous - I love the shade, style and I think they would go with so many autumnal outfits. The boots are from Shoetique which has so many gorgeous boots which are currently on sale as well as a great range of summer shoes and sandals

Next up, my favourite item from the wish list, the RiverIsland Khaki Lace Bardot Swing Dress (£38) which has to be one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen; I adore the colour and the style is so flattering - I need! I love wearing dresses with knitted tights, ankle boots and a snood in the autumn but another staple of mine all year round is jeans. Topshop make my favourite jeans and they have done for at least 6/7 years now. I love the look of the Topshop Petite Black Ecru Ripped Jamie Jeans (42), although I don't know if I could pull off the ripped jeans look! Last but not least, the Newlook Grey Wool Textured Coat (£49.99) and it was only late last year that I started to love this style of coat and now I cannot get enough - I need all the coats! 

What do you think of my AW15 wish list? Are you dreaming of autumn too? 

70's Trend ft. Newlook

Monday, July 20, 2015

The 70's trend seems to be everywhere recently from the SS15 Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and House of Holland shows and LFW 2015 to the high street and also in the blogosphere. Fringing, denim, bold floral prints, flares, suede and clashing prints are here to stay for spring/summer 2015. 

When I was asked if I wanted to take part in the New look Fashion Timeline campaign, I said yes instantly - I chose the 70's fashion time period as it is so popular now and it's a little out of my comfort zone. I've created two looks which feature various items from New look. You can check out the New look 70's trend picks, here

Outfit One - Suede Skirt
Look One: The Suede Skirt

Boots & Tights: New look

Firstly, I have to say this is my favourite look! I love the suede skirt even though it is a little out of my fashion comfort zone. The outfit is inspired by LFW street style, the gorgeous blogger Amy from The Little Magpie and stylist Megan from Pages By Megan. I love the versatility of this skirt, it can be paired with a white tee, tights and tan ankle boots as I have it or you can add some over the knee boots or throw on a denim jacket. It's a great transition piece for spring/summer but it would also be perfect layered with chunky sweaters and over the knee socks in the colder, autumnal months. 

Outfit Two - Newlook Playsuit
Look Two: The Festival Playsuit 

Wedges & Bag: New look

My second 70's inspired outfit is much more out of my comfort zone, I didn't have a playsuit in my wardrobe, until now. I love the way this playsuit fits, it is light weight, comfortable and airy but it isn't baggy - it is actually quite structured. I think this playsuit would be fantastic for festivals because it is so light weight and travel friendly and it can be paired with wellies, a floppy hat and sunglasses; also during the evenings you can throw on an oversized sweater and boots. I love the earthy shades too although New look have so many to choose from including paisley and floral prints, demin and crochet playsuits (here). 

I've created a short video lookbook as a summary of the outfits, including a three 70's festival inspired outfits - excuse the random poses and awkward looks, I'm not used to making ootd or lookbook videos! Check out the New look blog for more information on the fashion timeline.

What do you think of the outfits I created? Are you loving the 70's trend? Are there any New look 70's picks on your wish list?

Ultimate Spa Bathroom + Wish List

Sunday, July 19, 2015
Pinterest Bathroom Collage
Images from Pinterest
There's almost nothing more relaxing that a pamper night, I love them and as a blogger I can use the excuse of testing new products as a chance to have yet another pamper night, that's justifiable right? I love trying out new face masks, scrubs and candles but most of the time it doesn't feel that spa like and I think it's because our bathroom isn't very spa like - I don't think most are!

UK Bathrooms conducted research into what people would like in their home to create the ultimate spa bathroom experience if money wasn't an object. They found that most people would like a whirlpool bath to make their bathroom more spa like as well as a sauna, massaging showers and foot spa. I think I would definitely agree with the whirlpool bath and sauna opinions although I've always wanted a free standing bathtub! To read the full results and ideas on how to create your own spa like bathroom, check out the Chic and Cheap Bathroom Makeover article. 

For my ultimate spa bathroom at home, I would have to choose gorgeous blue or grey Moroccan inspired tiles as you can see from the Pinterest images above as well as clean white walls, white furniture and facilities and obviously marble and copper/rose gold has to be included, I'm a blogger after all! I think flowers and minimal wall prints would make a bathroom feel much more spa like as well. Also, if money wasn't an object then all of my bath/body products would be from Lush and L'Occitane and there would have to be lots of Yankee Candles; the vanilla chai, lavender and midnight jasmine are my current faves. 

Here's my mini bathroom and pamper product wish list:

Bathroom and Pamper Wish List

What would make your ultimate spa like bathroom? What are your favourite pamper products?

Yogi Herbal Tea Giveaway (UK Only)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Today's post is a giveaway kindly provided by Discount Supplements, specialists in Online Sports Supplements. I want the tea for myself but one lucky reader will win the following boxes of tea:

- Yogi Positive Energy Tea Cranberry Hibiscus: An uplifting and invigorating tea infused with Green Mate, Guarana & Assam Black

- Yogi Detox Tea with Lemon: a tangy detox tea infused with the flavours of Bitter Dandelion, Sweet Liquorice & Spicy Ginger

- Yogi Women’s Tea: a balancing tea with a blend of Ginger, Orange Peel, Angelica Root & Ayurvedic Spices

- Yogi Bedtime Tea: a calming and organic tea infused with Chamomile, Lavender, Nutmeg & Valerian Root

Each box contains 17 teabags and the winner gets a complete set! Yogi Tea have been specialising in organic herbal tea since 1960! And are experts in creating flavoured healthy tea. 

To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter form below - this giveaway is UK only. Good luck!

Treacle Moon Vanilla Bath + Shower Gel

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Treacle Moon That Vanilla Moment Bath and Shower Gel
Treacle Moon is a brand I've seen around the blogosphere for a while and everyone seems to love the brand and products so I was excited this try the *Treacle Moon That Vanilla Moment Bath + Shower Gel (£2.99, 500ml) when it arrived!

First up, I love the packaging, it's simple and you get a lot of product for your money! Treacle Moon products aren't tested on animals which is fantastic! I love vanilla scented products, from perfume to food to bath products - it's one of my favourite scents. A lot of vanilla scented bath and body products, especially cheaper products, are usually quite artificially scented and synthetic but this one smells like you could definitely eat it (I wouldn't advise that though!). 

The scent is like a creamy vanilla dessert, it's heavenly and sweet but it isn't overpowering or sickly sweet as a lot of vanilla products can be. The bath and shower gel does contain sodium laureth sulphate which is a common lathering agent but it can irritate however this doesn't effect my skin thankfully. It lathers really well so a little goes a long way. It leaves the skin smooth, slightly moisturised and cleansed. 

Overall, I will definitely be looking out of this range and others from Treacle Moon when I've used up some of my stash as it's a great brand and I love the gorgeous creamy vanilla scent! There's also a body scrub in this vanilla range. They have many other scents such as Coconut Island, Lemonade Days, Raspberry, Ginger, Cocoa, Candy Jar Marshmallow, Apple, Almond and more! I definitely want to try the Lemonade, Honeycomb, Apple and Blackberry scents, the latter two are limited edition. There are also great Treacle Moon gift sets on sale at Tesco. Overall rating: ★★, 5/5. 

Have you tried any products from Treacle Moon?

DIY Marbled Clay Jewellery Holder

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
I'm always looking for crafting ideas but most of the time they end up looking completely different to what they should look like; however I read a post on the blog Lady Liquor VTG (here) about creating a ring dish out of clay and as I had some excess clay I thought I would give it a go. Mine is a bit...rustic but Catherine's came out beautifully!

To make a clay ring/jewellery dish you will need:

- Oven clay (I bought mine from Hobbycraft) 
- A cookie cutter or a knife
- Paper
- Rolling Pin
- A small circular cutter/pen lid (optional)
- A silicone cake/cupcake mould or a oven safe dish/bowl

Step One: Firstly you will need to lay out paper on a flat surface and tape it down gently so when you peal it off, it won't ruin the surface and remove your clay from it's packaging.

Step Two: Wash your hands (as bits from your hands can easily stick to the clay) and break up your clay. I am using a minty blue colour and a deep metallic copper so I rolled out the mint one first so it doesn't become muddy with the copper colour. Roll each colour you have into 2/3 long sausages. 

Step Three: Plait the sausages alternating the colours so the colours mix well and press into a rough ball shape. This will create the marbling effect which will be better the more colours you use. 

Step Four: Roll out the ball into a flat disc approx. 5mm (0.5cm) thick - you could make it a little thicker but if it is too thin the dish won't be as strong or durable. Rolling out the clay ball is difficult and if you roll and work the clay too much the clay may look like a muddy mix of colours rather than fairly distinct swirls.  I used a rolling pin covering in clingfilm so the clay didn't stain the wooden rolling pin. 

Step Five: Use a cookie cutter in a circular shape (or any shape you want) or use a mini tart mould as I did to get a scalloped edge to the dish. For an extra detail, I used a large marker lid and cut out three small circles from the excess clay as decoration and for rings to hang from; press the circles gently onto the flat clay disc. 

Step Six: Heat the oven to the guidelines stated on the clay packet which for me was 130 degrees celsius. Place the flat clay disc into a oven safe bowl to hold it in a bowl/dish like shape while it bakes and hardens. I used a silicone mould but you can experiment with different contains to see which one gives a nice bowl/dish shape and curve. I baked mine for approx. 30 minutes but it may differ depending on the brand/type of clay you use. 

Step Seven: After the suggested time frame, be careful and take your container out of the oven - don't remove the clay until it has cooled! Once cool remove and there you have your small jewellery dish/bowl. I will be filing/sanding the edges down as they are a little bit messy. You can also use paint made for clay to decorate the dish further.

What do you think of this quick and easy DIY post? What have you been making recently? 

SmartSun UV Indicator Wristband

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
If I'm honest, I don't wear SPF even on holiday - I always forget but thankfully some of my makeup does have SPF in it but I definitely need to wear a specific SPF on a daily basis (If you have SPF recommendations for sensitive skin let me know in the comments).

When I do wear SPF on holiday I still can end up with slightly burnt shoulders and especially my scalp and I think the reason for this is because I don't know if or when I should reapply my suncream; well there's a new product that can help with this issue! 

I was sent the *SmartSun UV Indicator Wristbands (£4.99, pack of five) which are fantastic, simple wristbands that tell you when you need to reapply suncream or if you need to stay out of the sun. The wristbands can be worn on holiday, out and about or during outdoor sports; they are fairly discreet and small as well as comfortable to wear. 

Surprisingly skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK. More people die in the UK from skin cancer than in Australia which is such an unexpected and alarming fact! Melanoma is now one of the most common cancers in young people aged between 15-34 years in the UK and over 80% of skin cancers are caused by sunbeds and overexposure to the sun so staying safe in the sun is SO important and I'm definitely going to be wearing SPF and staying out of the sun now! 

The SmartSun wristbands are yellow when they are unused and you just apply your suncream as you normally would. They turn beige when you need to reapply suncream and finally they turn pink when you need to stay out of the sun. They are one use wristbands so you can't reuse them the next day even if the band hasn't changed colour. They are great for children and can even be worn in pools and salt water. 

Overall, I'm definitely shocked by the facts and statistics about skin cancer in the UK so I will be stay as safe as I can in the sun from now on and I think these wristbands are a fantastic idea, especially for children and summer holiday in the sun! 

Have you tried the SmartSun wristbands? Do you have any SPF recommendations?

Skin + Tonic Steam Clean Cleansing Balm

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Skin and Tonic London natural cleansing balm review
I have only tried a couple of cleansing balms, the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm and the RMK Cleansing Balm, both of which I love. However, until now I hadn't tried an all natural cleanser or cleansing balm so I was so excited to try out the *Skin and Tonic London Steam Clean Cleansing Balm & Organic Cloth (£27, 50g) from Naturisimo which is an amazing online store full of natural, organic and green beauty products - they have free worldwide shipping too! 

The cleansing balm is made with only six ingredients including:  beeswax, grapeseed oil, thistle oil, borage oil, eucalyptus oil and spearmint - five of which are organically certified ingredients. The products are cruelty free, handmade in Britain which supports local farmers and producers and the products are preservative free. The latter point did make me think the cleanser wouldn't last very long however it has a 12 month shelf life. If you needed any more reasons to love the brand, then they donate 10% of the profits to charity. 

I love the packaging, it is so cute, simple and colourful and the product itself smells so nice. The balm is thick however when distributed in the hands it melts into a smooth luxurious oil. I have been using the cleansing balm at least once a day for the past couple of weeks and it is so easy to use. I use a pea sized amount (a little goes a long way) and distribute it between my hands before massaging gently onto dry skin - even over makeup for a minute or two. I then use the organic cloth included with the cleansing balm, soak it in hot water, ring out and hold against the skin for a few seconds and repeat. I gently buff the cloth on the skin to remove any excess cleanser and pat the skin dry. If I'm removing makeup then I will buff away the cleanser first, then steam the skin. 

Yes, it does feel very greasy and oily on the skin but it breaks down makeup so well. The cleansing balm melts away foundation, concealer, contour/powder and brow products effortlessly - also your skin gets a mini massage in the process which is great for your mood as well as preventing wrinkles as it is a stress relieving process and even reducing allergy symptoms such as congestion of the sinuses (for more information, click here). The cleansing balm doesn't work as amazingly well on waterproof mascara but I usually always use a micellar water before cleansing so it doesn't have to deal with most of the mascara anyway on a daily basis. I haven't experienced any negative effects or irritation with this cleansing balm and it leaves my skin feeling super clean and smooth. I wouldn't say that this cleansing balm is great for a deep clean but on a daily basis it's great! 

Overall, I have been loving using the cleansing balm over the past couple of weeks and for the past few days when I haven't been using it due to being ill I have noticed my skin isn't as clean/clear. I'm very happy with the cleanser and the cloth, I would recommend it for normal, dry and combination skin types as well as sensitive skin types although keep in mind that everyones skin is different. Overall rating: ★★, 5/5!

Have you tried anything from Skin + Tonic London? Have you tried a cleansing balm?