Review: Black Tied Hammered Circle Necklace

Friday, February 28, 2014
I was kindly given a 20% off code by Black Tied last week and I treated myself to a gorgeous simple silver necklace, even though I was given a money off code this does not affect my opinion of the brand/product, for more information on PR and my disclaimer, click here

I chose the Black Tied Hammered Silver Circle Pendant Necklace (£16). I have been looking out for a circle necklace like this for months, I had seen a few on Etsy that I liked but they were a little expensive especially with shipping so this is a great find. The necklace was delivered quickly, it was padded/protected and it was also gift wrapped in leopard print paper which was a nice touch and it also means that you could give it to someone as a gift straight away - which is great if you cannot wrap presents at all like me! 

The only jewellery I really wear is silver and very simple/minimalistic which is definitely what this gorgeous necklace is. I love the thin silver chain which isn't too long which I find is a problem with some necklaces as I am petite. I also love the hammered effect on the silver circle which makes it look simple but unique. It isn't heavy, it really goes with everything from a stripe tee and skinny jeans to a little black dress and heels. I love this necklace and I can tell that I am going to be wearing it a lot! Overall, I am very happy with the service, delivery and the item itself. ★★★★★, 5/5.

Review: Blossom & Jasmine Candle

Thursday, February 27, 2014
I won these two candles in a recent competition hosted by Sophias Choice, I was able to pick the scent - I chose 'Smart & Delicious'. I did not buy these candles, my opinions are my own. Before this competition I hadn't heard of Sophias Choice or Blossom & Jasmine but I am definitely more and more interested in soy candles.
 I have the small travel size Blossom & Jasmine 'Smart & Delicious' Candle which is priced at £11, the medium/1 wick is £25 and the largest 2 wick size is £30. The candles were beautifully packaged and presented with mint green paper, ribbons and rose buds! Gorgeous presentation from Sophias Choice (a stockist of Blossom & Jasmine and the host of the competition I won). 

The candles are natural, soy and the 'smart and delicious' scent has key notes of: jasmine, patchouli and neroli, all of which I love. The scent is gorgeous musky/floral and I imagine Hogwarts smells like this candle, it has a magical/mysterious scent, if that makes sense! The candle burns well, it burns slowly so it will last ages and the wax melts right up to the sides of the glass tumbler so all of the wax will be melted/used. I adore the scent but I wish it was stronger, it is a bit subtle in my opinion and for me personally but a larger version may be stronger. Overall, I am very happy with the delivery from Sophias Choice, the scent of the candle and the quality. ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried Blossom & Jasmine candles before? Have you heard of Sophias Choice? 

Review: Delilah Dust Jewellery

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
I was very kindly sent three lovely items from Delilah Dust, a cute online jewellery store based in the UK, for more information on PR and my disclaimer, click here. I haven't bought anything from this store before but I have heard very positive reviews and all of the items look fantastic, to see more, click here.
*Wire Wrapped Crystal Quartz Point Necklace (£10): How gorgeous is this necklace, I love the silver chain and clear quartz as it means that the necklaces goes with all outfits, from a striped tee and jeans to a little black dress! I love the detail of the metal wrapped around the quartz. The necklace is really well made and in my opinion, well worth the price. ★★★★★, 5/5. 

*Thin Gold Midi Rings x3: Sadly I cannot find these cute, simple rings on the website. They are really shiny and very simple - I love minimalistic jewellery/accessories. The rings will go with everything and midi rings are so popular. Sadly I have my dads chunky fingers so I cannot really rock this trend but they are really pretty. ★★★★★, 5/5.

*Silver Wish Necklace (£4): A definite bargain at only £4! This cute feather necklace is so pretty, simple and dainty, it would make a nice birthday or mothers day present in my opinion. I love it! ★★★★★, 5/5.

Overall, I am really happy with my Delilah Dust items - they came nicely packaged so you could just give them as gifts and the items themselves are well made and gorgeously simple but unique! I will definitely keep Delilah Dust in mind for jewellery for myself and family/friends.

Review: Kujali Ipad Mini Case

Monday, February 17, 2014
I was very kindly sent this *iPad mini case by Kujali about a week ago - this does not affect my opinion of the brand/product, for more information about PR and my disclaimer, click here. I was in need of a new ipad case and this one sounded very interesting, especially as with every purchase of this case, the company will give one mosquito net to a child in Africa which is just fantastic! Also each case is tested for months before it is released so you know it is going to be amazing!
The *Kujali iPad Mini Case is priced at £29.99 which for the incredible quality and charitable actions of the brand is an amazing price. The case has a matte black leather outer cover and  the inside is a plush red suede material - I love the contrasting colours. There is a red silicone lining that adds very good protection. To insert your iPad Mini, you just remove the padding and red silicone lining. Then insert your ipad mini in the red silicone lining before you fit it into the  hard black case. The fit is snug and I feel like it will definitely keep my iPad mini as protected and safe as it could possibly be! The silicone is shock absorbing. 

There is a slot for the lightening charging cable and raised areas where the power button and volume buttons are. The silicone doesn't affect the effectiveness of the buttons. The case is held closed by a elasticated black band and the plastic case holds the ipad really well all over but especially at the corners. The case has an elasticated band on the inside so you can place your hand inside to hold the case. Also the case has groves on one side so you can stand it up at different angles which is the main way I use it - it is very useful, it is one of my favourite features. There is a hole for the camera on the back and I feel like my ipad is very secure and protected, even if I drop it (which I have done a couple of times...oops!). Also if you register your case online with Kujali, they offer a lifetime warranty on the case.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the case, it works so well and aesthetically I think the case looks very sleek and expensive and in terms of functionality I cannot fault it. I will be using no other case as long as I have this one. I also love the charitable aspect of this product/brand, with every purchase of this iPad mini case, the company will give one mosquito net to a child in Africa to try and reduce deaths related to malaria. I am recommending this case to all of my friends and family who have iPad minis, I love it! I cannot recommend this case and brand enough, for more information on the case and charitable work, click here

Review: Scentsy Wax Melts #2

Sunday, February 16, 2014
Here is the second part of my Scentsy wax melts review, to see the first post, click here. I love candles and wax melts, so when I was kindly scent these wax melts to review I was very excited. Although the wax melt samples were sent to me this does not affect my opinions of the brand/products, for more information on pr and my disclaimer, click here
The first post contains reviews of the following scents: Simply rose, Perk me up, Baked apple pie and Perfectly pomegranate so if you are interested to see those review then check out my first Scentsy post. This review will focus on the following scents: Walk on the beach, Yuzu dragon, Beach and White jasmine & vetiver. Each sample is approx. half a square from a large 8 square Scentsy bar. 

Walk on the beach: This scent is something I wouldn't really go for but it is a nice exotic fruity scent which has elements of musky but sweet freshness. The scent would be perfect for spring/summer! Slightly like pineapple and I probably wouldn't buy this scent personally but a few of my friends/family really like this scent. It is fairly strong but not overpowering and lasts for a fairly long time considering it is a sample. ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Yuzu Dragon: Again this one is something I wouldn't usually like but it is a nice sweet, exotic fruit scent. It is quite subtle which is a good thing because I think it was it much stronger then it may be a bit sickly. It lasts for a while and it disperses well. ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Beach: A fresh and sweet pineapple scent, which would be just perfect for spring/summer. The scent travels/disperses well and it stays strong for a long time considering the size of the sample. Maybe a love it or hate it scent. ★★★★☆, 4/5.

White jasmine & vetiver: This is by far my favourite scent from this set of four, it is a lovely sweet floral scent that is so uplifting and fresh. Strong but not overpowering and a bit powdery. The scent travels well and lasts for a while. Love it! ★★★★★,5/5

Overall, I LOVE the White jasmine & vetiver scent and the little samples are definitely impressive in terms of scent strength and dispersion. They should be used with an electric warmer to get the best out of the wax melts but I have a tea light warmer and they work well. Electric warmers are recommended and Scentsy have some gorgeous electric warmers. You can request Scentsy wax samples, here

Have you tried Scentsy before? What do you think of these scents? x

Valentines Day Codes and Offers!

Friday, February 14, 2014
Happy valentines day, I have noticed a lot of valentines day codes and offers on facebook and online today so I thought I would compile some codes together to show you the amazing codes and offers today - most of the codes are only valid for today!

I didn't expect there to be lots of codes today which is why this is a very impromptu post! As well as some amazing codes a lot of sites have good sales such as Topshop, Asos, Debenhams, Beauty Expert and Cath Kidston still has a sale on as well as £1 delivery for a limited time. 

If you have any offer codes feel free to write them in the comments below x

Winter Look Book/Recent Buys #2

Friday, February 14, 2014
Here is the second part of my winter look book/haul/recent buys posts - this is the last one and this post contains some sale items from Asos, Primark and items that were sent for review (as always this does not affect my opinions of the brand/product, for more information about PR and my disclaimer, click here).
Outfit one: As mentioned in my previous winter look book post, this coat from the Asos sale (sadly it is not in the sale any more - it was reduced to £52 when I order but it is back up to £70). I paired it with a basic casual outfit, as all of my outfits are! 

Top: Newlook / Coat: Asos / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Primark 

Outfit two: The jacket was kindly sent to me by Sammy Dress, click here to see my review. I have added a basic primark £5 skater dress and my amazing *black Oroblu tight (from Luxury legs) with it. 

Dress: Primark / Jacket: *Sammy Dress / Tights: *Oroblu / Heels: Newlook

Outfit three: Primark have really been on the ball when it comes to knitwear recently, I picked up this cute french style jumper a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

Jumper: Primark / Jeans: Dorothy Perkins / Boots: La Redoute 

What do you think of these outfits? What are your winter staples?   x

Review: Scentsy Wax Melts #1

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
I was very kindly sent eight wax tart samples to try from Scentsy, I saw an advert for Scentsy while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and it looked really interesting. I love candles and scented home ware, so I definitely wanted to try Scentsy! All opinions and photographs are my own, for more information on PR and my disclaimer, click here. I will be splitting the review into two parts, here are the first four wax Scentsy tart reviews. 
The wax samples come in really cute plastic containers for the most part which are great and you could reuse them, for example, if you haven't used up one wax tart you carefully pour it back into its container. Each small sample is half of a square from the large 8 square full size bars. Here are the reviews!

*Baked Apple Pie: Along with floral scents, food/baking scented items are a winner for me. I wanted to try this one first as it did smell gorgeous in its package. After about four minutes the gorgeous cinnamon baked apple pie scent was noticeable - the scent is just divine. It is a heavenly mixture of vanilla, subtle cinnamon and baked apples. Strong but not overpowering scent which is surprising considering it is a small sample. ★★★★★, 5/5 from me!

*Perfectly Pomegranate: Before melting it smells so fruity and very sweet - quite an artificial scent and like fruity lip balms. Scent became noticeable very quickly while melting in my tea light burner - a electric burner/melter is recommended, not a tea light one. After approx. 20 the scent is still strong which is really impressive for a small sample, this continued for around 2 hours! ★★★★☆, 4/5.

*Perk Me Up: Along with Baked Apple Pie and the Simply Rose wax samples, this is one of the ones I was really excited to try. I LOVE coffee and I have been looking out for coffee candles but I have never found a nice one - until now. The scent is a mixture of vanilla and coffee, the coffee is not really strong in this wax sample, although I personally would have liked the coffee to be a bit stronger (but it was just a sample). A gorgeous scent for coffee lovers! It lasted for about 2 hours (over 2 days) and some yankee candle tarts and sampler candles I have tried haven't been as impressive as these sample from Scentsy have been! ★★★★★, 5/5.

*Simply Rose: I couldn't stop smelling this one in its little pot, it's so lovely. Rose scented products can smell a bit old fashioned in my opinion but this one is sweet and fresh and divine. It is not overpowering either, the scent strength has been really impressive with all of these samples. I was a bit surprised at how much I liked this one! ★★★★★, 5/5.

Overall, I have been so impressed by these little samples, they are better than a lot of wax tarts I have tried and also some Yankee Candle sampler candles! I love the Perk Me Up, Baked Apple Pie and Simply Rose scents - I would definitely purchase the Perk Me Up Scentsy Bar! It is better to use an electric warmer with these so you can get the most out of the Scentsy bars! For more information on Scentsy, click here. They have a really wide range of scented bars which you can break up and use with electric warmers, they sell electric warmers that look so amazing and also bath/body products too! Impressive! My second Scentsy review will be live in a few days x

Winter Look book/Recent Buys #1

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
I have been buying a few clothing bits recently in the January sales so I thought I would show you what I would wear them with and combine outfits together to make a winter look book of sorts. You might not be able to get some of the items now as I have bought them over the past two/three weeks. 
Outfit one: I love this snood, I was kindly sent it from Powder to review (click here to read my review) - the snood is so cosy and comfy! I think it goes well with a basic casual outfit to add a bit of colour. It is the *Powder Tessa Snood in Lavender (£20)

Top: Newlook / Jacket: Promod / Jeans: Dorothy Perkins / Boots: Asos / Snood/scarf: *Powder. 

Outfit two: I cannot resist a sale, especially a sale dress at only £5! Gotta love the Christmas/January sales. I paired my amazing sale bargain dress with my new *Oroblu warm micro fleeced tights from Luxury Legs which I adore - they are the nicest, warmest tights ever! To see my review of the tights, click here.

Jacket: Promod / Dress: Dorothy Perkins / Tights: *Oroblu (on Luxury Legs) / Heels: Newlook.

Outfit three: Now this outfit contains one of my favourite sale buys ever - I bought this longline tweed (esque) coat from the Asos sale and I am in love! I thought it might be too big on my petite frame but I think it looks great! I have paired it with a plain black skater dress from Primark (one of the £5 dresses) and again my amazing *Oroblu micro fleeced tights.

Dress: Primark / Coat: Asos (sale - well not anymore sorry! here) / Tights: Oroblu on Luxury Legs / My heels were bought from Yoox a while ago.

There is the first part of my winter look book/recent buys/haul! What have you been buying in the sales? What do you think of the outfits? x

Nuxe Pamper Hamper Wish List for Spring!

Sunday, February 09, 2014
I was contacted a few days ago about a new competition by Nuxe UK, it is their first blogger competition and I was very excited to take part! Nuxe is a brand that I have tried a few times with items such as the amazing Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm (both the pot and the stick versions are fantastic) and their Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil is great too. This post is not sponsored but it is my entry into the Nuxe UK Blogger Competition (it ends on the 10th March, UK bloggers only). Here are my picks from Nuxe for spring!
All images are from Google
1. Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm (£9.50): Yes that is quite a lot of money for a lip balm but I have been using mine constantly since I bought it about one month ago - I haven't used any other lip balm since! My lips are dry all year round and this  is one of the best balms I have tried. I apply a thick layer just before bed so in the morning my lips are super soft and smooth - use a lip scrub first to make the balm even more effective.

2. Nuxe Baume Prodigieux Levres (shade '04 Rouge Charismatic', £15.50): As well as a great range of skincare and body care products, Nuxe also make a small range of makeup, such as these gorgeously packaged lip products. From the sounds of it, it is a mixture of a tinted gloss and a lip balm, what could be better! The shade '04 Rouge Charismatic' looks so fresh and pretty, perfect for spring! 

3. Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute Mask (£19.50): Spring in England is still rather chilly and an added moisture boost is just what the doctor ordered. This mask aims to keep the skin hydrated and soothed for 24 hours, impressive. Just a quick tip, to improve the effectiveness of all face masks - apply them while in the bath so the heat and steam will allow the face to absorb easier and work more effectively!

4. Nuxe Body Fondant Firming Cream (£34, 200ml): I am 21 (22 this year, I'm getting old!) but I am always looking out for firming body product products to just give the skin a bit of a boost and added firmness. I have tried a few firming creams and this one sounds gorgeous - the statistics make it even more appealing.

5. Nuxe Serum Creme Fraiche de Beaute (all sensitive skins, £27): I have tried a few serums and I find they make a nice addition to my skincare routine all year round. A serum for me needs to smooth/soothe the skin and give a little extra moisture - this ultra-concentrated serum sounds like it will definitely fit the bill for my dry, sensitive skin!

There are my Nuxe picks for spring! If you want to enter then make a post about your Nuxe spring picks, it ends on the 10th March and it is only for UK bloggers - tweet your posts to @NuxeUK along with the hashtag #NuxePamperHamper. What are your Nuxe spring picks? x

Review: Sammy Dress Color Matching Jacket

Friday, February 07, 2014
When I received an email from Sammy dress about reviewing a product I obviously said yes, the clothing items look great and some are so cute! Even though this product was sent to me it does not change/affect my opinion of the brand/product, for more information about PR and my disclaimer, click here.
The item I chose was the *Zippers PU Leather Cotton Color Matching Jacket For Women ($14.51). The item comes in one size but you can see the measurements for the jacket on the website which is fantastic! The jacket is from a brand called CiCi Party. I picked this jacket as I do have a small massive addiction to jackets and coats, I love jackets/coats! Also because I do not have anything like this in my wardrobe. 

The delivery time was good and they gave me a tracking number too which was great! However when the jacket arrived I was a bit surprised, I order the jacket based on the photographs on the website but when it arrived it looked different. The tassels for the zippers were not on the jacket, they were just left loose in the package. Also on the website the jacket looked a LOT thicker and structured, so I am a little bit disappointed! The jacket made of a silky chiffon like fabric, it is quite thin and flimsy sadly. 

Anyway, the jacket itself is nice and it definitely makes a change to the grey, black and navy jackets I always wear. And one of my new years resolutions for 2014 was to wear new clothing pieces and not just stick to what I always wear. The jacket is smooth/silky but really thin so it would be more suitable for spring/summer. I love the zipper detail and the PU collar. The jacket fits really well too! 

Overall, I like the design, it fits very well and I love the contrasting PU collar - the quality is good too but I am quite disappointed that it doesn't look like the jacket on the website. The jacket itself is so much thinner than it looked online! There are some gorgeous items on Sammy Dress though - I should have picked the adorable spaceman sweater. ★★★☆☆ 3/5 stars. 

What do you think of this jacket? Have you bought anything from Sammy Dress before?

Persunmall Wish List

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
I have been searching online for some new clothing items and as it is winter the clothes are chunky, cosy and simple which are right up my street but I want to inject some colour and prints into my simple wardrobe. Here are some clothing and jewellery picks from Persunmall that I have been wanting recently. This post is not sponsored but it contains affiliate links. 
1. Classical Plaid Lapel One-step Dress ($17.99): How gorgeous is this dress, I love the simple but interesting print/design. Also the collar is so cute! 

2. Rhinestone Leaves Pendant Necklace ($8.99): Now, this isn't a necklace I would usually go for but as I said I am trying to add new, different items to my collection. I think the necklace looks so pretty - it would look gorgeous with a fluffy cream jumper and jeans.

3. Lace Denim Distressed Shorts ($14.99): I know it is winter but I can't resist a pair of cute denim shorts! I think this pair look quite unique and they would be great with a fluffy jumper, thick tights and biker boots, for example. 

4. Vintage Flower Print Slim Fit Chiffon Dress ($17.99): This dress is definitely more in my comfort zone. I love the tapestry look to this dress, I also love the colours and the shape of the dress. I would wear it with black tights, heeled ankle boots and a black leather jacket. 

5. Charming Eyes Colour Block Clutch ($45.59): How cute is this clutch bag! It reminds me of Lulu Guinness bags and I LOVE it. It would be great with a little black dress or a cute and cosy casual outfit. 

6. Winter Bat Pattern Long Sleeved Sweater ($21.99): I wanted a jumper similar to this from Topshop back in September/November but it was a bit too expensive - this is a nice and cheaper alternative. 

7. Sweet Daisy Print Long Sleeved Dress ($20.99): Daisy prints seem to be everywhere I look recently. I need to try this daisy dress it is so cute and still simple and basic. 

There is my Persunmall wish list! Have you bought anything from Persunmall before? Which item do you like? x

House of Wonderland Giveaway!

Monday, February 03, 2014
I have a sponsored giveaway for you today, this giveaway is kindly sponsored by House of Wonderland - a cute and quirky online store selling everything from jewellery and bags to artwork, gifts  and vintage items. For this giveaway there will be three winners and this giveaway is UK only. The prize is the adorable 'Kitty in France' print. "Inspired by the quaint little french towns, this hand drawn illustration featuring our little french kitty. This is a gorgeous bold, unique print which would look great on any wall. The illustration was drawn by hand and converted into a digital graphic and professionally printed. The illustration has been printed on 250gsm Gesso paper and measures 105mm x 148mm The paper is made in Great Britain to the highest quality and gives a organic feel to the drawing."

To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter form above - good luck! x 

Review: Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale

Saturday, February 01, 2014
I was kindly sent these bathroom scales to review from Ozeri. I have reviewed Ozeri products before (thermal drinking glasses, review here) so I knew the quality would be great so obviously I said yes! All opinions are my own, for more information about PR and my disclaimer, click here. I am currently living with my parents and we share the regular bathroom scale we have so it is nice to have one of my own and hopefully it will keep me motivated to keep track of my weight in 2014!
I have the *Ozeri Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scales (Currently on sale on Amazon UK for £18.95!). The scale arrived promptly and when the UPS delivery man gave it to me I was slightly shocked at how heavy it was - it feels quite weighty if I am honest. When opening the box I found the scales to be really thin! Which was surprising considering they are a bit heavy but they are also big as well as thin so it makes up for the weight. 

The scales look great in my opinion, very sleek and thin. It look pretty expensive and it feels like they are durable and made to a high standard as the previous Ozeri product I tried was. The scales are shiny black and matte grey, they match well with my grey bathroom! I have been using them for about a week now and I really like them - they are so much better than the old Tesco one we have, so much so that my sister who is living away at university wants these scales too!

I tested them myself for the past week for accuracy, if the scales read an accurate weight each time and for a consistent amount of time which they did. I also roped in my dad to test them and he likes the scales as well and finds them to be more accurate than our other bathroom scales. They are easy to use, you just step on and a blue light shows up in the display and after about 15 seconds or so you have your weight (whether you want to see it or not!). You can change from pounds (lbs) to kilograms very easily! Even though the scales are a bit weighty and big they are thin so I can easily store them on their side next to the sink. The scales also came with batteries so it was easy to set up and use. 

Overall, a great product for keeping track much weight I have put on over Christmas and new year - but the number wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! If you want more information and stats on this product, click here. You can find a lot of Ozeri products on ★★★★★ 5/5.