OOTE: Manchester Christmas Markets

Saturday, November 23, 2013
Myself, my parents and my sister went to Manchester to do some shopping in Primark, Boots and to see the famous Manchester Christmas markets which I have been going to since I was 6/7 years old when they first started! They are celebrating their 15th year in Manchester - stalls from France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the UK and other European countries are all around the city, along with pretty fairy lights and gorgeous smells of mulled wine, crepes and cinnamon.
We went to the main area at the town hall first and it was INSANE! It was crazy busy, you couldn't move or buy anything, it was a waste of time going to that area. We then went to the 'french stalls' at the Royal exchange and other stalls up to the shambles. The shambles was the best area (as was the french) it wasn't crazy busy and it looked so beautiful. It was pretty and festive however it was -1 degree celcuis which is fairly cold! 

I didn't have anything to eat but I did have a Baileys hot chocolate with whipped cream on top (called an angels delight) which was incredible! It was about £6 because you could keep the mug afterwards - or you could give the mug back and get £2 back. The stalls are gorgeous, I also bought from chocolate strawberries as I do every year *drools* if you are planning on going to the Manchester Christmas markets you will not be disappointed, I have been pretty much every year since I was a child - although best not to go on the weekends and avoid the Albert square/town hall area! 

I wore my new Primark scarf (£4), my trusty Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans (size 8 for reference), my Promod faux leather jacket, my black La Redoute boots and my bag is from Asos (sale). I think I am going to have a FOTE (face of the evening) from this night posted in a few days with a video tutorial/demo - if you would be interested. 
This is my first time using the Youtube video editor, I hope it is ok! Photos and video thanks to my sister using iPhone 5.

November Wish List

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Here are a few of the items I have been lusting over the past week or two from stores such as Miss guided, Topshop, Beauty Expert, Asos and Accessorize. 
Images from the stores websites
1. Topshop Linen Mix Stripe Tee (£20): These two tops from Topshop have been on my mind for weeks! I adore stripy tops, I have more than a few of them and these look gorgeous. I have seen them on a couple of blogs which naturally made me want them even more. They are currently sold out in my size but hopefully by the time this post is up, I will have one...or both of them!

2. Aesop Purifying Cream Cleanser (£25): I have been keeping this skincare brand noted down since Vivianna loves makeup started talking about the parsley seed ranges ages ago. Then I read a blog post review of this cleanser and I was sold. Sadly I can't remember the blog. The cleanser sounded great for my dry, sensitive skin and it is at the top of my wish list. 

3. Asos Chelsea Boots (£42): If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am pretty tiny at just under 5 ft and my feet are tiny too at about a UK size 1-2 so it is difficult for me to find shoes. I saw these boots on Asos while looking at boots for my sister and they are in a size 2....hallelujah! I need them now and asos have quite a lot of boots/shoes in a UK 2, they will be mine!

4. Acessorize Hoxton Satchel (£25): I love bags, especially satchels and I have been looking at this one and one from Zara for ages and I can't decide. I love the rustic, school type satchel from Accessorize and it is a fantastic price too, in my opinion. 

5. Miss Guided Velvet Skater Dress in Deep Green (£19.99): Everything in this gorgeous deep green from Miss Guided is gorgeous, love the shade and this dress. I am in love with the colour and style, everything about this dress is heaven for me! I recently about the t-shirt skater from in deep green from Miss Guided and it is lovely and super cheap at £7.49. 

6. Topshop Angora Cable Jumper, camel (£46): Burgundy, deep green, charcoal and mustard/camel colours are the shades I go for in the autumn/winter. The colour of this jumper is divine, love it and the cable knit design too. 

What is on your wish list for November? 

H&M Christmas Home Decor

Sunday, November 17, 2013
I was browsing the H&M website one grey day and I came across a whole range of gorgeous christmas home ware! I want all of it! From blankets, cushions, cookie cutters, cake stands, tea light holders, tea towels, mugs, childrens items and so much more! This is not a sponsored post.
All images above are from H&M
I love this time of year, christmas decorations, hot chocolate, cosy blankets, fairy lights and crisp leaves. There is nothing nicer than being outside in the cold and then coming home to a warm, cosy house with a hot chocolate and a film! There are my picks of the amazing H&M christmas/winter range of homeware from blankets to mugs and bedding. I have a couple of H&M home items and I find them to be of a high quality and I really recommend them - especially as most of the items are fairly cheap, in my opinion. I really want the faux fur blanket and the cushions...and the mug...and the tea light holder! Also you can always find H&M offer/discount codes online, just google 'H&M codes 2013' and you will always find one or two (you can use two codes on H&M online). 

What are your favourite homeware picks for the festive season? x

OOTD: Saddleworth

Thursday, November 14, 2013
On sunday myself, my parents and my sister who came back home from uni for the weekend went to Saddleworth. Saddleworth is in Oldham in Manchester - it was about 5/6 degrees celcius on the day we went so it was pretty chilly! Thanks to my sister who took the photographs and video clips. The landscape around this area is just gorgeous with rolling fields, moores and lots of green areas. 

My outfit of the day - Jeans: Dorothy perkins, Jumper: Primark (new), Jacket: Promod, Boots: Fitflop, Snood: Primark. 

My new favoruite buy of the past few weeks probably has to be my new jumper from Primark, I went to Primark on saturday (9th) and they had some gorgeous jumpers and christmas stock in. This jumper is grey speckled, super smooth/soft and it has a faux leather trim around the neckline which I love! Then I wore my trusty Dorothy Perkins petite skinny jeans which are amazing - if you are looking for a very long lasting pair of jeans that don't really lose their shape then I would highly recommend these (and they are super cheap too). For boots I wore my black Fitflop mukluk boots which I have had for a couple of years now and they are super comfy and go with everything during the autumn/winter. Then I just wore my sale faux leather jacket from the french store Promod and my old primark black snood as I said it was really quite cold!

*Fashion Union Geometric Print Dress

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
I entered the Fashion Union campaign on Etail PR which is a free site that bloggers can join and you can enter campaigns where you may be sent items to review - however my opinions are my own. I entered the Fashion Union campaign which is still running and there were a lot of items to choose from for this campaign. For more information on etail pr, click here
I picked the Geometric Print Long Sleeve Mini Dress (£30) in the UK size 8 which is a great size for me. I heard of and bought from Fashion Union before I signed up to Etail PR and I bought a couple of jumpers in the sale. I find their clothing to be true to size, from my experience. The dress is described as mini but as I am just under 5ft it is longer and it is a couple of inches above my knee which is a really nice length for me, in my opinion. 

I love the print of the dress, is is monochrome and I just adore the print. The material that the dress is made of is really thick which would be great for the colder months but I find that it makes the dress quite rigid, this would probably not be the case after it has been washed though. The length and size overall are great but the arms and shoulders of the dress look quite boxy on my petite frame so I don't think it looks very flattering on me!

Overall, a good quality dress for the colder months with a classic, easy to wear print. However on me the dress looks a bit too boxy, structured and it would probably suit someone taller to be honest!

Have you bought anything from Fashion Union? x

*Front Row Shop: Plaid Shirt

Monday, November 11, 2013
I was contacted a few weeks ago by the clothing website Front Row Shop to see if I wanted to pick an item of clothing to try and review - I said yes and just because an item was sent for review it doesn't change my opinions of the product. All opinions and photographs are my own, for more information you can check out the PR tab above. 
I picked the Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt (£26.40, $40) and I have had it for one week now. Firstly, I find that with tartan/check/plaid shirts that are fairly thin are usually not made very well but this shirt is really well made and the quality is really high. I love the colours of this shirt, the reds and blues go really well with my trusty Dorothy Perkins petite skinny jeans that I love. I have on my newlook black heeled boots too. 

The shirt is a really good size, it is not too long which I find can be a big problem for me and buying shirts as I am petite so they are always too long but this is a perfect length/size. I  picked a size S (small) and for reference I am a UK size 8/10. I think the shirt looks great tucked into jeans, with a black faux leather biker jacket on or with a cream coloured jumper over the top with the collar sticking out. The material is pretty thin but it is great for layering in the colder months. Overall, I am very impressed with this product and it is great item right now as tartan is a bit trend for autumn/winter! 

Have you bought anything from Front Row Shop? x

Week in photographs #44

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Usually I post my week in photographs post every two weeks but this past week has been quite busy so I had to do a post now, otherwise I will have too many photographs! 
The past week of my life has consisted of: my mums birthday, halloween, bonfire night, my sister coming home from uni, fireworks,  sale shopping, winning amazing competitions, thunder, Primark buys, carving pumpkins/making pumpkin soup and finally the T.G.I Fridays blogger event!

Firstly, I was invited to the T.G.I Fridays blogger event on Thursday evening which was amazing, as were the two popping candy strawberry margaritas I had! I also received a cute polaroid drawing of me from the artist @erinecho. I went with one of my best friends Yasmin and we had a great time. For the event I wore a couple of brand new sale items from Asos which I adore! I bought the petite asos floral dress (£19 - sadly not in the sale anymore) and the asos black mini satchel (£11 - again not in the sale anymore). I also bought a gorgeous vampy dress from the Ark sale for...£5 and a fisherman knitted black jumper again for £5. Gotta love Ark.

There have been a couple of holidays in England recently such as Halloween - I carved two pumpkins and I made some pumpkin soup for the first time and I really like it. There was also bonfire/Guy Fawkes night on the 5th November in England which celebrates the capturing and death of Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the houses of parliament in 1604/1605. I found out this night that I am the worst person in the world at photographing fireworks! 

Finally I won two pretty amazing competitions. Firstly, I won a Escentual fragrance competition and I won a bottle of the new Diesel Lover Dose Tattoo perfume which I really like. Then I won a massive competition early this week, I won a Instyle Magazine Twitter competition - I won £300 worth of duty free makeup! How incredible is that! I won a couple of gorgeous Givenchy sets (my fav prizes), a big Clarins skin set, a Clinique skincare set, a YSL touche eclat duo set, the Benefit they're real mascara, an Elizabeth Arden 8 hour trio, a clinique blush, a MAC pressed pigment eyeshadow and a Bvlgari perfume mini set. Phew, I was hyperventilating when I found out, I am so happy with the prizes! 

Although I do want to share some of my prizes with my amazing blog followers so I will be giving away the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour hand treatment, Clarins hydra quench cream, the full size new Benefit They're Real Mascara, the Clinique blusher, the second YSL Touche Eclat and a couple of Royal eyelash curlers - stay tuned as I will be hosting these giveaways over the next month (sadly they will be UK only giveaways)!

I hope everyone had a great week x

T.G.I Fridays Live Art & Cocktails Blogger Event!

Friday, November 08, 2013
My first blogger event! I was kindly invited by T.G.I Fridays to their live art and cocktails event in the royal exchange restaurant/bar on cross street in Manchester. I was really happy to be invited as it was my first blogger event, although I was nervous about going. Myself and one of my best friends Yasmin went yesterday and we had a great time! 
My outfit - dress: Asos sale £19, Jacket: Promod, Tights: Primark, Heeled boots: Newlook, Bag: Asos sale. 

The event is based on art and cocktails - T.G.I Fridays have created 100 new cocktails and the art at the event was inspired by three cocktails. Click here to check out their cocktails. The three main cocktails at this event included the: lemon Meringue Pie, Passionate Rose and the Poppy Candy Strawberry Margarita cocktails. The popping candy strawberry margarita was freakin' amazing, I had two! 

The staff were so nice, friendly and amazing at remembering so many different cocktails! The food looked great, I didn't have any but Yasmin did and it was really good. We had three cocktails each and we liked all of them. I had two strawberry margaritas and one Turkish delight which wasn't amazing as it was very sweet but overall it was nice. The strawberry margarita was made with tequila, strawberry liciour, strawberry/lime juice and popping candy on the rim of the glass - heaven! Yasmin has the Turkish Delight and the passionate rose which looked amazing. They also mixed up a cocktail that wasn't on the list for her. 

I had never been in any T.G.I Fridays restaurant or bar before and I love the decor and also the staff were great. I would definitely go to T.G.I Fridays again, either to the mixology bar (which is where we went for the event, its upstairs) and the restaurant looks great too. Overall, I had a great time at the event and I am grateful for being invited. I received a little polaroid drawing of me from one of the artists too. The artists at the event were @carolinedowsett and @erinecho. There was another artist making amazing cakes out of felt material. 

Have you been to this event or a T.G.I Fridays before? x

What would you repurchase # 1

Thursday, November 07, 2013
Here are some of my fairly recent empties that I loved and would repurchase in the future - I have already repurchased some of them. There is a mixture of skincare, body care and makeup items. Obviously I couldn't talk about all of the items I wanted to in this one post because it would be far too long, but I have missed out items such as the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (I love that stuff!) and the Tweezerman Brow Mousse - both of which I would definitely repurchase. 
All images from Google
1. Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter: I received this in the Harrods Glossy Box last year and I have been saving it for special days because I just love this product - the price for the full size bottle is quite expensive but you can buy the small travel size for around £6 online. The body butter smells divine, it is hydrating but not sticky or heavy and it absorbs quickly. 

2. Clinique 7 Day Facial Scrub Cream: I have been using this product on and off for almost a year (naughty, naughty I know) but I love this scrub. It is gentle on my sensitive eczema prone skin but it really exfoliates and leave my skin so smooth. I have done a full review post on this product already - click here. I will definitely repurchase this product as I find myself wishing I had it. 

3. Cosmopolitan Beauty Foundation Sponge: I have repurchased this foundation sponge about six or seven times, I love it! I use it for applying my liquid foundations. I find that it is amazing for applying foundation onto dry/flaky skin because it doesn't emphasise the dryness. This is a lifesaver product for me! 

4. Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Body Scrub: I received this scrub as a free gift with purchase online and I actually have two. I like the smell of this product, as with all Caudalie products, it smells so fresh and natural. The scrub is exfoliating but moisturising too. A product I will repurchase when it is on offer/sale because it is pretty expensive. 

5. Simple Rich Moisturiser: I have gone through about ten or more bottles of this moisturiser. This product is my fail safe, go to facial moisturiser because I know it is one of the few products I can use when my eczema flares up badly. 

6. Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion: I had a travel size bottle of this product a year or so ago and I took it on holiday with me and I LOVED it! It smells amazing, it is hydrating, it absorbs quickly and it is fantastic for sunburn. I will be buying this again even through it is a bit expensive, as with all Caudalie products. 

Eczema and Me

Tuesday, November 05, 2013
Here is a post about my experience with facial eczema, the products that help control it and tips to cope with the physical and emotional effects of eczema and also the product that reduced my eczema like nothing else!
Product images from Google

How did my eczema start?

My eczema story started when I was 14/15 years of age and eczema must be an awful and annoying skin condition at any age but during high school it was particularly difficult. My eczema started as very small mild patches of slightly drier skin and no matter how much moisturiser I applied, the dryness didn't go away. I kept talking and complaining about it to my parents and we went to see our GP who is a deramtologist and he said that I had eczema. My eczema started around my eyes and the dermatologist gave me hydrocortisone, a mild version, and I have used that for years (although I haven't for about two or three years now). Unfortunately my eczema did start to spread and the hydrocortisone, which is a steroid cream, did not work as well - and hydrocortisone shouldn't really be used around the eyes for long periods of time as I used it because it can causes thinning of the skin. 

Eczema Progression & Products 

By the age of 16/17 the eczema had spread to the tops of my cheeks, all around my eyes (especially my eye lids) and it was just awful and quite depressing at times. Eczema, the version I had, looked really red, inflamed and super flaky so it wasn't nice at all! Which is especially horrible if you are a teenage girl at high school/college. When I get small eczema flare ups now I still get redness, extreme dryness and my eye lids tend to get inflamed and swollen. I found some products that did not irritate my skin during this time, I found the Simple Rich Moisturiser which does not irritate my skin at all so I would recommend it if you have sensitive skin (although everyone is different). I also found the Avene gentle cleanser, the no rinse version, also didn't irritate my skin. However, sometimes my eczema was so bad and painful that I was literally scratching at my face and scrubbing at my skin in tears because the eczema was stinging/burning/itching almost constantly! But I found that calamine lotion worked wonders, it stopped the itching and burning almost instantly and even though it made my skin even paler and dry than it already was, it allowed me to feel like I had normal skin for the time when I was at home and not at school. I love the Care+ calamine lotion. 

At the age of 18, when I started college, my eczema now came in flares, so I didn't have it all of the time and I have been trying about four different creams for my eczema, mainly steroid creams from my GP/Doctors. I wanted to try and cover up the redness, blotching and the other disgusting effects that come with eczema but it wasn't easy because it was on my face so you can't really hide that! However, the Revlon Colorstay foundation (for dry skin, shade Buff) was a lifesaver as it helped cover the redness and gave me some confidence. Also the Cosmopolitan foundation sponge that I adore, also helped a lot because it didn't exmphasises the dryness of my skin and it somehow makes foundation press onto the skin and not look dry or flaky. One main tip that I would say if you have facial eczema is not to scratch the skin because it does make it worse and also try using basic products and go to see your doctor or a dermatologist if possible (however try and stay away from steroid creams).

The Miracle Cream?

After a few years of on and off eczema with no real end in sight I went back to the Doctors and they gave me a non steroid cream called Protopic 0.1% which is an absolute miracle worker! Since using Protopic on my face my eczema has been virtually non existent and for the past year or so I have only had to use it when I had an odd flare up - once a month. I would definitely recommend that you look out for or ask about Protopic if you have eczema. I also found that when I had a little flare up, the Clinique 7 day facial scrub was fantastic, it doesn't irritate my skin and it is quite gentle but it still exfoliates well and gets rid of the excess flakiness that my eczema caused. Another tip for facial eczema, when you get a flare up, try and figure out your personal eczema triggers/causes - eczema can be triggered by so many factors and I have gone through months of eliminating things from my diet to see if that causes my eczema but I still haven't found the cause fully. I find that stress is a factor for me and also some skin products trigger my eczema, such as the I Love Strawberries Face Mask and the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to an extent. Also the Eve Lom Cleanser really irritates my skin. 

There is my eczema story, I hope it helps some of you who also suffer from Eczema as I know how horrible and painful (physically and emotionally) it can be particularly as a teenager and young adult.

Hoping for a few good skin days as I am going to the T.G.I Fridays event in Manchester on thursday, has anyone else been invited? I will see you there, be sure to say hi! x

In Love With Fashion Competition

Monday, November 04, 2013
In Love With Fashion are currently holding a giveaway whereby you can win £30 to spend on their site. In Love With Fashion believe that you should always wear an item more than once and being able to transform your summer clothing into autumn/winter outfits is a great money saving idea. Send your blog post entries via facebook and you can share your entries via twitter. Email lfa@inlovewithfashion for examples and to send your entry. Closes 7th November. Also write a small description of your outfits/theme. 
Outfit One: This outfit comprises the Cream Cropped Cable Knit Jumper (£28) that is in all three outfits. The aim of the competition was to find items that you can use with numerous outfits. The jumper comes in a white and grey shade too. I paired the jumper with a Zara like skort were it looks like a skirt but it is a pair of black smart shorts. The Black Wrap Shorts are priced at £32.  I like the casual jumper with a pair of smart, formal shorts. I think this outfit would look great with a pair of formal but sexy heels, such as these ILWF Triple Buckle Chunky Heel Shoes (£30). You could add nude or thin black tights. A simple but smart outfit. 

Outfit Two: Again the same jumper but this time over the Pink Floral Summer Playsuit (£36). Adding a chunky knitted jumper over a floral summery playsuit gives the more summery items in your wardrobe a new lease of life. Team with Nude Suede Platform Shoes (£10, sale) or even with black biker boots! Rose gold jewellery would look great with this look. 

Outfit Three: My favourite outfit! Make the cute cream jumper a bit more edgy with a gorgeous White Tartan Shift Dress (£30). Tartan is a massive trend right now and I think this dress would look great with the cream jumper over the top. Add some black biker boots and thick black tights this outfit would look amazing! 

There are my outfits, my theme is: girly turned grungy and making more summery clothing into outfits that you can wear during the autumn and winter with a few additions x

New/Upcoming Exciting Beauty Products

Sunday, November 03, 2013
There have been some fantastic high street/drug store makeup releases for autumn/winter but the most exciting product for me anyway are the more expensive products! Here are my picks of the most exciting and lust worthy beauty products from the new and upcoming autumn/winter collections!
1. Hourglass Lighting Powder Palette (£56): This palette was realeased a couple of days ago and it is sold out on Space NK but I think it is still available on Libertys. It is quite a lot of money for face powders but you get three, one of which is a limited edition and the powders individually are quite expensive so this set is a bit better value for money. It is on my list...and you get a mini primer with the set too! The amazing Temptalia has swatches etc on the palette. I really hope it goes on sale after christmas!

2. Chanel A/W Nuit Collection 2013: I don't own any Chanel makeup and this christmas I hope that changes, I intend to buy the natural palette - how gorgeous do those shades look! The lipsticks also look great. 

3. OCC Mini Lip Tar Set: This set is currently available in Sephora for $20 and I hope it comes to the UK. The OCC lip tars in their full size have been available to buy in the UK for a while but I would love to try the minis. 

4. Burberry Fresh Glow Powder (£31): Yet another product on my wish list and it had to be from Burberry - not the cheapest brand! I am all for highlighters, although I only like powder highlights. Firstly, the packaging looks amazing as all Burberry packaging does and the nude radiance 01 shade above looks like a great pale highlighter. Swatches of these two powders on The Beauty Look Book blog look gorgeous. 

Any other bloggers in manchester going to the T.G.I Fridays event on the 7th November? I will meet you there! x

October beauty favourites

Saturday, November 02, 2013
Here are my favourite products for the month of October - this time there is a mix of skincare, perfume, makeup! I love reading favourites posts, it shows if a product(s) is worth buying or not - and they make my christmas wish list longer!
1. Bioderma Atoderm PO Zinc Ultra Soothing Cream (£12.95): I have been using this facial moisturiser on and off for the past couple of months and I love it! I have dry sensitive skin due to eczema flare ups and this cream does not irritate my skin at all even when I have a bad flare up. It is very soothing, smoothing and it feels so nourishing. I would definitely buy this again, I am almost out of mine. I would only recommend this product to those who actually have very dry skin as it is super moisturising and it can make the skin look greasy. 

2. Diptyque Vetyverio (£50, 50ml): I bought this perfume in the Space NK sale a few months ago for....£17! Incredibly cheap as it should have been around £68 I think and it is a 100ml bottle too so I got a amazing bargain. Gotta love the space nk sales, I will be spending a lot in their after christmas sales! Anyway, this fragrance is so gorgeous, it is a nice transitional scent from summer to autumn/winter as it is musky fragrance but contemporary and fresh. 

3. Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation (£6.50, Fragrance Direct): I bought the shade 45 cream ivory from Tesco as it was reduced to £3.99 and I loved it but the shade was slightly off so I bought the lighter shade 40 Porcelain which is amazing. I adore this foundation, it is great for my dry skin, it has light-medium coverage (more on the medium side in my opinion), it doesn't look caky and you can't really see it on the skin. I would highly recommend this foundation and I will be buying a back up soon. 

4. Vaseline Paint the Town Lip Balm (£3.49): I bought this from Superdrug a few weeks ago and I have been using it quite a lot. It feels really smooth and moisturising on the lips and it adds a very pretty flush on colour to the lips which looks really natural but still noticeably pretty. 

5. Sleek Oh So Special palette (£7.99): I have been using this palette so much for all of my halloween looks and also during my normal makeup as the matte shades are great for everyday on the lids and I have been using them for my brows too. It is a great multi-use palette for halloween looks, everyday, smoky eyes and for dark brows too. I really want the au naturel palette now...

A couple of random beauty favourites: Fragrance direct online shop, Real Techniques eye brushes from the starter set and the Barry M creme foundation in white which again I used for most of my halloween looks.

What were your favourite beauty products of October? x

October collective haul

Friday, November 01, 2013
Here are most of the beauty items I have bought over the month of October, there is also one item of clothing too. I did go to primark during october and I have a blog post on my buys, click here. All of the items in this haul have been bought from the Body Shop, Asos and H&M sales (and I used a couple of discount codes I found online). 
The Body Shop: The body shop started their sale about a week ago now when this is post but as I am writing this the sale has been going for a couple of days. I bought eight items (all full size) and I spent a grand total of £20.90 which is an amazing saving in my opinion. I bought two coconut baubles that you could hang on the christmas tree - they contain a 50ml body butter and a lip balm - they were only about £2.40 on sale and with my discount code. I also bought the Brazil nut body butter which I haven't tried before and it doesn't really smell of much but I like that and it feels really moisturising, it was £3. I also picked up the brazil nut body scrub which was £3 as well and I hate the smell - it doesn't smell like the body butter, it smells like a body scrub I have tried from the body shop before last christmas. My mum likes the smell though so she is going to have the scrub. 

I bought two things from the new Honey Mania range, the lip balm which is so cute in its little pot and the shower gel. The shower gel smells incredible, I have asked for the perfume for christmas. I bought a mini hand gel from the Absinthe range and finally I did buy a perfume, the Midnight Bakula EDT (50ml) which was about £5.50. It smells so nice, musky and spicy - it smells a bit different in the bottle than it does on the skin, it smells much nicer and spicier on the skin. I think it will be one of my go to perfumes for winter. I used the code 14319 to get an extra 40% off sale and non sale items

Fragrance Direct: I bought three items from Korres from Fragrance direct which has only just started to stock Korres products. I bought the silk milk conditioner for coloured hair and I love the packaging fo Korres products but the smell of this conditioner in the bottle is not very nice but I will have to see what it is like when I actually use it. I also bought the shea butter and vitamins hair mask from Korres which looks great and it has a pump too, can't wait to try it. Finally from Korres I bought the Ginger and vitamins foundation in the lighest shade they had, LF1 (I do not understand the korres shades ranges, it is a bit confusing). The shade is a bit too dark so I might try and mix it with my barry m white foundation. I haven't tried the foundation fully yet. I bought the amazing Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation in the shade 40 porcelain here too. Lastly, I did order two pots of the amazing pretty quik nail polish remover as they were only 99p but I was sent two eye lash curler instead! Not happy but I have contacted customer services and hopefully it will be resolved soon. 

H&M: Finally for H&M I bought this gorgeous nordic/scandinavian style jumper which I love so much! And a £1 manicure set from the sale and with delivery it should have been about £34 but I only paid about £22 with delivery. H&M is amazing for discount codes, just google 'h&m code 2013' and look for the codes available - I do this every time I order online as you can get money off most of the time.