Review: Coloured Contacts Hut Prescription Lenses

Thursday, December 19, 2013
I have been wearing normal, monthly contact lenses since I was 17 as my Specsavers glasses sometimes gave me a headache and sadly there is a certain amount of discrimination surrounding glasses occasionally I find. Anyway, I have wanted to try coloured contact lenses for a while, who doesn't want to know what they would look like with a different eye colour...just me, ok. I picked the *Ocean Blue prescription coloured contact lenses from Coloured Contacts Hut - I had no idea that there were prescription coloured contacts!

The ones I have are the *Prescription Ocean Blue Contacts (£8.99 each). You buy the left and right contact lenses individually. The lenses last for a maximum 8 hours and once opened last for 30 days. For those who do not wear contacts normally, the lenses come with a saline solution, case and plastic tweezers (I don't know why tweezers are included). For the prescription lenses you need your eye prescription from your optician - as I wear contacts I have my prescription at hand. For the prescription lenses you need your SPH and BC number I believe. 

As I said I have been wearing contacts since I was 17 so I am more than used to putting them in, wearing them and then taking them out/caring for them. In short, you wash and dry your hands then place the contact lens on the tip of your finger so it is concave and place on the eyeball - this may sound gross to some I know but it is very easy, quick and it doesn't take long to get used to. I was so surprised at how bright and vivid the contacts are, they changed my naturally hazel eye colour to an almost cartoon/anime like blue colour! They fit well, the are soft contacts so they are flexible and comfortable to wear and they are definitely not subtle. 

I love the effect, although I did creep myself out looking in the mirror for the first time when I put them in! I am definitely going to be wearing them for my new year great gatsby flapper look as it makes your costume/outfit look far more impressive! They are prescription lenses so I can see clearly with them in and they are easy to take out - just like my normal Specsavers lenses. 

In terms of cleaning and looking after the lenses, once you take them out you need to put them back in the case that is filled with the saline solution otherwise they will dry up and become unusable. And wash hands before touching the lenses. Also in terms of makeup I do not wear eyeliner on the waterlines when I have contacts in as the liner can transfer to the contact lenses. 

Overall, the lenses are easy to use and take out. They are prescription which I think is fantastic and the colour of the lenses is so vivid and bright. Coloured lenses would be fantastic for a new year, christmas party or fancy dress which is what I am going to be using them for. The Coloured Contacts Hut website has so many designs and effects for prescription and non prescription lenses. I love the Twilight, Mad hatter and green lenses. For more information on the Coloured Contacts Hut range, click here. I would highly recommend the website and prescription coloured contact lenses.


  1. The blue contact lenses look great on you!

  2. I had these from the Coloured Contacts Hut! I did a review too. :-) check it out! x

  3. The blue contacts look gorgeous on you! I'm always too scared to wear contacts - something about touching my eyes freaks me out lol x


  4. Wow, those are some pigmented lenses. They look amazing on you!

  5. ooh your eyes looks so cool :D

  6. Pretty scary, but so cool at the same time!

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  7. These look lovely on you! I really love the shade of blue! :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  8. Didnt know such thing existed haha

  9. These look amazing ! I always wanted to try lenses but with my super sensitive eyes and fear of putting things in them I can't :(

  10. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here! Antipodes


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