Renovate With Ironmongery During Lockdown

Friday, July 03, 2020

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If your love for all things DIY has made you turn your house upside down during the lockdown, you might want some other renovation projects to add to the list. I mean, you will either need to continue to keep busy or relax over a good cup of tea and a book. Or perhaps one thing after the other, and if you ask me, that is the best way to do things.

You might have read the title and been a bit intrigued… how to renovate my house with ironmongery? Or even questioned, what is ironmongery? As Ironmongery Experts explain in their the importance of architectural ironmongery article, ironmongery is everything from door handles to door hinges and door locks.

Ironmongery plays a functional role in our homes and offices but that doesn’t mean that these pieces of hardware need to be an eyesore. For the contrary, ironmongery can make or break your design and can tie-in your house’s style. Have I made you start looking at your door handles or kitchen cabinet knobs in another light? Sorry, but not sorry.

As Fashion Mommy says on a latest blog post, ironmongery can either be pretty or pretty ugly, so you need to give it some thought, and she couldn’t be more right. Even small details will have an impact on the overall décor of your home, so if your door handles, cabinet handles or even door hooks are not working properly or not bringing you joy – it’s time for an upgrade, but where to start?

Entrance door
Your front door is one of the most important parts of your home. It offers security, privacy and it’s the first thing you and your guests see when they arrive at your house. This article on Janine Huldie recommends looking “at all the fixings (door hinges, door locks, door bolts, keyhole covers, door viewers, etc) and see what should be replaced.”

If you’ve recently painted your kitchen cabinets deep blue or your bedroom wardrobe deep green, replacing your standard handles for stunning knurled brass handles would be a great choice. Or perhaps you’ve recently renovated your bathroom and added matte back hardware all around but then kept your old towel hooks because they work, go a step further and get some matte black hooks or perhaps some rose gold towel hooks. Simply have a look around and see what could be replaced, and most importantly, have fun!

How are you going to renovate your house during lockdown? 

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  1. This is such an interesting post. I'd love to some renovations on my home and have been looking out for inspiration.

  2. I've actually never heard of them before! I love updated interiors can really make a difference in making a home cosy

  3. I would love to have a metal frame bed like this, it looks so cute and sleek! xx

  4. I think ironmongery can look really nice if used right x

  5. This is a bedroom of dreams!

  6. My mum has done so much DIY during the lockdown- I was so impressed!

    Jasmine xx

  7. Unfortunately I can't do any renos in my place but I love the look of painted kitchen cabinets in fun colours. And brass handles look so chic!

  8. Lockdown has been a great time for diy projects. Found this an interesting read.

  9. I would love a metal frame bed xz

  10. Little finishing touches like new handles can make such a difference x


  11. Ah this is interesting - I'm making over our bedroom atm! xx

  12. Oh this is interesting, I'd love to change up our bedroom x

    Tiffany x

  13. I've bought some new paint for my room but just waiting for my Brother to help me lol x

  14. lockdown has killed my motivation lol


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