*Moving Abroad? Here Is Why It Can Be Hugely Beneficial

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
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Starting from scratch in any other place is a huge step that most of us are terribly afraid of . And if your idea is to go to another country, the fact of working in a different language can be one of your biggest obstacles when making the decision. However, it can also be massively beneficial especially if you work for yourself or you want to try and figure out a new path in life. There are plenty of property options abroad. There is property in bandar sri damansara or Kuala Lumpur or lots of places that you could probably see yourself living. The options are there. Here is why it would hugely benefit you.

You can get to know yourself better
  You are going to step out of your comfort zone. You are going to move to a country with another language, other customs and you are going to be alone. And it should not be something negative at all, on the contrary.  You will be surprised at your potential when it comes to dealing with problems or solving complicated situations. You will value loneliness more and you will be more independent. You will meet a version of yourself that you did not know and you will fall in love with it.
You discover amazing new places
  You may wonder at first when you’re alone, how am I going to spend a Sunday at home? The weekend is the only time you will have to be able to travel within the country, see more places in the place where you live and enjoy life in your new host country. Go out there to eat the world and come back loaded with memories, visits to places and magnets if you are one of those who collect them. Although, obviously, if you know that you are going to be there for a long time, the intensity is experienced in another way.
You can meet new people
Everything you do allows you to live with intensity on all trips.  You meet someone and in a short time they become an essential person during your time there. You could meet people at the airport, on the train on your way home, in the cafeteria across the street or in the supermarket where you have become used to shopping. You can even meet strangers from the same country to have a beer or eat a Spanish omelette together. The people you meet will be like your family, a support to count on in bad times and your companions in adventures during that stage. And that is the most beautiful thing you are going to take from your life abroad.
Gives you a lot more confidence
You are going to change, of course. And you will never be the same again when you come home. You are going to be charged with energy and wanting to eat the world. You will learn to move around the city and find your way home without getting lost. You will improve your language and understand a new culture. And inevitably you will gain more confidence in you, because in a short time you will have developed as you would never have imagined.
You value the little details and appreciate family more
You will miss your mother's freshly cooked food, the beer on the terrace of the bar, being able to speak without having to think what you are going to say. Skype will always save distances and make sure you can have your family, friends close by. Without a doubt, what you will miss the most will be the blinds and your bed; that is of course unless you manage to move your bed with you abroad - some people can, it is possible! 
You become interesting and have many stories to tell
Moving to another country, with the simple fact of traveling that it implies, makes your mind open completely. When you return home you will have a thousand stories to tell and can keep with you for your kids and grandkids even. That funny anecdote that happened to you on the street. That story about that person you met at the subway station and lived near you. Or about that old couple who offered to help you. Your social networks will be full of beautiful photographs that you will look at over and over again. You want to surprise your family by trying to make a recipe for some new food that you have tried or help a friend plan a trip to the city where you have lived. So take the time and make the leap to do something for you.

Have you considered studying or moving abroad? 


  1. Sounds really awesome! I would love to move someday.

  2. I lived abroad for five years and it was the best experience! I feel as though everyone should at some point xx

  3. I'd imagine that it would really push you out of your comfort zone and you'd really get to know yourself & to trust your instincts more x

  4. After watch Emily in Paris, I want to move there hah! x

  5. I always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere with a ranch and cattle x

  6. We plan on moving to Scotland from the north or England, that’s as far as I’d go.


  7. I have never thought about moving abroad as wouldn’t be able to leave all my family zz

  8. I don’t know if I would ever want to move away xx

  9. It would be so cool to live abroad one day I think but I'm not sure where we'd choose xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  10. When I was younger, I loved the idea of moving abroad but I now see myself as more a home person. Starting afresh must feel like such a great feeling, like your starting brand new again.

  11. I would love to experience living abroad at some point, even if it's just for a year or so x


  12. I would like to at some point, I guess it's the distance from friends / family that I'd struggle with

    Jasmine xx

  13. Getting to know yourself is definitely important. I have recently found this out x


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