Wellness Month with Temple Spa

Monday, October 12, 2020

October is my favourite month of the year because it not only contains halloween but it is also filled with cosiness, candles and comfort food. The colder months are also my favourite time for pampering which is something we all need this year with the current political chaos and coronavirus. Wellbeing, whether physically or mentally, is especially important and the process of wellness is a great way to boost your wellbeing. 

Wellness is the act of creating and practicing daily healthy habits that help to improve your physical health, emotional wellbeing and or your mental health. Healthy daily habits can take many forms such as exercising, meditation or taking time for yourself with a self care pampering or skincare routine. I personally find that the process of taking a long hot bath, reading a book in bed or even just my skincare routine can help me feel less anxious, stressed and it helps to switch off my often racing mind; it also has the added benefit of looking after my skin. 

*Temple Spa With You In Mind Collection (£15, when you spend £65)
Temple Spa have collaborated with the mental health charity Mind with their With You In Mind collection which contains four mini products including: Quietude calming mist, Repose resting cream, AAAHHH! soothing balm and the Drift Away Bath and Massage oil. When you spend £65 on Temple Spa you can purchase this collection for only £15 and £1.50 from each collection will be donated to Mind. 

The set contains four mini products between 15ml to 30ml and every single one smells lovely. The Quietude calming mist is probably my favourite of the four so far (although the Repose night cream is amazing too) as it smell incredible and it helps me to feel more relaxed before I fall asleep. 

I think the set would not only be a great set to trial products from Temple Spa, if you are new to the brand, but it would also be a great travel set. Additionally, it would make a lovely stocking filler for mums, aunties, friends or stressed out colleagues. I will be posting a few Christmas gift guides towards the end of the month and the run up to Christmas so stay tuned for more gift ideas. Temple Spa has a range of lovely products and gifts...jus sayin'. 
*Temple Spa Repose Relaxing Night Cream (£40)
As well as the With You In Mind collection, the Repose night cream is another product in which every purchase contains a donation to the mental health charity Mind. The offer for this hero product gets even better though! Not only does everyday purchase of the night cream include a donation of £6 to Mind but you can buy one (50ml) and get another for free (50ml)! 

The night cream contains a blend of essential oils including chamomile, lavender and patchouli, among others, to leave the skin feeling comfortable, super smooth, moisturised and revived. I think the moisturiser would be particularly wonderful for those with dry, tight and uncomfortable skin, which is something I think many of us deal with during the colder months, as it leaves my skin feeling so much more settled and comfortable. 

The buy one, get one free offer is only available for a limited time so go, go, go!

*Temple Spa Siesta Forever Aromatic Candle (£25, 200g)
Last but definitely not least is a heavenly scented candle that would be an ideal accompaniment to a pampering evening! The luxury candle is made of natural wax and contains a blend of tranquil and relaxing essential oils to help you unwind. It has an approximate burn time of 45 hours and it looks very luxurious so I think it would also make fantastic gift this Christmas. 

Candles, along with face masks, are the quintessential pampering products and they instantly make me feel more relaxed and cosy, which is how I always want to feel during the dreary colder months. I cannot recommend this candle enough as a lovely gift or a treat for yourself (you deserve it!) as well as all of the other wonderfully scented pampering products in today's post. 

Have you tried any products from Temple Spa? Will you be taking advantage of the amazing offer on the Repose night cream? 


  1. This set looks amazing! I would love to try the night cream.

  2. I've heard heard of this brand before, the products looks really lovely.

  3. I love the Repose night cream, I've been using it the last week - it's lovely! xx

  4. I love Temple Spa, especially this candle :)

    Jasmine xx

  5. This a brand that I would like to try for sure! Love the story behind it x


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