Latest In Beauty - October 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

One of my favourite beauty subscription boxes has to be the Latest In Beauty box, for so many reasons. It is a great price, there's always an amazing range of products and brands to choose from and the products on offer are always changing. I've been reviewing the boxes for a couple of years now and I genuinely cannot recommend them enough (I've purchased a couple of their limited edition boxes in the past). For blogger mail unboxings and sneak peeks of my upcoming posts, follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand). 

*Latest In Beauty - October 2020 

The monthly themes and product offerings were amazing for October! I was able to receive two items from a couple of higher end brands within my selection as well as four other goodies. Along with your chosen selection of items, occasionally a discount code or even a free product might be included in your box (especially if it is your first box) and the free extra within the October selection was a huge bottle of hand sanitiser from Estee Lauder!

*Nars Velvet Matte Mini Lip Pencil in Do Me Baby
One of my all time favourite lip products are the Nars velvet matte lip pencils as they are so quick, easy and fuss free to apply and they are so long-lasting! When I noticed a mini velvet matte pencil I may have squealed slightly (ok, a lot). I already have the shades: dolce vita (my favourite), rowdy and mayhem, all of which I'd recommend. However, I think this new shade is ideal for the autumn and winter months as it is such a beautiful dark bitten berry shade that can be worn lightly and blended for a berry stained look or built up for a more vampy shade. 
*Laura Mercier Lipstick in A La Rose
The second higher end product in the box was another lip product and this one is from Laura Mercier - a brand I've loved for years. The lipstick was the October 'hall of fame' product so I had to add it to my October selection; I always love the 'hall of fame' picks. It is the cutest mini lipstick and even though the shade is much more bright and vibrant than I thought it would be, I still love it as a rosey pink everyday shade. 
*Glow Me Up Makeup Remover
Next up, a couple of makeup and beauty tools. I have been trying to reduce how much plastic and waste products I use during 2020 so I've gradually switched from cotton pads to remove my makeup to reusable/washable pads. I love the thin cotton pads I've been using with all of my cleansers but I think I'll love this one even more as it is so smooth and incredibly soft on the skin. 

*Brushworks Crystal Glass Nail File 
The final tool is a glass nail file from Brushworks. One of the reasons I love the monthly selection on Latest In Beauty so much is because they have a fantastic range of products from makeup and skincare to beauty tools, toiletries, essentials and more. I always like to choose items I know I'll need in the future or run out of soon so I have a back up on hand. 
*Nursem Hand Cream 

Speaking of essentials, hand cream. Since the beginning of April my hands have developed eczema again which is just fantastic...but thankfully I don't have any on my face (so I must have a different kind of eczema on my hands?). It means that along with the cold weather and washing my hands more often, I have the driest hands I've ever had. Hand cream has been a desk, sink, couch and car essential for me and this one has been amazing so far!

*Puressentiel Purifying Gel 

Last but not least is a mini hand sanitiser that I thought would be the perfect tiny size for my handbag. The mini 25ml size is ideal for emergencies and storing in my handbag, which is always so full of items I don't need or include 'just in case'. It is a great purifying gel and I recommend it along with the huge Estee Lauder hand sanitiser too. 

You still have time to get your hands on the October selection; a few of the products I've reviewed (and loved) are still available. Also they halloween sale is coming up soon so stay tuned to Latest In Beauty on twitter!

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Now this is a fantastic box of products! I love that there is a selection from across different ranges x

  2. This box looks incredible this month. I love the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils too and find the mini ones so much more convenient x


  3. As always, a great box from Latest in Beauty x

  4. It looks like a great box! I want to try a glass nailfile xx

  5. This is fab! I love the subscription boxes you guys get in the UK!

  6. Looks like another great box, I'm always so impressed with what's included xx

    Tiffany x

  7. There was such a brilliant selection for October! loved the addition of Antibac too xx

  8. This is one of the best selections of products I've seen in a while! I adore those Nars pencils x


  9. So many amazing sounding products this month. Those lip products are such pretty shades.

  10. The Nursem hand cream is amazing! I recently got the giant bottle of it :)

    Jasmine xx

  11. Fab box from latest in beauty as always.

  12. Heard so many good praises on Nursem. Might have to get a tube myself! J x


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