*Tips To Lower Your Stress Levels

Saturday, March 14, 2020
*This is a collaborative post 
Like with most things in life, if you set a goal, you are much more likely to make it happen. But it’s not just about the big goals, it’s about setting small goals on the way to reaching that big goal. This works for your business, running your household and your health and wellness too. It is not exactly a secret that modern life is very demanding. It can mean that you have very little time to do the things that help you to lower your stress levels.

Finding ways to unwind and relax can improve all areas of your life. Learning to unwind and relax is actually essential for your mental health, as well as your overall health. It can help you feel more energized, more productive, And have a generally more positive outlook. And one of the best things is that happiness is contagious. So when you spend time making yourself happy, you might just find those around you become happier too.

If you are the kind of person that has a journal or a planner or a setup, then you are miles ahead. However, do you have spaces that are purely dedicated to self-care? Just like you would book clients for meetings and dinner dates for with friends, you need to book in self-care time for yourself. If you don’t currently have a planner, the best one to get is a monthly view planner. This way, you can block out sections, and you will know exactly how many hours or minutes you have available through the spread of the month.

Most planners and journals have the option to add a daily to-do list in each of the sections to write something that is purely for you. For example if you have been meaning to buy new piercing jewellery, make sure that you add that in, and you can even add the type that you’re looking for. Or if you have been meaning to try a new brand of coffee, make sure you order it ahead of time and spend the time brewing and enjoying it. Here are a couple of things that you can add to your planner as extra pieces of happiness. These can help lower your stress level because mostly they’re quite relaxing.

Now there are a few things that you can do in terms of writing. Generally, as we have just mentioned Is one of the things that can help you sort through your thoughts and feelings. Although it is something that not everyone can fit in every day. But if you can plan some time to fill in a bit about your life, what’s been going on, what’s upset you, and what’s made you happy, you will alleviate that space in your brain. It’s also a great place to add stickers, notes, and photographs.

Blogging is also an incredibly freeing style of writing. You can set up a simple blog and Blogger or on WordPress, and you can fill it with everything from lifestyle tips to real-life real stories. This is a space that is all about you so you can choose to keep it Private or you can shout with the world. But Blogging has been around for a while, and many people find it incredibly cathartic.

If you have ever watched those superquick tutorials on Facebook, on YouTube, but never quite found the time to do those life hacks and DIY is, now is the time. Gather all the materials online and have them delivered ahead of your blocked self-care schedule. Even the most DIY tutorials tell you something will only take you five or 10 minutes, give yourself more time because you have to learn how to make it, and then learn to make it well.

Painting is an amazing activity when it comes to creativity. One of the most relaxing and creative ways to paint is using the Dutch pour method. You and the paints can run wild for a few hours will you create some new artwork. If you want something a little more structured than try Bob Ross tutorial, and paint some happy little clouds.

There is something incredibly satisfying about taking some time out in the morning, usually a Sunday, going for brunch with friends, family, or staying in and making it yourself. There are some beautiful brunch menu ideas on Pinterest. However, here are a couple of ideas for you: breakfast burritos, roasted tomato and avo-toast, tigrillo, exotic fruit salad. Try to have your brunch packed with veggies, energy, and healthy fats-in keeping with looking after your body, lowering your stress levels, and giving you the best start for your relaxing day.

One of the quickest ways is to give yourself a super re-charge is getting the right amount of sleep. And this can seem like a bit of an impossible task when everybody is busy all the time, and most of the time, people have sleep issues. But potentially, you’re going to have to have a closer look at your to-do list and decide if it’s actually overloaded.

If you find that you’re going to bed late in the evenings and getting up early to tackle things, you might have to have a think about if your workload is too high, or if there are people that you can delegate some of the household tasks too. If you do struggle to sleep, then you might like to add something like meditation into your day, this will help you learn how to breathe and slowly unwind. The Headspace app and the Calm app are great options for helping you get a good night's sleep.

Do you have any tips to lower stress levels? 


  1. I can definitely agree on writing, it definitely takes my mind off a troubled mind x

  2. These are great ideas. Sleep always helps x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  3. I've been reading a lot more recently to try and reduce my stress levels and switch off from everything going on right now x


  4. Sleep and diet are definitely my key components to stressing less!

    Jasmine xx

  5. Taking our dog for a walk in the fresh air definatley helps with my stress levels. I've also started journalling which I think really helps as well
    Em x

  6. I always find some quiet time helps too x

  7. I definitely find that planning helps and being organised.


  8. SLEEEEP! Is my number one without a doubt - that and a good chat with loved ones :)


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