Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide: Part One

Friday, March 06, 2020
Today's post is my first Mother's Day gift guide of 2020 and it contains a mix of products that I hope will give you gift ideas for your mum, grandma or mother figure. I have a few Mother's Day gift ideas posts lined up so stay tuned for more gift recommendations. Thanks to the lovely brands that are featured in today's post including Bomb Cosmetics, Furi, Baileys Chocolates and Bubble T as well as Feather and Down, Boxclever Press, Cover Up and many more.

I love creating gift guides and I personally love reading them too but my favourite has to be guides that include a wide variety of product suggestions so that's what I've created today. My gift guide includes sweet treats, pampering products, stationery, wax melts, homeware and more, including a couple of very luxe personalised gifts too. Check out my previous personalised gift posts for more ideas!
*Baileys Strawberries & Cream Chocolates (£4)
First up, it isn't Mother's Day, or any celebration, without sweet treats! Baileys liquor is a favourite for so many, especially during the festive season but now they have a perfect spring offering that would be ideal as a Mother's Day or Easter gift. The chocolates are composed of a milk chocolate shell filled with a strawberry and cream centre so not only do they look the part but they sound delicious too. My mum loves Baileys so I know that she will love to open this box of adorable chocolates on Mother's Day. They can be purchased online and from ASDA.
*Bubble T Soapscription (£4.99 per box)
I love to give practical gifts to friends and family, especially if they also look cute and smell heavenly, so the Bubble T Soapscription box fits the bill perfectly. You can get a free trial box in which you'll receive two shower gels from the always heavenly scented Bubble T range. It is a monthly subscription box so your gift recipient will never run out of shower gel! You can choose the fragrances as well as when and where the boxes are delivered. I've been lucky enough to try quite a few of their scents over the past few months and I love all of them but the pink lemonade and strawberry macaron scents is my favourites...so far!
*Payot Baume De Douche Reconfortant
Sticking with the theme of beautifully scented shower products is a new product from a French brand I haven't tried before, Payot. The baume is a 2 in 1 product that cleanses and nourishes the skin with a luxe foaming cream texture. It has the most nostalgic and feminine scent to it which is very powdery and sweet which I think will appeal to so many - I know that my mum would love this scent. The product itself feels very nourishing on the skin and relaxing to use so it would be the perfect addition to a Mother's Day pamper hamper!
*Bomb Cosmetics Thanks A Bunch Candle (£8.99)
Let's move onto some of the most beautiful items within today's gift guide (although they are all amazing), the gorgeous pampering products from the lovely people at Bomb Cosmetics. If you didn't know, I'm a Bomb Cosmetics ambassador so I'm lucky enough to receive their products to review and I opted for a few items that I thought would make lovely pampering Mother's Day gifts.

The first item I chose was this lovely candle which contains rose and geranium essential oils. This candle is cruelty free, vegan friendly and their products are all handmade which I think makes them extra special. The candle not only looks amazing but it smells it too as it is so fresh and floral - it's the ideal candle for spring!
*V For Violet Bath Blaster (£2.99)
The second product from Bomb Cosmetics that I'd love to recommend as a gift are their 'bath blasters' which are very reasonably priced bath bombs that look adorable and smell great too! As with the candle, it contains rose and geranium essential oils and it is cruelty free. All of the bath blasters from Bomb Cosmetics look amazing, the designs are so unique and there's something for everyone. I've tried quite a few bath blasters and bath mallows from Bomb Cosmetics and they all smell so lovely and they last for a while in the water too. I think an individual Bomb Cosmetics product would make a great Mother's Day gift but one of their beautifully designed gift sets would as well such as the floral fantasy, ice cream and time for tea gift sets.
*Dermaworks Hyaluronic Acid Serum (£14.95)
If you've been following any of my skincare posts for the past few years then you might know how much I love serums, I've tried so many and I definitely have a preference for my normal to dry skin and those are products which contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic skincare ingredient for those who have dry skin as it helps to lock in moisture and I think that is something most of us could use during the cold winter months.

I personally love to gift skincare, if I know the gift recipient well, and I think that a hydrating serum is something you can't go wrong with. The Dermaworks serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and aloe vera to hydrate, plump and protect the skin - head over to the DermaWorks website for a much more detailed explanation of the ingredients. I've only been using it for a few days but so far I love and I'm sure it will feature in an upcoming beauty favourites post. Use the code Mothersday20 to get 20% off your order - ends on Mother's Day.
*GlamWax Soy Melt Melts (£3 each)
You can't have a pampering evening without candles, diffusers or wax melts - I think they are the perfect pairing! I was very kindly sent a few of the soy wax melts from GlamWax in Pink Peony, Lavender and Vanilla and Daisy Chain. All of the wax melts are made of soy wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly which is fantastic and to make it even better...the glitter is biodegradable too so the melts are vegan and cruelty free. I didn't think the perfect wax melt existed but I was wrong!
Not only are the bars environmentally friendly and vegan but they look gorgeous as well. I love the pastel shades, glitter and simple but beautiful packaging - it's always nice to receive an aesthetically pleasing gift! I've only tried two of the melts I received so far, including Pink Peony and Daisy Chain and I love both of them. Pink Peony is my favourite of the three so far, although that might change as lavender is my all time favourite scent.

The melts smell so fresh and floral, they are ideal for the upcoming spring months and Mother's Day although they do have many other scents to choose from including: cherry and almond liquor, blood orange, lemon sherbet, caramel vanilla latte and many more so you're bound to find scents that you'll love. As well as their individual wax melts, you can also purchase their subscription box (£15, free postage) which contains five of their heavenly wax melts each month.
*PrezzyBox Personalised Scented Diffuser (£34.95)
There are two special personalised gifts within todays post, the first of which is from PrezzyBox which is a fantastic gift website (they've also just opened their first store!) that has an amazing range of personalised and unique gifts for all occasions and celebrations. I've been lucky enough to work with the lovely people at PrezzyBox a few times as part of gift guides (but I've purchased from them too) and I cannot recommend their gifts enough! I was kindly scent a unique personalised scented diffuser which is the perfect gift for my mum as she doesn't like candles so diffusers are a great alternative.
The diffuser is made in England using locally sourced ingredients and has a gorgeous pomegranate and fig scent which is divine (it has made me add a few fig scented products to various online baskets as I forgot how much of a relaxing scent it is for me). All of the aspects of the diffuser, including the oil, bottle and sticks, come separately which is more convenient; it was also beautifully packaged.

There are a couple of aspects of the product that you can personalise, the first being the image on the label (I chose the 'botanical' image) and the second is the message on the label. As the images are quite generic and varied, you could buy this gift for so many occasions, from Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or birthdays. I'm so happy with the diffuser, from the gorgeous appearance and how it was packaged to the spring-like scent and the special personalised message. I cannot recommend PrezzyBox gifts enough!
*Mother's Day Personalised Champagne - Say It With Champers (£35.99 - when you sign up to their newsletter)
The second luxe personalised gift is one that is sure to turn heads as it is a personalised bottle of champagne! Mother's Day is all about treating you mum, grandma or mother figure and I think there are certain gifts that typify celebrations and thoughtfulness and personalised gifts are at the top of the list. I personally love to receive and give personalised gifts and I know that gift recipients love to open them as well. Say It With Champers have a range of personalised champagne options to choose from for a wide selection of celebrations including Easter and Mother's Day.
There are three Mother's Day designs to choose from and I was able to choose the beautiful '02' options which features a spring-like colour palette and cute floral illustrations. There are various sections of the label to personalise and thankfully you can view the full label online before you order so you know exactly what you are buying and how it will appear on the label.

The champagne is "full of character, combining light, fresh, citrus fruit flavours; lively bubbles with a well balanced tangy finish thanks to extended ageing before release." As well as the champagne you can opt for a bottle bag or box to pair with your gift. I can't recommend this luxe gift enough! If you sign up to the Say It With Champers newsletter, you can receive a discount code for 20% off your order.
*Furi Pro East/West Santoku Knife Set (£47.99)
Moving onto a few lifestyle gifts that I think would be great as Mother's Day gifts this year and the first is a knife set...a little unorthodox perhaps but my mum loves to bake and cook (as I do) so it would be a fantastic practical gift for her. I've been lucky enough to try Furi knives in 2018 and I have been using the two I was sent every time I cook since then! I cannot recommend these knives enough as they're so effective, easy to use, quick to sharpen and I love the design.
The set comes with two knives, the East/West Santoku in the 13cm size and the same in the 17cm size. The knives come in a gorgeous presentation, or potentially storage, box which is made of acacia wood and makes the gift look a little more substantial and luxe. I already had the 17cm knife which is perfect for larger veggies that are a bit of a pain to cut and the smaller knife is great for everyday cooking.

Furi knives are a favourite of Nigella and other professional chefs and they are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel shaped to provide ease of use and precision. There are various sets to choose from as well as individual knives which can all be purchased from Amazon. I have been using mine for a couple of years now and I can't recommend them enough.
*Boxclever Press Internet Password Journal (£6.99)
Last Christmas I received a gorgeous diary from Boxclever Press as part of one of my womens gift guides and I'm lucky enough to share another fantastic stationery gift from Boxclever Press within today's Mother's Day gift guide. As well as calendars and diaries, they offer a great range of stationery accessories, wall planners and organisers. Within their selection of organisers they have a  food diaries, meal planners, budget books and an internet password journal.
I love all of the product designs from Boxclever Press as they are beautifully coordinated and simple but they are still colourful and eye catching. The internet password journal is no exception as it's beautifully designed and laid out, especially with its gold foiling details. The journal has plenty of space for you to jot down your internet usernames and passwords as well as hints so you'll never forget another password again! Thankfully the cover is quite discreet so without opening the journal, it just looks like a cute and colourful notebook. If your mum, grandma or mother figure is a stationery lover and likes to stay organised then check out Boxclever Press for more gift ideas.
*Cover Up iPhone 7 Shell Snap Case (£35)
I think we all know by now how much I love pampering, personalised and practical gifts and my next gift idea fits into the category of practical gifts but it is much more than that. The lovely people at Cover Up have a range of stunningly beautiful phone cases for a variety of brands and models, including the iPhone 7 which is my current phone (rose gold, naturally) as well as a selection of iPad and iMac skins. Phone, tablet and laptop skins or cases aren't anything special or unique usually but Cover Up offers cases made of real wood, stone, felt and seashells!
I was lucky enough to be sent the iPhone 7 phone case in gold mother of pearl! I never knew that cases could incorporate seashells and I'm loving it as it gives the most beautiful, unique shine and shimmer. It was very difficult to choose the case as they are all so gorgeous but I'm very happy with my gold mother of pearl case.

My previous phone case was very cute but it was made of plastic and it had a few cracks in it, especially around the corners but thankfully this gorgeous case already feels much more durable and I think it will protect my phone more than a thin plastic case. It is a simple snap case which is easy to fit, it is fairly slim line so it doesn't feel very bulky and the rubber edge makes it easier to hold and less likely to be dropped. One of the aspects that surprised me about this case is the lack of any exterior branding on the case which is something I didn't like about my previous phone cases. I cannot recommend it enough! Use the code INSTA10 to get 10% off your order.
*Cardology Pop Up Cards (£8.50 each)
Last but not least, Mother's Day isn't complete without a cute and thoughtful card but frustratingly most Mother's Day cards are very generic or boring; thankfully Cardology has the most beautiful alternative. Cardology specialities in 3D pop-up cards for all occasions including Mother's Day and Easter. I was very kindly sent a couple of their Mother's Day cards for today's gift guide although it was very difficult to choose as they are all so unique and beautiful.
I opted for the bouquet of roses and the lavender pop-up cards and they are even more gorgeous than I thought they'd be! I haven't received a pop-up or unique card since I was a child or for special birthdays but why do we have to wait for an extra special occasion to give an extra special card! I love both the roses and lavender options but I think my favourite has to be the lavender card as it's my favourite scent; although they are so visually beautiful and would make for an added treat this Mother's Day. There are so many unusual and gorgeous cards to choose from, check out Cardology for more of their stunning designs!
Make sure you watch the video in HD!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of these gift ideas? 



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