March Beauty Favourites

Monday, March 30, 2020
March has been a bit of a strange month to say the least, especially as towards the end of March the UK went into lockdown which has been such a bizarre and surreal experience. I was unsure what to do when it comes to blogging as most of my freelance work and blog related emails have decreased dramatically but my blog has always been an escape for me (my blog's 8th birthday is coming up in May - be prepared for a birthday giveaway) and I hope it can be for those who read my blog as well.

Today's post is my short favourites post featuring the main skincare and haircare favourites I've loved over the month of March. I have an upcoming post including a plethora of items that I have loved using throughout the winter months including so many makeup favourites so say tuned for that post which should hopefully be live on my blog at the end of the week or early next week. You can always follow me on instagram (@ofbeautyand) to see sneak peeks of my upcoming posts and my blogger mail.
*SKN-RG Diamond Blue Cleanser (£29, 60ml)
Let's start with the cleanser that I've been using and loving for the past couple of weeks. SKN-RG is a  brand I have tried previously as I reviewed their fantastic Evolution Serum (£65) back in 2019 which I highly recommend so I was excited to try another product from the brand especially as I love their ethos and focus on cruelty free products and sustainability.

The Diamond Blue cleanser hasn't launched yet but here's a little information about the product and its ingredient list. It contains diamond blue plankton, botanical enzymes, soapberry and hyaluronic acid which combine to trap pollutants without stripping the skin, gently cleanse, resurface the skin and provide hydration.

The product itself is blue in colour and it has a gel-like texture which feels very refreshing and smoothing on the skin. It is a lovely cleanser to use, especially for the spring and summer month as it leaves my skin feeling throughly cleansed and smoother without it feeling dry or stripped. If you are looking for a luxe and effective cleanser, check out the SKN-RG Diamond Blue Cleanser when it is launched. I'm sure you'll be seeing this product on my blog again in the upcoming months. Don't forget to use the code: SKN15 to get 15% off at the checkout!
*Botanicals Nourish Moisturiser (£24.50)
My second March skincare favourite is a lovely natural facial moisturiser from Botanicals which is another brand I've been lucky enough to try on my blog a couple of times before. The moisturiser contains lots of organic ingredients including shea butter, green tea, rose geranium, rosehip and palmarosa oil. The ingredients are all cruelty free and sustainable as well as being suitable for vegans; for more information about the brand itself and the ingredients used, check out their website.

The moisturiser is minimally but beautifully packaged and designed; I love the pump dispenser as it makes it more convenient to use. It has a gorgeous spring-like floral scent that I adore and it makes me want to use the product constantly! The moisturiser itself has a silky texture and it feels very nourishing on the skin without making it feel very greasy or heavy. My skin has been loving this gentle, hydrating and fast absorbing moisturiser so much and I would highly recommend it.
 *Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo (£16, 255ml)
Last but not least is a dry shampoo that I've gone through a couple of bottles of over the past few months and it's one of my favourites for March as I've been trying to wash my hair a little less (to slow down colour fade) and this dry shampoo has been a staple recently. I have a few dry shampoo recommendations but I think this one is fantastic for all hair colours and types. I never used to like dry shampoo as it either left a white tone to my hair or it wasn't very effective but thankfully this one ticks all of the boxes for a great dry shampoo for second, third and sometimes even fourth day hair.

Those are a few of the products I've been loving recently but stay tuned for my rather massive winter beauty favourites post which will be live soon! 

Have you tried any of these products? Which beauty products have you been loving in March? 



  1. I love the sound of that dry shampoo. I hate the feeling of dry shampoo and the white tone it leaves behind is not the one.

  2. Never heard of that dry shampoo brand before, sounds really lovely

  3. I've never heard of these products but they sound fab x

  4. March has definitely been a strange month! Loved reading about your favourites x

    Tiffany x

  5. Not heard of many of these so some new ones to check out!

  6. That dry shampoo sounds great! I hate the ones that leave a white cast or go super ashy x


  7. I’ve not really heard of any of these products before but they sound fab.

  8. SKN RG isn't a brand I've heard of but it sounds amazing. March has been a very odd month - I think April will be similar!
    Em x

  9. I like Botanicals, they do really fab bath salts! xx

  10. They sound incredible! I need to start checking out some new products! :)

  11. The cleanser sounds lovely!

    Jasmine xx

  12. So happy you're a fan of the SKN-RG cleanser! John x

  13. Love reading these sorts of posts to see what you're loving x


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