Calm Drinks CBD Infused Coffee

Thursday, March 12, 2020
CBD has been the focus of countless wellness, food, beauty and lifestyle products over the past few months and while I was interested in the hype and the potential benefits, especially when it comes to anxiety, I didn't know where to start! I was very kindly sent a range of products from Calm Drinks which feature CBD has one of the principle ingredients.

Before we get into the review, let's define what CBD is. CBD is a Cannabinoid but it is non-psychoactive and it is legal in the UK. It has mainly been associated with helping those with anxiety, insomnia or chronic pain. The World Health Organisation suggests that CBD is safe, presents no current dependant potential and could be useful for various medical conditions. Although as with any supplement, health drink or wellness product of any kind, it is always important to be aware and properly informed of what you are purchasing and consuming.
*Calm Drinks Caffe Latte CBD Cold Brew Coffee (£2.50 each)
I was kindly sent the Calm Drinks CBD cold are coffee in the 'caffe latte' flavour which contains cold brewed coffee, oat milk, maple syrup and 10mg of CBD. The CBD used is vegan friendly, sourced in the UK and contains 0% THC (the addictive, psychoactive drug). Additionally, the drinks are gluten free and each can only contains 55 calories which makes them a great option for those who keep track of their calorie intake, as I do.

As well as the caffe latte flavour, they also have an Americano flavour, premium whole bean and ground coffee, Belgian hot chocolate flakes, chocolate milk, sparkling water and coffee pods, the latter two aren't currently available just yet. However, every product contains natural ingredients and is infused with CBD.
I have a few of the oat milk caffe latte drinks and as well as the products themselves being very photogenic, the coffee itself is very good too! I have been using oat milk in coffee, cooking and baking for around four years now so it is a flavour that I am very familiar with. However, I think that if you haven't tried oat milk, then it may be a little bit of an acquired taste. I personally love the flavour of oat milk and the coffee, to me it has an almost comforting and naturally sweet flavour. As for the CBD element, it isn't something I noticed any major effect, in terms of anxiety, mood or relaxing effects but I think that may only occur with regular consumption.

Overall, I personally like the oat milk caffe latte drinks, I think they are an easy caffeine fix on the go and I like the flavour as well as the gorgeous packaging. I'm not too sure about the use of CBD just yet, although it does appear to be safe and potentially beneficial according to the WHO. I think if you're looking for a new cold brew coffee to try then give it a go. I will be trying their premium ground coffee very soon - I'll update this post as soon as I have!

Have you tried any of the Calm Drinks products? Have you tried anything (drinks, skincare or lifestyle products) that contain CBD? 

* AD - gifted item sent to me, not paid
Also please do your own research and ask your doctor before taking any kind of supplement etc 


  1. I love their packaging its so pretty

  2. I can't take CBD or drink coffee so these wouldn't be for me but I love the packaging x

  3. Now, this is very tempting! I'm going to look into this x

  4. Love their packaging! I'm sure so many people would love these x

    Tiffany x

  5. The lack of research in CBD products makes me quite hesitant but the packaging is lovely. I've never tried oat milk so I'm not sure how I'd feel about the taste x


  6. Can't stand coffee but, like everyone else, the packaging is gorgeous! xD

  7. This sounds interesting! I use a CBD oil before bed

    Jasmine xx

  8. I'm so wary about CBD products because they're not licensed! Seems mad to just put it in everything xx

  9. The packaging looks great - I've never used anything with CBD in before...I'm always a little wary about it.
    Em x

  10. I tried a similar brand recently and really liked it x

  11. They sound great. I’m keen myself to try CBD.

  12. I don't think I would want to try the ingredient - but it's cool how its coming to the UK

  13. I love everything which contains coffee, because I am a big coffee lover. Latte is one of my favorite beverages. I definitely must try it.


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