Autumnal OOTD

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Autumnal OOTD
Today is so cold and it was snowing this weekend so I wouldn't wear this outfit now but a couple of weeks ago I was wearing this jacket non-stop! I am loving all of the gorgeous items I've had from Zaful recently and I'm grateful to receive these items as my wardrobe is in dire need of an update for the autumn and winter months!

*Zaful Zipper Suede Jacket ($35.99) 
You'll have to excuse my weird/annoyed expression, I was FREEZING! I am a bit of a sucker for pretty jackets, I'm always buying jackets to go with various outfits - I never seem to have enough! The jacket design is gorgeous, I love the tan brown suede and the zipper detailing. I have a size M and I'm a UK size 10 and it fits really well although as I'm tiny, it is a little long on the arms; although the length of the jacket is quite short and I wish it was longer as that's the only negative I have about this jacket. I think it would be perfect for autumn and also spring, it definitely wouldn't be warm or thick enough for the winter months in England.

*Zaful 'Rock 'n' Roller' Tee ($9.29, clearance)
I also chose this tee in a size M and it has the same problem as the jacket in that it is a little short which I wasn't expecting for either item. However, I do love the quality as it's soft and really well made. I adore the slogan and design as well as the cuffed sleeves - I have been getting so much use out of this tee around the house and as a pyjama top as it's so comfy.

Overall, I cannot recommend Zaful enough, I have quite a few lovely items from them now and I love the design and quality of all of them! I've been wearing both of these items a lot, particularly the tee; however they are both a little on the short side even on me and I'm tiny but I will still continue to get a lot of wear out of them. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

What do you think of these items? Have you bought anything from Zaful? 


  1. That jacket looks so pretty! It's a great alternative to leather :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes | Giveaway

  2. These both look really nice on you, I love a good slogan tee :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. the t-shirt is super cute! I'm sure you're going to find tons of use for it in the summer

  4. I've never heard of Zaful, but I love these items, they're so versatile and great for Autumn :)

  5. Love the suede jacket!


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