What would you repurchase # 1

Thursday, November 07, 2013
Here are some of my fairly recent empties that I loved and would repurchase in the future - I have already repurchased some of them. There is a mixture of skincare, body care and makeup items. Obviously I couldn't talk about all of the items I wanted to in this one post because it would be far too long, but I have missed out items such as the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (I love that stuff!) and the Tweezerman Brow Mousse - both of which I would definitely repurchase. 
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1. Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter: I received this in the Harrods Glossy Box last year and I have been saving it for special days because I just love this product - the price for the full size bottle is quite expensive but you can buy the small travel size for around £6 online. The body butter smells divine, it is hydrating but not sticky or heavy and it absorbs quickly. 

2. Clinique 7 Day Facial Scrub Cream: I have been using this product on and off for almost a year (naughty, naughty I know) but I love this scrub. It is gentle on my sensitive eczema prone skin but it really exfoliates and leave my skin so smooth. I have done a full review post on this product already - click here. I will definitely repurchase this product as I find myself wishing I had it. 

3. Cosmopolitan Beauty Foundation Sponge: I have repurchased this foundation sponge about six or seven times, I love it! I use it for applying my liquid foundations. I find that it is amazing for applying foundation onto dry/flaky skin because it doesn't emphasise the dryness. This is a lifesaver product for me! 

4. Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Body Scrub: I received this scrub as a free gift with purchase online and I actually have two. I like the smell of this product, as with all Caudalie products, it smells so fresh and natural. The scrub is exfoliating but moisturising too. A product I will repurchase when it is on offer/sale because it is pretty expensive. 

5. Simple Rich Moisturiser: I have gone through about ten or more bottles of this moisturiser. This product is my fail safe, go to facial moisturiser because I know it is one of the few products I can use when my eczema flares up badly. 

6. Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion: I had a travel size bottle of this product a year or so ago and I took it on holiday with me and I LOVED it! It smells amazing, it is hydrating, it absorbs quickly and it is fantastic for sunburn. I will be buying this again even through it is a bit expensive, as with all Caudalie products. 


  1. the body butter looks tempting , i like to smell like fruits LOL

    Am sharing the hobby of my dreams in a new post , BTW it is romantic heavy pics inside !!! Please Tell me what do you think ?


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  2. My foundation sponge split only a few uses! I still love it though! Totally agree with you on the simple moisturiser, I wouldn't ever change now :)

    Rhiannon x

  3. i never use most the brand you mentioned except for Simple , not too bad but it's currently not in my list any more :X


  4. I want to try the beauty blender..
    Keep in touch,

  5. My skin care routine used to be all Clinic products! It was a gift and I ran out of them but I love Clinic skin care products! It's quite expensive though! :) I don't know the other products, but the Bliss Blood Orange looks so cool! :) xx


  6. yeah 5 is good..its a really good light moisturizer !

    - Legally Brunette << follow me :)


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