October collective haul

Friday, November 01, 2013
Here are most of the beauty items I have bought over the month of October, there is also one item of clothing too. I did go to primark during october and I have a blog post on my buys, click here. All of the items in this haul have been bought from the Body Shop, Asos and H&M sales (and I used a couple of discount codes I found online). 
The Body Shop: The body shop started their sale about a week ago now when this is post but as I am writing this the sale has been going for a couple of days. I bought eight items (all full size) and I spent a grand total of £20.90 which is an amazing saving in my opinion. I bought two coconut baubles that you could hang on the christmas tree - they contain a 50ml body butter and a lip balm - they were only about £2.40 on sale and with my discount code. I also bought the Brazil nut body butter which I haven't tried before and it doesn't really smell of much but I like that and it feels really moisturising, it was £3. I also picked up the brazil nut body scrub which was £3 as well and I hate the smell - it doesn't smell like the body butter, it smells like a body scrub I have tried from the body shop before last christmas. My mum likes the smell though so she is going to have the scrub. 

I bought two things from the new Honey Mania range, the lip balm which is so cute in its little pot and the shower gel. The shower gel smells incredible, I have asked for the perfume for christmas. I bought a mini hand gel from the Absinthe range and finally I did buy a perfume, the Midnight Bakula EDT (50ml) which was about £5.50. It smells so nice, musky and spicy - it smells a bit different in the bottle than it does on the skin, it smells much nicer and spicier on the skin. I think it will be one of my go to perfumes for winter. I used the code 14319 to get an extra 40% off sale and non sale items

Fragrance Direct: I bought three items from Korres from Fragrance direct which has only just started to stock Korres products. I bought the silk milk conditioner for coloured hair and I love the packaging fo Korres products but the smell of this conditioner in the bottle is not very nice but I will have to see what it is like when I actually use it. I also bought the shea butter and vitamins hair mask from Korres which looks great and it has a pump too, can't wait to try it. Finally from Korres I bought the Ginger and vitamins foundation in the lighest shade they had, LF1 (I do not understand the korres shades ranges, it is a bit confusing). The shade is a bit too dark so I might try and mix it with my barry m white foundation. I haven't tried the foundation fully yet. I bought the amazing Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation in the shade 40 porcelain here too. Lastly, I did order two pots of the amazing pretty quik nail polish remover as they were only 99p but I was sent two eye lash curler instead! Not happy but I have contacted customer services and hopefully it will be resolved soon. 

H&M: Finally for H&M I bought this gorgeous nordic/scandinavian style jumper which I love so much! And a £1 manicure set from the sale and with delivery it should have been about £34 but I only paid about £22 with delivery. H&M is amazing for discount codes, just google 'h&m code 2013' and look for the codes available - I do this every time I order online as you can get money off most of the time. 


  1. I really want to try the honeycomb lip balm it sounds amazing! And you should try their volumising shampoo it works really well!



  2. So many body shop products.. :)
    Keep in touch,

  3. 8 items for £20?! That's incredible! Must hop myself down to Body Shop...

    Holly ♥ petitpromise.blogspot.co.uk

  4. wow! cool collection! now you got me thinking of buying some body products hmmm...thanx for sharing this anyway :)


  5. Hey!:) Your blog is really amazing and this post is great, thanks for sharing <3

    would you like to follow each other?:) we have just started following you, it would be so cool if you would follow us back <3


  6. So jealous of all your new things. I love The Body Shop products, have a massive wish list at the minute! x


    1. They have an amazing sale on now and with codes for money off the sale items too x

  7. I'd really love to try the honey lip balm :D Love the products you've picked up!

    ♡ Valérie

  8. I absolutely LOVE the body shop brazil nut line, I like the scent of the scrub the best, as they are all slightly different



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