OOTE: Manchester Christmas Markets

Saturday, November 23, 2013
Myself, my parents and my sister went to Manchester to do some shopping in Primark, Boots and to see the famous Manchester Christmas markets which I have been going to since I was 6/7 years old when they first started! They are celebrating their 15th year in Manchester - stalls from France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the UK and other European countries are all around the city, along with pretty fairy lights and gorgeous smells of mulled wine, crepes and cinnamon.
We went to the main area at the town hall first and it was INSANE! It was crazy busy, you couldn't move or buy anything, it was a waste of time going to that area. We then went to the 'french stalls' at the Royal exchange and other stalls up to the shambles. The shambles was the best area (as was the french) it wasn't crazy busy and it looked so beautiful. It was pretty and festive however it was -1 degree celcuis which is fairly cold! 

I didn't have anything to eat but I did have a Baileys hot chocolate with whipped cream on top (called an angels delight) which was incredible! It was about £6 because you could keep the mug afterwards - or you could give the mug back and get £2 back. The stalls are gorgeous, I also bought from chocolate strawberries as I do every year *drools* if you are planning on going to the Manchester Christmas markets you will not be disappointed, I have been pretty much every year since I was a child - although best not to go on the weekends and avoid the Albert square/town hall area! 

I wore my new Primark scarf (£4), my trusty Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans (size 8 for reference), my Promod faux leather jacket, my black La Redoute boots and my bag is from Asos (sale). I think I am going to have a FOTE (face of the evening) from this night posted in a few days with a video tutorial/demo - if you would be interested. 
This is my first time using the Youtube video editor, I hope it is ok! Photos and video thanks to my sister using iPhone 5.


  1. I just looove the tartan scarf!! looks so good with the leather jacket!

  2. The place is so beautifully lit
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  3. I adore Xmas Markets, heading to Brussles after Christmas to see what there's is like :)


  4. Looks like such a lovely day, love exploring all the markets this time of year :) x

  5. I love Christmas Markets! Birmingham has a german one and it's always so much fun! x


  6. it looks like it was a ton of fun! i went to th german market last week in Birmingham . I really want to go back and do a blog post about it 4 sure! . I just followed your blog on bloglovin! its vey cool. please check mine out and follow back? i hope we can collab in the future! http://stealstylist.com . Abbigayle Warner

  7. Ahh I'm going to the Manchester Christmas Markets in a few weekends time- I'm so excited :) I was in Manchester this weekend and was so gutted I didn't have time to meander around them so I'm really looking forward to going back :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  8. Can't wait to go myself, will be heading over in a few weeks time.

    Buckets & Spades


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