Subscription Boxes To Help You Get Through Lockdown

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
If you've been following my blog or my reviews on for a while then you'll know just how much I love subscription boxes. I've bought many over the years, from the first Glossybox and Birchbox to My Little Box (which was one of my all time favourites) and My Geek Box as well as many others, all of which I am lucky enough to be sent for review.

With the current lockdown across the UK, it has been difficult for everyone to obtain groceries and other essentials so subscription boxes might be a great way to either treat yourself (I've wanted to comfort shop a lot recently) or to buy basics such as toiletries, hygiene items, food, snacks, books or treats. If you're looking for a subscription box to treat yourself (or someone else) to or if you want to purchase a subscription box filled with basics or essentials then hopefully you'll find some inspiration in today's post.
Shower Supplies: *Bubble T Soapscription (£4.99 per month)
I have mentioned Bubble T on my blog previously within my gift guides and I cannot recommend their products enough as they look so cute and the bath bombs I've tried have been fantastic. As well as their individual products and gifts, they also have a shower gel subscription box in which you'll receive two shower gels each month which come in a cardboard box that can fit through a letterbox so you don't need to be home or answer to door for it to be delivered.

I think the price is great and you can get your first box for free! You can choose when you want your box delivered as well as the two shower gel fragrances included. I've tried so many of their scents and they are genuinely heavenly and quite unusual, compared to generic shower gels. I also adore the packaging and I think it would make a lovely little practical treat for a loved one during this rather difficult time.
Hair Removal: *Friction Free Shaving (from £9)
Another subscription containing items that may be considered basics or essentials is the Friction Free Shaving box which depending on the items you want to add to your box, contains at least a sturdy metal razor handle and a set of four blades for your new razor. The razor blade head contains a vitamin infused strip and the razor features six diamond-coated steel blades each: this basic package is £9 but you can add the shave cream, wax strips, deodorant or lip balm to your box as well if you want to pay for extras.
In addition, to the extras you can add to your box, you can also have the metal handle engraved with a name or word of your choice. I've been using it on and off for the past couple of weeks and I love it as it's easy to use, I love the rose gold handle (although the new spring collection is very pretty too) and I like using the extras, especially the natural deodorant in the rosemary and bergamot scent. The deodorant smells heavenly, it is 100% natural and it is very effective.

I've been looking for a more sustainable hair removal option and this one is ideal as the metal handle can be re-used, they have a blade recycling scheme (although I believe that it is currently on hold), the packaging is recyclable and their products are cruelty free, what more could you ask for! I cannot recommend it enough especially if you are looking to make a few sustainable and more eco-friendly choices.
Beauty Treats: *LookFantastic Box (£15 per month)
Moving onto a few beauty treat boxes, the first is one of my favourite subscription boxes, LookFantastic. I think LookFantastic is one of the best beauty boxes out there, alongside the Latest In Beauty boxes, as they always have a great range of items and brands within their monthly selections. I have discovered so many fantastic products from their boxes over the years including my most recent favourite, the StarSkin 100% Camellia Sheet Mask which was part of the April box and I utterly adored it. It is the first sheet mask I've actually noticed results from and I will be purchasing it in the future!
*Latest In Beauty (from £16)
If you are looking for a beauty treat but you want to have flexibility in not only the price and number of items you'll receive but also the individual items themselves then look no further than the amazing boxes from Latest In Beauty. I am lucky enough to receive them each month to review on my blog as well as their unbelievably good value limited edition boxes. The monthly selection is always fantastic and contains a great mix of luxury items, makeup, skincare, body care and more including toiletries, hygiene items, tea and beauty tools so I'm sure you'll find a few treats as well as a few 'essential' items too.
Food, Snacking & Drinks 
*DegustaBox (£12.99 - £7.99 with the code DTPL4)

Last but not least, the only food subscription box on today's list and with the code DTPL4 you can get your first box for only £7.99 which is great value! I'm a DegustaBox ambassador so I'm lucky enough to receive their boxes to review but I genuinely cannot recommend them enough as they contain such a wide range products each month, from cooking ingredients, drinks and snacks to vegan options, sweet treats and more. I think it's a great box for everyone but especially families or house mates to share.

More subscription services & boxes recommendations:

I have reviewed so many subscription boxes on my blog so if you are still looking for more recommendations or reviews check them out! I think for our current situation and shortages, subscription boxes for essentials and basics are a great alternative. Do make sure to recycle the packaging, wash packaging if needed and wash your hands after opening any parcels!

Have you tried any of these subscription boxes? 



  1. I've always loved your sub box posts because you give such good reviews about the products! The Degusta one does sound amazing as does the Latest in Beauty! Maybe I'll treat myself after all this! Great post, hun! xx

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  2. I love the look of all of them, such a good idea for this time!

  3. I love Friction Free Shaving - been subscribed almost 2 years now and haven't even looked elsewhere!

    Jasmine xx

  4. The Bubble T one looks great! Fab price aswell xx

    Tiffany x

  5. Some really awesome products! The packaging of those shower products are super pretty

  6. Ah I didn't know Bubble T did one! I haven't used them for years! xx

  7. Subscription boxes are getting us through these tough times!
    Em x

  8. I haven't ever subscribed to a beauty box in my life! The only box a got was the ASOS x Deciem one x

  9. Some great options here, I've been dying to try FFS x


  10. I really want to try some bubble t products.

  11. I didn't know that Bubble T had a box each month!


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