Ultimate Gift Guide For Him Part Two

Monday, December 17, 2018
Today's post is my final gift guide of 2018! I can't believe that christmas is almost here, it feels as though it wasn't long ago that it was the start of autumn. I've already published a few christmas gift guides, including my first mens gift guide which you can read for even more gift ideas. I also have a luxury, womens and personalised gift guides too.

*NextBase 412GW Dash Cam (£129)
One piece of tech that I've wanted since the summer is a dash cam. I went on a girls weekend away in August and thankfully one of my friends drove us to the Lake District. She used her a dash cam on the journey and it's the first time I'd seen one in action - I was impressed. I've never thought of needing one before but they're so useful if you are unlucky enough to be part of an accident.

The NextBase 412GW Dash Cam has so many amazing features such as 1440P HD video, 140 wide angle recording, GPS logging, Wi-fi connectivity and more! This model has been awarded dash cam of the year (2017), a Best Buy from Which (2017) and it's TechAdvisor recommended. It is also endorsed by the AA so it's a dash cam that it highly recommended and would make a great gift.

I didn't know a dash cam would have so many features, as soon as I received it I watched the video explaining what the specific model I have does and it's very impressive. I will be posting a full, in-depth review and video of the dash cam in the new year so stay tuned!
*Mackmyra Swedish Single Malt Whisky via The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Box

In my experience dads are the hardest people to buy for at this time of the year! However, The Summerton Club may have the answer with their spirits subscription box. At £50 per bottle delivered, you'll receive one of the bottles of the month. All you need to do is choose the frequency at which they arrive at your door or the door of your lucky gift recipient. You can choose to gift a Christmas gift voucher at £50, a three month subscription for £150, a bi-monthly whisky subscription for £300 or one of their other subscription options depending on your budget.

Whichever option you choose, it will contain a bottle of at least 50cl of spirit, which range from brandy, bourbon, cognac, rum and whiskey, among others. Additionally unlike other subscription boxes where there is a post and packaging charge on top of the subscription price, the £50 for The Summerton Club membership includes everything, including postage and packaging.
I was very kindly sent the bottle of the month for October 2018 which was the Mackmyra Swedish single malt whisky. The bottle of the month changes in terms of the origin, age and variety of spirit so you can always guarantee something different and unique within each box. You can check out the 'bottles of the month' page on the website to see previous bottles sent out to members. For example, the bottle for the July 2018 box was the Arran 18-year-old single malt whisky and I have actually visited this distillery very briefly a few years ago while on a college trip to the Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland.

Back to the bottle of the month that I received, the Mackmyra Swedish single malt whisky. Firstly, as I always have to mention, I love the packaging! It looks so luxe and oddly festive which is perfect for this time of the year. The whisky is aged in a small casks in the mine of Bodas, 50m underground in Sweden which is very unique and something I haven't heard for. You might expect that I haven't heard of this idea before but I have visited a fair few distilleries! Overall, I think this subscription box would make a luxe, special and very welcome gift for dads, grandads, uncles and husbands (or whoever you think would appreciate a subscription!) this christmas! As always check out the brands website for more information and the video below for a close up of the items in today's gift guide.
*DK Eyewitness London Travel Guide 2019 (£14.99)
Next up is a great option for those who are planning on travelling in the New Year as it is the new 2019 travel guide collection from DK Publishing. This travel guide arrived just in time as I might be travelling to London in January which is very exciting as I always love visiting the capital! I have been lucky enough to visit London a few times, most recently April 2018 but there is always more to see!

It has a fantastic range of information within it such as history and maps and it would be so useful if you are planning on visiting the capital as a tourist as it can almost be your tour guide with all of the information it contains! It also contains a map of the underground and the main parks within London too. There are quite a few areas of London that I have yet to visit including Covent Garden and many famous sites such as Highgate cemetery, Kensington palace, the natural history museum and others that are on my list. I've already flicked through the entire travel guide and added page markers to the sites I want to visit...there are quite a lot of page markers in it now. They have many travel guides for various cities so if you're looking for one for yourself or as a gift then look no further. You can buy this travel guide on Amazon so if you have Prime or if you pay for express delivery then you'll receive it in time.
*Scratch The World Map - Classic (£20)
Sticking with the travelling theme, the next gift is a map but not a map as you know it. I've wanted one of these scratch off maps for years but I've never got round to buying one for myself and that's why I think it is a great gift idea as it's something your gift recipient might want, however it's maybe not something they'd want to buy just for themselves. There are numerous styles and finishes to choose from but most start at £20 which I think is a very reasonable price, especially considering the size of the map and the gorgeous design.

The map I have is the 'classic' style which I absolutely adore and it goes perfectly with the colour scheme and style of our kitchen. I love that you can scratch off the cities, countries and islands you've visited. I love the copper colour of the map as it is but when you scratch it off, you'll find colourful countries underneath. One of the things that surprised me about the map, as well as the amazing quality, is how detailed it is! This is another gift that would be ideal for those who are travelling or planning a gap year for 2019. If you choose express delivery at the checkout then you'll receive your gift before christmas but you only have until the 19th December to choose that option.
*Ross & Ross Christmas Roast Dinner Box (£21)
My final gift idea is not what it seems, on the box, it would seem as though it's not suitable for vegetarians but it is! The gorgeously designed gift set contains four cooking ingredients including 'pigs in blankets dust', 'Brussel sprout dust', 'roast turkey rub' and the 'roast potato oil' all of which sound amazing and surprisingly vegetarian. In fact all of the items in the box are gluten free, dairy free, handmade and suitable for vegetarians as stated on the website - although I wish that was clear on the box itself. Additionally, it's the 2018 'gift of the year' winner too!

I absolutely love the presentation of this gift set, from the classic and luxe looking packaging to the items themselves which I like the names of and the ingredients are very minimal too, which I always look out for. Each tub is 50g which is a decent size and the roast potato oil is 250ml so you're not getting tiny samples in this gift set. 
All of the items sound great but the one I'm most interested to try is the 'roast potato oil' which is composed of Cotswold rapeseed oil infused with smoke, rosemary and garlic (it's almost drool inducing). I love using infused oils and I need to start using more of them as they're typically so delicious and very convenient to use too.

I know that my dad would be so happy with this foodie gift set this christmas as he loves to cook and these ingredients could be used in so many ways. It looks like a fancy and substantial gift set but the price is very reasonable, in my opinion. I cannot recommend this set enough and as always, check out my video below for a quick close up of the items in the box, along with the other gifts I've featured in today's final gift guide of 2018 (how is it almost christmas already!).
Images from Charles Tyrwitt 
An additional gift idea is a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt which would be an ideal formal gift that is also practical. My dad would be happy to receive a shirt as a gift because he wears them every day at work and they are perfect for formal nights on holiday (cruises always have a couple of formal nights and a nice shirt is essential).

My dad personally wouldn't buy a fancy or more expensive shirt for himself, he hates shopping as it is so it would make a great gift for him. There are so many styles, designs and sizes to choose from as well as a range of prices to suit your budget - most are currently on sale so go, go, go.

What do you think of my final gift guide of the year?

*This is a collaborative post
*Images from Charles Tyrwhitt 


  1. I love those scratch maps - I got one for a friend x

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