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Friday, October 23, 2015
Folly Boutique Halloween Collection
Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and one of the best things about it include all of the decor, homeware and accessories that are spooky! I love it when brands release or collab a halloween collection! Folly Boutique have put together a gorgeous halloween range featuring luxe, halloween themed jewellery from brands such as House of Bourgeois, Dianna Broussard, Leivankash and the brand that interested me the most is Tessa Metcalfe. 

They have gorgeous pieces that can be bought or rented so they would be great for halloween parties or special occasions. I chose the *Tessa Metcalfe Pearl of London Earrings (£120 to buy or £21 for a 3 day hire and £42 for a 6 day hire) which are composed of oxidised silver and the claws are gold plated as well as a loose spinning fresh water pearl *yes, how decadent does that sound*. The earrings are studs so they are comfortable to wear, they aren't too big or heavy therefore you could wear them for a while and they look so expensive! I love the oxidised, distressed/worn silver metal and the addition of the pearl which looks so unique. 

I also chose the *Tessa Metcalfe Single Claw Ring in Oxidised Silver (£59 to buy or £15 for a 3 day hire and £30 for a 6 day hire) which matches the earrings so they would be perfect worn together. It is also composed of oxidised silver and gold plated nails/claws which compliments the worn/distressed silver. I have the small size which is approx. UK size J and it fits so perfectly but if it doesn't for you then you can gently squeeze together the claws. The ring is comfortable to wear and it looks so expensive and impressive - it's sure to get people talking! 

Overall, I'm so happy with both of these pieces - I think they look amazing and they would be ideal for a halloween party! You get to wear some gorgeous, luxe jewellery without the slightly heavy price tag and they come well packaged with a pre-paid bag so you can easily send them back. They would be perfect for a halloween party but if these aren't your style then check out their other pieces in the halloween range: 

Folly Boutique Halloween Collection
*You can get 10% off your basket with the code: HEATHER10 which will be active for 6 months so you can get a discount on pieces for halloween, christmas and new year parties!* 

What do you think of the Tessa Metcalfe jewellery I picked out? Have you bought or rented from The Folly Boutique?


  1. I looooove all things Halloween! Those earrings tho, makes me want to have my ears pierced so I could wear that xD
    Joyce | Joycentricity

  2. I love these!! they look fab and so so so perfect for Halloween! Xx


  3. Those jewellery pieces are gorgeous! I'd still wear them regardless if it's Halloween or not.

  4. Halloween jewellery? Nah. Let's talk about it being forever jewellery! I LOVE these!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. Ooh these are so spooky but kinda stunning at the same time. I would probably wear the earrings all year round haha x

    Beauty with charm

  6. I am such a huge Tessa Metcalfe fan - so nice to see someone else is too x


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