Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks
Makeup Revolution has to be one of my favourite brands of the year and last year actually so when these beauties arrived, I was so excited especially as they are all fun and unusual shades which will be just perfect for so many halloween and fancy dress looks! 

The *Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks (£1 each or buy the full collection for £4) come in the regular Makeup Revolution packaging with the colour indicated on the base of the tube which I think is a fantastic idea! The shades from top to bottom according to my swatches are as follows:

- Legend: Deep metallic faded purple shade which I think would be great as a lipstick or face colour shade for a robot look as it is so metallic and it has a grey undertone. 

- Pink Myth: Bright coral pink with raspberry red undertones, it has a sheen but it isn't glitter or metallic like the others which makes it far more 'normal' and wearable - it would be a gorgeous shade during the summer months. Perfect for a doll look!

Throne: Similar to Throne but it is lighter and brighter but it still has that gorgeous shimmery metallic finish. It is almost a metallic lavender shade that I think will be great for so many fun halloween looks. 

- Horn of Magic: Bright, electric light turquoise shade that is packed with shimmer and glitter so it would be great for a mermaid look or any kind of aquatic halloween look. This is my favourite from the collection in terms of how unusual it is!

- Magical: Vivid violet with blue undertones, it has an iridescent shimmer to it and it's my favourite shade overall. You do have to build some of the shades up as they can be sheer but if you did want to wear this one sheered out then it looks like a iridescent bruised shade *granted not what you would typically want for everyday but perfect for halloween* 

Overall, I think the price of these lipsticks is just fantastic making them perfect for fancy dress parties or halloween because if you're like me then you don't want to buy expensive products that you are only going to use a few times a year. The lipsticks are so versatile as you can also be used as blush or as face paint accents, for example, I used the blue shade around the exterior of my face for dimension on my cheshire cat look. Overall rating: ★★☆, 4/5. 

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? What do you think of these lipsticks?


  1. I heard some mixed review in the Makeup Revolution lipsticks! The colours are so pretty though

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. they are so cute but I am not sure I'll wear them apart the Pin Myth :)

  3. cool colors!

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  5. These aren't really my style - not a big fan of the colours. Perhaps if were wearing a costume of some sort, but not for day to day wear.

  6. such a cute array of lipsticks! Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


  7. These are perfect for Halloween & they are well priced too, but I don't think I would wear them any other time of the year as they are just a bit too bold for me x

    Beauty with charm

  8. I love the colours of these, personally I wouldn't wear them but like you said they're perfect for Halloween and fancy dress looks! x

    Megan |

  9. I love these colours, I wish I had a crazy enough style to pull them off :)

    B x

  10. I absolutely love the look of these! I keep putting them in my basket on the MUR website but chickening out of buying them though :')
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock


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