Review: Blossom & Jasmine Candle

Thursday, February 27, 2014
I won these two candles in a recent competition hosted by Sophias Choice, I was able to pick the scent - I chose 'Smart & Delicious'. I did not buy these candles, my opinions are my own. Before this competition I hadn't heard of Sophias Choice or Blossom & Jasmine but I am definitely more and more interested in soy candles.
 I have the small travel size Blossom & Jasmine 'Smart & Delicious' Candle which is priced at £11, the medium/1 wick is £25 and the largest 2 wick size is £30. The candles were beautifully packaged and presented with mint green paper, ribbons and rose buds! Gorgeous presentation from Sophias Choice (a stockist of Blossom & Jasmine and the host of the competition I won). 

The candles are natural, soy and the 'smart and delicious' scent has key notes of: jasmine, patchouli and neroli, all of which I love. The scent is gorgeous musky/floral and I imagine Hogwarts smells like this candle, it has a magical/mysterious scent, if that makes sense! The candle burns well, it burns slowly so it will last ages and the wax melts right up to the sides of the glass tumbler so all of the wax will be melted/used. I adore the scent but I wish it was stronger, it is a bit subtle in my opinion and for me personally but a larger version may be stronger. Overall, I am very happy with the delivery from Sophias Choice, the scent of the candle and the quality. ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried Blossom & Jasmine candles before? Have you heard of Sophias Choice? 


  1. I adore jasmine candles, but have never heard about this so will need to try it. It might be a new favorite :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I have never tried these! I need a new candle, they sound lovely!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  3. I currently have an obsession with candles! They are so cosy! As soon as you said "smells like Hogwarts" I thought must have this! hahaa xx

  4. I'm always collecting candles, adding this to the list!
    Lola xox | ❤ My Blog ❤


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