Week in photographs # 31

Saturday, July 27, 2013
Here is another week in photographs, is it just me or are the weeks passing very quickly! My week has consisted of: sale shopping (not a surprise there!), writing summer/holiday blog posts, looking for hair style/cut ideas, getting ready for holiday, thunderstorms and being in the local newspaper! 

Firstly, I was in featured in my local newspaper because of my First class degree which I am really happy about. The newspaper editors also mentioned that I am going to donate my hair (about 8/9 inches of it) to the Little Princess Trust which is a UK organisation that makes real hair wigs, free of charge, for children suffering from cancer - I am having my hair cut on the 1st august and I will make a separate post about it and the Little Princess Trust but if you want to check out their site - click here

Also this week I have been writing some summer/holiday/travel themed blog posts that I will publish while I am on holiday, I will be away for two weeks from the beginning(ish) of august to mid august. I have been doing some panicky last minute holiday shopping this week which is ok because all of the final reductions are on now and there are some amazing bargains, especially on Newlook, Oasis, House of Fraser and Dorothy Perkins. There will be some sale haul posts coming soon. 

Finally, this week I have been missing the hot sunny weather because it has been raining and horrible here - there were some really strong thunder and lightening storms this week that physically shook the house! I guess the British summer is over now! Oh and the royal abby was born and named this week which is exciting.

My favourites = Perfume: Diptque Vetvyerio. TV/Movies: The Heat, Modern Family and Dexter. Food: watermelon and noodles - not together! Apps: A Beautiful Mess and Instatext. 

I hope everyone had a great week x


  1. U so flexiable..
    m on instagram now, lets follow each other there..
    Keep in touch

  2. Great photo's, love your blog.

    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, would be great if you followed back



  3. Fun post! I hope you have a nice vaca! I look forward to the posts you've been working on while you were gone.
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  4. great post girl! nice week :) thanks for stopping by on my blog!



  5. Your hair is gooorgeeeeouuuusss!

  6. There should be more people like you, I mean people who donate their hair, etc.
    I love your blog, and these pics of your weeks!<3

    I'm following you now via gfc and bloglovin!

    with love,


  7. congrats on the local feature! your photos are amazing. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

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  8. Beautiful photos, dear! You have gorgeous hair. :)


  9. Sounds like you've had a great week!


  10. I was just scrolling through your page and happened to see the photo of the K cider.
    Oh my gosh.

    I'm an American but I just got back from living in Scotland for a month (while also traveling to London and Dublin for a few days). America doesn't have any cider like the UK does. We have a version called Woodchuck, but it is nowhere near as good. If you know of any websites that would sell it, you should let me know.

    Also, to comment on an above post, your hair looks great. :)

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