June/July Beauty Buys

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Here are my beauty buys for the months of June and July from SpaceNK, Primark, Ciate, Asos, Superdrug, Illamasqua, Topshop and Love-Makeup...phew! Some are sale buys because there are some amazing sales at the moment online and instore. The sales on Spacenk and Love-Makeup have been fantastic!
Primark: From Primark I bought two of the new Lip Smackers lip balms. I used to buy lip smackers balms from Claires accessories as a child and I loved them. The new ones have the old fashioned 90's Walls ice cream/ice lolly flavours that I loved growing up. I bought the Feast and Twister flavours and I love the packaging and the Feast flavour is just gorgeous - to smell, not to eat! They were £1.50 each which is a bargain as they are £3 in Topshop! 

SpaceNK: SpaceNK always have INCREDIBLE sales, I always buy a few things from their sales. This time round I bought the Diptyque Paira fragrance in the scent 'Vetyverio' which is similar to my beloved Prada Infusion D'Iris. This fragrance is 100ml and it was in the sale for...wait for it...£17! A gorgeous 100ml Diptyque fragrance for only £17, I had to get it and I am so glad that I did because it is a lovely fragrance. Full review coming soon.  

Ciate: A good few weeks ago (I ordered on the 30th June), Ciate were selling their polishes online for £4.50 each and I had a 30% off code too - I tweeted about this at the time so if you want to know about sales, offers or codes then you can follow me on Twitter because I usually post codes and sale info on there - twitter user name: ofbeautyand. Anyway, I bought four Ciate polishes and in total I paid just over £12, amazing! I bought Stiletto, Pepperminty, Iced Frappe and Red Hot Chili and I love all of them. Again a review coming asap. 

Love-Makeup: Lovemakeup (a fantastic website) had a sale on and again I tweeted about the sale. I bought the Becca Radiant Skin Satin Foundation in the lightest sale 'Porcelain' for only £9, it should have been around £38 - bargain! I have tried the foundation and a couple of times and I really like it so far. I also bought a Becca nail polish in the shade 'summerdaze' which is a lovely peach shade for £2.50. 

Asos, Superdrug, Illamasqua and Topshop: Finally some other bits and pieces from online shops. I bought a sale Topshop nail polish in the shade 'stardust' which is pretty on its own but it is annoying to remove. I bought one of the Rimmel Kate Moss nail polishes in the shade 'rock n roll' and I have to say I love the formula and brush of these polishes and I may have to get some more of them. From the Illamasqua sale I bought a lip pencil in the shade 'ascend' which is a gorgeous rosy shade that looks natural and pretty on the lips. Finally, I bought a hair dye from Superdrug, the Schwarzkopf Live XXL dye in the shade 'dark chocolate delight' which has to be the messiest hair due I have used. 

There are my beauty buys from the past couple of months, well a couple more have arrived today (oops). I hope you like this post, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below x


  1. Really want to try thise lip balms...
    Seems ur making the most of the sale's going on ..
    Keep in touch

  2. An hour ago I was checking out that exact same Kate Moss nail polish and was thinking over wether I should buy it or not (too many reds) . I guess now that I see it's good I'll go and get it! xx


  3. Lots of new polish buys!:)love that glitter polish!

  4. That Becca nail polish is such a pretty color and perfect for spring and summer! Great price too. I'm curious as to see how the Becca foundation will work! The Illamasqua lip pencil looks like a pretty shade as well. :)

  5. I've heard so much about Becca products, such a bargain!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  6. I looove nail polish and makeup :-) Great blog you got! I'm from Denmark. I would be happy if you would stop by my blog :-D There is a translater in the bottom of the blog!

    xx Mia <3

  7. Would love to go to Greece too. New follower btw, so glad I found your blog!


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