Latest In Beauty - September 2020

Saturday, October 10, 2020

I'm a little late with my review of the September selection and box review from Latest In Beauty but thankfully a few of the items are still available in the October selection (as I'm writing this post on the 10th October) so you may still be able to choose them for your October box. I'm very lucky to review the boxes each month but my opinions are my own. If you want a sneak peek of my blogger mail and upcoming posts, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand). 

*Latest In Beauty - September 2020 

The September selection was the 'backstage beauty edit' and featured so many fantastic products. I opted for a few of the more unusual items for my box as well as a couple of everyday essentials. One of my favourites things about the Latest In Beauty boxes is the very wide range of products included, from toiletries and makeup to skincare, haircare, beauty tools and much more. They also always have a fantastic variety of brands to choose from such as higher end brands including: Molton Brown, Nars and Laura Mercier, to name a few. 

*KVD Tattoo Liner 
I'll start with my favourite product from the September selection, the KVD (Kat Von D) tattoo liner which is arguably the most famous and well loved product from the brand. I've tried the liner from a previous Latest In Beauty box and loved it so I had to choose it again as mine was finally drying out. The liner is incredibly black, long wearing and it has a thin tip so it is easy to create a sharp line and flick. I think it would be an amazing liquid liner for beginners especially as it is very quick and easy to use - I cannot recommend it enough! 
*Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Heat Protection Mist 
Next up a heat protection spray form Lee Stafford which is a brand I've continuously loved since my teens and I am still finding new products of theirs that I love. The heat protection mist can help to protect the hair from the damaging effects of heated tools up to 220 degrees celsius. It also contains coconut and agave essence to detangle, condition and nourish the hair. 

*Sunday Rain Watermelon and Acai Berry Soap Gem 
One of the more unusual products I chose was the cutest bar of soap from Sunday Rain. It not only looks like a gemstone or crystal but it also contains contains flecks of shimmer. The soap is cruelty free, vegan friendly, gluten free, sulphate free and it smells heavenly - what more could you ask for! The Sunday Rain soap as well as the Masque Bar sheet mask, reviewed below, are still on the Latest In Beauty selection. 
*Gold Collagen Vegan
I have wanted to try this famous collagen drink supplement for a while, as well as others like it, but unfortunately they all seem to contain fish (the ingredient they obtain the collagen from) so I haven't been able to try any...until now. When I noticed a vegan version of their collagen drink, I had to add it to my box immediately. The drink claims to help promote healthy skin and hair, support collagen formation and improve general wellbeing. The drink flavour itself is very sweet and fruity which I did like but I think it won't be to everyones taste. As I only tried one drink I didn't notice any effects but I am interested to see if long term use could have any noticeable benefits. 

*Masque Bar Rose Gold Foil Sheet Mask 
Since the beginning of the year I've fallen in love with sheet masks, especially Korean masks, so I'm always happy to try another. The mask contains soybean extract, mushroom extract and witch hazel water to nourish and hydrate the skin. I haven't been able to try the mask yet as it states to avoid using the mask on irritated skin or blemishes which I am annoyingly experiencing currently but I'll hopefully be able to use it soon. 
*Waken Mouthwash - Spearmint 
Last but not least is the most beautifully packaged mouthwash I've ever seen! Naturally I had to add it to my basket as I was not only out of mouthwash but I also couldn't pass up that packaging - I do fall for beautiful or minimal packaging unfortunately. The mouthwash doesn't contain alcohol so it is a much more gentle option. I find that most mouthwash brands I've tried are very strong so much so that it can burn or cause sensitivity but thankfully this one isn't overly minty or too strong for my sensitive teeth. 

Have you tried any of these products? 


  1. Is it odd that I am most drawn to the mouthwash from is edit?

  2. Is it odd that out of all of these products I am most drawn to the mouthwash?

  3. Oh wow, what a brilliant assortment of products and brands.

  4. Oh wow you got loads of great things in this box! I keep meaning to get one to try xx

  5. Fab selection! I love the Masque Bar masks x


  6. There are some great products in this box. I love using Lee Stafford products on my hair. It always makes it feel like I've just stepped out of a salon.

  7. I haven't tried any of these but as always from LIB, sounds like a great box! x

  8. Looks like another great box, so many exciting products xx

    Tiffany x

  9. I really like Waken mouthwash - pick it up whenever it's on offer!

    Jasmine xx

  10. I love the Coco Loco range from Lee Stafford, that heat spray is brilliant xx

  11. Looks like a great box! I've heard so many great things about the tattoo liner x



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