The Ultimate Spring Fragrance with Perfume Direct

Tuesday, May 05, 2020
While autumn may be my favourite season, spring is a very close second place and there's nothing more spring-like than blue skies and the scent of newly bloomed flowers. Every season I alternate the skincare, makeup and fragrances I'm using to suit the season, weather and trends. Floral fragrances are some of my favourites and there are a couple that I've loved for years that always remind me of spring and summer holidays and happy memories.

One of the fragrances is Daisy by Marc Jacobs which I've tried a few variations of and adored all of them but I think the original will always be one of my all time favourites, closely followed by Daisy Dream. I was very kindly sent a bottle of the original Daisy by Marc Jacobs fragrance from the lovely people over at Perfume Direct - thank you for reintroducing me to one of my all time favourite fragrances!
*Daisy by Marc Jacobs (EDT, 50ml)
Let's take a moment to appreciate how utterly adorable the bottles are for all of the entire Marc Jacobs Daisy range! My favourite bottle design is the original Daisy fragrance but the Daisy Dream is a very close second - I reviewed and included it within my January 2016 beauty favourites post! The box is also adorable so it would make a lovely gift and it is very spring-like too.

The fragrance itself is described as a sparkling, fresh and youthful fragrance which I think makes it ideal for spring and for any age as it is a fragrance that I think would suit anyone and almost any occasion. It has a range of uplifting floral notes combined with fresh fruit and creamy musky notes which makes the most intoxicating spring and summer fragrance.
Top notes: Violet Leaf, Blood Grapefruit, Strawberry
Middle notes: Gardenia, Violet, Jasmine
Base notes: Musk, White Woods, Vanilla

The notes are perfect and it makes me instantly happier when I spray the fragrance onto my skin and clothing. As well as being such a glorious, spring-like fragrance, it is also one of the most long lasting fragrances I've ever tried. It is an EDT which tend to be less long lasting and weaker compared to EDP equivalents; however the longevity of the Daisy EDT is very impressive as I can smell the fragrance clearly on my clothing or accessories the day after I initially applied the fragrance.

Over the past couple of years I've slowly decreased the amount of beauty products (and all items in general) I've been purchasing but fragrances are always items I'll invest in as they are little luxuries that I love to use everyday. I think that finding not only the right fragrance for you is important but one that is as long lasting as it can be too and I think the balance is perfect with the Daisy range from Marc Jacobs. The range is a little pricy but the quality, heavenly scent and impressive longevity (so a little goes a long way) more than makes up for the price tag.

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs Daisy range?



  1. Their fragrances are so beautiful! Have always been a fan.

  2. The bottle is beautiful! I haven’t tried this before but it sounds lovely xx

  3. I love the bottles from the Marc Jacob's perfumes but I've never owned one myself. I might have to treat myself when pay day arrives

  4. Aw what a perfect scent for spring! I remember trying out Daisy a few years back and loving it. Must get a new bottle!

  5. I love Perfume Direct - ordered from them yesterday x

  6. Daisy is one of my favourite Spring scents xx

  7. I absolutely love the bottles from Marc Jacobs, they're always so pretty! x

    Tiffany x

  8. My Mum has always wanted Daisy, she tried a knock off version from AVON which wasn't so great x

  9. Daisy is such an iconic scent, and so spring like x

  10. This is such an iconic fragrance - reminds me of my younger days
    Em x

  11. Your photos are beautiful here! I don't think I've ever smelt Daisy even though it's so iconic. I typically prefer muskier scents x


  12. This is one of those classic scents I've still never tried myself!

    Jasmine xx

  13. Daisy is such a gorgeous scent and has stood the test of time.

  14. Oh wow its beautiful! I love the packaging and I love the Daisy scents!


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