Lockdown Loungewear with Femme Luxe

Thursday, May 07, 2020
Our current lockdown has very few benefits but thankfully their are some - being able to try new hobbies, indulging in more time for reading, helping others in our communities and being able to wear all of our comfy clothing! I have been self employed and working from home for years and while I do like to have a routine of getting dressed in jeans or comfy trousers everyday, I think it is more than ok for us to work from home in loungewear or pyjamas now and it is something I have easily become very used to!

I was very kindly gifted a couple of petite loungewear sets from the lovely people over at Femme Luxe which is a Manchester based company that has a huge range of loungewear to choose from. Since the lockdown has been in place, I've realised that I own very little that could be described as 'loungewear' apart from a couple of pairs of leggings and jumper dresses so I was very excited to choose a couple of sets from Femme Luxe to add to my wardrobe.
*Oversized T-Shirt and Leggings Loungewear Set (£13.99, sale) 
Let's start with the Everleigh set which comes with an oversized, long t-shirt with short sleeves and a pair of leggings. I have the size Small (UK 8/10) and the black colour option which is currently out of stock but there are white and grey options too. I initially wanted to choose the grey version but it was out of stock at the time, although I am happy with the black set. I never usually wear leggings but they are so comfortable and perfect to pair with an oversized t-shirt - it's the ultimate, easy loungewear option that still looks put together.

I have a size Small in both petite loungewear sets and they fit perfectly! I am a size small in most clothing brands or between a UK 8 to 10, depending on the brand so I think they are very accurate in terms of the sizing. The leggings are a little see through but with the oversized t-shirt it's something I don't have to worry about. If you're looking for an everyday, lightweight and simple loungewear set, I can't recommend it enough, especially as it is currently on sale.
*Loungewear Tracksuit Set (£18.99, sale) 
Even though I love the previous set, I think this grey tracksuit set has to be my favourite and I know that I'm going to be wearing it constantly while we are still in lockdown. The fit is perfect, the length of the trousers is ideal (which I was very happy about as most loungewear trousers are ridiculously long on me) and they are both so soft. I thought the material might be a little heavy or not as soft as I hoped it would be but thankfully I was wrong as both the long sleeve top and trousers are both super soft and stretchy so they are very comfortable. It is a loungewear set I have wanted to wear constantly since I received them, they are that comfortable.

Overall, this is my first experience trying anything from Femme Luxe and I'm impressed with the quality for the price point, the huge range of styles available and the fit which is very true to size. They currently have so many of their loungewear items and sets on sale so go, go, go to grab yourself some lockdown loungewear!

Have you tried anything from Femme Luxe? 



  1. I love Femme luxe! Their loungewear sets are always so comfy xx

  2. Ooo that grey one is my fave too! It looks so cozy. I definitely need to up my loungewear game if we're going to be indoors for a while!

  3. The grey piece looks so cosy xx

  4. They do look really comfy! I have been so lazy and have just been in pjs all day

  5. I don't shop from fast fashion retailers so I haven't (and wouldn't) try anything from Femmeluxe but they seem to have a great range of loungewear x

  6. These look so comfy! I'm basically living in pyjamas at the moment x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. I've literally been wearing the same clothes since lockdown (washed of course!) I can't bear to think about going back to work in trousers! X

  8. I love anything made with a grey marl kinda feel x

  9. These look so comfy! I don't have much in the way of loungewear either - a couple of leggings and a hoody!
    Kim x chimmyville.co.uk

  10. You've got to be comfy in lockdown right?! These are great price as well
    Em x

  11. I haven't tried them before but I love the look of the grey set.

  12. Comfort all the way! Love the tracksuit set, so pretty!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  13. I love the grey set! Lockdown made me realise that I don't own a lot of loungewear either x


  14. This all looks so cosy - I'm living in comfy clothes right now

    Jasmine xx

  15. I love the grey tracksuit. Such a cute colour and style.



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