Eco Friendly Choices with So Natural Cosmetics

Sunday, May 03, 2020
One of my goals for the year was to make more environmentally friendly choices; I am already vegan which is my most significant eco-friendly choice and I recycle as much as I can but I think I can make better choices when it comes to the everyday products I'm using in terms of the packaging used, ingredients and if the items are recyclable. Thankfully there are many more natural and environmentally friendly options now and one of the new-to-me brands that ticks all of the boxes is So Natural Cosmetics.

I was very kindly sent a few of their products to try out and I've been loving using them. They have a wide range of natural, plant-based skincare, body care products and accessories. I was sent the waterproof makeup remover, lip balm, deodorant stick and the reusable makeup pads and wash bag, the latter is an item I've wanted to try for months.
*So Natural Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Balm (£4.99)
Let's start with the lip balm which is packaged in paper tube that is not only utterly adorable but it is also made in the UK and is fully recyclable. The lip balm is vegan and contains organic ingredients including: castor oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and more - check out their website for a full list of the ingredients for each product.

The lip balm also contains peppermint essential oils so is smells lovely and it makes it feel very refreshing to use. On the topic of using the product, as it comes in a paper tube, you have to push up the base to dispense more of the product rather than twist the tube as you would with plastic packaging. It's a very effective, moisturising but gentle lip balm that I can't recommend enough.
*So Natural Effective Deodorant Stick (£8.95)
Next up is probably my favourite product of the four I was sent, very closely followed by the makeup pads, it's the So Natural deodorant stick. They offer a gel deodorant and a stick version, the latter comes in a paper tube like the lip balm. I love the packaging and that it is vegan! The deodorant contains lovely natural ingredients such as coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract and castor oil, to name a few.

I love the scent as it is minty, coconutty (not a word) and very food-like to me which might be something you love too or it might be a little too unusual. I've tried a couple of natural deodorants and I did like them but they were both in glass pot containers which made them a little less convenient to use so I'm glad this one is in a handy stick format. It isn't irritating on the skin and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky thankfully. For me personally it is a gentle but effective deodorant and I'd highly recommend it if you want to switch to a natural deodorant without having to make any compromises.
*So Natural Waterproof Makeup Remover (£9.95)
The penultimate item from So Natural is their waterproof makeup remover which contains vitamins, castor oil and olive oil as well as a few other natural ingredients to create a gentle and soothing makeup remover. I haven't been wearing much makeup while we've been in lockdown apart from brow pencil and a little mascara so I don't think I've really tested this makeup remover to it's limits just yet but it did work well removing my CC cream, brow pencil, lipstick and non-waterproof mascara. I haven't used it on my stubborn waterproof mascaras yet or my long lasting lipstick but I hope it will work equally as effectively as it has been.
*So Natural Eco-Friendly Reusable Makeup Pads and Wash Bag (£18.95)
Last but definitely not least is an item I've wanted to try for months and I had a set in my Amazon saved list ready to purchase so I'm glad I was able to review this set from So Natural. I have the set that comes with the wash bag but you can buy the pads and wash bag individually too. The pack contains 10 pads (8cm in diameter) as well as the mesh wash bag which is made of recycled cotton.

I did wash the pads by hand before I used them and I have been using them for removing my makeup since I recently them a couple of weeks ago. The pads is the perfect size, they are hand sewn and they can be reused over and over again. The pad is soft and smooth but one side is slightly rougher than the other which makes it great for makeup removal. I'm so happy with the pads and now I don't have to purchase any more cotton pads!

Have you tried anything from So Natural? Are you trying to make more environmentally friendly choices? 



  1. I’ve never heard of this brand but would be keen to try them x

  2. These sound brilliant, I love the idea for reusable products.

  3. These products look gorgeous! Definitely going to try them out in the future x

    Tiffany x

  4. The lip balm sounds lovely, it's great that the deodorant works too, I've seen so many that people say aren't that great at doing the job x


  5. They sound fab, I love that they’re all so eco friendly. Great to see.

  6. The cleansing pads look fab! xx

  7. That lip balm sounds perfect for me, although I'm wary at times as some can irritate my lips x

  8. Not heard of these guys but will check them out now!

  9. I'm also trying to switch up which products I use - I'll check these guys out!
    Em x

  10. I might have to check out the reusable cotton pads - I love the concept but haven't tried any that were that great

    Jasmine xx

  11. Ooooo they look so nice! I love a reusable cotton pad too!


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