Valentines Day: Blossoming Gifts

Friday, February 07, 2020
Valentine's Day (or Galentine's day, if you prefer) is just around the corner! I've already published a few posts featuring Valentine's Day and Galentine's day gift ideas including special personalised gifts. Today's post is all about one of the most quintessential gifts for Valentine's Day, flowers. I personally love to receive flowers and not just because they are perfect photography props...

*Blossoming Gifts Valentine's Day Bouquet 
I was very kindly sent a beautiful bouquet from the lovely people over at Blossoming Gifts. I've been lucky enough to receive lots of lovely bouquets to review on my blog over the past few years but there's something extra special about receiving a simple bouquet of red roses - they have to be the symbol of Valentine's Day! They came well packaged and presented with no damage, thankfully.
Roses are such beautiful flowers and I think red roses are ideal for Valentine's or Galentine's Day! Even though red roses are my favourite kind of roses to buy and receive, there are so many other options to choose from too including a very unusual bouquet of black roses (£34.99 - sale), colourful rainbow roses (£34.99 - sale) and classic white roses (£29.99), among many others.

There are so many bouquets to choose from as well as the option to purchase a single red rose (£14.99 - sale) and even a 'forever' rose (£29.99) which is supposed to last for one year - I have tried forever roses before and I think they're amazing! All of the rose options would make ideal romantic Valentine's Day gifts this year.
If you're looking for a bouquet for Galentine's Day, then you'll be spoilt for choice on the Blossoming Gifts website as there are plenty to choose from. My favourites have to include the: letterbox champagne, sky and the scented lavender bouquets, the latter especially as we all know by now how much I adore lavender!

They also offer a range of gifts too that you can gift with a bouquet such as personalised gifts (including books, home decor and keepsakes), potted plants, gift sets and a selection of gorgeous hampers - they even have a vegan hamper! Check out their site for product information and offers.

Do you celebrate Valentine's or Galentine's Day? What do you think of this bouquet? 



  1. I might try celebrating Galentine's this year as thanks to my lady friends! It sounds like such a fun thing to do! The 'Forever Rose' is such a great idea especially since it would create a great reminder for that special loved one!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  2. That's a gorgeous bouquet! I really like Blossoming Gift, their flowers always last for so long no matter the time of year xx

  3. This bouquet is absolutely beautiful. Flowers always make a lovely gift x

    Tiffany x

  4. I absolutely love fresh flowers - I try to treat myself once a month if the pennies permit!
    Em x

  5. Honestly! You can never go wrong with plants or flowers on Valentines Day!


  6. A lovely traditional Valentine's bouquet x


  7. I've never heard of this flower company so I'm going to have a little look now x

  8. Oh wow, they’re so beautiful. I love fresh flowers around the house.

  9. Nothing beats pretty flowers on Valentine's Day xx

  10. That bouquet is absolutely stunning. You can never go wrong with roses. x



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