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Monday, February 10, 2020
Today's post is a little late as I planned to publish it during Veganuary but I've been struggling with motivation so much recently; however I am excited about today's post as it's something I haven't tried before - smoothie deliveries! Since I purchased my Nutribullet about five years ago, I have been using it constantly and the first couple of years I used it mainly for making smoothies but I have fallen out of the habit. Thankfully The Honestly Good Smoothie Co have a great solution for those, like me, who struggle to think of interesting smoothie ingredient combinations or who prefer the convenience of frozen fruit and pre-prepared ingredients.

*Honestly Good Smoothie Co 
The Honestly Good Smoothie Company very kindly sent me a range of their smoothie selections to try out and I'm impressed! They have a range of box options to choose from all of which are 100% natural and organic. You can choose between the fruity box, veggie box, green box or the variety box, the latter would be great if you haven't tried many smoothies or if you want to sample their range. The delivery options vary from one week, fortnightly or monthly and you can choose the number of smoothies in the box, either five or ten. Additionally, you can choose the delivery day (delivery is free!).
All of the smoothie kits, as well as the glass and straw, came well packaged and protected within sustainable packaging. Their kits also only use seasonal ingredients making them better for the environment. The smoothies arrive frozen with dry ice (which is very fun to dissolve but be careful) and they are all pre-portioned which is ideal for someone like me as I do keep track of the protein, fat and calories I eat each day - it's always very handy to have something I can scan the barcode of instead of weighing each ingredient.

I love the packaging for all of the kits, especially as you can see all of the ingredients and I just love how convenient they are, particularly for a super healthy and quick lunch or breakfast. To use the kits, all you have to do is add them to a blender (I use my Nutribullet and I cannot recommend it enough for everything from soup and sauces to smoothies and dips) then add in the stated amount of liquid and blend. I have been using orange juice for the fruit smoothies and almond milk for the others which works well for me but you can experiment adding different juices and plant milks to your smoothies.
The first smoothie kit I tried was the 'Good Morning Sunshine' combination which contains banana, strawberries, oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and almonds which is the closest combination to the smoothies I would make years ago. I love banana and strawberry smoothies and I liked the addition of the nuts and seeds, although it make the smoothie a little less smooth - it was still one of my favourites though!

My second favourite of the five I was sent has to be 'Cheer Me Up' which contains pineapple, apple, acai berry, cucumber, seeds, oats and dates as well as 'The Almond Tart One' which contains an unusual mix of pear, butternut squash, apple, avocado, prunes, almonds and cinnamon - it's surprisingly good. There are still two smoothies I have tried yet and those include: 'The Cacaonut One' (banana, sweet potato, courgette, blueberry, hazelnut, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds and salt) and 'The Fitness Fuel One' (banana, apple, cannellini beans, dates, seeds, peanuts and tofu) which again is another very unusual combination. I'll be sure to update today's post when I've tried the last two.

Overall, from the packaging, unusual flavour combinations, convenience, organic ingredients and the option of a very nutritious breakfast or lunch, I cannot recommend The Honestly Good Smoothie Company enough. The kits are very convenient, handy for those who are always busy and ideal for quick and delicious smoothies within a couple of minutes.

Have you tried any of The Honestly Good Smoothie Company kits? 



  1. These are a brilliant idea! My husband loves when I make him smoothies so I really appreciate this idea.

  2. So many yummy options and I'd never heard of these guys before xx

  3. This is such a good idea! I'm rubbish for remembering to keep smoothies ingredients in the house xx

  4. Ooh this kit is a great idea. I always love smoothies in the warmer months x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  5. I'm normally not a fan of smoothie kits because I hate bananas and it's hard to find one without them but the almond tart one sounds really interesting x


  6. Oh yum! They sound delicious! I love smoothies.


  7. Ooh this looks really tasty and I love the concept :)

    Jasmine xx

  8. Love smoothies so definitely going to be give these a go! Great post, hun!

  9. Now, this is different, for sure! Will look into this on payday x


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