Vegan Chickpea Curry with Garlic Cauliflower Rice ft. Magimix

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Back in May, which seems like a lifetime ago, I published my first recipe with Magimix and today it is finally time for the second recipe which is a comforting mild vegan chickpea and sweet potato curry with cashews, corriander and garlic cauliflower rice that's tasty, comforting and filling for the summer. The curry could be paired with Naan bread and a refreshing coconut yoghurt raita alongside cucumber and fresh mint.

Some of my favourite foods are comfort foods especially the BBQ mac 'n' cheese that I posted a couple of months ago with Magimix and curry is another comfort food of mine but as I have the tastebuds of a newborn, I can't handle anything overly spicy or hot. I think some people confuse spices with heat, so this curry is spicy and flavoursome but it isn't hot so it's ideal as a summertime curry!
For the first recipe I created with Magimix, I used the blender aspects of my *Magimix 4200XL (£280, Black) to produce a creamy BBQ, smoky sauce for my vegan mac 'n' cheese but for this recipe I used the large grating disc included with the Magimix food processor to create the delicious and healthy garlic cauliflower rice.

I have been using the Magimix 4200XL almost constantly since I received it to help with meal prepping as while it isn't completely ideal for small batches of food, it is amazing for meal prepping larger amounts or cooking for numerous people, maybe a summer picnic or dinner party. The components of the Magimix that I've been using the most include the large bowl and blade and the grating discs which are perfect for shredding veggies for salads and for creating garlic cauliflower rice! The food processor comes with so many attachments including a dough blade, slicing discs, various blades and more so in my opinion, it's well worth the money.

As well as my Magimix 4200XL, I also used a couple of other products I was very kindly sent from the lovely people over at Indigo Herbs, who I've been lucky enough to work with a few times now and Hambleden Spices. From Indigo Herbs I used their organic raw cashew nuts as a garnish and from Hambleden Spices I used their organic garlic powder for the garlic cauliflower rice.
Let's start with the recipe which I would say makes three medium sized portions or two very large portions; additionally it could be added to a large serving dish as a sharing meal or made into small portions for a sharing picnic. The curry and cauliflower rice could easily be added into a pitta bread for on the go snacking or it can be transferred to a microwaveable container and reheated as a work lunch option. Whatever way you choose, here are the list of ingredients but feel free to add in or remove ingredients you don't like:

- Sweet potato (two medium sweet potatoes)
- Chickpeas (150-200g)
- Passata (150g)
- White Onion (small)
- Water (100ml)
- Light coconut milk (100ml)
- Cauliflower (one whole medium cauliflower)
- Cornflour (1 tsp)
- Garam masala, garlic powder, turmeric (1 heaped tsp each)
- Salt, garlic pepper (1 tsp each)
- Corriander and cashews as a garish

I'm never one to stick to recipes, even my own, so here are a few suggestions to alter or add to the recipe: I think that you could easily replace the sweet potato in this recipe for lots of chestnut mushrooms (I'm going to be doing this next time I make it) or you could add in pumpkin or butternut squash for the autumnal months which I'm looking forward to already! Replacing the garlic powder with roasted garlic could be a great alternation too but I personally love garlic powder because of how convenient it is. Lastly, switching out the coriander with fresh mint would be incredible but sadly I didn't have any on hand when I make this recipe.
Step One:
The first step of the recipe is to dice and roast the sweet potato and white onion until soft, but not overly soft, you don't want it to be a starchy mush. I roasted mine at 180 degree Celsius for 20 minutes with some coconut oil. I use a spray coconut oil as it's much more convenient, healthier and it means that I don't use too much oil!

Step Two:
Combine your sweet potato, onion and spices in a non-stick frying pan for a couple of minutes until the spices are fragrant but make sure nothing sticks so use a low-medium heat. Then add in the coconut milk and passata - I added water to the passata jar to get everything out and added it to the pan. I used the Mutti passta that I received in my April DegustaBox which is delicious.
Step Three:
While your curry is simmering for around 15-20 minutes, you have time to cut up your cauliflower into small/medium florets so they fit in the tube of the Magimix 4200XL. I used the large grating disc within my Magimix food processor as I didn't want it to turn into a cauliflower paste! For the same reason, I didn't cook the cauliflower at all before adding it into the food processor. When you've processed all of your raw cauliflower it will look like large cous cous so transfer it to a frying pan with a little coconut oil and powdered garlic and fry for around five minutes (stirring regularly) until slightly golden.

Step Four:
If after 15-20 minutes your curry isn't thick enough, make a cornflour slurry by combining a teaspoon of cornflour to a couple of teaspoons of water, stir well and add into the curry; heat through until thickened. Lastly add in salt and pepper to taste then spoon into your bowls or serving plate along with the garlic cauliflower rice, Finally top with corrriander and cashews for crunch.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, make sure you check out the video below of the final dish and let me know what you think in the comments below. Additionally if you make this recipe be sure to tag me (@ofbeautyand) on instagram or twitter!
What do you think of this vegan chickpea and sweet potato curry with coriander, cashews and garlic cauliflower rice? Do you like my vegan recipes? Do you own a Magimix food processor?


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