World Vegan Day with Grateful Pies

Tuesday, November 03, 2020
Ok, I know I'm a couple of days late with todays post as World Vegan Day was on the 1st November but dates don't really seem to matter very much this year as everything is a chaotic blur. However, I did want to share one of my current favourite vegan meals - which has just launched today! You may have already seen a sneak peek of todays post and the amazing pie on my Instagram (@ofbeautyand), make sure you're following for more sneak peeks and unboxings. 

If you didn't know, I'm based in Manchester and it is a wonderful city known for incredible independent shops, two world famous football teams, a history of industrial cotton manufacturing, protests and the suffragette movement, 25 Nobel laureates associated with the University of Manchester, innovation and invention and world famous bands (including Oasis, Take That and The Smiths) as well as a love for food, curry and of course, pie, in particular. 
*Grateful Pies Tourtiere-Style Pie (£14.95)
Growing up in Manchester, my mum and aunties would always cook some kind of pie once a week, usually a meat pie, cheese pie (my favourite, being vegetarian from a very young age) or steak and ale pie. Pie is a northern staple and even within my secondary school, we had a 'snack shack' where you could buy a variety of pies for lunch. I have to admit that I did have a cheese and onion pie at least three days per week during the entirety of my secondary school education and it's a wonder I was a tiny as I was. 

Since switching from a long-term vegetarian diet (from the age of 11), I decided in January 2019 to finally change to a vegan diet for the foreseeable future and I'm so glad I made the change. 2019 and 2020 have been great for new vegan offerings (although not much else) with so many new products launching in stores and online. If you are considering switching to a vegan diet, I would recommend that you start gradually be reducing the amount of meat, fish, eggs or dairy that you consume and make easy substitutions such as replacing cows milk with almond milk. Also, remember that you don't have to make a drastic change instantly and every change helps. 
One of the latest vegan offerings is a new sharing pie from Grateful Pies which is in the style of a French-Canadian tourtière pie that is typically filled with meat, onions, herbs and spices; however the vegan, plant based version contains green lentils, mushrooms, potatoes, spices and apples. It has been a very long time since I've had a traditional-style pie and I've never had one that contains apples but I was very pleasantly surprised - it was utterly DELICIOUS!

I didn't know if I'd like the inclusion of apples but the pie wouldn't be nearly as delicious without them - it adds such a lovely sweetness and moreish flavour to the savoury pie that I absolutely adored. The pastry was also very delicious; it reminded me of the cheese pie pastry I used to devour every lunch time at school. I think it would be fantastic to share with friends or family this christmas or new year (within the lockdown guidelines) but I would very happily eat it mostly to myself over a few days. My only complaint (and it is a minor one) is that I wish it could be frozen. Overall, I couldn't recommend it enough for vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Have you tried any vegan pies? Will you be checking out the Grateful Pies website? 


  1. It looks so delicious! It’s one of my favourite desserts!

  2. Wow that’s a lot of filling, more so than some of the pies I eat x

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand but this sounds delicious! I love pies x

  4. I have never tried a vegan pie before but it looks and sounds amazing.

  5. I received one of these too and I agree that it was so good, I loved the flavours in the filling x


  6. I've never tried a vegan pie but would definitely be interested in doing so! I love a pie especially at this time of year xx

    Tiffany x

  7. Ohh they sound so good. It’s great how many vegan options there are.

  8. This looks absolutely delicious! We do meat-free days and are trying to increase the numbers. I don't drink milk anyway, and not very many meats, as I find a lot too rich for my taste but I still can't imagine going totally vegan as I would miss my turkey at Christmas too much! Sorry :-( x


  9. I'm actually a fan of Vegan food, so I may try this! J x

  10. Oh this sounds delicious! Will have to keep an eye out xx

  11. This sounds delicious for autumn! I'll have to check out the brand :)

    Jasmine xx


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