Supermood Finnish Skincare

Friday, March 11, 2016
Supermood Finnish Skincare
Since starting my blog way back in 2012, I have become increasingly aware of skincare and the benefits as well as the importance of a consistent and high quality skincare routine especially as I have sensitive skin which makes finding a good skincare routine and great products even harder. Thanks to my blog and wonderful brands/PRs I have been able to find some incredible products although I still want to try new skincare, particularly natural and beautifully packaged skincare so I was excited when a package came from the new Finnish brand Supermood.

Supermood is a new brand from the lovely country that is Finland *I visited Helsinki a couple of years ago and loved it*. Supermood skincare is composed of high quality, eco-certified level ingredients. The products are split into specific ranges for numerous skin types and concerns including: Youth Glo, Ego Boost and Beauty Sleep; as well as skincare the brand also makes a pillow mist, anti-wrinkle pillow, supplements and even chocolate! The products can be bought from Sulis and Thermae which is the only UK retailer stocking the brand.

- Supermood Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum (£69.40, 30ml): When it comes to skincare, my favourite products have to be serums - gotta love a good serum, they make such a difference. This serum contains calming herbs, marshmallow, coconut oil, shea butter, pomegranate seed oil and hyaluronic acid. Firstly, I love the packaging of all the products I received, it's minimalist but still luxurious.

The serum looks and feels like a cleansing milk and it has an unusual scent, to me it smells a little like playdoh! The serum applies so smoothly and it absorbs quickly leaving my skin incredibly smooth, soft and moisturised without leaving a greasy residue. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and I can't recommend it enough - I included this serum in my February beauty favourites posts. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

- Supermood Ego Boost One Minute Facelift Serum (£53.80): Again, the packaging is just gorgeous - this is my favourite packaging of the three. This serum is part of the Ego Boost range which boosts confidence and immunity with strong and effective ingredients. The serum contains natural Chaga mushrooms which contain antioxidants to rejuvenate and even out the skin. It claims to have an instant lifting and tightening effect.

As with the Beauty Sleep serum, this one also has an unusual scent but neither are unpleasant. This has to be the fastest absorbing serum ever and it definitely has a tightening effect although it isn't dramatic. It is also very smoothing and moisturising so I think it would be great for dry and or mature skin types. It doesn't irritate my skin and it is a close second to the amazing Beauty Sleep serum. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

- Supermood Youth Glow Babyface Mask (£38.20): Last but not least, the face mask which is part of the Youth Glo range. The mask contains strong doses of vitamin C which is amazing for brightening the skin and Gingko-Biloba as well as rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil, seabuckthorn fruit juice and lots of other fantastic, natural and organic ingredients.

The mask looks and feels like a clay mask, it has a pleasant scent and it is quick and easy to apply. The mask did tingle a tiny bit while on my skin, it absorbs over time and after about 5 to 8 minutes I removed it with a hot flannel. It made my skin feel so incredibly smooth and soft...then I looked in the mirror and my skin was quite red! It didn't worry me as I knew it would go down after a while and after about 15-20 minutes the redness was gone and in the morning there were no negative effects such as redness, spots, irritation and my eczema did not flare up. Apart from the temporary redness it is a fantastic mask. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Have you bought from Sulis and Thermae? 


  1. nice products to try!

  2. These sound great! I especially like the sound of the Ego Boost Serum x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  3. a bit on the pricey side but the serum does sound amazing
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. It is but you can get 10% off when you sign up to the Sulis and Thermae newsletter x

  4. these are way too pricey for me :( they do sound amazing though!

    xo Sarah

  5. I've never heard of them before, but the packaging is lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. That sleep serum sounds amazing! Will have to try it out. Love that everytime I go to your blog there's a new post. Thanks Heather x

  7. These products sound so amazing! I, like you, love a good serum! I think I will have to give this one ago!!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  8. A good and helpful review. I definitely give a try to serum and the mask. For having a lifting and tightening effect undergo a thread lift treatment.


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