Amara Homeware Wish List

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Amara Homeware Wish List
When it comes to homeware and gifts, you really can't go wrong with Amara! I have already talked about the shop on my blog and since then I have been obsessed. I love their selection of high end and unusual homeware as well as the range of brands. Here's my spring homeware wish list:

1. Kate Spade Pencil Cup (£21): I adore literally EVERYTHING from Kate Spade! The products are minimalist yet chic and gorgeous. I love this pencil cup, it's so cute and it would be perfect for my desk.

2. Trigg Small Copper Wall Planters (£25, set of two): I also think these would look great in my newly redecorated office or in the kitchen. I adore anything copper so this is naturally something I need in my life.

3. Kate Spade Telegram Notepad (£10): List making and taking notes is something I'm always doing to remind myself and to stay organised. I always need new memo blocks, notepads and sticky notes so why not get an adorably chic notepad!

4. The Where, The Why and The How Book (£15.99): If you've been following me on Twitter (ofbeautyand) or Instagram recently then you will know that I've become obsessed with reading books, buying books and watching booktube so obviously this caught my eye.

5. Cocolux Exotic Amber and Spice Candle (£35): As well as books, beauty products and bath bombs, I also have a problem with buying candles - I can't stop, and I won't stop. So the combination of a candle and copper packaging is a hit with me.

6. Astronaut Vase (£50): Yes, it's an astronaut vase. I need it!

Have you bought anything from Amara? What do you think of the items on my wish list? 


  1. Oooe that candle looks amazing that would look perfect on night stand

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. ive not heard of them before but anything Kate Spade and you got my attention!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like your wish list. keep in touch

  4. They are all so pretty! I love the look of the candle and the wall planter! I love those so much!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  5. I love the rose gold detailing on these! x

  6. Same, I'm a massive Kate Spade fan too! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  7. These are all very pretty ! I haven't heard of them before but I may have to check them out :D
    Alex ox

  8. I've just had a little browse of this website and I love it! Really have my eye on those copper wall planters, they'll look fab in my house x

    Always, Alice

  9. I really love Amara for homewear stuff and love that they sell a lot of Kate Spade things! I love that Astronaut vase!! xo

  10. Gorgeous picks! I love the wall planters, they'd look lovely in my living room. xx

    Seek My Scribbles

  11. Great picks Heather! That planter is adorable x


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