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Friday, April 03, 2015
The Library of Fragrance is one of my current favourite fragrance brands, not only do they releases very unique, exquisite fragrances but the prices are so reasonable. I have reviewed three of their fragrances previously including: fireplace, lavender (which I have sadly used up) and dark chocolate, click here to check out the review. 

Today I am sharing my thoughts on one of their newer releases which I am quite excited about! I have the *The Library of Fragrance Mountain Air Cologne (£15, 30ml) which I think is perfect for this time of the year. As always the bottles are quite simple and a little plain, I wish they looked a bit more interesting but the fragrance and low price point more than makes up for it. 

In the UK spring has just sprung but it is still quite chilly, grey and gloomy (in Manchester it always is!) so this fragrance is perfect, in my opinion. To me the fragrance is a mixture of crisp woods, fresh water and the seaside; there is definitely a mountain pine scent but it also smells incredibly fresh, light and spring like as well. I think this scent is definitely unisex as overall it is fairly masculine but not so much so than women couldn't wear it. 

One point I love about the library fragrances, as well as the scent range and price, is the spray dispenser - it sprays such a fine mist! Also I find this fragrance lasts a little bit longer on me than the fireplace, lavender and dark chocolate scents but the longevity overall isn't amazing as the fragrances are colognes rather than an eau de parfum or even an eau de toilette. 

Overall, I love the fresh, almost masculine woodsy fragrance and I think a lot of people would love it too. The price is amazing and Boots usually have a 2 for £25 offer on The Library of Fragrance range they stock so it is even more affordable. I would definitely recommend this scent! Here are just some of the fragrances that are on my never ending wish list:

Have you heard about what is happening on The Library of Fragrance social media? On unplanned sundays they are going to choose a follower at random who will win one of their colognes (of the winners choosing). How generous is that! Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Instagram (LibraryofFragUK) and on Facebook (The Library of Fragrance UK). 

Have you tried any colognes from The Library of Fragrance?


  1. Sounds like a great fragrance!

  2. I love these fragrances, I have the Pina Colada one and find it so natural smelling xx

  3. I have read so many great things about The Library of Fragrance scents but I'm yet to try any, this one sounds lovely! xxx

    KirstyLeighx// Bloglovin

  4. I've never tried any of these fragrances but they look so stunning! Gorgeous imagery as always. Love the sound of fig leaf :)


    1. The lavender scent is definitely my fave but the mountain air scent is lovely too! Thanks x

  5. Heard great things about these! Must try! Thank you for the recommendation x

  6. Never heard of these before, but they sound really interesting! :)

  7. Wow, I wonder if they have it in Singapore! It sounds amazing ~~

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