September Degusta Box

Thursday, October 30, 2014
I have tried a few beauty subscription boxes and one snack subscription box but nothing like Degusta Box! Degusta Box is a monthly food subscription box in which you will receive between 9 to 14 items, many of which are new. Unlike other subscription boxes the Degusta website makes the subscription process and days when the money will be taken from your account very simple and easy - before you subscribe. The best is only £12.99 per month which is incredible value for money in my opinion considering the size and amount of items in the box! 

Here is what I received in my *September Degusta Box (£12.99, including postage): Pick Up Biscuits (x2), Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks (x2), Carnation Cook With It Cream (x2), Burts Lentil Waves (x3),  Crabbies Zesty Lemon (alcoholic), Zeo Citrus Drink, Jordans Crunchy Baked Oats Granola and the La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade. 

I have already finished the Burts salted and sour cream and chive lentil waves - they are so delicious and moreish! The Little Miracles green tea drink is also gorgeous, I can't wait to try the lemongrass tea version. Breakfast for me is usually noodles or pasta (unusual I know) but I have been loving the Jordans granola instead, it is filling and far healthier than creamy pasta! I personally don't like marmalade or jam so my mum has the La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade and she said it was delicious. 

Overall, I am so impressed with Degusta Box, I didn't expect to receive so many items in my box and such as great range. Also a lot of the items were quite healthy such as the tea drinks, granola and lentil waves all of which I LOVE! I would definitely recommend Degusta Box based on my experience and I think it would make a great gift for students or foodies! 

Have you tried Degusta Box? 


  1. This box looks lovely, definitely something I would like to try. xx


    1. It is a great idea, I would definitely recommend it! x

  2. WoW! I want! That's a lot for only $12.99!

    Jessica |

  3. OMG! I haven't tried the Degusta boxes before, I might now, they look really good!

    Mon Petit Billet


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