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Thursday, October 16, 2014
While in Cadiz, Spain on holiday a couple of months ago I came across this store Oysho and I cannot believe I have only just found out about it! The store is all about incredibly amazing pyjamas, underwear, gym wear and accessories such as blankets, bags and hair accessories. I bought one pair of pyjama bottoms while in Cadiz and they have umbrellas/stars on and they glow in the dark!

I have already purchased two items from this brand (you can buy Oysho on asos via the Mallzee app) - I cannot get enough, I need to own everything! Here is my shortened Oysho wish list:

1. Straight Cut Robe With Zip Fastening (£25.99): I currently have a grey short dressing gown that I 'borrowed' from my mum which I adore so I think it is time for one of my own. This dressing gown/robe looks so cosy and soft! I love the light grey shade and the zip fastening rather than those annoying fabric belt things. 

2. Bear Blanket (£27.99): I need to take a moment to awww over the cuteness of this blanket....Ok, how freakin' cute is this bear blanket! It is just adorable and it looks very soft, cosy and warm - perfect for the upcoming colder months. 

3. Cashmere Print Pants (£19.99): This is the first pair of cashmere print pants, although these are a gorgeous light blue shade that instantly makes me think of the sea and calming scenes. The print is so cute but very wearable even in the day as lounge wear. They are made of viscous, not cashmere. I love the cuff as the hem of the pyjama bottoms which is great for me as I have very short legs so they won't trail on the floor as much!

4. Shiny Star Top (£17.99): The first of two star print items from Oysho. I love the look of this pyjama/lounge wear top, it looks cosy but light weight and soft! Oysho items are a little expensive, in my opinion but they are so cute, the design are amazing and the items are very well made. 

5. Star Slippers (£18.99): How cute are these little slippers! I am a bit obsessed with stars, I have star tattoos on my wrist. There are a very products with this design and I think it is quite unique, as star print items go. I have incredibly tiny feet so I don't think these will fit me but they are adorable. 

6. Amoeba Cashmere Print Pants (£19.99): I saw these in store, in Cadiz and I was going to get them until I saw the ones that I purchased. The print is so cute, you could almost wear them out! They seems very high quality, as all Oysho products are. They looks so comfy but light weight. 

There is my wish list! Everything looks so cute and wintry, I want it all - this brand is going to be on my christmas wish list!


  1. Oh my! The bear blanket is so cute and the cashmere print pants look so comfortable. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand! xo


  2. The bear blanket is too cure and I love those star slippers.


  3. I adore Oysho. They do the best neutral bras! :D I'm a bit in love with that bear blanket as well <3 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  4. Ahh, I love PJs. I have so many bottoms but somehow always run out! This brand looks adorable.

    Corinne x

  5. I really just want the star slippers. Not only are they extremely adorable, but they look incredibly comfortable. Bonus! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  6. Amazing items, love them all!
    And I really like your blog too, I'm following you on bloglovin :)

    x vonyll

  7. Love everything <3 the bear blanket is adorable :') I have so much blankets for winter and love having them on my bed and under the covers for extra warmth!! They also come in great for pets to sleep on and keep warm, lovely list xx


  8. All this stuff is amazing. I just found your blog and I love it!


  9. omg, all this stuff looks so damn cute. Sometimes I just want to buy things like that even I know I won't use it or at least not often :(


  10. omg, all this stuff looks so damn cute. Sometimes I just want to buy things like that even I know I won't use it or at least not often :(



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