Week in photographs #25

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Throw back Thursday, Pinterest, Next months magazine freebies, Healthy eating (ish), Shoe collection, Lots of empties to review!
My week has consisted of: healthy eating & fitness, sorting out my shoe collection, photographing & reviewing empties, being ill and fathers day.

Firstly, healthy eating, myself and my sister have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and eating healthy as a general lifestyle change - and because we have a lot of parties, events and our holiday in the next couple of months! I have been loving Sofrito pasta, salad sandwiches, healthy low fat muffins and the Innocent smoothie in the strawberry and banana flavour. I would definitely recommend the DVD, although my ankles have been paying the price, I may have to invest in some running trainers. Although myself and my sister have been struck with a cold for the past few days so we haven't been sticking to the fitness dvd.

Also I have been sorting out my shoe collection and wardrobe generally, a kind of late spring clean - well I like to going through all of my wardrobe every couple of months to rearrange and refresh the clothes/shoes/accessories I have. This week has also been spent photographing and reviewing lots and lots of empty products - there will be a few empties posts over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, today is Fathers day in the UK and we haven't really been up to much but on Tuesday I get my final overall degree result - very nervous and I can't wait. Also stay tuned because on Friday I will be posting a very exciting international giveaway in collaboration with The Skin Regime for my followers!

I hope everyone had a great week x


  1. what a co incidence i also cleaned my shoe collection this week.....

    keep in touch,

  2. That is a lot of empties xx


  3. Gosh I wish I had the discipline do eat healthy or do workouts, but I often quit being consequent in such things : )and damn I can´t help it, I love Frozen Yogurt too much ^^
    XOXO Abby

  4. Great post! Love the pictures


  5. Good luck with the healthy eating and workouts =)

    Ohh, glamour freebies! I bought this months magazine just for the mascara and I cannot believe they said it was worth more. It's the worst mascara I've ever used!

    Corinne x

  6. Love the Keep Calm pic, completely sums up my week!

    Heather xx



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