Birch Box: June UK

Friday, June 14, 2013
I received my June Birch box earlier today and it arrived in a bright yellow box - I think they have redesigned the boxes and their website - so many changes, I wish they would just leave it alone. It has been Boudoir Prieve, then Jolie Box, Birch box and now they have redesigned it! Anyway, here is what I received.
1. Noble Isle Willow Song Lavenham Walk Bath & Shower Gel (30ml): I have tried a shower gel from Noble Isle before and it smelled divine and this one does as well. It smells really sweet, floral and refreshing - love the scent! This is the best product in the box for me, along with the nail polish. 

2. Color Club Nail Lacquer 'Mod in Manhatten' (7ml): I really like this shade - the nail polish on my nails in the photograph above is NOT the one in the bottle. The shade I am wearing is from Ciate (cookies and cream) but it is similar to 'mod in manhatten'.

3. Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner: I HATE the packaging and the scent of this product - it smells like rubber/plastic. I haven't tried it properly yet but I do not have high hopes for this product. 

4. Model Co Black Eye Pencil: I received this as a magazine freebie this month from Glamour so I do not need another one so this was a bit disappointing. 

5. Coola Classic Face Sunscreen spf 30 (7ml): Not a big sample but I will try this, I might take it on holiday with me in August - hopefully it wont irritate my skin. 

Also you may be able to see a mint green package in the box above and I didn't know what it was but it must have been an extra gift - it was another Color Club nail polish in the same shade as the one I already received which is a bit disappointing. Overall, not a great box but it wasn't awful either, in my opinion. 


  1. The nail polish color is pretty and very wearable with different outfits. :)

  2. Sounds a bit odd to give you two identical nail polishes!

    Lucy x

  3. such great products x

  4. My Birchbox was really similar to yours! I love the destination colors of the color club. Mine was a neon coral called reign in spain. Definitely got some good things this month in your box :) xx

  5. I agree with Ms. Emily. That shade is so lovely! It looks good on your nails Ms. Heather! :)

  6. The polish is beautiful. I think nude looks best on nails. Looks like June was a good month Birthbox-wise.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  7. I got same as you just different shade of polish. I also got the pencil in my subscription so along side the nail polish (to give to a friend) and the eye pencil I'm going to do a mini give-away on my blogs birthday which is 1st of July - makes sense to do it. Plus I've got so much polish and eye liners I don't need two of each lol.

    Kate - Sparkle Dust x

  8. Sorry you had a bad box :( But that nail varnish does look really nice! x

  9. I have never heard of this boxes before. I am unsure if any of it would suit. I do like the nail polish colour but other than that I'm not convinced.
    Thanks got sharing!
    Lovely read none the less :)
    Suz x

  10. Your Birch box looks good - still not bought into the hype of these though, I am far too picky with my beauty but they do look fun. I'm tempted to buy my sister a subscription for her birthday!

  11. really like that colour club polish x


  12. Hi there : ),
    I just stumbled over your blog and I have to say it´s great! Your banner is awesome and I love this font :)
    I have followed you already : )
    Have a nice day ^^
    XOXO Abby

  13. Loving the nail polish color!

  14. Do you think it's worth signing up for birch box? I'm always so tempted, but then I worry they'll just send me some pointless samples that I'll quickly lose interest in! X

  15. I used to get birchbox! Your box looks good(:

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