Primark and Monki Haul # 2

Monday, June 17, 2013
Here is the second part of my Primark and Monki haul which contains clothing from the past week or so. They will all probably still be in stock, hopefully. I love the new stock in Primark, so if you can get to a Primark - go! Also Monki are having a good sale online.
1. Primark Batman Raglan Top (£6): I have loved batman films and the cartoon since I was a child, very girly I know so when I saw this top I loved it immediately. Firstly, I like the batman design, secondly it is a raglan top which I love and thirdly, it doesn't look like a Primark top. LOVE IT and it was only £6, bargain.

2. Monki Bright Pink Top (£3, sale): I bought this from Monki online as the nearest store to me is in London. I have a few of these plain tops from Monki and they are super soft, they fit nicely and they are great quality. I don't usually wear brights, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone but I really like it.

3. Primark White Summer Dress (£5): Here is one of my sisters Primark buys. There were a few of these dresses in different colours - green, purple, red, pink - they look great and they are super cheap. The white is the most wearable, in my opinion and it will look great on holiday. It is lightweight, soft and it has a waist tie. Crochet like design on the top half of the dress so you may want to wear a cami under it. I think I am going to get the purple or pink one...

Only one more post in this mini haul series to go and the next one contains home wear and bits and pieces from other stores x


  1. Hi Heather! Love your first outfit!!! ^^
    Beautiful garden!

  2. LOVE the Batman tee! :) xo

  3. Love that dress in the third picture, might look out for it, would look cute with a little belt as well :) such a good price too! x

  4. The Batman tee is sensational! What a great pick:) Love the summer dress from Primark, it is gorgeous X

  5. Lovely pieces! I've been after that Primark batman top for ages, but I can never find it in there. I also love the little £5 dresses, I have this white one and a mint one, they are so wearable!

  6. Nice dress..
    Keep in touch..


  7. Love the Batman top, I'm a massive fan so I've been undecided as to whether to get it or not! x

  8. Cute blog. Love the outfit! Follow me via GFC and I'll follow you, doll. <3

  9. Love the Primark white dress! Can't believe it was £5 - what a great deal?!

    Yinyin xx

  10. The dress is really sweet and summery... and only 5 cuid!

  11. Lovely blog you got here! Monki is so cool (:

  12. That white summer dress is awesome! And for only 5 quid, what a steal! Gotta love primark!

  13. I love the sales they have at monki- there are always such great bargains to be found!
    The colour of the tee is gorgeous!
    -Kate xo
    bleached mort

  14. I've always wanted to buy something from Primark. But since it takes miles from my country, so it's like impossible :(
    Lovely selection you got there.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Just let me know if you want to follow each other :)


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