Clothing Calculator #4

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Here is another clothing calculator post - this is a series of posts in which I create an outfit with the new products online this week. I have missed the past two clothing calculator post because of bank holidays etc. 
1. Topshop Stripe Bardot Crop Top (£12): I love anything with this french style stripe pattern! I really need more things with this white and bright blue stripe on in my wardrobe! This is a crop top which I am not a fan of but it would be great during summer (if we ever get it in England). I also think it would be great with high waisted things - skirt, jeans etc. 

2. Topshop Pink Chiffon Square Scarf (£14): I adore scarves and snoods and this is no exception. I love the colour, it is great for summer and to add a pop of colour (I hate that expression) as I mainly wear black/white/navy/grey. 

3. Topshop Moto Cornflower Blue Hotpants (£22): I have a few pairs of shorts/hot pants from Topshop - I find they last a really long time and they look great. The bright blue colour of these shorts just screams summer and hot weather. Love them! I think they would be great with tights too (low denier tights).

4. Topshop Festival Brow Sunglasses (£16)I have recently got into wearing sunglasses more, as it is getting a little bit sunnier occasionally in England. I will have another look in Primark soon to see if they have any similar to these. 

5. Topshop Woo-hoo 2part Flatforms (£45): Finally some gorgeous flatforms/sandals - love the summer vibe and zara-like design of these shoes. 

I hope you like this latest clothing calculator post - stay tuned for haul posts and the seven deadly sins beauty tag coming soon! x


  1. Love everything on this list! Great post :)xx

  2. Love the top and the shorts :) x

  3. I love those Topshop sunglasses. I need a new pair so I will pay a visit to my local Topshop and see if they suit me!
    Lucy x

  4. Thanks for the comment you left me on my perfume post. Your blog is really cute and i love your pictures :) I've followed you via bloglovinxxx

  5. Great post, I love the striped tee!

  6. Also love the sunnies!!


  7. I love everything on this post! I'm usually not a flatform kinda girl, but that pair's really cute :)

  8. Ahh in love with the sunglasses. Just got back of holiday and they would of completed my look! Great blog, now following :) xx

  9. I love those shorts, they're a gorgeous colour! xxx

  10. I love this post idea - now following your blog!
    Those shoes are extremely dreamy :)


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