Review: Garnier Nutriesse Creme Hair Dye

Saturday, April 06, 2013
Prep and application
The hair dye shade I bought was medium dark brown 4.5. I also get all of the things out that I will need from the box and I also have a clock and hair bobble/hair tie handy. I also open the window before I start dying my hair so otherwise I may suffocate due to the horrible strong chemical scent of all hair dyes. I brush my hair well before I apply the dye. I have given up wrapping a towel around my shoulders so it always falls off and it is just unnecessary in my opinion as the hair dye doesn’t really go anywhere other than the skin and the old top.
The application and waiting have to be the worst parts of dying your hair (at home and in the salon). The application of this product was not great, because of the scent but it was fairly quick and easy. The formula of the dye is quite thick so it doesn’t really drip and it applies to the hair well. I don’t apply the dye straight to the hair, I dispense the dye onto the gloves and then I apply it to the hair as it allows me control over where the dye is placed and it makes working the dye into the hair much easier.
The only downside to the application is the horrible smell of the hair dye – in my experience of hair dyes, they all smell strongly of chemicals (which they are) and it can make my eyes water because of the strong scent. This product is no exception, having the doors and windows open in the bathroom is a must really with this hair dye as it is so strongly scented. After a thirty five minute wait, the hair dye is ready to remove. I rinse my hair until the water runs clear, which doesn’t take long.
In my morning my hair was dry and it was dark brown all over which is what I wanted – it had covered all of the colour and my natural roots evenly and well. The colour is just what I wanted, a dark brown which wasn’t very ashy and it wasn’t warm/red toned either. The conditioner had made my hair smooth and manageable and over I was really pleased with the results from the dye. It has now been about two weeks since I used this dye and the colour has faded quite a lot since I use this product
Overall, the Garnier hair dyes I have used in this past were a lot better than this one. The dye was cheap, it applied easily, the colour was gorgeous but the product did smell very strongly and the scent was horrible; the conditioner wasn’t great and the colour faded fairly quickly within two weeks which is disappointing. I think I will be sticking to Schwarzkopf or nice and easy dyes from now on.


  1. I've only box dyed my hair once and it didn't last at all x

  2. I think every hair dye smells a bit gross to be honest! I hate sitting around with it on my head xx


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